: Separate Client for High End PCs
To be fair, they can barely handle maintaining one client.
: So like, is no one going to talk about aphelios?
I mean to be fair its kinda hard to gauge how strong he'll be until he hits live. The PBE is almost never a good indicator of how a champion is going to perform on release. So outside of discussing his kit, which was already done to death when the primer was released, there isn't much to say about Aphelios yet. I'm sure more threads will pop up when he hits live.
: Riot please take a look at your new-player unfriendly environment!
I’m sorry that this has been your experience. :( Honestly, League as a game excluding the community is very unfriendly to new players. Put the toxic community on top of that and it gets really difficult to break into this game as someone who’s never played before. League just has so many complex parts that aren’t taught to you by tutorials. Things like what every champion does, champion matchups, how to last-hit minions and mechanics really only come with game knowledge and time. Things like what items to build, wave management, and macro are all skills that you usually have to learn by observing other players who are better than you. Of course there’s a lot more than that, but it was just to illustrate the point that getting into League is extremely difficult and the tutorial prepares you for almost none of that. You can try to appeal your ban to Riot Support, but otherwise if you have friends I’d suggest learning League as a premade group. It cuts out the potential for toxic teammates, and makes learning the game a lot more fun.
: "Rioter has feelings too we shouldn't criticize them"
Criticism is necessary. Death threats and harassment are not. The whole 'Rioters have feelings' thing isn't a way of dismissing criticism, its a reminder to a toxic community that the people working at Riot are just human, and even if you don't like something they've produced you should treat them as a human.
passıon (NA)
: Playing without Flash could become viable this season?
>Flash doesn't provide combat benefits Flash is like THE combat spell, what do you mean? It's everyone's free outplay button. Flash to dodge the Lux Q as you're running her down as a melee champion. Flash to re-position for a good feather recall on Xayah. Flash to get a clean combo on Lee Sin. Flash to get a surprise hook on Thresh or Blitzcrank. Flash to catch up for that last bit of damage on an enemy that would've otherwise gotten away. Flash to get to safety after a fight goes bad. Movement speed is good, but it isn't at all the same as a directional blink. Flash is universally a must-have summoner spell on almost every champion for a reason. There are very few exceptions.
: > [{quoted}](name=TheUrbanKitsune,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=lXinaJ7e,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-12-03T07:46:52.569+0000) > > Riot is a business this is all that needs to be said. look at businesses in the real world, ALL OVER the world. Supply and Demand is a real thing. The issue is that some people aren't able to realize this.
You're pretty much preaching to the choir, bud. I already understand these concepts. I'm not saying it's not a good reason to produce skins like they do. Riot has every right to operate like this, doesn't mean everyone has to be happy with it. Was just giving you a bit of perspective on why people are upset. That being said, I personally also think that as a business with such a vast player base that they do have some amount of moral responsibility to at least throw some of the less popular champions a bone occasionally. Just because it makes sense from a business standpoint doesn't make it automatically correct from every standpoint, and doesn't mean people can't be upset over it, I think you need to realize that.
: Daily reminder to those who complain about the lack of skins being released
The issue most people who complain about this have is that some champions are getting three or four skins before other champions get just one. Many champions even receive multiple skins a year whilst champions like Kalista, Taliyah, and Ornn don't have a single (non-esports) skin outside of their release. Riot is a business but some champions go well over 3+ years with no attention at all.
: Ranked Elo Decay?
Should start you where you left off, I believe. It's preseason though so don't worry too much.
: Senna is strong but there are plenty of small tweaks that can be done to even her out.
Honestly her strength as a support isn't much of an issue. She's actually fairly balanced for that role, maybe a small passive tweak to tone back the speed of scaling, but otherwise I think she's ok. It's her performance as an ADC right now that is troublesome.
: Zyra skin idea
Colors could use work but other people have already commented on that. In my opinion the skin lacks focus, there's no clear defined theme here, it's just Zyra with a new haircut and larger/sharper leaves. Try and decide on what concept you want to go for next time and go in with a clear idea of what sort of aesthetic or idea you want-- it might help you create a more cohesive and readable skin. Art isn't bad though! You def have some talent.
BBKong (NA)
: Am I Alone Thinking Joke Skins = Best Skins?
The problem isn't that people don't want joke skins, IMO. The problem is that the joke skins, more often than not, are being given primarily to champions that already have a ton of goofy skins, don't have many skins to begin with, or haven't gotten skins in a long time.
