Etyrnal (NA)
: What do you consider high elo?
Current Rank: Diamond 4 Peak Rank: Diamond 4 High Elo: Old Diamond 3+, probably somewhere around Diamond 1+ now. The new ranked system made everything all fucky.
: [Champion concept] Eirik the youngest Chieftain
The art is really solid! Is that your work?
: Zyra is actually a better jungler than Morg. Almost 0 risk. You really should try it. Karma was just an attempt to see how well the current buffs affected her ability to do the job. I got 2 pretty trolly teams, so I'm inclined to believe I should keep her shelved. Clear was fine, but ganks were shallow, and not received by laners. It took people at this elo about 4.3 seconds to respond to a fully W rooted target on ganks. That's how bad it is down here. P.S. I'm Diamond II right now (was I). This is merely my smurf, and the point is that even smurfing, it's hard to apply pressure enough to 1v5. It's near impossible for a similar elo player to apply that pressure. P.S. Nidalee isn't challenging at all. Elise generally is because of button sequence. In Season 7 I was 68% with Nidalee in Diamond IV. I'm a little rusty with her right now, but even if I pick her up, I can pull 20+ kill games. Might not result in 20/1, but can definitely get the kills.
Not really keen on Zyra jungle, but I may try it sometime as you have my curiosity piqued. Advice for ability order/jungle path? Morgana jungle was just a fun pick I tried a couple times in norms. Would never dare take that into solo queue. As for the other comments-- No offense but I have a pretty difficult time believing that someone with 529 games in silver with a 50% winrate complaining about teammates when playing Morgana jungle is a diamond 2 smurf. Your account is also a pretty high level for a smurf account, I think mines like level 50 right now? What's the of your main? If you don't mind my asking. Your opinions and posts generally seem pretty well informed and thought out, so I'm not totally convinced you aren't smurfing, and I'd love to take your word for it, but a lot of the evidence (including refusing to provide account names) does point to you lying for credibility. And no, Nidalee isn't all that challenging. I was working off the basis of you being a hardstuck silver 4 player, to whom Nidalee may be challenging. Elise is def a little bit harder but same idea.
: This is why I'm Skeptical when "High Elo" tries to suggest tips to climb low elo
You can't use one game as an 'end all be all' example. Sometimes you get teams that hard int and have no idea what they're doing. keep in mind a lot of those 'high elo players' that you laugh at have been in your position and had to climb out themselves. I placed Bronze 1 my first season, climbed all the way up to Diamond on my own. I've seen every elo in-between. //And as a sidenote-- I think Morgana jungle is a lot of fun personally, but probably not the best pick ever if you want to seriously climb. And I'm not sure what you're thinking with Karma and Zyra jungle... If you want an AP jungler I'd suggest Evelynn or Nunu (who is very good right now). If you're feeling spicy Elise and Nidalee are decent, but a bit on the more challenging side. If you're set on Zyra/Karma/Morg just stick to mid or support. Trust me, you can still gank/roam and have a huge influence on these champions from the mid or support position.
: Riot: *Puts NB3 as official representative of Faceless/Off-Meta house in client*
NB3 def isn't in the right here but you CANNOT defend Nubrac's actions. Teemo support in it of itself isn't a really great pick to begin with. But picking Teemo support and leaving the ADC to solo lane while you steal the mid laner's EXP is just plain trolling. That isn't a 'roaming support'. That isn't an 'off-meta tactic'. It's trolling, and they have a sub 50% winrate. They're ruining people's games. Glad they got banned. I'm all for off-meta and cool picks, but this is just something else.
: Why do I have less gold than I started with when I try to exchange items in the beginning?
They're probably hitting the undo button, I'm guessing you're just selling your items back. That's the difference. You have to notice before you leave fountain and you can undo and purchases you made during the time you were there.
: The Teemo Paradox
Teemo is just one of those champions, tbh. They feel useless if they're on your team, but when they're on the enemy team suddenly they are 1v9 gods. Yasuo and Riven are the same way, not sure if you can ever really change that without changing Teemo.
