: > [{quoted}](name=Madsin25,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Ec5ttuvA,comment-id=00000002000100010000,timestamp=2019-08-24T23:10:32.912+0000) > > https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=xxx+stc > > First 2 ranked games ever played. Gold 4. > > You show me proof of an account starting in bronze, I will be waiting a long time lol. are u a smurf fanboy or something i dont get it lol its been an on going problem for a long time in not just league but a lot of multiplayer games.high elo try hard trolling low elo.why would they go to plat where them being a smurf doesnt really mean much?
*cough* I go to plat to smurf like 85-90% of the time, and the other 10% is playing flex with people in silver/gold. You know why people would go to plat to smurf? Let me tell you. To practice. because Normals is a joke to practice in. The matchmaking in normals is complete trash, you can't practice there where someone is going to int and ruin the actual learning period. Where as in plat, people are all trying to get to diamond. So you know that they are playing seriously. Plus it lets you determine your skill on said champion. maybe ask a smurf before you make random statements. I can promise you, that everyone has been in your shoes. Guess what everyone that has gotten to higher elo has done. Gotten better, while having to deal with smurfs.
RéngS (EUNE)
: ***
LOL. Are those really smurfs or people that are trying to lose? None of my smurfs have been below gold. Unless I am intentionally not trying on them so that I can play with bronze friends. Which none of my friends even play anymore. So lul. "Smurfs start out in Iron." PEOPLE HAVE TO TRY TO GET TO IRON. I know a dude that had to lose like 15-20 games, from a 4/4 fresh account to get into iron. Every 2 games? I can promise you that 33% of the players in bronze aren't smurfs. At most 3-5% of the players in bronze are smurfs from gold and low plat. And even less from high plat/ diamond. So a total of like 6% of the bronze players are smurfs. And that is being EXTREMELY generous. If you want to know a real thing. Smurfs in Diamond. That is a stupid high number, just think about all of the high elo streamers. They all easily have 3 to 5 smurfs that they let decay to diamond, or get to diamond 1 and then swap to a d4 account. You are almost going to run into a smurf every 5-10 games in diamond. If you don't want to deal with smurfs gain elo :) Get to Challenger. Then you don't ever have to deal with smurfs.
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Theorex (NA)
: Riot Games balance
No where to be seen.
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Manxxom (NA)
: My team: Jhin is an immobile adc. Me:
Is it bad that I hear Running in the 90's playing in the background?
Bazerka (NA)
: Lunch break w/ Baz
WHAT ARE YOU DRINKING? I hope I was the first, and I expect something great. >:( Edit: I wasn't first in asking that question
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: ***
Uhh, what the fuck is the purpose of dropping your own board post in something that is clearly no where near related to the discussion? You are not adding anything or even making any take aways. This is just irritating to see.
: > [{quoted}](name=l Ryden l,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QdlvdxAw,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-08-18T22:14:56.013+0000) > > If the cooldown were any lower it could be considered an early game rush item. Is there anything particularly wrong with that? It doesn't give any mana, so if you're rushing it you would be trading waveclear and pushing power for safety in lane. There are certainly situations where that would be a beneficial tactic, but I don't think it would be overbearing enough to be considered a must-rush item.
Alright I AM MAD SCIENTIST, lets calm down before we give riot idea's. We are gonna see that Banshee's is built out of Lost Chapter and offers 20% cdr with 90 ap and 300 mana + a 45 second CD on its passive, that now isn't popped by things like Morg pool. >:( Mayuri does not approve. Christina also disapproves. Faris disapproves even more. Only Daru can approve, because he knows all of the hotties will come out to disapprove.
afmghost (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=JuiceBoxP,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=uzrv8Ta9,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-19T14:29:17.445+0000) > > very interesting It's scary how war isn't like that anymore. The guys in charge can send a nuke and turn a populated area into a parking lot with the push of a button (or key turn).
