: The Value of Lore
Hi Dynnaerius, I just wanted you to know how wonderful it was to see this. Narrative happened to have a meeting today that got all of us together in one place at the same time (a fair feat as wrangling writers and editors is like trying to put a herd of cats in an open box). I was so touched by your words, that I printed this post out and read it aloud to our whole discipline. Thank you for the reminder that what we do is important and has meaning. Thank you for the inspiration to keep going. With gratitude, Ariel
: Nautilus lore - what's most important to you?
Hi All, It's been really great reading all these posts. I'm on the Nautilus Main's discord channel if anyone wants to discuss more in person as well. Ariel
: I know this is out of line, as I'm talking to a Riot God, but I would love feedback on my first polycount draft if you have the time. Its just the first idea, less than 600 words, and isn't terrible in my opinion. If not, then no worries. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/BYoYAjQ5-perfection-first-idea-for-polycount-writing-contest-feedback-pleased Also, where do we turn in for PolyCount contest? Is it just the boards? or on the polycount website?
> [{quoted}](name=Better Jungler,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=AHwU8e1q,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-11-18T19:31:11.672+0000) > > I know this is out of line, as I'm talking to a Riot God, but I would love feedback on my first polycount draft if you have the time. Its just the first idea, less than 600 words, and isn't terrible in my opinion. If not, then no worries. > > https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/BYoYAjQ5-perfection-first-idea-for-polycount-writing-contest-feedback-pleased > > Also, where do we turn in for PolyCount contest? Is it just the boards? or on the polycount website? That’s great you’re entering! Sadly, we’re not allowed to give feedback on submissions. :( There might be some folks here who could give it a read if you were interested. I think there are also some work in progress pages on the poly count website. I believe the instructions for final submission are on the main page for the contest. GLHF!
: A question about writing Lore and Writing for video games in general
Like Interlocutioner, I’m also a narrative writer at Riot… **How is writing for a game company?** One of the things I love about working in game development is that everyday is different. While at Riot, I’ve worked on ground up champion development and written biographies, comics, voice over, and short stories. I can have meetings about animals in the Freljord, Star Guardians, and the nature of magic all in one day. I am absolutely never, ever bored. **Is it a job you enjoy? ** Like any job, there are times where it can be frustrating. Game development is a team sport—there are very few big dev environments where you can do every single piece by yourself. (The core village that makes Champions is about 65 people and that’s not even counting folks like publishing, insights, finance, talent (our hr), legal, etc.) When you get a bunch of super passionate, super smart people from different craft disciplines involved in making creating something _together_, there are bound to be a few disagreements. Overall the awesome moments far outnumber the tough ones. As to the writing specifically, I love it. The narrative writing that I’ve done on League, both on Champions and Skins, has been especially fulfilling. Making champions is like putting together a blank jigsaw puzzle. Game designers will hand you pieces that have a certain feel to them, artists will give them a wash of color and form. Often times as a narrative writer, it’s our job to try and see what kind of picture comes into being when you start putting them together. The thrilling part (or scary part depending on how you look at it) is that with just one set of those pieces, the puzzle could legitimately be of a bunch of equally amazing pictures. **Is it worth it getting into it?** Do you think about writing when you wake up in the morning? Or before you drift off to sleep? Do you find yourself reaching for a pen and a scrap of paper to jot that one thought down before it flies out of your head? If writing is something you love doing, my question back is, is it worth _not_ getting into? It’s way more fun to spin what-if scenarios with the lives of characters you’ve made up, than with your own. My advice to you is don’t ever turn your back on something that you love because you think “making it” might be too hard. Even if you do it only for yourself, it’s worth it. **What do you need to be a writer for a big company?** Patience. Perseverance. Don’t be afraid to give your work a second go. Game development is about iteration. In the long(ish?) time I’ve been working in this industry, I can’t honestly think of one scenario where someone nailed the final execution on the first try. Game writing is very different from a lot of other types of writing in that you’re part of a team. Communication needs to your bread and butter, and being clear and consistently understood will keep you sane in the ocean of people it takes to get a game to players. Be open. To the world and to others. Opportunity and inspiration are hard to grab onto with clenched fists. Speaking of opportunity... Riot’s working with Polycount on a creative contest for 2017. The Narrative discipline is participating for the first time this year. If you’re interested in what it’s like to be a narrative writer at Riot, this is a pretty good assignment to start with. [http://polycount.com/discussion/193135/narrative-guidelines](http://polycount.com/discussion/193135/narrative-guidelines) Hope this helps, Ariel (aka Thermal Kitten)
: Does she like pineapple on her pizza?
Yes, but pineapple and pepperoni, not pineapple and ham.