: sorry but a 20 second ult, and a 2 second w is more then just slow em down for a second... every game my ward score is higher then my whole teams combined, and my damage is generally second place. just from spamming volley. is it the best champion to play as support? no, probably not, is it the worse? heck no. but do I enjoy playing it? yes.. as for the chat logs I didn't know id have access to em. but if what "rujitra (NA) - 10 minutes ago Nobody is asking you to stop playing the champions you want and are good at. Riot is asking you to follow the rules you agreed to - which don't say "it's okay to fight back". That's what it is - fighting back. Defending yourself from the flaming of others involves using the mute button - not attacking them back. Attacking them back, arguing, and flaming, even if you think they are trolling you is not acceptable behavior" said is true then im in the wrong anyways. just for defending myself.
Ashe ult CD (assuming you make it to level 16 which is already unlikely given the current meta with games ending in 20-30 minutes and the fact that you're sharing lane EXP) is still 80 seconds. I'll be generous here and assume you're taking some janky build and runes to maximize CDR. At best you'll still be around 40+ seconds I believe. So "20 second ult" is not only incorrect but impossible. You can try to defend the pick all you want but it's still not really viable. Like I said, people really shouldn't be harassing you either way, and it's in your right to play what you want, but that doesn't make it good. And yeah, generally 'defending yourself' isn't the best course of action. Interacting with people who are being toxic usually just leads to situations that will also put you at risk. Best thing you can do is mute them and play your best.
: Zilean main - supremely disappointed w the upcoming Zilean skin
I honestly feel bad for the mains whenever this happens. Ivern got a bit shafted as well with the goofy basketball skin. My biggest fear is whenever Riot finally makes a Taliyah skin, after years of waiting, that it will end up something like this. Popular cash cow champions always get the slots for the big skin releases whilst the unpopular champions get the underwhelming leftovers. It makes sense from a business perspective but it still feels bad.
: Can some one look at my chat logs and see if i really deserve chat restictions and losing honor
No matter how you slice it Ashe support is kinda troll. Especially with the new support items. Items you'd want to buy to be relevant are all way too expensive on a support's budget. All she can really offer in lane is slows and some poke damage. At 6 she gets arrow which is something, but shes still squishy and immobile with virtually no support qualities outside of 'I can slow 'em down for a sec'. Her only form of hard CC (arrow) is just too long of a cooldown. At that point you may as well just play someone like Nautilus who outclasses Ashe in terms of CC, has decent damage, and is tanky to boot with cheap items. Or Nami, who offers slows on basic attacks, poke, hard CC, and AOE hard CC on her ult (as well as a slow), in addition to being able to heal allies. Ashe just isn't fit for the support role. THAT BEING SAID-- people shouldn't be harassing/trolling you if you're genuinely trying to win. I'm sorry that's how your experience has been. But to shift perspectives, if i was playing ADC and got an Ashe support, I'd be pretty upset, I imagine most people would be, and rightfully so. If you want feedback on your chat logs you'd need to post them, boards users don't work for Riot. If you want feedback from a Rioter you could try Riot's support page but I'm not sure how much help they'd be.
: I dropped about 124k BE on chromas. AMA
Did you literally buy every chroma available in the Blue Essence Emporium rn??? Followup question-- It won't let you buy chromas without owning the skin first, _**how many skins do you have?**_ EDIT: I did the math and it would be ~306,000BE (I might've miscounted the chromas) to get every single chroma available for BE right now.
: #1 Fan skin line Idea
I just want a Taliyah skin at this point, man. Freaking ZIGGS has gotten 3 skins now in the time Taliyah has gotten 0. ZIGGS. _**Who plays Ziggs???**_
nelogis (EUW)
: Complexity trough Simple Design vs Complexity trough Complexity
I'll agree Singed is one of if not the most unique champion in terms of playstyle (If you're playing proxy Singed). I'd say Gnar is a runner up with the whole form shift thing, as well as Aurelion Sol who also plays with the 'run near enemy champions to kill them' concept. Inting Sion is kinda just 0 damage tryndamere. Split push, take objectives. It's not as unique when you break it down. But I completely disagree with this statement: >Singed is one of the hardest and actually THE most rewarding champ to master to this day, not Riven, not Sol, not Kalista, no it's Singed. Not sure if you're a little biased here or what, but... Singed has a learning curve, yes, much like many other champions, but I feel like his skill ceiling... just isn't as high as other champions. Don't get me wrong, the difference between a good and bad Singed is noticeable, but _THE most rewarding?_ When I think of 'hard to master but rewarding' champions I think of things like Draven, Riven, Thresh, Nidalee, or Katarina. (honorable mentions to champions that are hard to master but not very rewarding bc nerfs: Kalista, Azir, Aurelion Sol)
Mr Acrid (EUNE)
: 15 minutes on first aram dodge attempt
Base dodge timer for ARAM is 15 minutes. It's to dissuade people from dodging just because they got a champ they don't like. Because y'know, It's supposed to be **_random_**.