Thats the thing. No Military wants to use that. Ask any Military service member, if they would be okay with using a Nuke. The non idiots (because everything is filled with idiots) will say no. Because they realize that if they were to use a nuke, that means that nukes will also be returned at them. The people whom would use Nukes are the people who never have to fear having to fight, having to worry about tomorrows meals/paychecks. They are also the people who don't see the Military as people but as tools. Those are the type of people whom would use nukes. Albeit very effective of getting their mission done. But that isn't it, because you can have people who don't have to fight and don't have to worry about tomorrows meals/paychecks. That also wouldn't press the button, because they have something to lose. Be it a business, family, friends, living style, or the world that we live in. Only those whom are irrational with nothing to lose (of value to themselves, they could have friend/ family/ business that they do not value) would press the button. General Warfare will remain the same for a while, I don't expect any major advancements in warfaring tech until the next major war. Where we create bullet proof armor (when i say bullet proof, I literally mean. It gets hit, and bounces off with a self repair collapse zone in the interior. Such as aerogel + graphene exterior), tech that disables missiles, and new weapons to inflict mass damage while still being within the Geneva Conventions (saying that people even listen to those in the next major war).
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Dynikus (NA)
: Disliking content creators' videos doesn't hurt riot at all, you're just hurting that content creator's income.
Right, but that way. They know not to help with scummy monetization like this. If you think that just going after riot is going to work. let me tell you. It won't. Riot for the longest time has ignored the boards and playerbase. If you really want to get them to make things correct, you have to. Go after all pillars that help them expand. Content Creators, Streamers, EXTERNAL Companies, etc. But again, this would require WAY too much organization and would never actually happen. Something like "Boycotting Statefarm Because of Riot's Shitty Monetization Scheme." Would actually raise some eyebrows. Statefarm which has been a long standing partner of LCS would question why this happened, thus putting riot in a position of "Do we keep this scummy monetization, or make it free?" But again, not gonna happen. Majority of this games player base has the attention span of like 45 minutes. Hence why majority of the players are under plat 1.
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: Matchmaking Seems To Be Janky Lately
That happens because they look to balance out the MMR. That is why, when you tend to go on win streaks, the game will put people who are on loss streaks on your team. and vice versa, if you go on loss streaks, you will be place with someone going on a win streak. This is most noticeable when smurfing, or finding a boosted player.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 9
Can you talk about Jungle for preseason and season ten as a whole. Then afterwards I would like to talk about CDR and other over abundant stats. Jungle is a frustrating role, for both jungle and laners. Playing as Jungle (when in off role) against on role junglers of lower skill (not much lower, probably like d3 to p2.). I noticed a few things. First jungle is just awful for power farming. You are better off cheesing the enemy laners than you are farming your jungle. Let me talk about something I did and tested out. I stole the enemy's first buff, after their leash. And prevented the enemy from getting their second buff. BY ALL MEANS. That player should have been out of the game. Losing first two buffs + still level 1 at 3-4 minutes in game. But, the player was able to simply gank non-stop (even though they were dying in the ganks, still getting a positive trade). They managed to crawl back into the game vs me who had taken both sides of his jungle 2 times + my own jungle 2 times. He caught up in level. By no means at 10 minutes should a player that has been denied 11 camps be able to crawl back to the same level as a player who is 10 camps above. Said player had 5 assist and 3 deaths. To my 1 kill and 2 assist. 1 death. What this means, is that gaining a jungle advantage means absolutely nothing. This means, that even if you are the better jungler, better solo laners can still out perform you, having a longer lasting impact on the game. Me denying the enemy jungler should have meant that he never comes back. That is a heavy denial. That would be equal to a top lane player, freezing the wave in front of his tower for 4 minutes + zoned the enemy top laner away from the wave (to where he didn't get EXP). We see that the top laner, actually gains more from this style than the jungler does. Jungle is a glorified support, at the moment. And not in a good way either. Now to my primary role. Mid. The most frustrating thing in existence, is seeing a jungler come by 5 times in 2 minutes. That means in a period of 120 seconds, you will have a period to fight and punish the enemy laner of 24 seconds. Now accounting for Minion Travel and Moderately Safe Play, that window is diminished to 6-12 seconds (depending on the champion). The jungler does not allow for the laners to play skillfully. The jungle currently presents a issue of Safe play > rewarding play. There should never be a time in which I engage without my jungle. If I engage without my jungle the chances of me winning drop by 50%. I can say the same statement for top lane as well, since that is my secondary role. At least with the top lane, they are more ignored than Mid and Bot. How do these two things tie into each other? Jungle as a role, is just not a good role. Because they have to HEAVILY rely on the early game. (mainly due to ward coverage being heavily nerfed) and then rely on their laners to perform well. Right now we don't see this issue, because Damage is SO GOD DAMN HIGH. But the second that damage is