: What's Taliyah's favorite flavor of Ice Cream
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Bârd (NA)
: Traditional Shuriman garb.
Her coat is Ionian, the rest is Shuriman.
: Is Taliyah a fan of Sona's music?
: Creamy or Crunchy? also, grape or strawberry? (or whatever other kind of jelly/jam you would put on a sandwich)
: I have to ask, what does Taliyah think of Malphite (would think of Malphite*)?
I think Taliyah would see him with a sense of wonder and amazement, kind of like a computer scientist confronted by a fully functional, sentient artificial intelligence.
xFac (EUW)
: Hey, I'm a big fan of all the champion lore and the work that goes into it. How deeply are the writers invovled in the champion creation? Did they spend less time than the others working on her, what were their main interactions with other parts of the team?
Each champ has a small dedicated DNA team (Designer, Narrative Writer, and Artist) that works together as a core group for every champs individual development. We're part of a larger champion pod that's made up of amazing 3d artists, riggers, engineers, q&a, production peeps, illustration artists, effects artists, and sound designers that help see the champion to release. As the dedicated writer for a champ, I sit with my team day-in-day-out and have constant conversation to help insure the champ is thematically cohesive (meaning that their art and game design make sense for their story and vice versa). I will see a champ from the absolute beginning idea to their launch. During development I write story sketches (like concept art, but with words), voice over, biographies, and short fiction. For Taliyah it was great to see a story sketch of mine written during development get released for her launch!
: 1) Is Taliyah's E - Unraveled Earth arranged in a grid to symbolize/resemble the weave of a piece of cloth? I was thinking at first that the grid looks very non-rocky and unnatural, but basing it off of cloth makes more sense to me. 2) When in development was it decided to link her to a sparrow? Was that a spur-of-the-moment narrative decision?
1. Weaving definitely played a part in FX exploration. Mechanic wise we needed to be a certain shape and working with a weaving pattern felt natural. 2. It was a bit of a spur of the moment narrative decision. I wrote a version of story about Yasuo and Taliyah early in her development. We liked it on the team and pushed for that more. It felt right that she was a bird of the people if Azir was this ascended hawk being.
hman912 (NA)
: Ohhh Man She iss soo cool 10/10 Guys Good job in creating a Great champion. I know there will be people saying is is so OP but ya' know they will cry. But as for my Question. What was the Hardest/Biggest Challenge In Creating Taliyah? Also How did you decide on her final Outfit , It suits her perfectly?
> [{quoted}](name=hman912,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Q5Rti3k0,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2016-05-12T19:05:27.862+0000) > > Ohhh Man She iss soo cool 10/10 Guys Good job in creating a Great champion. > I know there will be people saying is is so OP but ya' know they will cry. > > But as for my Question. What was the Hardest/Biggest Challenge In Creating Taliyah? > Also How did you decide on her final Outfit , It suits her perfectly? Awesome. Glad you're liking her! As far as her outfit, her sleeves grew out of the idea that she's growing into her powers (her sleeves were too big and she needs to grow into it). Also her coat is from Ionia and her inner tunic is Shuriman.
: What does she think about the Xer'sai and rek'sai? Have they ever met?
> [{quoted}](name=Slapslapslap,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Q5Rti3k0,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-05-12T19:04:30.102+0000) > > What does she think about the Xer'sai and rek'sai? Have they ever met? The Xer'sai and Rek'Sai hunt a part of Shurima called the Sai. She would definitely stay away from them if possible.
: 1. Why didnt you let her ult do damage if it hit someone and knocked them aside? 2. Why does she hold a grudge against Azir? Wouldnt it be a good thing where he brought back Shurima from the sands? 3. What does she think about Nasus? Does she want to learn from him? 4. How will she be accepted in Piltover? How about Demacia? 5. Are you guys gonna give her a pool party skin? Like come on, her kit matches perfectly. 6. how can i become a rock mage in 5 months so i can throw rocks at people at new york comic con (cosplaying her) one last one, 7. If Taliyah and Taric talked more, what do you think their friendship would be like? {{champion:44}}
2. Taliyah would have heard stories and legends about the last emperor of Shurima. All the modern people of Shurima know about Azir is that he performed the Ascension ritual and the capital of Shurima sunk into the sands. It's debatable whether that his return is good for everyone or not. 3. She feels bad for Nasus and his loss of his brother. 4. She would be accepted in Piltover, possibly not as much in Demacia. 5. I think a pool party skin would be sweet. Jr. Lifeguard Taliyah. 6. Rock magic is something that would have been born with. So learning in five months probably isn't an option. :( Also, please don't throw rocks. and for the last one. 1. Fabulous. They would probably be able to talk for hours about precious stones.