: Dawnbringer Soraka Artwork
Cute! Love the cosmic background. Pixel art needs more love.
: ***
>but regardless a gold players opinion holds no value on game state matters i'd argue even my opinion holds no value as mage supports hardly get played in masters Then why even bother making a comment? So condescending for no reason just to turn tail and claim you don't even have weight in your own opinions as an excuse to make your previous statement seem valid... Players who are worse at the game will obviously have a vastly different outlook on things than people who are higher ranked, but to completely dismiss one's comments solely based on rank is unnecessarily harsh and elitist. Try coming back at people with facts and logical points if you disagree, you can cite rank as a reason for differing opinions but doing things the way you are now is just bound to cause arguments and makes you look like a jerk.
: ***
When a higher elo player flaunts their rank as if it means they're automatically correct. Classic forum etiquette. Since you won't take it from the gold player how about from another diamond player? You need to learn to actually play against mage supports if it's that much of an issue to you. Annoying? occasionally, yes. Overbearing and unfair? No, not really.
: I didn't get my ranked rewards.
Ranked season ended November 19th. Whatever rank you were when midnight hit on the 19th is the rank you're rewarded for.
datfatguy (OCE)
: "Oh you're in your Silver 1 promos for the first ever time?"
If promos were rigged to make players lose noone would climb ever, period. That being said I DO think the promotional system is kinda archaic and the way TFT handles ranked promotions/demotions is a lot smoother. Just climb back up n' try again tho. It's preseason anyway, ranked means nothing and noone is taking it seriously.
: These better not be two recolors of a new Kai'Sa skin!
FaiZhang (NA)
: Why can't I get an S (; - ;)
Simply put-- KDA isn't everything. The system is giving you a grade based on your overall performance-- not just how fed you were. Many things go into the grade besides KDA. In your case it was probably your CS count. You had 103 CS in a 25 minute game which averages out to ~4 CS/min. Try getting more CS and you can probably get an S with that scoreline.
: For s10 what about the champions who have no way of fully benefitting from the cloud drake
>Cloud Soul Passively gain 10% increased movement speed. After casting your ultimate, gain an additional 30% movement speed for 3 seconds (30 second cooldown). ~~It doesn't give ultimate CDR.~~ EDIT: My bad, it's 3 AM here. Forgot completely about normal dragon buffs. Yeah, some drakes are just better for champions than others, I guess.
: Victorious Aatrox?
[The patch that contains Victorious Aatrox isn't scheduled to hit until Wednesday.](http://www.surrenderat20.net/2019/11/patch-923-server-maintenance.html) We'll probably get it sometime this week. Just be patient.
: help a stupid one, question about the new ekko skin and shop in general
No, chromas are seperate from the skins themselves. Think of them as 'skins for skins'. They just color swap a skin you already own. If you want to use the chroma you have to buy the skin first. So unless you own the skin or plan on buying it you're pretty much turning in 300 tokens for an icon. Hope this helps.
Shimolis (EUW)
: Is something going to replace 3v3?
Hoping for more regular rotating gamemodes. Like how there used to be a rotating gamemode up like every week. RIP treeline. :(
: Riot should know the origins of their past works.
What is ur problem, dude. lol. I don't think anyone even cares.
: Asking For Reports In Both Chats
Usually asking for reports is pretty frowned upon. Just report the person in the post game lobby, number of reports doesn't matter.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 15
Hey! Question on the topic of creating overlapping audiences with different goals. I feel like Taliyah is definitely one of those champions. What happened to her balance wise still remains a HUGE mistake in my eyes. As someone who has dedicated a lot of time to Taliyah in the past (over 400k mastery) her current state renders her pretty much unplayable for me. She still sees an ok amount of success in the jungle, but her mid is pretty horrendous with an abysmal pick rate. It seems as if only hardcore Taliyah mains are playing her mid anymore. The loss of her waveclear combined with nerf after nerf meant to hit the strength of Taliyah jungle, in my opinion, has left her in a pretty sore state for the mid lane. It feels like she hardly has any winning match-ups anymore. Are there any plans at all to look at re-balancing her for mid? I absolutely loathe the Taliyah jungle trend, and I was hoping it'd die off in a patch or two. But it never did, and now she hardly sees any play at all, and when she does it's in the jungle.