back to acceptable levels, the game is going to go into a period of massive changes again. Jungle will feel extra bad, compared to right now. As damage packed champions will feel much weaker, and have less impact in the early game, and thus fall off even harder in the late game. Lets move over to CDR. I have been saying this for years. CDR is too abundant. We have CDR on every item that you can imagine. Start items for Mages, and Fighters. CDR on AD assassin items. Back when the game was picking up traction and popularity, CDR was something you had to go out of your way to get, often times forcing you to make a trade for the CDR. Nowadays, CDR is packed into a very strong item, making you take no trades, other than "which one of these 2 or 3 strong items do I want?" CDR should not be in any starter items. Mages, Supports, Fighters, or Assassins. Very rarely will a tank start the game with a CDR item, as they are not the greatest items for them to start with, and weirdly enough. Tank CDR is in a very good spot right now. Mages will hit 30% cdr after 1 item, because there is no reason to take celerity or the other one. Fighters will hit 40% cdr on 3 items, Notably if they go BC/TF > DD > SV or BC/TF > Spear. Now I know that the second one isn't going to happen. But it is a possibility. TL:DR. Jungle needs better treatment for the players, and the laners. As in, make ganking more punishing, and raise jg exp on blue side, while tuning it down on red side. CDR needs to be heavily removed from the game. At least on starter items, no CDR item should be a starter item.
: 500% AD if you land all 3 on each of the edge points. Even then, its 450%, not 500%. Also his AS is pretty slow, and with how Q works, makes it pretty difficult until late for you to get a passive or auto in. A squish can still survive it, especially ADCs if they build {{item:3046}}. He would be able to one shot (one spell oneshot) if the target didn't have any base armor and got hit by every edge Q.
On that same note, Ryze can't one shot either. RyZe HaS tO lAnD tHrEe AbIlItIeS. W E Q. Oh wait, that is a one shot??? Aatrox has to land three abilities. Oh wait that is not a one shot??? Alright. Cool.
: I have played and main-ed Riven when I was a player of League of Legends. To be honest, she is not that powerful. It is more about people complaining more than learning. As a past player, I know for a fact, that knowing how play a champion will be more beneficial to defeat them, rather than to complain about them. Hence why I never feared my main champions Zoe, Quinn, Riven, and Galio, cause I knew how to better them with my familiarity of them. Hashinshin has proven this as factual, the less you know about a champion, the high is the chance you will be beaten by them or beaten playing them. You are not required to play and main the champions you hate, just studying them from text is enough to higher you success rate against them. But rage has had the better of me, and dulled my capability to play League to my full potential, hence I never made it out of Silver. Learning self-control, and you nemesis champion, will improve your gameplay significantly. Finding a main champion to master will improve your gameplay as well as your chances to beat your nemesis champion, even if weak against them. Skill always win against OP. Being OP can give you a head start, but being skilled will always out last the OP, especially if the OP champion does not live up to its rumor, which can cripple the players confidence in the OP champion. Yet, you can take my words as you like. Disagree or agree do not matter to me. You raging troll, HyperTechno {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
Yeah, you be Zilean vs an Irelia or Yasuo. In the middle of River.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=MorgManBasher,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zXmlcoZE,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-08-08T12:26:19.270+0000) > > Yeah, totally not discouraging at all when my mid laner picks {{champion:45}} or my jungler goes {{champion:62}} meanwhile the enemy team goes all top tier ridiciulously over the top aids champs > > So sick of seeing the same aids champs every game > {{champion:555}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:350}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:92}} > > Meanwhile I get champs on my team that I know already they are just going to be worthless and do no damage, even their high elo mains know their champ sucks. {{champion:35}} > > Can they win? Sure. But they have to work 10 times harder for the win and play perfect meanwhile shit like {{champion:92}} {{champion:555}} can fuck up and just run away and try all over again. tfw you play against a veigar otp and he never lets you get onto him tfw you play vs a wukong and he kills you without much or any counter play tfw you play vs a shaco and your team think they are playing 4v5 and then he comes out and 2 taps your ass tfw riven having to animation cancel her whole kit in order to be moderately effective tfw pyke just beeing annoying for the majority of the time until he starts reseting at which point a zhonya completely shuts him down you have a valid point only for ezreal and yuumi the rest are heavily punished by mistakes or rewarded for having a brain
If you aren't pulling Veigar cage, or controlling the wave. Then it is on you. It is very easy to kill a veigar. But everyone nowadays forgot how to. Legit 1/10 players in the mid lane that is between plat 4 - d3. Know how to do it. Wukong, has to get fed. Not that it isn't hard or anything. But it is much harder for Wukong to one shot someone than it is a Riven, Akali, or Pyke. Shaco still exist??? The last 20 I've seen all fed in the jungle because they can't win any of the jungle match ups, without massive cheese or help. WOW RIVEN HAS TO ANIMATION CANCEL TO PLAY HER KIT EFFECTIVELY? Is like saying RYZE HAD TO USE THE CORRECT SPELLS IN THE CORRECT ORDER TO MAXIMIZE HIS DPS AND SHIELDS. And Riot removed one of them. So its time to remove the animation canceling from Riven's kit. We are dumbing every champion down. Its time to make it happen.