: Jungle is team captain. Does the waterboy tell the captain what play to run? No? Stay in your lane, shut your mouth, and await orders.
Support is more of a captain, if anything. A lot of shotcallers are supports because on competitive teams they're the players keeping track of everything and assessing situations. Jungle helps support get vision and controls objectives.
Zeanix (OCE)
: Battle Boss Qiyana’s Splash is such an upgrade from her base
Well if the base were as good as the skin why would anyone bother buying the skin? :p Big brain marketing strats.
Sukishoo (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=TheUrbanKitsune,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=vsTaB8hm,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-06-11T19:10:53.011+0000) > > Even though it was last year, it was late. The time between skins is still (assuming we see Arcade Kai'sa on live in ~2 weeks) only around 7-8 months, which is INSANE, IMO. > {{champion:163}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:26}} > Need some love. {{champion:26}} at least does have one promised for sometime this year... *still waiting* {{champion:163}} and {{champion:429}} are both in the same spot of only having Esports skins which is REALLY sad. {{champion:77}} {{champion:421}} could really use some love. And there's plenty of others waiting anywhere from 2 to 6 or more years {{champion:30}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:72}} ect
Yeah, I hear you. I really hope some of the more underappreciated champions can get some love soon... Preferably with some actually decent skins, and not another Dunkmaster Ivern incident.
Sukishoo (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=TheUrbanKitsune,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=P16MqV7L,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-11T18:34:53.800+0000) > > {{champion:163}} still waiting... {{champion:429}} get in line {{sticker:cass-cry}}
Been in line for 3+ years. Saw Kled, Ivern, Camille, Xayah, Rakan, Kayn, Zoe, Kai'sa, and Pyke-- all champiosn released after Taliyah, get another skin. Kai'sa going on 2 now. Yasuo, Kat, and Caitlyn have gotten 3 skins in this time. I absolutely love Kalista, don't get me wrong. She's one of my fav ADCs to play, and her lore is still probably my favorite in the entire game. But her needing a skin doesn't mean Taliyah doesn't need one just as badly. But she at least got Championship, which while still eSports related, can at least can look cool as a stand alone skin with no team affiliation.
Sukishoo (NA)
: This is her first skin of 2019 from Riots pipeline. Her IG skin was made because IG wanted her. Then her K/DA + prestige was the only one she had last year.
Even though it was last year, it was late. The time between skins is still (assuming we see Arcade Kai'sa on live in ~2 weeks) only around 7-8 months, which is INSANE, IMO. {{champion:163}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:26}} Need some love.
: ANOTHER Kai'sa skin
She's the new Ezreal in terms of play rate. In Korea even when both of them have sub 50% win rates they both maintain absurdly high pick rates, usually the top 2 most picked ADCs. They even maintain that ***worldwide*** at platinum+ at the moment. So unfortunately I assume she will get the same level of love skin wise as Ezreal, so long as this trend keeps up.
: My reaction to Yasuo's new skin
{{champion:163}} still waiting...
: Which champion is the least played
{{champion:136}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:96}}
: House Cup rewards
I don't remember seeing any official announcement of who won yet? United were just in the lead during the last week.
: lvl 30 accounts are put in Silver games . WHY
IMO plat is way more toxic and unfun.
dlziggy7 (NA)
Ah yes, a classic. This idea had been tossed around so many times. Don't think this will ever happen.
: My game didn't load fast enough and I am being punished for that?
As long as you haven't received any sort of temp ban information or low priority queue i'm pretty sure the " unable to gain loot for "AFK" behaviors." was just for that one game, which doesn't matter since it was a remake anyway. I wouldn't worry about it too much, unless the crashing becomes frequent.
: If you were punished for afk behaviour this clearly isnt your first time afking in a game..
OP may be referring to the message that pops up in the post-game lobby when you AFK. Not sure exactly what is says since I've never really seen it, but it's something along the lines of, 'You are ineligible to receive rewards for this match due to AFK behavior' and it typically is referring to just that singular match.