: > [{quoted}](name=u aint cute,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=byrnJEjv,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-15T16:56:08.262+0000) > > here is what happens, people in bronze are people usually actually trying to get better while silver are people who think they know every aspect of the game and they think there thought is the best and only thought, so they are cocky and toxic, gold is full of the same cocky toxic idiots it doesn't change until you get to plat (my friends word yes i know im not the best player never hit plat) where it happens but a lot less, and thats really all i know about ranks, but silver/gold is probably the most annoying, terrible rank to be stuck in, I generally agree with this. I also got the sense that if you're in Bronze you're probably a pretty casual gamer. Adults with kids who jump on every now and then, etc. Likely don't care much about what color a game has assigned to you that no one else but you sees...
These are some pretty gross generalizations. As someone who's seen Bronze to Diamond, I can safely say people can act like pieces of shit at any elo. There isn't once specific elo that is more or less toxic than the others (with the exception that the first and last division of each rank tends to be more toxic than the rest, IMO). Back when I was in Bronze during my first season I got brutally flamed in quite a few of my games. I can't recall anything good or chill about Bronze or Silver. >here is what happens, people in bronze are people usually actually trying to get better while silver are people who think they know every aspect of the game and they think there thought is the best and only thought, so they are cocky and toxic Also this statement, lol. There are players at pretty much every elo that are actually trying to get better. I'm constantly trying to get better and I'm Diamond 4. I honestly feel at times that I'm not all that great at the game--because I'm not, and I have a long way to go to be where I want to be skill wise. And there are DEFINITELY some Bronze players who 100% believe that they're god's gift to gaming and the only thing keeping them in Bronze is their teammates.
: ***
Dude, chill. The only way you lose 30+ LP over ONE game is if your MMR is extremely low. That doesn't happen in one game, and means you should probably be at a lower elo than you're currently at. You're just as likely to get a smurf or troll on your team as your opponents, only consistent factor you can control is you.
: Masters, a lot prevented me from playing to my hearts content. After work I'd come home and work on my house renovations, building my shed etc. During that time though I feel like I've grown, I went to D2 with a juicy win rate ~56% and tried to use the same tactics and strategy that got me there. D2 was a massive wake up call that the gap between D3 and Masters is much larger than I thought after getting spanked a few times. I always heard it was, but since this was the first time I ever tried reaching Masters (I've always been content with Diamond) it was a huge shock. True I could stop using one of the weakest Champions in the elo {{champion:102}} but it would feel worthless if I made it on someone else. Yeah, getting the 0/29 pyke in my game sucks and I could blame the many games I got screwed by trolls etc. but at the end of the day I know that I have not fully reached that level yet, but I am seeing glimpse of it in my play. I will try hard season 10 and I will try to reach Masters regardless of the amount of games it takes. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C281QRmXUAMg-kB.jpg
Good on you dude! Go get it, I'm rooting for you. A close friend of mine actually made it to Masters this season but quickly fell back to Diamond. The end of the season has been turbulent for him trying to balance getting back to Masters with the ton of schoolwork we have, so I totally understand the struggle. Best of luck getting it next season. <3
: I've got a post right below yours about this comment but basically I'm kinda bored and done with ADC. I want to do something new this season. Anything but mid. Wanna choose something for me? Should I one-trick someone, stick to one lane or role? Or do you just wanna give me 3 champs in one role to play. I'm looking for something fresh!
Ahh, I get that. ADC has kinda been in a weird spot for a large portion of this season. Especially at the end where the only real champions were Xayah, Kai'sa, and Ashe. As for recomendations-- I always highly suggest Taliyah. She's in a bit of a rough spot right now, but she's still ok in the jungle and really enjoyable to play, especially if you're into bursty AP junglers. I'm afraid the majority of champions I play outside of that are either ADCs, supports, or mid laners, ahah. I can't really help with recommendations for the jungle or top. Though I find Morgana and Thresh support pretty fun and rewarding, might be a bit of a weird transition if you're used to playing a more damage-focused carry role, though. But hey, I used to main ADC a couple seasons back before I put all my focus on support. Maybe you'll find you like it as well. The amount of agency early game is pretty liberating compared to playing ADC! Best of luck finding your new passion in the next season though! If you do find yourself looking at the support role I'm always open to giving help and advice. :>
Rioter Comments
: I'm not making it to gold this season
Everything you've said in this thread is pretty defeatist and self-deprecating. Honestly you should probably chill on league for now and focus on the underlying issues here. I'd suggest seeking help from friends, family, or maybe a counselor/therapist. People in these forums aren't going to be able to offer you much. So what if you don't reach gold this season? You always have the next one. Varus isn't very strong right now anyway, so it's probably hard to carry with him.