Akrid415 (NA)
: Why is wave / lane control over looked?
Freezing a wave/ denying minions is not as worth as killing a champion/ denying minions. Playing Smart is not as important as Playing for Damage. Its a pretty simple concept, riot doesn't want anyone to play smart in their game anymore. So that this way they can feel smart about the changes they have done to the game to put it in this state. :D Its a pretty smart plan honestly. People that hate these new changes, leave the game and go play other things. Leaving the people that don't actually know anything about the game behind, like Hashinshin. The streamers and pros that still play all hate the game, but it is their living. So, they have to stay around. Its honestly a massive Win-Win for riot. They lose the part of the playerbase that actually likes the game for its competitiveness, and keep behind the part of their playerbase that buys skins, for the OP stuff that they are playing atm. Keep the streamers. Keep the pros. 10/10 business plan. 0/10 good competitive game. Go to SC2, CS:GO, etc.
: Which in turn takes out a counterplay wall that kept Mages and Assassins and practically everyone else in check. Now that doesnt exist, all hell has broken loose.
Woah. Calm down killer. There aren't very many mages that "one shot" like there are assassins or fighters. The only ones that really come to mind are Ahri, Orianna, Taliyah, Neeko (If she lands ulti.), Vlad, Ryze (This has a massive * next to it), and Zoe. Obviously every champion can one shot, when super fed. But we are removing that from the equation. Ryze can in fact one shot you, but there are a line of things you have to do wrong. 1: Somehow let a game go on for more then 30 minutes, saying that the ryze is farming well and has died 2-4 times. 25 minutes if the ryze hasn't died. and 35 minutes if the ryze has died 3+ in the later half of the game. I like how you didn't even bother mentioning fighters. Like you know, Aatrox, Jax, Riven, Irelia. You know the masters of the one shot.
Wiented (EUNE)
: And who said the fact he is earlygame champion is set in stone? I feel like you are trying to define champions as you please and expect others to just nod to that. In my oppinion Renekton is strong in all phases of the game, strong early, very strong midgame and ok lategame, there is no point in bitching about the champ. Even if you remove Shojin, Renekton is fine without it. That only proves that item is balanced since its so conditional. If you dont play around it, you get smashed, if you do, you will be fine. If you want to remove Shojin i propose we remove Zhonya and QSS as well since you need to play around this items as well.
I'm fine with the removal of Zhonyas. Zhonya's has cases like Spear of Shojin, where the item is 100% better on certain champions than others. QSS on the other hand, is a must keep for ADC's to stay alive. As they have the lowest HP bars in the game. QSS doesn't create any toxic stats like Zhonya's or Spear of Shojin. Zhonya's give enough time to get another spell up. Spear lets you get more spells up faster. QSS? QSS only allows for escaping certain death for certain CC types and ADC's.
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Wiented (EUNE)
: Dissagree. There are matchups that simply outscale him way too hard without shojin. It doesnt matter how many kill you get in lane if you play against well coordinated team. Renekton should be rewarded for winning lane just like any other champion.