: I think Yuumi is overpowered
Saezio (EUNE)
: How does 1 character worth of length make you unable to land the CC? Or were you a lot further than the rest of your team? Btw, if you are in range you need to flash.
They didn't wait for me to walk in front first. I left base around 2 seconds later than everyone because I have a frame issue where my FPS will be really low sometimes when I load into the game, tabbing out and back in fixes it. I tried to ping them back to allow me to get in front. But all 3 ended up in front, Yasuo by a good length. If I had flashed at best it would have hit Kalista near the area by blue that connects to bot lane, and she probably would've been able to flash away after. At worst I would've traded flashes because of how obvious the team made it. I'm not wasting summs to appease idiots who don't know how invades work.
: Matching against groups
Two guesses-- 1. People want to play with their friend who is new to league. 2. People want to play with their friend who just made a smurf account.
: don't you think color schemes for some champs are way too simple?
Karma's outfit is purple, white, and gold... she has green tattoos and the crest behind her is green. I think she's a pretty bad example of the point you're trying to make here. Some champions definitely have color palettes more focused on a monochromatic scheme, but I don't really think there is anything wrong with that.
: Can someone help me understand this sentence?
When I read the quote on it's own I thought it was some deep inspirational quote about self-improvement. >"The more tools you have, the less you carry because you do not need to be carried." The better you get and more skills you acquire the less burdened you are because you don't need anyone else to pick up the slack for you. That's how I interpreted it. But seeing it in context, this dude is insane and makes little sense. I think I lost brain cells reading that wall of text. Sorry OP, no clue.
Rioter Comments
: ADC LF Partner to Climb Ranked
I swapped from ADC to support because there was a lack of competent supports out there. Best of luck finding someone. Jungle is one of the best roles to climb on right now. If you want to climb the ladder fast just go back to that.
: Are we going to get another 3 event passes before we get the esscence emporium
It's literally opening in [2 days.]( The new set of icons have been on PBE for a bit here.
Pika Fox (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=chipndip1,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1FchUprT,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-06-01T17:06:02.352+0000) > > Morg doesn't counter Yuumi, and I don't think Thresh does, either. Yuumi has no realistic way to outright save someone until 6. Any hard engage champion will completely stomp her unless shes paired with a self sufficient ADC like ez. Morg E will even counter her one ability to stop an engage. All the other champs have hooks. Just hit the ADC.
This. Hard engage is def the best way to deal with Yuumi. There isn't a ton she can really do about it, and if her ADC dies there's a very good chance she dies, as most Yuumi players I see don't run flash and she doesn't have any mobility outside of her speed-up. Also to OP-- if Yuumi is constantly attached to the ADC doing nothing but healing, they aren't playing Yuumi right. Unbinding for autos and poke is pretty important IMO.
: No communication, no reason, and I was already winning lane. They were trolling.
Then don't phrase it the way you did. Pretty sure that's the reason you're getting so much flack right now. Clarify that you mean, 'players who grief games should be banned'. Not 'supports who roam should be banned'. biiiiiig difference.
: > [{quoted}](name=TheUrbanKitsune,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=XH1iQUsd,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-01T01:59:36.933+0000) > > I mean the wall eats most everything else, why should Kat Q be an exception? > I've had entire ults eaten by windwall-- many, many, many times. > Is it frustrating? for sure. But I really don't see why Kat is special here. > I'd say just be more careful in the Yasuo matchup and keep track of his windwall cd. What I'm mainly trying to bring up here is that the subsequent bounces are affected much harder than anything else. The Dagger circle actually shows up on the ground before actually landing, meaning you can be completely thrown off by a single, casted very late, spell. No one is gonna wait a full second before going on that dagger, it defeats the purpose of having it in the first place, and will simply allow Yasuo(or anyone else) to just walk out of it before Kat can make use of it. Also, Braum eats spells and yet the dagger goes to the ground. Why should Yasuo be different?