: > [{quoted}](name=TheUrbanKitsune,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=fnJB7lYI,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-11-13T21:35:31.217+0000) > > https://imgur.com/a/10FEDK5 > > I can't resist a good shitty MSPaint drawing opportunity. I love it, and the best part is: imgur told me it was porn. > [{quoted}](name=ThatShinyPiplup,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=fnJB7lYI,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-11-13T21:36:10.548+0000) > > This would be unironically funny if it wasn't in general discussion It would also be a very not-smart thing to do.
LOL, maybe because of the colors? I can see them being confused for skin-tones by a computer. Ty Imgur, very cool.
: If you report this thread I'll get my mod friends to just ignore it.
https://imgur.com/a/10FEDK5 I can't resist a good shitty MSPaint drawing opportunity.
: Out of all the champs in the game I think Gnar can use all of the keystones to at least some degree. It's bad, but just less bad on Gnar specifically.
Exactly, thank you, that was my point. This person instead chooses to question my intelligence by assuming I don't know what the keystone I'm trying to have a discussion about does. To reiterate a point I made in another response, if Riot was insane enough to make it a keystone they will be insane enough to buff it until it's worth using. They don't like to admit when they've made an oopsy, instead they usually just throw numerous arbitrary buffs or nerfs at the issue until it becomes an even bigger dumpster fire that requires special attention.
: > [{quoted}](name=TheUrbanKitsune,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=RRx2yi2s,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-13T07:45:42.571+0000) > > Might be kinda cool on Gnar. > But yeah, not looking super useful. > Just wait until preseason though, I'm sure some high--elo Korean player will find a way to make it busted on someone. its random. you have no control over what you get.
uh, yeah? I'm aware. My statement stands. Like I said, I personally don't think it'll be all that great. But I also think if Riot was insane enough to make it a keystone they will be insane enough to buff it until it's worth using. Also, Klepto was very random as well. There are a number of things in League that are RNG as fuck. Thanks for assuming I didn't know what the fucking keystone I am discussing does though. xDD Pretty rude and ignorant of you.
nelogis (EUW)
: I can't think of a single champion that wants Omnistone
Might be kinda cool on Gnar. But yeah, not looking super useful. Just wait until preseason though, I'm sure some high--elo Korean player will find a way to make it busted on someone.
Cyber-Goth seems like a cool aesthetic. Pretty sure that is Rengar in the fanart and not Warwick btw. It has Rengar's signature weapon and would make sense since all 3 champions (Evelynn, Twitch, Rengar) have some sort of stealth mechanic.
Falrein (EUW)
: Well I was more thinking about an in-lore context but I guess that works too...? :p
AHH excuse me for my stupidity, I just woke up not too long ago, lol. Your opener is was jusssst ambiguous enough and these lines in particular-- >Regarding Syndra, my biggest fear is that she'll be irrelevant. >My second fear is regarding Kayle and Morgana. Both of which I dearly love, and I fear one of them will eclipse the other.... And again, my biggest fear is that one of them becomes irrelevant next to the other. I was reading through a game-play lens. So i apologize. Can't think of any major story concerns off the top of my head, but I'm always down for a lore discussion!
: Please made this an acutal emote
Yuumi already got like 3 emotes on release for some reason. Doesn't need any more. I'd rather see emotes for champions who don't have any yet. Hell I'd rather have literally anything besides more Yuumi content.
Falrein (EUW)
: What are your biggest fears regarding your favourite champions/regions' future?
They've messed with Taliyah so much already. They ruined her for mid lane. She just has so many bad matchups now because they gutted her waveclear. I hate playing jungle. All I want is Taliyah mid back. Every time a pro player picks her I get worried they'll nerf her again somehow.
: True Damage Prestige skins (RITO PLS READ)
Yeah, they more than likely will. Not sure about Ekko though since he got a legendary skin. But Prestige Edition True Damage Senna is already slated for release early next year.
Yeah, looks like it could be people sharing an account. This is an issue you should take to Riot Support probably, though. The boards has a 'no naming and shaming' rule.
: change my name
Yes. If you go to the shop and click on the 'account' button (it's in the top right corner of the store and looks like a person with a gear behind them), you will see the option to change your summoner name for 1300RP or 13900BE.
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