: Hello meddler, wanted to know if there is anything you are planning to change/buff about Ryze? {{item:3070}} {{champion:13}}
I've asked a million times and I will ask another million times. But don't expect an answer. This is something they most likely want to keep under wraps. It's not because they want to either. It's because Ryze is now a touchy subject for the whole community. Say Riot says "We are working on Ryze.". People will continue to ask. (I know I still do knowing that they won't tell me anything. It's more so I hope that they at least ask me of my opinion when they rework him.) And if they decide to scrap the idea. Then people are pissed off. Or other case. People stop playing Ryze and pick up newer champions because there is a high chance new Ryze wouldnt be the same. Say Riot says "We are doing X, Y, and Z to Ryze.". People will complain that Ryze is going to be broken with X Y and Z. Even if everything they are testing out is in the waters. A bunch of people out there want Ryze to be completely gutted. Not realizing that he is already in that state. If he was allowed to have the same ratios as other champions. He would be a monster. He is near impossible to play correctly in any game because of how everyone generally plays. But it's whatever. I just want Rito to call me up someday and be like "What do you think?". Cause the first thing I am going to look at is if it is a iteration that makes team play 1000% better than solo play.
: Just make the tear items exclusive like the hydra items or disable a passive like Athene's disables Mikael's. No other champion does double tear so if you want to keep double tear Ez from being strong just make it impossible or not optimal.
Ryze. Ryze can do double tear. It's a fun build not competitively viable because of well how everything goes.
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: [Discussion] I wanted to ask something regarding character appeal to players
Personally, I would still play Malzahar, if he wasn't ruined. I play to climb and feel like I am actually contributing by having pressure. But Malz no longer does that.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 10
So with this recent ask riot about the Victorious skin. It said that champions that wouldn't be getting major updates soon. I would like to point out that Ryze has been played a bunch more than many other mid lane champions and he didn't get it. So can I infer and let my Ryze Main Discord know that we should be expecting another major update to our resident blue boi Ryze?
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 10
Still waiting for something about Ryze or Malzahar or hell even viktor. I am willing to move over to another new champion again because my other two are ass in solo queue lol.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 3
Anything on Ryze or Malz?
: Clothesline Karma Mini-Retrospective
I don't support this change. Yes it is a buff that is going to lead into massive nerfs. Why? Look at Ryze. Complete shit in solo queue. Really strong in pro play. What do you think will happen when Karma gets something that requires teamwork to pull off? That she is magically going to be played just as well as pro play in solo queue? Give her something real that can help solo queue. And make the pros adapt to that. They have 4 other people consistently that can work with to overcome hurdles. Me as a solo player, I can't climb a 4 man high wall by myself, and maybe 3 other people are there with me, but guess what we are still a bit short. So again. Bad change. Don't do it. I wish you would have listened to me with the Malzahar change back in season 6, but no. A silly diamond 3 malzahar main, must not know anything about the game or the champion. But HEY, KEEP IT UP RITO :) YOU'RE DOING A GREAT JOB WITH RYZE, AZIR, AND KALISTA. AND HERE SOON KARMA AGAIN.
: But...but...matchmaking rollercoaster rides are supposed to be fun and exciting. I even had a fun and exciting game last week.
That one game took how many games to get to :D
geeklove (NA)
: Battlerite and Battlerite Royale, if you lose at Battlerite Royale you'll only have yourself to blame.
Rainbow Six Siege, is pretty fun. They nerf things around pro play. But they still keep in mind the majority of the player base. because you know. They don't have a massive community and every player matters to them still. Riot stopped caring about us, unless we stop watching Riot endorsed streams. The numbers in NA drop hard enough the NA sponsors will realize it and go support a better game like DotA or Rainbow Six Siege or Something idc. Riot knows that they are the reason that they are killing their game. Its not even the normal life time for how long a game is popular.
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: Why do i feel handicaped while playing my favorite champion?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 26
Anything about Ryze (rework) or Malzahar (revert for Malzahar)?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 19
Will I be allowed to playtest or know a bit about the next Ryze Rework? Can't wait.
: I think I'll stick around for the time being, the game isn't as fun as it was but it's still fun, and maybe Riot till change their act, I don't know.