Ahh, my bad. I misunderstood. Forgive me, I don't really play Kat. I can see how that can be a big issue though. Mechanically with how the windwall works, it makes sense that it can still be eaten after bouncing. But it really shouldn't be that way, yes. Also I think Braum shield is a bit different from Yasuo windwall. They both have odd interactions with different spells.
Leroy39 (NA)
: Submit Game Dodge Tickets to Riot
If someone does something against Riot's terms or rules in a lobby you can take screenshots and submit them as a ticket to [Riot Support.]( I've done it a couple times. They aren't allowed to tell you what happens as a result of your report but they can look into the situation and possibly punish whoever you're reporting.
: Katarina Q + Yasuo W interactions that should've been hotfixed a long time ago.
I mean the wall eats most everything else, why should Kat Q be an exception? I've had entire ults eaten by windwall-- many, many, many times. Is it frustrating? for sure. But I really don't see why Kat is special here. I'd say just be more careful in the Yasuo matchup and keep track of his windwall cd.
: Riot doesn't actually care about the players
I was sort of with you until: >"If the support wanders into my lane at top at 5 minutes, that players account should be done." There's nothing wrong with this as long as they're intending to gank/ward/apply pressure. High elo supports roam all the time. They're not in the game to babysit the ADC bot lane, they're in the game to get the team ahead. Otherwise I agree, there is a lot of unacceptable behavior in League that some players seem to get away with.
NoEyer (EUW)
: Dragon ball z skins
Too many Lux skins. Too many anime inspired skins. Ezreal's Battle Academia skin makes a Dragon Ball reference, I feel like that's good enough.
: Should AoV champions appear in LoL?
I've never heard of Arena of Valor. Really doubt Riot would do this.
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=PrinceBedazzled,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=H9k0T2Fx,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-05-14T19:03:14.818+0000) > > That isnt, and will never be a thing. Until the majority of the population isnt straight lol If it wasn't "a thing", then everyone would be straight.
That's the most backwards thing I've read in a while, lol. 'Straightphobia' isn't really a thing. And your argument, "If it wasn't "a thing", then everyone would be straight." implies that if you're homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, etc. that you HAVE to hate straight people. Which is WILDLY incorrect. It honestly just sounds like you're being homophobic. You don't have to buy the icon, Riot isn't forcing you to use it, get over yourself.
: I have the finisher but not the spawn ceremony. _The Finisher activates when you get a kill or assist_ Ill let you know what the "spawn ceremony" does once I get it {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} UPDATE: I HAVE IT! And heres what it does. _The Spawn Ceremony activates when you respawn OR start in the fountain. It also appears after the recall animation_
Yeah, I have the finisher myself already :p Was mostly wondering if they were going to stick around after MSI, ahah.
: Is there any chance Finishers and the like will stay?
>" I doubt Riot will actually do this, but what do you guys think? Any interest?" In regards to the spawn ceremony-- Remember that emotes used to be temporary flairs during events too. I distinctly remember the original VS. event having emotes that could temporarily replace your mastery emote. Now look. We have a ton. I imagine if they gain enough popularity there's a good chance Riot inevitably monetizes them and makes them permanent. Finishers are a bit more iffy imo, we had the finishers for events like URF and nexus blitz, but they, at least in my opinion, tend to be sort of flashy and distracting which has the potential to disrupt gameplay.
Rioter Comments
: nerf morganas blaack shield
They already did this patch. There are so many ways to play around it. Simply wait for the shield to expire before blowing your cc. Bait it out before attempting to make a play (it has a really long cd). Destroy the magic damage shield before using cc (it disappears when the shield does!). It's honestly not that terrible.
: Please avoid reading the first sentence only and then assuming you know exactly what the comment is about. I did not mean to imply that it was women specific. That is why I had seperated the "and the older you get". Also with the whole cleaning thing it is not me trying to stereotype that women are/should be the only ones doing that stuff.... that just is how it normally is though. Even if the husband is home they tend to avoid doing those things quite a bit of the time. I also said TEND to be.... and being on a competitive league team is a step in the right direction, but has your team found/hired a coach yet? Does your team go to league competitions?