What? He gets outscaled because he is a early game champion. That is the whole point of picking the EARLY game champions. Is to dominate the lanes. It is his Job. To make sure that he wins before the enemy scales. And if he doesn't win before the enemy scales, that is his punishment. Like how if you pick a late game champion, you are punished early by having a weak early game. It just makes sense. That is the exact reason why Spear of Shojin shouldn't exist. It makes certain champions relevant ALWAYS. There is NEVER a point in time where Renekton wouldn't be relevant because of Shojin. Meaning that there is never a reason to pick Riven or Camille into Renekton. Because he will always beat you at every point in the game. And those are just EARLY game champions. Then lets get into the tank match ups for Renekton, WHERE HE ALREADY GET TO WIN BECAUSE THEY ARE TANKS. Spear of Shojin, makes a tanks job 100x harder in the late game because he will be moving around consistently with his dash. And will have more CC than the tanks. Maybe not longer CC, but more Frequent CC. The game used to be balanced around the idea of Duration of Game champions. Such as Pantheon, Renekton, Jayce, etc were all early game champions for top lane, that DROPPED SUPER FUCKING HARD if they didn't stomp their enemy laners. You had mid game champions, that stomped when they got their power spike items. Such as Riven. And then you had LATE GAME champions that were the gods of league, if they didn't get shit on in the early and mid games. Like Vayne, or Karthus. Now ALL of that is out the window. You have Vaynes in their late game by level 10. You have karthus's in their late game by 2-3 items. You have Pantheon and Renekton that are relevant ALL GAME LONG. You have Riven who is a monster because she is mid game, and is 80% of both early and late game. The idea that getting rewarded THAT heavily is a dumb idea. It throws out basic game mechanics and ideas, for the sake of damage. Which is a toxic way to change the game from what it originally was. It requires a fundamental change to everything in the game. Such as introductions of new Bullshit items. Like that one mentioned above for mages. And then one for tanks. And then one of supports. and then you are back to the same bullshit before. This time, with a Staple item for every single class.
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Wiented (EUNE)
: Shojin doesnt not offer sustain. It has one passive and it is conditional, it is also expensive. The item is fine. Its the only thing that makes Renekton scale a bit better too.
Alright, thats the problem. Renekton shouldn't scale after 20 minutes. He already wins against majority of the match ups in top lane.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mr Tyson,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4L4fddyt,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-03T20:02:13.170+0000) > > Balance is busted at the moment. Players aren't equal skill, so a lot of lop-sided lanes happen. Back in season 4, a laner being 3/0 was a GG. Now its a race against the enemy of who can get fed faster. You might be 3/0, but bot lane is 8/1, good luck. > > Riot needs to do something to separate players more. IDK how, but its pretty unreal. this might sound really dumb but the amount of map pressure in this game is insane and it no longer feels like your lane is 1v1, i think a nice way to fix this is to rework summoners rift, make the map larger, the river much longer, making lanes farther apart, make the jungle bigger with more camps, so its actually more worth farming the jungle then sitting on a lane, And buff vision, and the ability to provide it, maybe like carrying 3-4 wards in your inventory and stealth wards to last longer, this will the game is slower and more strategic, instead of your mid died 3 times to talon so he'll flip over the wall without a single ping and lose your lane to xdddd. This slower more 1v1 early into 5v5 late oriented playstyle would take this game to a more balanced rock paper scissors state Burst > DPS DPS>tankiness tankiness> burst that'll make you feel like every death was your fault for mispositioning, underestimating, etc, not " wow enemy 6/0 yasuo pressed q in my general direction 3 times for my first death I really got outplayed hahaha, this would allow people to evaluate their team comp and the enemies team comp, and plan out what there going to do when the 5v5 gamestate finally hits TL;DR make the map bigger, lanes farther apart, more jungle camps that are also worth more then sitting on a lane,buff vision slower more strategic game, instead of a shitfest with 3 people who are really fed and 7 minions.
Riot won't do any of that.
Wiented (EUNE)
: So you say 20% cdr, Health and AD is shitty lineup for item stats? Its literally the same as Black Cleaver xD Its not even the strongest item in the game, champions who build it are all MELEE, its passive is expensive and conditional. What are you bitching about D: Or should we remvove Trinnity Force as well? Since it is an even bigger powerspike? Lets remove whole freaking game, because of our personal bias.
The difference between a Tri-Force and Spear of Shojin is Tri Force only offers damage. Spear of Shojin offers damage, sustain, durability, and CC. I have no problem with Tri-Force. The issue is how much an item can offer. Spear of Shojin offers too much to champions, which make them a nightmare to deal with. They all become Ryze pre-shield removal, but stronger.