I have been hoping the same thing since season 6. I still find the game "fun" occasionally. But not to the point where I come home, open up league, and have 4 friends doing the same thing. Each game isn't fun anymore. Its really boring and dry now. Games are over at the 6 -8 minute mark. And its more of a task than an adventure. A task of making sure your team mates dont screw you. I hope it changes. But i am doubtful. This is the first season in all of the time I have played league where I took more than 1 break from it. I am on break number 3. First one was from feb to april. Then june to july. And now august to probably pre season.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 22
I asked this on the nexus blitz one. But why the Ryze nerf? He has a 45% win rate according to NA.OP.GG and a 43.8% win rate post 40 minutes. He has a 44.3% win rate according to champion.gg and a 51% win rate when over 200 games played. The 10% ap nerf doesn't do anything at a pro level because they play risk adverse. Meaning they will still get to 5 items at 25-30 minutes. So the 10% difference is the difference between. Q w q e q And Q e q e q e. Ryze will continue to be played at a pro scene because of his ulti that is near useless in solo queue. While everything else in his kit is actually useful for solo queue. You are forcing yourself into another rework because of the refusal to change the ulti.
: Nexus Blitz alpha: Week 2 feedback and patch notes
It doesn't really make any sense to me at this point. Ryze according to NA.OP.GG has a 45.75% win rate, 43.8% win rate at post 40 (late game). Ryze according to champion.gg has a 44.3% win rate, and a 51% win rate with players with over 200 games on him in plat+. This nerf is out of the blue. This is a terrible idea prior to worlds patch. This will not stop Ryze from being picked in a pro level. Since we all know that is what the goal is. The fundamental problem with how you are trying to hit him is "If he doesn't have a bunch of damage, maybe the pros won't pick him." The problem is, look at the old metas where Ashe Vatus Jhin Sivir and MF were picked. Utility. Ryze has a game changing ulti in pro play. Removing 10% ap from his Q doesn't solve anything either. All ypu have done is change a basic q w q e q to a q w q e q auto e q. And since E is on a 1.3ish second CD its not even like that 10% is going to be noticed in pro play. The 10% AP change really only affects ryze during early game to mid game. When you take into account how risk adverse Pro Play is it wont affect anything. In pro play its always a 2 v 2, where ryze has a 2 seconds snare at level 2. Ryze doesnt need damage to get the level 2 kill. He just needs to make sure the enemy waste spells on him and his jungler can get the kill. So bad idea. Doesn't do anything for stopping Ryze from getting picked in pro play. All this does is make Ryze a joke of a champion and goes back to forcing another rework on him. So yay. 2 years of playing ryze is about to go down the drain because of poor design changes. 2 years where I went from 0 mastery on my main to 1.3m mastery added together from many different accounts.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 17
If there are any plans for Ryze in pre season. I have a few ideas for either nerfing him or buffing him without breaking him. Or a compensation nerf buff for less viability in pro scene. Nerf (God forbid): Passive Mana, this weakens him at all stages of the game. Early to late will feel the same affect. Potentially a tool to allow you to redistribute power. Low mana increase but scaling ratios? Buff (god please): increase damage from spread from 50 to 75% and increase base ms by 5. Dont think that would break him. Comp nerf buff: R: Now can only teleport one allied champion and minions. Ryze is locked out of using active items when channeling realm warp. Compensation: R now grants 20/40 armor and magic resist to all allies within his circle for the duration + 2.5 seconds. R changes are directed from sending a whole team to take baron or towers fast > sending a tank and ryze to back line while buffed as a flank option. This would also maybe make pro teams try to use ryze more creatively, like using Ryze w/ kennen, Nunu, gragas, etc as a form of engage from the rear. Willing to talk, please let us Ryze Mains know of anything you have planned. Thanks
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 15
Any news on Ryze or Azir?
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: is this reasonable for 2 minute 40 seconds into the game?