I read your entire comment (several times because some parts were oddly worded) before making my own. you did specifically call out woman which is why I responded the way I did. If you don't mean it that way I suggest you adjust your phrasing. As for your other questions: -We have another high elo player from our university who acts as our coach and does VOD reviews with us -We participated in Riot's 2018 cLOL tournament, as well as many other smaller tournaments. -During our season (it's nearing the end of the semester here) we had regular practice and scrims
: Will there ever be a way to reset champion masteries by choice?
I doubt they'll do this, the potential drawbacks in my eyes just outweigh the pros. I can practically already see the slew of boards posts from players who accidentally reset their favorite champions and demand Riot fix it. but if you want new champs on your profile you just gotta keep playing more of what you want there. :p
: Lets talk about Yuumi's "Attached" mechanic
I personally would've much rather had a void parasite than an obnoxious cat. Much cooler concept.
: I personally believe that it is less that women and older people cant.... and more the fact that women tend to be less competitive so are less likely to try and get into a pro team.... but also women and the older you get.... the less time they actually have tbh. Between work, hanging out with friends (lets be fair, i know guys have friends too but generally guys play games together, whereas girls are more likely to go to the park or something), if they get married then chances are they could be working as well.... but when they get home they are working on trying to clean the house, do the dishes, cook dinner, take care of the kids if/when they have any (which during pregnancy you most likely would not be doing much training etc....) etc etc etc etc. The older generation are generally slowing down a bit, have kids that are needing to be taken care of/that are using the computer, working usually longer hours, etc. Average 20 year old males life? Work/college, make some ramen, turn on game, play with friends online. Can a female or older person get into pros? ABSOLUTELY! What is it going to take? Pretty much having no life outside of league except the necessities needed to survive.
>but also women and the older you get.... the less time they actually have tbh. Just wanted to point out that this IS NOT specific to women. Men who with careers or men who choose to start families/ be stay-at-home dads also probably have less time. This is just an adulting thing. As for women being less competitive, idk. I've known a lot of competitive females. Myself personally as well. I'm really into league. I play for my university's competitive team and I have a blast doing it. League in a competitive setting is a lot of fun and it's usually pretty challenging. I thoroughly enjoy it, much more fun than playing casually for me. I may not have the skills to go pro but I'm doing my best to improve and climb as high as I can.
: I wish there was a way for Kayn to keep his interactions with Rahst
While the dynamic Kayn and Rhast have is very interesting I doubt Riot will do this. The whole point of Kayn is that he's in a constant battle with Rhast over control of his body, and when you transform you're pretty much choosing the winner. At that point whoever won becomes drastically more powerful and completely takes over the body. It makes sense that they'd no longer be able to speak to the other because whoever lost has become totally eclipsed.
Míellá (NA)
: What house did you join?
I was also torn between Warband and United. Went with warband. Cooler emblem. Outplaying enemies on support is what I live for. And I can’t really sympathize with the staying cool part of United anymore.
: Something I notice with the most recent champion releases.
This happens to literally every single champion. There’s always a “hype” phase where people spam the champion to test them out. Sylas, Neeko, and Pyke all eventually ended up receiving some nerfs that left them being either garbage or ‘just ok’ after all was said and done. Kai’sa persists as a strong ADC pick which is why you still see her. I’ve been seeing Pyke more frequently since his recent buffs too, though.
: So why do the trials have 0 support style answers, besides being tanky...?
From what I understood The United (the house I assume you're referring to as 'tanky') is more about keeping cool and uniting the team. Their little tag is 'Selfless. Optimistic. Noble.' Nothing about being tanky. Suits some support players pretty well. The other house I saw as fitting of a large number of supports was Council, since it seems to focus on decision making and macro-play. Plus the houses don't really seem like they're trying to cater to certain roles, but play-styles. I'm a support main and I still went with Warband. Outplays OP.
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