TheeAnomaly need one top
: Silver IV Supp Main in Search of A Team
Please add me on discord VitaTwisted#9884
: Gold 3+ Support Main LFT
I have a team for you. Add ReturningIrish#9864 and he will add you to this discord community. We have a team of four setup there with its on voice coms section. My discord is VitaTwisted#9884 Gold top Gold mid Silver jngl Silver adc Gold sup -you I can play sup and you can adc also if wanted. I main bot lane.
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rujitra (NA)
: > Is riot too eager/aggressive regarding their criteria to ban? No. The community has, since the Tribunal days, expressed that they do not wish to see people flame, period. > Should riot program to look for apologies? An apology does not change the fact that you spent quite a while abusing people. > Should you be “allowed” to stick up for yourself? No, because there's multiple innocent players that have to deal with two people flaming/insulting now, instead of just the one. > Should riot look at the chat of the report-er when determining a ban? No, because their behavior does not factor into your punishment. **** There, you happy? Maybe you didn't see, but I answered most of your questions in my original reply - I'm sorry if you needed them broken out like this to be able to understand my responses.
Thank you. I am happy. The direction of your response this time was in general and not based off my stories.
: You don't need to stick up for yourself and further derail the game for other people. Ignore assholes, they're not worth your time. Now, when you've only received the first punishment, is when you need to decide if you're going to follow the rules are not. This might suck to hear, but nothing you say or do is going to change the rules for you. Focus on the good people in your games, and tune out the bad ones.
Right I understand. The point of this discussion was revolving around the question in the title, the question in the poll, or any of questions at the bottom. I did also know that I have choice to follow or break them, believe it or not. The questions attempt to bring though to the current rules/way of handling. The scenarios were for context.
rujitra (NA)
: What other players do does not give you the right to violate the rules - so no, their actions/chat will not be taken into account. You apologizing does not make up for you violating the rules either.
Thank you for answering zero of my questions. My post was more so is that what the rules should be. Actually was my post was a series of questions. No where did I ask to be patronized.
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