: > [{quoted}](name=Theorex,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NkEHXEIj,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2019-08-04T00:33:07.673+0000) > > Frozen heart and RoA don't really make him tanky. It makes him take .5 seconds longer to die. He went from doing 80% of the current damage he does, but the time to kill him was 3.5 seconds. To doing 100% damage that he currently does, but 1.2 seconds for how long it takes him to die. I mean you still get Archangel's Staff active to help you fight. His removal of his passive shields just enforces players to build Tear -> Archangel's and use the active when needed and not to just blatantly have a shield because the player E Q E W'd. Which you cannot deny that it doesn't allow much room to trade as the opposing player because Ryze will already be out of range by the time you want to exchange damage and therefore the passive shield isn't entirely needed.
You are saying that the enemy isn't doing anything in that time frame that Ryze is casting Q E W Q E Q. That is how many spells it takes to full to zero someone in the late game. Which takes around 2-3 seconds. He has short ranges. He is close enough for Fizz to dash on. That is how close he is when he is throwing out his spells. In terms of poke, again. He is close enough for Fizz to get a dash off. If he is getting positive trades, that is because the enemy made a mistake. When playing against Ryze correctly, you will break that shield and kill him very easily. Irelia did it super easily even after the passive nerf. Renekton did it easily. Azir/Anivia were great at screw Ryze up. Ryze was EXTREMELY good into popular champions like Yasuo, Talon, Zed, Ori, Ahri, etc. And was weak to non popular champions.
: I never really saw him as needing shields. He's always been the kind of champion that becomes innately tanky just buy stacking a bunch of mana into Frozen Heart and a RoA just because his passive let's him benefit more from JUST the stats.
Frozen heart and RoA don't really make him tanky. It makes him take .5 seconds longer to die. He went from doing 80% of the current damage he does, but the time to kill him was 3.5 seconds. To doing 100% damage that he currently does, but 1.2 seconds for how long it takes him to die.
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: just because people arent playing your champ u think its wrong ? ryze is button mash champ anywho , maybe people have better champs to play.
A button mash champion. Right, because Sona isn't a button mash champion. Because Yasuo isn't a button mash champion. Wanna know the things that they all have in common? Low CS spells. Oh wait, look at that someone is going to say "Well you have to use the skills at the right times, and have the right targets for Yasuo!" Because somehow they doesn't apply to Ryze either? Because Ryze's E reachs the whole map with its 500 bounce range. I don't think it is wrong for a champion to have a low play rate, but this is a massive drop in play rate. Which is an indication that something functionally is wrong with the champion. Its not like he was completely reworked. 90% of his kit functions the exact same.
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: To the people who are Saying Season 9 is the worst season and calling it worse than season 8
Oh wait, lets see here. Season 9 has 600 gold on assist pyke ulti, giving about 1k in gold per kill. Yuumi. NA had a fuck up in ranked where you had players with sub 40% win rates in master/challenger. Morde Release. Sona Taric. Qiyana, when she actually starts getting abused super hard. and this isn't even everything. Another note. The reason why every is saying that season 9 is the worse season doesn't magically make season 8 any less worse than it is. It is the worse season because they had ALL of season 8 to fix their mistakes, and they didn't. Its been over 2 years, and they haven't fixed anything and only catered to aggressive playstyles. Play styles that don't require any brains, that the game is over in 15-20 minutes. No drawing the game out to bleed the enemy. No intelligent, suffocation of the enemy until you win. The best part about this is, they also don't even let you play your own favorite champion. No you have to play what they let you play. Want to win? Play meta. Want to struggle winning? Play your favorite champion. Want to lose? Play a high skill cap champion that requires pro play in order to really make work. NA by ALL means has the right to call this season the worse season ever. EU, CN, and every other region (aside KR) didn't have to deal with the bullshit that we all dealt with at the beginning of the season. You guys don't have completely fucked up ranked ladders. You don't magically have 3-4 gold 3 players in plat 1 games, all of a sudden. You don't have players that were hard stuck p1/p2 in diamond 2 games. You don't have d1/d2 players in masters/grandmasters/challenger with a sub 40% win rate. You *to my knowledge* dont have Tarzaned win trading in the "highest" elo. It might be the best season ever for EUNE and EUW. But over here on the real side of the world, Its a nightmare.
