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: I think you're seriously underestimating the effects of true damage. You realize that a galio ult on like two allies would kill Taric instantly? Take Veigar, for instance, who instead of one hitting the enemy AP caster could one hit the enemy team's most vital tank, Taric. This also completely defeats the purpose of having bonus armor on Taric's W, as true damage would ignore all of it. Even if the damage was reduced to 50%, one AoE ability on two allies would deal the full amount stated in the ability's tooltip, which in case you haven't noticed, is significantly more than the ability actually deals. If Taric took all the pure damage dealt to his allies in a teamfight he would pop like an over-inflated balloon. Now, if the damage was reduced even further to a manageable amount for Taric to recieve, or taken as physical/magic damage, the ability would be ridiculously broken, as in an instant cast, 4 members of his team get a kayle ultimate and can whale on the enemy while Taric sits on his Thornmail and causes the enemy marksmen to shred themselves with their own autos. By the time Taric dies from the damage, his team will have reduced the other team to a smoldering wreckage. The only idea I have for fixing this would be to make his ultimate like what Martyr's Gambit was in the Bilgewater event, where a portion of the damage his Bastion ally takes is redirected onto Taric himself. Kind of like an incredibly enhanced version of the Bond of Stone mastery. If the ability was made AoE, the damage redirection would have to be a pretty small amount, like 10/15/20% while Taric takes slightly reduced damage.
No I'm aware of how easily it'd pop Taric, but it'd just as easily kill his damage dealers, which he would be making the decision to defend. And I Already said above, I was throwing an idea off the top of my head, and said alternatives to true damage, like reduced percentages/not having it be converted to true damage at all.
: Taric Q&A 4/13
I hope we get someone to comment on why his voice had to be changed to something that sounds so completely different. I understand we needed new lines, but Yuri Lowenthal doesn't sound like Taric, and it's a bit disheartening that arguably the most uniquely voiced human in the game gets replaced by the most overused actor in the industry. (Not saying I hate the new voice mind you, but as someone who's been playing Taric for a long time and enjoying him, I don't see why he couldn't have gotten a VA with a deeper voice too match his aesthetic. Just feels like he was miscast, even if Yuri manages to pull off some lines well.)
: So if a {{champion:11}} does 1000 in ad, then insed of taking somewhere in the 300 to 500 range, Taric takes 1000? That is not a positive thing. Ults are supposed to help your team or hurt the other team, not hurt you and help them. So if Taric used his ult, then the enemy team could take him out easier by focusing everyone but him, and thats no good.
It's a half paragraph idea from a fan in a comment section, it's gonna have some holes, lol. Could reduce it to 50% of the damage, or take away the true damage aspect all together, either way it'd be more unique then what he has. Also, how is forcing the enemy team to deal with Taric first, while simultaneously protecting his ENTIRE team, not a good thing for them? That Yi might be able to take down Taric after wailing on him for awhile, but the damage dealers in your team would be free to pick him down while he does it.
: Champion Update: Taric, the Shield of Valoran
After playing him he definitely feels too powerful. I think his biggest problem is his passive, his big cooldowns are good for him, the 16 second cd on his stun early on makes have to show some care, but the fact that BOTH empowered autoattacks reduce his cooldowns shorten it so much that in teamfights it feels like he always has his abilities up. I think it'd be way better if it was only the second auto, that way he gets rewarded for being in center stage, and doesn't have so many options to use at every possible instant. Visually I have some issues with him, but I like his gameplay a lot.
I'm pretty much content with how his pink skin looks, not a fan of his new default though. I think it'd be nice to get a Taric wearing the armor from his comic as an alternative.
Poprop (NA)
: You guys did a massive amount of work on my main, so god job! His splashes, models, and QWE abilities fit in well and keep his theme well kept for the older players and give him more outplay potential. The only thing is, I don't see where his R fits in anymore. Kindred has the same thing, except it is immediate, has a heal, and allows for a comeback. Bard's invuln has a huge range and can affect turrets, but Taric's doesn't even protect from burst on your carries like an invulnerable ability should... In my opinion, which may not mean too much in the flood of comments, he should have an ult reminiscent of his old one except more focused on stat boosts to his allies. This would make you a team-fighting monster and take away the awkwardness that is this ultimate. Anyway, thanks for all there work guys and keep it up!
Personally I think it should have been an instant cast, but turns the damage into true damage, and delivers it all to Taric himself, as opposed to just mitigating it. It'd be way more useful for saving people, and match his theme alot better.