You also didn't respect the level 3 damage w/ electrocute and ignite. It is made to cheese. If it doesn't get a kill early in game that summoner spell drops off in value really hard unless you are against a soraka, vlad, kayn, or something with stupid amounts of lifesteal/spellvamp.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 4
I want your thoughts on mobility. Not just the dashes that everyone has but mobility in general. As of lately, I have noticed that as a mage with access to 1 (situational) movespeed item aside from Boots. I can't catch ADC's or champions with dashes very easily. The mage I am talking about is Ryze. From % movespeed that ADC items offer them, they start outrunning me very quickly, add in the bonus of dashes or slows in their kits. Kali E, MF E, Lucian Dash, Ashe, Jhin Traps/Snare + movespeed passive, Sivir R + % movespeed, etc. Its near impossible to catch them the second that they start walking away. Moving to the next class, fighters/bruisers/skirmishers. They all have some form of slow/movement increase/ or dash. Its becoming increasingly hard to catch these champions. Irelia Q, Riven Q/E, Fiora Q, Trundle W/E, etc. But lately just basic mobility seems to be higher, unless you have a dash or consistent movement capabilities its near impossible to catch people unless they aren't worried about you. This doesn't even tap into the problems of champions with Hyper mobility, such as Yasuo/Irelia/Fiora/etc. Luckily I play Ryze, but once my root is down. I am done with the chase, I have to give it up. Not because I want to, but because no matter how hard I try, they will just outrun me. I have to get a spellbinder and that is a very situational item to begin with. I just want some thoughts on mobility.
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: it's almost like...if you looked at the proposed season 9 changes you wouldn't even have to make a post like this
I have, I haven't seen anything with stats like that. The closest thing I have seen to that is the thing that is currently live on PBE where they are letting you see numbers for champions. Buts its not going to be enough tbh.
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: Yeah. Ultimate passive vs villain: 1% enemy max hp as true damage -> 1.5% enemy max hp as physical damage Ultimate active: true damage vs villain -> +10% max hp physical damage vs villain With these changes, Garen will be much worse at shredding armor stacking tanks, roughly equal at dueling other juggernauts (if they stack hp without a lot of armor), and roughly equal or slightly worse at fighting squishies (who can usually kite/avoid him anyways) Since he'll be weaker in general, he can get new strengths like minion execution on his E so that he doesn't miss as much CS while waveclearing with it.
That is a bad idea. Let me math you this. Lets assume that 1000 hp is the enemies MAX HP, at 100 armor and magic resist. He deals 10 damage per tick with the 1% true damage. He deals 7.5 damage with the change you came up with. Once you are at 50 armor, he deals the same damage has he was previously. To give you an idea, SONA naturally gets 84.1 Armor by level 18. Now just assume that you are against a Darius. Who gets Triforce, Steraks, Deadmans, Ninja Tabis, Spirit Visage, and Cleaver. (we are doing this at level 18). Darius has 107 Armor and 2282.2 HP. Deadmans gives 60 armor and 425 HP. Spirit Visage gives 450 HP and 55 MR. Ninja Tabi gives 20 Armor. Cleaver gives 400 HP Triforce gives 250 HP Steraks gives 450 HP. So total Armor is 187 Armor + 4257 HP + 108 MR. Now assume Garen builds Cleaver, Deadmans, Steraks, Ninja Tabis, Spirit Visage, and Sunfire. The only thing we will be considering is AD and Armor Shred from Cleaver + his skills, that we being affected. We will assume that Cleaver is max stacked on someone full hp. (Realistically speaking that can't happen without shields and heals) Garen shreds 24% of Darius 187 Armor with Cleaver >>> 142 Armor. No other form of shred is in his kit. So now each tick with 1% true damage = 43 damage With purposed changes = 27 damage. Do you consider Darius a Tank? Because I consider Darius a bruiser. This is just a negative change. He now would lose to every bruiser. He barely beats/ties them when everything is tied. Second change, is also really bad. He already deals 40% of missing targets HP, and then also deals 10% max damage. Its counter intuitive. Assuming it goes through. Lets Use Darius. 4257 HP w/ 108 MR, since his ulti is already magic damage, we will assume you meant magic damage in the change instead of dual damage. We will do the point where Garen could execute Darius. +/- like 1 or 2% for basic errors. execute = (426 HP + 40% of missing hp) * 108 MR (reduction) So real numbers would be (209 + 19.6% of missing HP + 267.5) Post reduction. So saying that darius is missing 100% of his hp, Garen would deal 1310 magic damage on ulti. It would require Darius to be at 35% HP for Garen to execute him. Where his ulti would deal 876.5 damage. To give you an idea, an ADC, Mage, or Jungle can deal that same number of damage off of two skills. At 6 items level 18. (unless they are tank) Compare it to literally every other execute in the game. It would be worthless. So no. We shouldn't do that. TL;DR Darius vs Garen E damage w/ villain mark down 37% @ 6 items level 18. R damage w/ villain mark down 25% @ 6 items level 18. Since Garen can use his ulti at 47% remain HP (True damage) Not sure if Garen mains would want to lose over 62% damage for a few adjustments. Just on those two skills, and not calculating basic auto attacks either. It would be even lower. :) Just saying. Terrible idea.
