Oh shit. Then I'd be truly fucked lmao. The characters I'm talking about are Cassiopeia and Evelynn, and IMO their reworks didn't change their lores/personalities that much. The fundamentals of who the characters are the same and the important story beats are still there, IMO. But if the champion I liked was Akali, who seems to be a completely different person from the original... Then yeah, I don't know if I could stick with her. Maybe as a sort of tribute to the old champ that I loved lol.
: ONE TRICKING IS THE WAY GOSU!!!!!!!!!!!! Until they rework your one trick and then its time to quit the game :)
Maybe lol. But the characters I'm talking about one-tricking I have an emotional connection too because I'm attached to them partially because of their lore/personalities. So even if they get nerfed/reworked I would still climb because I wouldn't give them up and if I keep playing them when everyone else abandons them that'll give me the advantage.
koshkyra (NA)
: Tell me an unpopular League opinion that will trigger everyone.
Of course Annie takes skill. Her range is short, she has no way to kite, no mobility, squishy, and she's incredibly predictable. As for my own opinion, one tricking is perfectly acceptable and viable for climbing in ranked.
: There are 41 legendary skins
They're not average skins, they take a lot more time to make than other skins because so much more stuff has to be put in to make them Legendaries. If they make room to develop more legendaries, then the production of other skins will go down.
: I see Pyke in nearly every game
Because he's an assassin support.
: Years of changes, reworks and reverts later LeBlanc, Rengar and Fizz are STILL fundamentally broken.
Well, they were fine for a while until they got basically full reverts...
: Fucking LOL, look how well that "summoner spell diversity" worked out for them. RE: everyone taking ignite/flash except junglers.
Oh yeah. Our friends at Rito Games definitely don't anything halfway; it's go big or go home.
: what was the reason they buffed ignite again?
Patch 8.6 notes says it was because Heal and Teleport were outclassing Ignite in mid lane and they wanted to increase summoner spell diversity. https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-86-notes#patch-summoner-spells
: Is it just me, or has the game become RAPIDLY more unbearable than it already was
More like the players are becoming more rapidly unbearable. The game isn't in it's best state now but it's had other points just as bad. The big problem is that everyone is a ginormous asshole now.
: PETITION: Bring back Morello, someone who ACTUALLY knew what he was doing
The community hated and scapegoated him when he had a more active role with gameplay and now they want him back?
: Does anyone miss Thunderlord's Degree?
No? Electrocute is certainly cancer but at least you actually have to chain your abilities. The way TLD worked everyone got huge damage boosts for just basic abilities. (Ex. Lux E+ auto + thunderlord = losing 50% health level 1 = cancer).
: "We're gonna take away MR glyphs and then we're gonna revert Leblanc"
They reverted LeBlanc because that's what the community wanted.
: Janna is 54.59% winrate
Kakwane (NA)
: The League Community isn't anymore toxic than any other game's community
Agreed. Competitive gaming by nature has a lot of people getting heated and acting like assholes.
: Readjust Ahri's Power Budget
Safety is Ahri's thing now according to Riot though. If the MS on Q is to stay then a reworked W with higher avoidability/damage is the way to go. Or a reworked W period since that spell is so vanilla.
: Please delay Eternum Cassiopeia release for 1 day for each complaint
Meh. I think after waiting so long for her to get a skin some people's expectations might be a little too high. But if someone doesn't like it, then they don't like it. That doesn't make Cassiopeia players _ungrateful_ or any bullshit like that. Eternum Cass is a skin, a product that must be paid for, it's not something Cassi players are getting for free. As an occasional Cass player, I personally think it's decent, but if someone else doesn't, again, it's whatever. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.
: So with Rylies at 20% slow and blue buff no long gives 15% AP,... can we buff back the ap items?
: Who do YOU always ban?
For me right now it's Kassawin.
tieger05 (OCE)
: Rabadons on Diana?
Rabadon's is a great item on Diana due to her high AP ratios. You should build it basically every game, as a 4th item is certainly late enough.
: I disagree. 10% is not much for how often they deal damage and being practically immune to MR itemization before AH's addition was quite frankly kinda bullshit.