: Champion Update: Taric, the Shield of Valoran
Really hoping W works on himself without an ally. There's no reason to gimp him by removing his ability to solo lane/jungle.
: so is he still going to be a support cause right now he looks like he could fight {{champion:86}} ,{{champion:122}} ,and {{champion:2}} at the same time
He's a support now, and can still do great against these guys in top lane. I think Repertoir said he was going to try and make sure Taric can still top lane and JG, but unfortunately, it doesn't seem like Taric is going to be as strong in a solo lane anymore.
: The Ascent Discussion
Signet rings are worn on the pinky, and it's clearly not a wedding ring, so I googled what rings on the middle finger are supposed to represent. And apparently it's pretty fitting, "symbolizes balance and responsibility".
: Taric Teaser Speculation
I actually like this theory, it'd give some weight to his love of gems, while still letting him fit into the world. Personally I'd be fine with whatever direction they take his lore, so long as he stays calm and approachable. (Y'know without turning him into a generic beefcake in terms of his appearance) I think the theory right now is that he'll become the aspect of either love or peace. Leona (Sun) = Diana (Moon) Pantheon (War) = Taric (???)
: Champion Reveal: Jhin, the Virtuoso
Phantom of the Opera, meets the Hunchback of Notredame. I like him, but I'm kind of disappointed too. I got really excited when it seemed like we were getting this slow methodical sniper, but his auto attacks still feel very ADC like, as opposed to something more thoughtful. I feel like it would have been fun to get someone with Karthus speed auto attacks, but some really serious damage. For the rest of his kit, it all seems pretty fun. Nobody can really say much about the kit's effectiveness till it's on PBE, but it looks like it's alright. Kinda strange that his Q has no effect on marked targets, makes it feel like the Q is sort of his least helpful skill. I don't think his ult is too great, it's kind of dull and doesn't really seem to provide much aside from catching stragglers.
: > One thing I keep end up being afraid of is Taric ending up with another 8-foot tall strongman. This isn't really what we're aiming for. Any of his 'Juggernaut' elements are related to gameplay more than anything else, similar to how he is on Live, where he's a tanky melee guy that does a lot better if he can manage to stick on a guy.
So his "beefier" elements are solely gameplay related? Because that's fine too, I'm not that worried about his kit, so long as I can get a group of friends together and build 5 thornmails and a Trinity force to mess with them. But I'm not gonna lie, the lack of answering about his overall aesthetic has me a tad worried now. If you aren't allowed to say that's cool I understand, I just hope he's visually similar to what he is now, where he himself isn't some big scary beefcake, but has a more sleek appearance. It's nice to have characters like that, and I'd be sad to see just another "Tough Fantasy Guy" when he rolls out.
: > I'm a swain main and I read earlier that you think his kit is a mess... what do you think is wrong with it and what do you want swain to be? I play him as a mid lane bruiser not as a glass cannon like most... There are no immediate plans to work on Swain, but the reason I made that comment is that his gameplay can mostly be boiled down to "double dot someone and walk toward them." That's not necessarily the worst thing in the world, and there is some positional gameplay that Swain has to offer, but combined with a high-uptime ult that is very much "you either can deal with me or you can't," his gameplay can be pretty flat. Perhaps most importantly, the guy is supposed to be the Master Tactician, and he doesn't really seem to live up to that. That's just my opinion. I wouldn't say that's necessarily representative of all of Riot or anything.
I like Swain, he's relatively reliable in a good players hands, and he so he's fun to play with, and he's unique enough without giving him one singular aspect to abuse that he's fun to play AGAINST. Whenever I play with my friends, who are just getting into League and they see a Swain for the first time, the overall joke is just "don't touch him." Not that he's too strong, but anyone can deal with him if they're careful, and his kit really does feel like it's built around just avoiding him to do better. He's like a dead bird on the sidewalk, interesting too look at, but if you go near it you'll probably get some horrible disease. Feel like that's not a bad thing for him, he's weird and evil/gross ingame, seems like he's not in a bad spot balance wise. Hope he doesn't see too many changes, I don't play him, but I like where he is.
: Here's a post where you can ask questions about the stuff I've worked on, and I'll try to answer.
