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: I believe you might be incorrect; the system _might_ tell the reporter that a player has been punished. On the other hand it most likely won't. That is how things have been explained to us by Riot at some point. Granted, I have seen [opposite]( [writings]( by Riot too, but for some reason the people of the boards don't seem to believe that. You make your own choise on the matter. Riot doesn't seem to agree with itself about it. ;)
I guess I'm "lucky" (if you can call it luck) cause I get notifications for like every 1/5 reports.
Krinu (NA)
: Do people in normals ever get punished for verbal abuse?
If the system punishes a player you reported it will tell you when you log in as a notification. Problem is that there are so many toxic people that they can't be strict and require multiple people to report + proof in game chat. I'm willing to bet a good 10-25% of the playerbase is toxic but they can't ban that many cause it would mean potentially losing MILLIONS of players.
: Legacy skins... Just aren't legacy.
I get where you're coming from, it sucks when someone has the same skin as you but they didn't have to do anything special for it like refer friends or be an old school player. It's all based on how much money you're willing to dish out on chests now.
: The Anti Tilt Checklist!
Some of this would be fixed if reports actually did something. The frustrating part of playing (ranked especially) is that you can't rely on your team AT ALL, if you fail there's no jungler or roaming mid to help you because the other lanes are also losing. YOU have to carry, it's always on YOU even though it's a TEAM GAME. Also the loss vs gain in LP is like adding salt to a wound, it doesn't matter to the system if you're the best player on your team, you're still losing 20LP or gaining 12LP. TLDR : You're punished more than you're rewarded in this game...which is tilting.
: low lp gains after placements?
The actual workings of the ranked system are a mystery. Most likely riot has multiple systems in place (mmr, tier...etc) and has blended them/ coded them together very poorly. Lot of times tiers and mmr just go out of sync. My guess for your problem is that your mmr is lower than plat 2 and that system makes you gain less but because of the d2 tier you reached last season the tier system placed you in plat 2. I have no clue though, I'm not a coder working at Riot so take my words with a grain of salt.
: Just play ARAM. Easy to get chests in. Hell even if you have a bad team and lose if you carry hard enough you can get one. Got an S+ my 3rd time playing Neeko cause I went like 15/2 or some shit and everyone else was like 2/10.
I'll try to play more ARAM then, thanks
Vuxem (NA)
: Small-time artist looking for some recognition.
Maybe do Astro Nautilus since you already did some astronauts
KoKoboto (NA)
: I hate his thematic, visuals, story, and everything about his character. I love his gameplay. A really nice change to Ivern would be to fix his fucking ultimate THAT LITERALLY LAGS AND TELEPORTS ACROSS THE SCREEN. Turn off the automatically attack targets mechanic. Another buff would be to have its stats improved because it's pretty damn useless in most situations as it dies a bit too fast. I feel one of the bigger reasons he isn't played is because he's a fucking lanky ass tree pervert. I find his gameplay so cool but I just hate how he looks, can't bring myself to play him. Also his always positive personality in game is fucking annoying to me. I hate people like that in real life.
> [{quoted}](name=KoKoboto,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Yk7QetuI,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-01-28T02:26:46.318+0000) > Also his always positive personality in game is fucking annoying to me. I hate people like that in real life. That's called envy. Also those people probably aren't as happy on the inside and most likely go through way tougher things that you can imagine. Give them a break lol.
: Having trouble locking in champ and have dodge timer
Go into your client options and click "low spec mode" also make sure that there aren't any other big applications running in the background. Also make sure your internet is fine and not downloading a huge file or anything.
: Anyone else get muted for literally nothing?
I mute a lot but usually just mute the moment that there's anything that's negative and not helpful cause it means that there's more coming. I don't mute constructive criticism/advice/help or small talk though.


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