It's 20% damage reduction for 4 seconds after being hit by a spell. I've only seen it a couple times but it doesn't just make DPS mages manageable, it completely fucks them over. If it _was_ at 10% then maybe it'd be okay. But in it's current state it's way too much.
: In before the announcement of another random Lux buff
Lux is still mediocre after the last set of buffs though.
: Star Guardian Syndra is a wasted potential
Riot's not going to change Syndra's VO. Once a skin is pushed to the PBE only minimal changes are done, and a new VO is way beyond that.
: That's not a small buff. That is actually a really huge one and her Q's damage was nerfed before for her being such a lane bully and this would make that worse. She's not supposed to be a long range mage. It's intended for her to be a short ranged caster which is why apart from her E, all of her spells have relatively low range.
Perhaps you're right. With how low her Q cooldown is at higher ranks increased range might make her have too much pressure.
Rioter Comments
Epicurus (OCE)
: Some Speculations about Cassiopeia
You bring up some really interesting points. I definitely agree with you that something was up during Cassiopeia's transformation. She was a just a mortal woman during her excursion to Shurima. Being impaled by the snake statue's fangs and having her flesh seared by its venom should have killed her. I think it would be cool for General DuCouteau to show up, but I don't think that's likely to happen. One of Urgot's taunts to an enemy Katarina is "I hope your father begged when Swain betrayed him." And new lore seems to imply that Swain has been the prominent political power in Noxus for some time. Perhaps he was killed before Cass made it back to Noxus?
: @Riot When you get to Karma...
I say bring back the shield bomb. Changing her Mantra E to additional shield power was the worst thing Riot ever did to Karma and she's been a balancing issue since. Additionally, it pushes her way to hard into the pure support space instead of the primary mage with support attribute she was supposed to be.
: Cassiopeia pushed to her old state .
Eh, I think this will be fine. Other AP Carries are also getting nerfed on the PBE (Ori, Syndra, Taliyah, LeBlanc). Cassiopeia was just a step below God Tier, so she just would've gotten nerfed the patch after this one anyway. Additionally, the nerf itself is minimal. +10 mana on E at all ranks? Sucks early game, but Cassiopeia's early game is already weak. After Tear and Catalyst I doubt the nerf will be noticeable.
: If Fizz is getting a buff, can it be literally anything else besides his E cooldown?
You're being over-dramatic. The cooldown is the same at max rank and it's maxed first. The change will have a minuscule impact.
Violett (NA)
: Why don't I ever hear anyone complaining about Diana.
Because Diana isn't that good. She has alright stats since her buffs, but even that can be attributed to her low play rate.
Eedat (NA)
: I see Xerath, Ziggs, GP, and Lux got buffs
Don't know about the other 3 but Lux has been trash since Riot nerfed her shield early on in season 6. She needed buffs.
: Riot must be a wonderful place to work for.
: Jericho and Evaine's relationship could be the best way to humanize Swain once he gets his VGU
Sion's relaunch came with some lore implying there is (or at least was) something between Swain and Leblanc/Evaine. Albeit, it seems Evaine sort of flirts with Swain and he kind of ignores it.
: Can Cassieopeia have grunt sounds?
I think her W and Ult no longer have voice clips either....
: Why is ori suddenly considered op, you guys called her balanced a month ago
Almost as if the boards are large enough that two different opinions can both be held by large amounts of people.
DylxnBK (EUW)
: Ahri or DIana
Cassiopeia is a champ that requires good positioning and reflexes. I would say get Ahri pver Diana right now since she's considered fairly OP and Diana is actually one of the worst mid lane champs atm with like a 45-48% WR. But, Ahri's getting nerfed soon, so pick who you want.
: Orianna needs nerfs.
Seriously. Orianna is just way too well rounded right now. * She has a game changing ult * The ball is a huge zoning tool * she has good peel for her team and herself * Her Q has a crazy 3 second cool-down at rank 5, giving her among the most sustained damage in the mage class aside from dedicated DPS mages * Her burst is pretty damn good considering her entire kit is AOE. I don't get where this myth of Orianna's damage being subpar comes from. It's not. With TLD a decent Ori can one shot carries by mid game. And late game she's bursting entire teams for half their health. She just doesn't have enough weaknesses to counteract all of her strengths.
