: I know Yi is not op, but plss
*Plays mundo and somehow also complains*
: > Why are you gutting a champion with 43% winrate in soloQ? If she is overpowered shouldn't that be above 50? Winrate isn't everything. Bad players influence her winrate quite a bit, while in higher elos, good Akali's make it extremely hard to play against her with little to no counterplay, especially as a melee laner.
Most stat websites only take plat+ players into account for win rates
: Went 5/0/1 to a Yasuo in bot lane with Siver, he went 0/3/0 and lost tons of farm and xp but...
With all due respect, someone with so few games that they don’t even know how to spell the name of a popular champion they played probably doesn’t have enough experience under their belt to deal with any champion after they get a triple kill.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 1
Hey meddler! Any plans on updating {{champion:92}} in game model to one similar to the Awaken video? Or even releasing a similar model as a skin? r/rivenmains is going insane dreaming about this
: At least jinx apeals to more personalities other than 'iM sO eDgY aNd dAsH vErY qUiCk'.
isnt jinx literally "im so edgy i have a bazooka"?
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