Dynikus (NA)
: Played Sylas on pbe. Riot, are you feeling okay?
If this guy ever truly dominates the meta, some champs in bad spots will become even worse. {{champion:9}} ult is immensely strong besides the high CD, so imagine just being able to whip that out on a champ with 3 gap closers and good CC.
: Please don't release Neeko with
I think this is mostly to make up for her lack of mobility, but what do I know.
: What the fuck? "Some real publicity?" Complaints about damage being too damn high have been on the front pages of the boards and r/leagueoflegends for literally the entirety of season 8 Riot has noticed, they just don't care. They want to appeal to their Asian playerbase, which needs games to be over fast. Most League players in China and Korea play from gaming cafes and the like.
I don't care that they notice it. I want them to notice a concentration of the playerbase as opposed to a bunch of rants on the boards. We are FORCING them to acknowledge the fact we are saying "we all agree, and you have to listen."
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: We are talking character and design. I was clearly talking about her style which is what most people are complaining about.
I feel like people are exaggerating her similarities to Zoe out of a general disliking for their more whimsical visual thematic. I mean, it's really opinionated whether they're different ENOUGH, but I, along with many others, I'm sure, think it's different enough. Zoe is incredibly celestial-looking, while Neeko feels wild and natural. Neeko dresses and acts much more primal. People see bright colors and big eyes and say "look, it's the same thing." TL;DR I won't deny the art styles are similar, but they have unique designs IMO.
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: I think the Nunu buffs are kind of in the wrong direction
I agree... ultimately, the reason I don't play Nunu is because his E just feels SO useless. Sure, you can use it to set up ult plays, but a ton of champs can get out of them, and that's basically its main purpose.
: jungling is so boring...
If you play JG to enjoy the clear, what are you doing? The ganks are what make you an impactful JG, and what makes it fun.
: Being upset over pings is even dumber than being upset over words on a screen lmfao
Eh, I feel the same way as the guy above, and it's because pings are intrusive and annoying sometimes, and don't even provide anything when not used strategically.
Grumpig (NA)
: Dear Riot Games, Stop bringing back "Poro King" and give back "Snowdown Showdown 1v1 and 2v2"
How about anything? I miss the days when we had a RGM every weekend, instead of just on events. Could somebody explain why having Poro king and Ascension when there's not an event is an issue?
: Inting Sion: Thoughts on how to stop or nerf?
Let's just see how preseason changes affect it.
: For pre season changes there is a big change that is gonna make many of us really mad
*Laughing because I'm a Bronze top main and everyone who plays inting Sion or Viktor top sucks ass down here*
: What keeps you coming back to League?
As others have said, it's fun as hell with friends, and while some people CAN enjoy it without, the solo grind isn't fun for everyone. Get 4 other guys in a Discord, queue up, start laughing, profit.
I'm thinking the slower laning phase will also put less pressure on fast ganks, so this is a pretty big hit to champs like Graves.
: Have you ever actually lost a lane,game, or duel to Tyrnd or Yi
I clapped a Tryndamere with Akali top recently. Her ability to safely poke from her shroud is invaluable against him, when he can only hit you with his spin zoom (which he wouldn't do, as he'd want to save it for engage/disengage.)
Oatz (NA)
: Potential Fix to Tether Abilities
Thanks for leaving out my boy Fiddle from this <3
lYtRMagee (EUW)
: To all new players, do not play this game
I think it's VERY depressing that on a BOARD ABOUT A GAME we are ENCOURAGING people not to play it. I'm sorry you had a shit experience, and many people like you have similar complaints, but many people do enjoy it, and we can't assume EVERYONE who gets the game will be in the same boat as you. You say the game is dying, but posts like this only speed it up. Also, if any new player IS seeing this, I believe that, even if you hate every single goddamn person who plays this game, there's still one way to have fun: get 4 of your friends and just dick around. I've been looking at a lot of posts like these, and it seems to be the people who take the game the most serious that are the most frustrated with it when they decide to give up. So... OP, I hope you have a better experience with whatever new game or whatever you go to, but you can't just tell everyone to give up on this game.
: 3 Champs that NEED to be addressed come 8.22
Definitely nerf Sion before new rune makes him busted.
: > [{quoted}](name=Xcion,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xs7e0sjA,comment-id=0024,timestamp=2018-10-24T22:38:42.634+0000) > > They actually turned the Guardian keystone into damage with that rune LMAO Um. Guardian is still there. It’s Bone Plating that’s gone.
They mean Guardian can be used for damage.
Velasan (NA)
: I'm ok with it... I mean the inspiration tree has almost nothing that adds to your damage either. At least in this case it's based off HP and shield strength, so it's never going to be a huge burst.
I mean with the right runes and no infinite scaling Kench can hit 9000+ damage from this thing if he pops E at 1 health. I spent way to goddamn long doing that math.
Meep Man (NA)
: Tahm Kench can absolutely smack someone with this.
~9194 damage without infinite scaling. No problem.