What should we expect from Taric visually? I assume you're not supposed to say too much, but this is kind of what I'm mostly worried about. Especially since I've seen you use the word "Juggernaut" to describe him. One thing I keep end up being afraid of is Taric ending up with another 8-foot tall strongman. Which, we have more than enough of. Garen, Braum, Sion, Darius, Rengar, (Didn't even notice how many there were till now this is actually super nuts) etc. The *only* other character we have who kinda fits Taric's overall bodytype (In that they appear physically strong, but not a noodleman i.e. Varus, Yasuo) Is Jayce, and lets be honest here, Jayce is lame. I'm not expecting concept art, or splashes, but I'd love to know the direction he was headed in that regard, just to put some fears to rest. I'm not entirely sure if I'm describing myself as well as I'm trying, so this is pretty much what I mean - More similar to this, or this? Still waiting on Debonair Quinn btw, where Valor is a penguin that she stands on, and slides around the map on.
: they are making harrowing skins, it's just the theme they chose was crap and and not anywhere near in time for halloween. Honestly they should just go back to the halloween on the rift stuff they did in season 1 and move the date of worlds. There is an entire month between halloween and christmas they can use, it's not like we are going to get a thanksgiving themed event with skins.
Dude where are my Turkey Valor skins.
Mrfishii (NA)
: What do you do when as a dive champion, you can't dive?
Poke and wait for someone else to initiate. Ask them to if you need. Make sure to keep watch of enemy positions to catch them out whenever you can.
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: New Champ Illaoi
Probably the Poppy VU, they've been talking about it for months.
: Alternatively, fix her autos, give her a VU and she's fine. And basically, all you did was nerf W.
I don't find anything's wrong with the character visually. And I agree that she's pretty good, Riot has announced they plan on reworking Quinn however, and I'd just like to have my opinion seen, if at all possible. Also I changed tons about the character. Everything you've said here I've mentioned above, please read it before commenting.
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: Kindred, the missing link between Soraka and Bard?
What if we assume the Goat legs, and shimmering appearance is the commonality for all fallen celestials? and Lamb fell on purpose out of loneliness. (OR Bloodlust, let's be honest here.) Personally if this is the current theory, I'd say Wolf might be a full celestial but corrupted in some way, he has no physical form and doesn't match the appearance of the other celestials in game, so we could assume that once Lamb fell he (For whatever reason) was able to maintain his celestial status in an effort to protect Lamb.
: Patch 4.8 notes
I realize that this isn't an issue likely to get addressed at all, as looking at it on paper it is (with no other way of putting it) incredibly stupid. However, I've been using Soraka as a jungler (I am also talking about Support Soraka below) for a long time now (Hear me out before assuming I'm trolling, I'll have a suggestion to fix what I believe some of her new problems are below, but if you want to see my thought process I'll say what I do to make it work next.) Anyway the way I use her is with her utility keeping allies in lane, giving away all of the buffs after her first clear, and building Abyssal Scepter to stack with her new Starcall to give mid a huge lead in the form of her MR shred. She can do primarily what most other junglers do punishing overextending counter-jungling quickly, and is a great duelist. Building Twin Shadows and Rylais fixes her issues with ganking. I have no idea if anybody else uses jungle Soraka, but as is, her damage is so poor that she can't effectively give blue buff away anymore, as she uses her abilities so much more to clear now. Again considering how unpopular of a pick this is, I doubt this is going to be addressed at all, but I have had primarily a lot of success with it, and enjoyed it quite a bit, so I'd like to recommend a an idea for a change that would keep her in the position that she seems to be currently intended without ruining her entirely. For starters, having her be such a great duelist is an obvious problem. Although it's one of the reasons I enjoy using her, it isn't as balanced in a solo lane as one would like. So I would recommend that her Starcall cost less mana when it doesn't hit an enemy champion. This will help support Soraka a lot as well, since the lower damage means more spamming to get to a certain point against an enemy, and an enemy (I.E. Ezreal) getting away from her causes her to effectively waste her mana, (or him not dodging... come on we all spam Q when we see someone low it's natural) which although isn't much in addition to her E now costing mana it leaves her a little in the dark. Her E costing mana for minions should stay as is, since her Q change would just enhance her laning. In addition why not a ramp up effect for minions? Her MR Shred still enhances her damage over time but why not a stack effect on 'minions' that apply a mark, or something similar to Braums Q? Not having any effect at all on champions of course, just minions. Giving her VERY low Q damage on minions at first, that increases to above her typical max for that level. Support Soraka can safely use her Q in lane without worrying as much about taking CS, therby losing her poke gold from spellthief, and solo Soraka needs to be more careful with her positioning, as she can't force a lane to push as quickly, once she clears one wave, the next will have come and she will need to stack Q again to fully damage them. For obvious reasons, this would be incredibly beneficial to having her in the jungle as well, as if the damage was handled well enough it could effectively help her use less mana to clear larger camps that would take longer due to her now lower damage.


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