: First of all: this champion is amazing. Everything from design over abilities and background story up to her voice are perfectly fitting! Love your work here <3 Did you have any intentions you use her slingshot in her kit during develpment? Even if it just appeared when using /joke command or something like that. In the first story, it sounded like it was her go-to weapon when still feeling uncomfortable weaving stones.
The sling is definitely something she would have learned to use as a child in her tribe. As she learned to control her powers, she didn't need to use the sling to throw rocks. Some of that sling motion can still be seen in her auto-attack and Q.
: Why doesn't Yasuo give a damn about anything? I mean look at him. He was sleeping. Again!
I think because of Taliyah, Yasuo remembers that he does give a damn about some things.
Mishli (NA)
: hey, i have a few questions 1. what does Taliyah think of Ekko? and vice versa. her quote says 'did the earth move for you too' which makes it sound like she has a crush on him, but what about ekko? going by his lore, i think he'd like her too, since a key point of his character is 'fighting for your home' and taliyah dropped her training to try and save shurima 2. What would Taliyah's relationship with Azir be? at first from her lore, i thought she was returning to shurima to fight against the newly risen Azir, but after reading Nasus' lore, I think she's going to be fighting against Xerath. How would she respond to Azir, who wants to bring back the glory of Shurima, but not with slaves? I don't know much about azir's character, but i think he'd be a good leader 3. I'm not sure if the designer for Taliyah's art is present, but first, i wanna say I love the overall design with her having several bird motif's, however, it feels like her face is lacking detail, almost to the point where it's a little unnerving, is there a particular design choice with that? It seems to stand out a bit, compared to how much detail is in the rest of her outfit 4. I haven't had a chance to play Taliyah yet, but just looking at her design, it feels like she's trying to wear too many hats. She's got good poke, but can run out of poke, she's supposed to roam with her passive, but needs to set up with her q. she's supposed to roam, but she lacks hard cc to really initiate/catch people with besides a tiny knockup on her w that seems really difficult to land, or her ultimate which has close to the longest cooldown of any ult i know of in the game. and she's an initiator who is far to squishy to survive initiating. i see her getting destroyed ulting into the enemy team or getting caught out trying to set up a good angle to ult from. I apologize if this seems overly critical, but it just feels like her kit doesn't have much cohesion overall besides they are all rock based. What's your opinion on how her kit comes together overall? 5. i heard in the podcast that there's a lot of really interesting concept art for taliyah floating around, any chance we could see some of those? i'm really interested in seeing the 'stone flower' piece mentioned
1. I think being 16 and Ekko being a rebel-bad-boy, she'd have a little crush on him. I think if they meet up, they'd have some common interests. 2. Taliyah cares about what happens to her family more than she wants to pick sides for the empire.
: What made you guys give Freljord Taliyah white hair? Seeing as Freljord Taliyah is a lore skin, wouldn't it make more sense keeping it black?
People who come in contact with true ice sometimes have funny things happen to their hair.
: Does she have a brother/sister?
: how does taliyah feel about demacia and yordles?
Demacia is not too fond of magic and people from foreign lands after dealing with Noxus on their proverbial doorstep for such a long time. Taliyah would try to avoid Demacia on her way home. However if she ran into someone from Demacia, she would try get to know them as an individual. She would think Yordles are adorable.
Naikó (EUW)
: Some Lore Wise Questions: 1. How does Taliyah know Sivir? When Im thinking correctly Sivir is just a mercenary who works for anyone as long as the coin pays. And the Shurima Event is not so long ago lore wise so I think Sivir should not be so famous that Taliyah knows her that she can taunt her like she is doing. But there is still the new Sivir Lore coming so that could answer my question also. 2. Whats her Opinion about Renekton and Nasus? How exactly does she know them, like stories about them or so. 3. How long did she spend time with Yasuo? I want to know how long she trained to get stronger in Ionia, also is she know wanted in Ionia because of Yasuo? 4. Whats her favourite meal? 5. How is she accepted in her village/ tribe with her powers? Are her powers rare or do same powers exist? 6. Who is the great weaver she believes in? Is it a godlike being like Nagakabouros or is it more like Lissandra and the Watchers? I really like her Lore and its just so cool how Yasuo got brought in there (not even a Yasuo fan), so an Off-topic question to finish of. How is Yasuo advancing with his search for the murderer, and whats his favourite meal?
1. Taliyah has heard of Sivir as she's a fairly well known mercenary around Shurima. 2. She's heard scary bedtime stories about both of them. She would want to protect her family from Renekton. As far as Nasus, she would feel for him and what he's gone through. 3. She was with Yasuo for a little while. It's not so much that she was training (like doing push-ups), but she was learning to control her power. 4. Spiced tea and sweet cakes. And rocky road ice cream. 5. Her powers are very rare. Her tribe cares for her and wants what is best for her. 6. The Great Weaver is a force of nature that her tribe believes watches over them. Yasuo got a renewed sense of purpose from his time with Taliyah. He fond of Ionian Pale Ale. And rocky road ice cream.