Midg3t (EUNE)
: Last time I checked, you always have at least 1 player as a jungler. And if you have so much issues playing against Xerath then, you know...ban him or take some1 like Leona and stunlock his ass. Take some sustain runes and youre good to go.
The problem with that statement is knowing if it is mid xerath or support xerath. Xerath by himself isn't an issue either. Its the compound effect of Ashe and Xerath. 1200 W range, on ashe. 1400 Q range on Xerath. Of Ashe hits you with the W, you get hit by the Q. If you get too close and get hit by Xeraths slow, you get hit by Ashe W and Xerath Q.
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: It got a downvote, either from someone who didn't get the point or someone who refuses to see the plain truth that this meta is deeply broken. This is exactly it. If we're going to insist on OP, everyone should be OP. Make it interesting. Make everyone matter. As it stands, only certain champions matter and the rest may as well be glossed over. I dunno, maybe they're trying to narrow down the obvious picks for LCS bans. Whatever they're doing, it's not working for the community at large.
I'm kinda of sad, that someone had to explain what I was getting at lmao.
: I would agree, if you had removed the ryze piece.
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: TBH id delete, zoe, akali, irelia, kaisa, yummi, and alot more, alot of champs are stupid and hurt the game
Old Akali, and Old Irelia? Or the new abominations that they created? Cause, if trend follows, you are on your way to make riot's shit list. *You dislike our new designs! Time to set you up with the worse of the worse players!*
: I just went 15/5/3 Wukong with Thornmail and Fleet Footwork against a Yasuo with a skin I'm Mastery 2 with Wukong. I might've played a little more seriously than usual, but I also took fleet footwork because I felt like it. Their support was a Bard, ours was a Thresh, their jung Kha'Zix, ours Elise. So they had a far more damage focussed comp, I went thorn mail and I was pretty tanky and got out of a number of tricky situations because of my extra durability. I think you are making more out of this than it needs to be. Stop going cleanse exahust on every champion first thing, that alone will win you 20% more games. Armour is actually great against Lethality since it removes a flat amount and going from 50 armour to 90 matters more than going from 90 to 130, if your opponent isn't building lethality you want a mix of armour and HP if they go percentage armour pen you want more health than armour and if they do build lethality you want more armour than health. The fact that Rammus is okay and that he always builds TM pretty much proves that the issue isn't as big as you are making it out to be. Garen, Voli, Amumu are all great ATM and they are tanks or at least tanky.
Rammus, is not okay because armor is not an issue. Those cases are actually based on completely different things. 1: Amumu is bad in high elo because everyone can play against him. 49% win rate in plat+. It only gets lower in higher elos. Amumu's only thing that he has going for him is AoE stun that deals a fuck ton of damage. 2: Voli is strong because he can deal damage and survive against damage very well. 3: Garen, Garen CAN do well, because he counters a lot of the strong champions up top. A Silence at melee range against Riven, Irelia, Etc is a death sentence for them. Not because he is building tank. 4: Rammus, Rammus is fine because he doesn't stop ganking bot. He can tank a tower for 4 or 5 shots, and leave perfectly fine. He is just shitting on the strongest lane in the game. That is all he is doing. Tanks are very bad atm, using a few cases that apply to lower elos. Hardly makes a case. OP said that Tanks don't have time to scale, and I agree. Every single top lane damage champion normally is allowed to scale at one item. Tanks require 3+ to really be useful. They require levels as well. Darius, Irelia, Riven, Jax, Aatrox, all require one item to fuck you up. A tank requires three items to fuck you up.
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: Is it just me or are the boards dead?
Somehow my statement has turned into a slugfest between a mod and a board member. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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: "Ranged has it rough compared to melees qq" Care to remember Ardent meta? Cuz man did ranged users have such a...rough time then.
As a ranged mage player, we did. I think you meant to say Auto Attack Based Champions, had it rough then. Kthx
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: You offer literally no counterplay to Karthus's ult. That is not right.
Heals. Shields. Lifesteal. Triumph. Soraka, Lulu, Janna, Taric Heal, Renekton Heal, Smite on a Jungle Camp, etc. That is a fuck ton of counterplay. Almost every single champion has that in their kit, or uses a rune or two to help with those. Fleet Footwork, Ravenous Hunter, Grasp, Triumph, Unsealed Spellbook Heal, Font of Life *even though it is a massive meme of a rune, it does offer healing*
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