Vekkna (NA)
: I've said it before and I'll say it again. The vast majority of reworks since the Juggernaut patch have either been total botch-jobs or created more problems than they solved. My biggest bitch is that so much of the new shit is either input-heavy micro-skill checks or shackled to some tedious/cancerous gimmick. Examples: {{champion:266}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:555}}
Ok, you list Kled here, but IMO that's not justified. I'd be willing to debate this, but I believe his passive creates interesting counterplay that's not like the "game-breaking, new for the sake of being new" stuff I hear people complaining about on champs like Zoe. Also, a niche champ like Asol isn't bad. He was intended to be for a small group of players, and they enjoy him a hell of a lot, and I don't see people complain about him. His mechanic is gimmicky, but from what I can tell, it works. Fiora also fits a niche, although she is much more popular than Asol. Fiora is the literal definition of the archetype of "positioning-based champ," and I don't think that's some "crazy, unworkable gimmick." I also disagree with Urgot, but others have already defended him here and on various other threads, and I basically agree with them. Otherwise, I generally agree with you, but my opinions aren't very strong on most of these champs.
: It's even worst when I type in chat as a suggestion on what we should ban and there will always be that person who ignores it and doesn't ban anything.
Yeah, IDC at all if you don't ban the champ I hate as long as you ban someone.
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: Boycotting the ITEM SHOP until further notice
Wow! 300 dollars! You sure are one of Riot's leading supporters! Totally not the big, diamond YouTubers spending thousands and thousands of dollars. Totally not the millions of accounts that have spent at least a bit of money. Yup, your boycott sure does inhibit Riot. And yup, enough people in your situation totally check these boards and totally agree with you.
Kadexe (EUW)
: Vi Rework Brainstorm
I'm an M7 Vi, and overall, I like the idea, despite the fact that I believe Vi is in a PERFECTLY good spot now gameplay-wise. However, one thing sticks out to me: we seem to disagree whether the attack speed from denting blows in its current form is a good thing. You say it feels clunky, but I personally believe it adds a bit of depth to her gameplay, by rewarding her for sticking to enemies. Ultimately, this is good, but I'm just too attached the the current Vi kit to want anything else. Perhaps some of these ability combos could be utilized on a new champion?
: wow they finally give a skin to kled and it looks Dumb
Idk, I'm also a Kled main and I love this one. I'm not sure what the general consensus is, some of us love it but some hate it.
: Game Unenjoyable for New Players
My advice is get 4 friends in Discord and just enjoy yourself. It's hard for me to play solo nowadays, but I've gathered a bunch of people I enjoy playing with so that, chances are, at least a few of them are online at any given time. And I'm pretty sure most low-elo players agree--the most fun you can have in League is screwing around with 4 buddies.
"While we move onto better games" I certainly wouldn't mind if you did.
: "Suicide is not a Joke"
Other people around you don't understand this. Maybe people who witness you make these kinds of comments are suffering from depression and don't like to see their issue mocked by using it as a joke. As others have said, if you want to, just whisper to the friend.
: Go above mastery. Achieve greatness. (Achievements concept)
I LOVE IT, but unfortunately, there will be some people who go out of their way to do achievements when it may not be the best idea for the game.
: a year? just make a new account.
Rioter Comments
: it is a culture thing. especially the younger generation, cannot take criticism. constructive or not.....i have told my adc ashe "hey ashe fyi ie is a bad first item...bork is way better for their team comp and just in general" EXACTLY. Ashe types "report eve for flaming plz ty" in all chat. Then her support starts flaming her for that and the game went to shit. It is very annoying how many people think everything is about them and everyone is against them. In Korea people flame hard, but that culture is different. They take it as criticism and learn from it. Also very few players get reported in Korea compared to NA. Even though in Korea they open mid and int if they think the game is unwinnable. Where in NA this is frowned upon "never give up" is bs most of the time and just a waste of time, which sparks a lot of flaming.
You make valid points. However, I'm not talking about constructive criticism. That is great and should motivate others to play better. However I'm talking about the many people who recognize flame from helpful comments and still say "flame can be justified." Also, I'm no expert, so what do you mean by "people flame hard" in Korea? Like, do they spam chat with "garbage uninstall" or "omfg gank bot?" I can see how the latter could be more acceptable, but I'm struggling to understand how the former is considered helpful in any way--that's the purpose of this thread, to see if anyone can answer that question.
: "You don't have the right to give your thoughts to the team because I have a better KDA and Rank."
I think rank-shaming is the stupidest thing. I have been on the PLAYER BEHAVIOR BOARDS and seen people invalidate opinions because they are a lower rank. I saw a GOLD who was complaining on these boards, and a SILVER tried to provide very valid points, but the gold said "lmao stfu hard stuck silver." I'm just Bronze, so I don't like to talk about gameplay on the boards unless it's specifically on the topic of bronze, because otherwise my opinions may be irrelevant. But this was a MORAL DISCUSSION, and someone said "since you're one League lower than me, you have no sense of morals." The fact that people judge somebody's moral character off of their skill in a video game is sickening. Your situation is a bit different, but a similar issue.