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Diana hole (EUNE)
: Hey, how did you make yourself invisible?
It was a joke, because the pvp client didn't connect to the server for the friends list while I was still connected to the matchmaking server.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Theorex,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=MexEu76s,comment-id=0067,timestamp=2018-06-20T19:40:15.545+0000) > > Any comments on {{item:3027}} buffs? > > I know its a bit of a rough subject to bring up because AP items have always been a problem since 5-7 primary subset of champions use them. > > AP Assassins > Artillery Mages > Battle Mages > Burst Mages > AP Tanks > AP ADC's. > > But currently comparing > > {{item:3285}} to {{item:3027}} > > The first one offers: 90 AP, 600 Mana, 20% cdr, and Damage. > > The second one offers: 100AP, 500 HP, 400 Mana, and Sustain. After 10 minutes. > > {{item:3027}} is a strong item, but with games being very short it is not a very good feeling item. The only champions I would ever build this on would be Kassadin, Brand, and Ryze. (For the mid lane) Maybe Singed and Maokai. > > I think it needs to be at 120 AP to be worth while for more champions to want to pick up. Currently 20% cdr is just much more valuable than 500 HP. (Since CDR affects your damage as a mage) Good point on the 120AP. Don't take it on Brand. Get Rylais/Sorc Shoes/Oblivion Orb/Haunting Guise friend :D
I mean I don't build it on him, but I would consider it.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 20
Any comments on {{item:3027}} buffs? I know its a bit of a rough subject to bring up because AP items have always been a problem since 5-7 primary subset of champions use them. AP Assassins Artillery Mages Battle Mages Burst Mages AP Tanks AP ADC's. But currently comparing {{item:3285}} to {{item:3027}} The first one offers: 90 AP, 600 Mana, 20% cdr, and Damage. The second one offers: 100AP, 500 HP, 400 Mana, and Sustain. After 10 minutes. {{item:3027}} is a strong item, but with games being very short it is not a very good feeling item. The only champions I would ever build this on would be Kassadin, Brand, and Ryze. (For the mid lane) Maybe Singed and Maokai. I think it needs to be at 120 AP to be worth while for more champions to want to pick up. Currently 20% cdr is just much more valuable than 500 HP. (Since CDR affects your damage as a mage)
Krizonar (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Theorex,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=U8uw8k1l,comment-id=0241,timestamp=2018-06-20T18:37:35.102+0000) > > Could I have this as my Avatar? > > and then the following one as my badge? > > With a signature of my stream, if you don't allow stream then the other one. Its up to you. > > www.twitch.tv/TheTheorex > > The Voice of Ryze > > (If you are wondering why I want "The Voice of Ryze" I am a mod for the subreddit and the discord mains. I also almost one trick Ryze) A step ahead of cataclysm! Fizz will need to add the badge and signature, but your avatar is done.
: [0.4] Boards Enhancement Kit - May 7
Could I have this as my Avatar? https://static-cdn.jtvnw.net/jtv_user_pictures/641ee5e276fa4daa-profile_image-300x300.jpeg and then the following one as my badge? https://static-cdn.jtvnw.net/emoticons/v1/646798/1.0 With a signature of my stream, if you don't allow stream then the other one. Its up to you. www.twitch.tv/TheTheorex The Voice of Ryze (If you are wondering why I want "The Voice of Ryze" I am a mod for the subreddit and the discord mains. I also almost one trick Ryze)
: oof
How did you change your image? To the akali boobs thing
Rumkatten (EUW)
: To much CC. Stuns that last all day. No counterplay. Insanely high damage. Some classes dominating while others are cardboard. Rapid changes that much of the community doesnt like. Sounds familiar. This is what happend to WoW pvp.
Honestly, the CC is whatever. You can avoid about 85-90% of it majority of the time. The real issue currently is the overloaded kits and hyper mobility. Every champion is given some bullshit mechanic/ displacement/ knock up/ high damage.