: I was wondering if Taliyah could possibly be related to Xerath?
Xerath was more concerned with learning his arcane magic. I don't think he had time to father any children.
: Now that we have Rock and Ice skins can we expect Water (Pool Party Taliyah) skin to join the pool party members for this year? Her passive should be a surfboard and her Fire skin will have a skateboard, maybe?
I'd love to see Taliyah as a Jr. Lifeguard for a pool party skin.
: Is she Shuriman royalty like Sivir?
: why choose yasuo to be her metor out of all the other ionians that have better understanding of peace and maybe better teachers
Sometimes a master and a student find each other because they both need to learn something from each other.
: loving the lore and am hype for taliyah but I do have a few questions 1. how is tali able to remember azir and shurima having slaves? I'm sure she was told storys but she acts like she was alive during the time azir was betrayed 2. will we learn of other acended champions? the acended are very old and able to live long beyond people but would and could there be more? 3. last but not least with the small cameo of brand would this mean we are going up north for the next lore update? I am loving the lore here guys and am super stoked for taliyah keep being awesome guys!
Awesome! 1. Up until their return, the legends of Azir, Renekton, and Nasus were stories the people of Shurima told around campfires. In some places in Shurima they because almost religious figures. The stories of Shurima's destruction have been passed down for a long time so some of the details may have gotten confused. 2. More information on Ascended champs is being released now! With the rise of the Sun Disc, there is a certainly a possibility of more Ascended champs. 3. Possibly?
Ýones (EUW)
: How is her name pronounced? Is it Tah-Lee-Yah or Tal-Eye-Yah? I like to call her Tal-eye-yah. :)
: What is Taliyah favourite food? :D
: Are you going to tell the story of what happens when Taliyah finally arrives to shurima, or are you going to leave it in the air?
Keep an eye out for her bio when she launches. :)
ZeonPerks (EUW)
: Its taliyah the son of Malphite + Yasuo? :v
Sorry to disappoint, but no. :)
: Does her rock power make her more dense? I'm asking because the Noxians who threw her overboard mentioned letting her power "sink her".
It's more that she grew up in the desert and didn't have a lot of opportunity to learn how to swim.
: Hey, I'm not sure if this has been answered or not, but how do you pronounce her name? Is it Ta-lee-ah, or Tal-e-ah? Also, are you guys open to a skin based off of Toph / avatar earth benders? She fits so well with them! Excited to play her in game.
: 1. What is the name of her tribe? 2. Does she have any siblings? 3. What does her tribe do? Some of her quotes say her father is a shepherd, but is that the job of her entire tribe, or just her family? 4. What area of Shurima does her tribe reside in? 5. What are the nations Taliyah has visited in her journey for control, as well as on her way home to Shurima? We know of Ionia and the Freljord, and it's implied she's been to Noxus, but are there any other major places? 6. Is her appearance in her Freljord skin a reaction to the ambient magic of the north, or did she feel like blending in more while there? 7. Did she actually meet Ekko in her journeys, or is her taunt regarding him just a bit of silliness? 8. Since the Noxians tried to drown her and she escaped, does that mean she learned to swim at some point? Or did she just use her powers to get herself to shore? Does she need to be able to see stone to weave it? Is seeing it in the past enough? Or can she just feel the stone to manipulate it?
1. No siblings. 2. Her tribe is a group of nomadic weavers. Her father is the Master Shepherd and Headman for the tribe. Her mother is a pattern mistress. 3. They're nomadic so up until the rise of Azir they followed the seasonal waters around Shurima. 4. Taliyah's passed through Noxus, Ionia, and the Freljord. So far. 5. A bit of both. 6. A bit of silliness on the rift. Although it's not out of the question that they might run into each other. 7. She's not the strongest swimmer having grown up in the desert. Taliyah doesn't need to see stone to weave it, but she needs to be fairly close to it. It can be covered up with snow or grass. She has better control over it if she can see it.
: I'd like to ask about her story. What inspired you guys to make Yasuo her teacher?
Taliyah is looking for a teacher that can help her learn to control her elemental powers. Because Taliyah uses stone magic in a non-traditional way (weaving, surfing it, etc.) I thought it would be interesting to pair her with an someone who could show her that rock doesn't have to be stationary. I thought Taliyah could also help show a different side to Yasuo.
krlpdd35 (EUNE)
: What is Taliyah's favorite food?
Being from the desert, I think she would be fascinated by Rocky Road ice cream.

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