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: 1/13 support katarina with only gunblade? you are a troll or actually that bad xD {{champion:141}}
First off, as somebody pointed out, it's 1/13/12, and also, is there something wrong with people who are bad at the game? I'm pretty sure that's better than the 1/10/3 Yi game you have. And I'm not talking shit about a bad game you had, I'm just saying if you've played that badly yourself, you shouldn't be able to say shit. I've had horrible games, too. I don't call people out for theirs.
Anin777 (EUW)
: Just mute? Lol. That's literally it.
Muting doesn't change the fact that they're there. He doesn't want to play games with people he knows are horrible.
DemonEy3s (EUNE)
: Just got perma banned, I don't really understand why.
Just the fact enough you used "arab" as an insult should be enough for a ban.
: If your not sensitive,flaming encourages you to do better
Really? If someone says "garbage you fucking suck" I'm not gonna start crying and say "omg report _____ plz!" in all chat and start revving up my enter key to unleash a stream of self-defense. But I am gonna say to myself, "damn, he's right, but this guy's a dick" and probably not take his comment too seriously. Note the words "he's right." Most people. when they unintentionally feed, are TOTALLY AWARE of their mistakes. When I chase too far, I will say in chat "sorry y'all, I shouldn't have done that." Then, I always make a CONSCIOUS EFFORT to not do that again, and yeah, sometimes I fail. Sometimes everyone fails that. A player who can't recognize their own mistakes is playing this game fundamentally wrong, and people who flame to "encourage" are encouraging this mindset.
Vlada Cut (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=MrFawknSunshine,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=JfoTAM5a,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-07-30T20:11:01.211+0000) > > all you have to do is not say anything and you wouldnt be toxic and wouldnt be punished/banned > > people seem to think chat is jsut for flaming people, every time someone cries about being punished and show chat logs 95% of the chat log is pointless flaming for whatever reason, it provides nothing to improve the game they were in. > > i swear some people rather type in game then actually play the game. you cant control trolls and their actions but you can control what you do and say. I don't remember seeing chat being used for nice talking, only for flaming.
Ok, don't talk nicely then. Talk strictly on gameplay and what your team should be doing, and in a calm, not negative or necessarily positive manner. Like instead of saying "if you die to another damn gank I'm done" or "watch out guys, if you ward I'm sure you'll be able to escape him this time!!!11!!!! :D" literally just say "Rengar botside" and careful ping. My rule of thumb: if you don't think going out of your way to be nice helps (some people do, some people don't, I'm somewhere in the middle) don't go out of your way to be nice or toxic. Stay quiet and only type what's necessary.
: If you call someone a liberal you will get banned.
You should be free to express your political opinions in League of Legends, yes. However, how is using the term "liberal" in an insulting manner, which you did, less biased than what Riot did? Saying "retarded liberal" is like saying "retarded Jew" or something of the like, because you are openly displaying bigotry towards a group. Associating mental conditions such as retardation with an entire way of thinking is a good way to get a ton of people pissed off with you, and understandably so (I'm fairly conservative, but I'm still a bit insulted by your behavior.) Edit: You seem to have said "if you say 'liberal' you will be banned no matter what." I'm gonna try that. Imma go into a game and say "liberal" in all chat. Let's see what happens.
: Tell me your 3 most played champions and I will tell you your personality and greatest fear.
: Comparison with HotS
I'm sure it's better that DOTA2's community, where I uninstalled after 2 games because in both every single person was disgustingly racist or just an asshole.
: I got banned for 1 game WTF
"Reported for laughing at suicide" But still says KYS multiple times. Seriously, there absolutely no reason anybody on this planet should end their own life. If those people actually committed suicide, would you actually say "serves them right?" Would you feel no pity at all? Does your perception of life only contain people who fit your moral standards? I really, really hope not. Genuinely wishing death upon another person is not something you can just throw around. The one thing people have any control over is their lives, and you are encouraging them to give up their only true possession.
: If your post title has "I was banned because x"
Not even this... can we just get chat logs in ONE of these posts XD
WøOxer (EUW)
: If u did doesn't mean majority did, personally I never honored enemies, in first case why would I?
If they played well and you enjoyed a fair challenge and they weren't assholes if they stomped or were stomped by you.
: Finally hit Honor 5!
I love these posts. The only ones on this board where the comments AREN'T flooded with toxicity.
: If the enemy wins, by honoring you humiliate yourself. If they lose, honoring them looks like a mockery to them. Not worth bringing back.
Not really. If an enemy plays well, first off, it's not a mockery to honor them regardless of whether they won or lost. Also, I tended to (IDK about other people) just honor enemies who were chill in chat and were just fun to play against due to their attitude, especially if they were chill after stomping/being stomped.
Tesladin (EUW)
: I think the main point of the honor change was to encourage people who otherwise dont care enough to click it, to still honor someone
Maybe they could add optional and less significant opponent honoring IN ADDITION to the current system of team honoring.
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