Xeoxed (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=I Want A Divorce,realm=NA,application-id=RH76PhHW,discussion-id=01mpG9dQ,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-06-18T00:48:12.967+0000) > > Yeah Im gonna lose my week 1 by 8 points because he has fenix and adrian who kept their points but my echo fox team is at a nice 0. Hope they fix this, I have money on my league. Oh that is unlucky. If we do not we riot. Okay?
Already messaged them about it, likes like a bug to customer support. So they will probably address it tomorrow.
: As much as I'd like to, this is going to be enormous and I'm already going to have to sift through around 300+ comments to pick out the most important/beloved changes of each champ. I didn't think it'd get this popular.
The comment would have been funnier if you just stopped it at think xD. But yeah have fun. I'm hoping no one drops some Ryze in here. I'll cry.
: Experiment: Community Patch Notes
{{champion:13}} __***Overload:***__ Damage: 60/85/110/135/160/185 +45% AP + 3% bonus mana >>> 40/60/80/100/120/140 + 50% AP + 3% max mana Shield: 65-150 + 60% AP + 3% bonus mana >>> 40-180 + 50% AP + 4% max mana Movespeed: 25%/28%/31%/34%/37%/40% >>> 30%/32.5%/35%/37.5%/40%/42.5% Bonus Damage: 40%/50%/60%/70%/80% >>> 25%/35%/45%/55%/65% + 7.5% per 1000 mana __***Rune Prison:***__ Snare >>> Ground for 1 second (does not effect movespeed or movement aside from dashes/blinks) Marked: Snare >>> Ground for 2 seconds + 25% slow Damage: 80/100/120/140/160 + 60% AP + 1% bonus mana >>> 55/70/85/100/115 + 60% AP + 4% max mana __***Spell Flux:***__ Cooldown: 3.25/3/2.75/2.5/2.25 >>> 3.5/3/2.5/2/1.5 Damage: 70/90/110/130/150 + 30% AP + 2% bonus mana >>> 50/65/80/95/110 + 35% AP + 2% max mana Spread: 50% >>> 75% *subsequent effects were listed above __***Realm Warp:***__ Cost: 100 Mana >>> 250 Mana Range: 1750/3000 >>> 2000/4000 Delay: 1 second >>> .25 + .75 per champion Spell effect: Channel > Cast. Added rules: Champions CC'd at the end of the delay will not be teleported. CC's such as Suppression, Snare, Stun, Knock up, knock back, Ground, Root, Suspension, charmed, Stasis, sleep. ___***PS:***___ Things not mentioned in the skills mean that they were left functionally the same. Such as Q mana cost, W mana cost and cooldown, Passive, base stats, etc.
Meddler (NA)
: The next few patches are not balancing for Worlds. Worlds will be played on 8.18 or 8.19, so it'll be a while before that's a major consideration. Our focus right now is on midseason followup and general balance. Nothing immediately planned for Ryze, Azir or Kalista. As previously mentioned whenever we next make changes to them they'll be simple balance changes as well, not things that attempt to overhaul parts of their kits.
I just hope that Ryze, Azir, and Kalista are not going to be last minute thoughts. At this point, I think that the community and riot need to sit down and discuss what the issues are for playing with, against, and around those champions feel like. Why they are frustrating, how pro play is different from solo queue, and what the goal for those champions are in regards of how Riot wants them balanced. As a Ryze main I think I speak for all of the mains of those champions when I say it is very frustrating to see said champion get played in pro and then nerfed in solo queue. Its gotten to the point where, when some people (myself mainly) see Ryze, Azir, Kalista, Galio, Vlad, and a few others. Getting picked, I go to my friends that main those champions and say "Ready for the Nerfs!?" Because no matter how many times you nerf those 5 I have listed, they always come back in pro play because their kits are just well designed with the intentions of high skill.
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Kivolan (NA)
: What The Hell Are These Celerity Changes?
Its because its already a must have minor rune anyways. Majority of mages are bringing it mid. Mainly because Absolute Focus is trash, and transcendence isn't needed anymore. 20% cdr from one of the three lost chapter items. 10% of Zhonyas, 10% from Banshee's, 10% from Lich Bane, 10% from Adaptive helm, 10% from Lucidity boots. 0% reason to not have 40% cdr. You can even go 30% if you don't want to get 40% cdr and get the other 10% from Blue buff. Absolute Focus: above 70% hp? Only ranged champions can maintain that, or vlad. This change is good for champions with movespeed bonuses in their kits, but overall its a nerf for the majority of champions that use it.
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