: Shift Ahri's power back into her charm
Or just remove the movement speed from her Q. Riot's already had to nerf Ahri several times because of it, and she still is too strong. It's the movespeed that's the problem, not the rest of Ahri's kit.
boss10000 (EUW)
: Honestly When Is Leblanc Going To Be Addressed
She's bad dude. I think Joxcab summed it up pretty well in his comments. LeBlanc just has certain specific attributes (waveclear, tether range/snare duration) that are exponentially more useful in pro play than casual play. She's valuable in niche situations, that doesn't mean she's good.
: Reasonable Ahri Nerf Idea
Or just remove the movement speed burst entirely. Ahri's kit functioned just fine without it before.
: Old Karma main, New Champ concept
Just make Karma that champ again. Seems like there's more people dissatisfied with the newer Karma than not.
Tomosima (EUNE)
: Which pre reworked champion do you miss the most?
Original {{champion:69}} . Her 1st rework was atrocious, the 2nd was alright but it's just not the same. ;-;
Derfel (NA)
: Malzahar has a 1% play rate mid
And {{champion:143}} is played mid so infrequently that champion.gg doesn't even list mid as one of her positions. This is despite Riot promising that they wouldn't leave behind her mid lane playstyle for her rework :^)
Rioter Comments
I don't really like it either but if you want Riot to consider changing her you have to explain what you don't like.
: Favorite quote of your main
{{champion:69}} "Failure is an elegant poison. Let it seep in."
: What makes you salty af?
When you mess up a 1 v 1 and die in lane or make another innocuous mistake and one of your teammates goes: "?" Like, yeah I made a mistake but it's not like it was obvious and stupid. Don't be a little shit.
: Cassiopeia build guide
Yes, Rylai's has been a core item on Cassiopeia since forever.
Deneviel (EUW)
: You miss the prob man {{champion:112}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:268}} don't need Rya at all to works ... their kit have already all the tools they needs. They just overabuse the permaslow One of the mainly reason Azir got overnerfed imo it's how easy for him was to triple hit and TL with Q and Rya Then we have {{champion:136}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:8}} they needs {{item:3116}} but they can work even without it ..... if some compensation are given And then we have {{champion:82}} who absolutely need it
{{champion:69}} needs {{item:3116}} almost as much as Vlad, Aurelion, and Rumble do. Without {{item:3116}} Cassiopeia can barely effectively keep up with her target while rapid-firing her E. Playing her without it would be extremely stressful; you'd have to perfectly hit Q's and time your E's to succeed. And Cassiopeia's supposed to be a stressful and high-skill cap champ, but not that much so. Of course, with the current {{item:3116}} she's too much, I won't deny that. But just because she's absurd with the current iteration of Rylai's doesn't mean she doesn't need it to function. She does. But if Rylai's is significantly modified to where it's no longer useful enough for her to buy she's going to need compensation. She doesn't have long range and a mobility spell like {{champion:268}} does, and she doesn't have a significant amount of burst and range like {{champion:112}} does. The health and slow {{item:3116}} gives keeps her from immediately getting dumpstered by divers as a medium-low range, squishy mage, who has to get in dangerous range and STAY in dangerous range to be effective, as she's also a DPS mage. If {{item:3116}} is nerfed/changed to where it's no longer useful on her, she's going to become useless. Melee's will just dive on her and take out too easily. The grounded effect from W won't be enough, especially now that the range's been reduced.
: Dot abilities would be broken if they applied the full 40% rylai slow for their entire duration
As a Cassiopeia player I can agree she's ungodly annoyingly once she gets Rylai's, it gives her such a big powerspike because she can just spam E to kite someone even if she's misses her poisons, so she can still get away easily, and she can walk up and start Eing to make landing Q much easier. But Rylai's also generally just too strong, you know? People are Getting it on Syndra, Vel-Koz, and even Ahri now. Some mages "need" Rylai's like Zyra, but a lot more are simply get huge powerspikes from it, ans it's warping their power due to how strong it is. A lot of the mages that get Rylai's now still got it before it got buffed anyway. Nerf the item first, and give compensation buffs if they're needed to the mages who use used it as a core item, and then see how Cassios doing. If need be just manually tweak when E to applying the 20% slow
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