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Baval (NA)
: I believe there is an option that lets you turn "attack champions" into a toggle, which it sounds like youve accidentally done and then accidentally click the hotkey. So check your options.
if so tell where so i can fix this because it fucks me over every time
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: Yup. I noticed this bug too.
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Sumogre (NA)
: same thing happened to us
: realize its just two games and that's it? There's no continuation to it, so you might be waiting in a glitch or something.
and it deleted one of our games so ya. good bug
: Clash Not ending
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Ospraey (NA)
: league has been fcked recently. ive lost countless games from these bugs. some games your shop doesn't have items unless you search. some games nothing has effects for spells or minion autos aren't flying. shop is lying about your money. pressing emotes crashes you. cant use any spells. cant zoom out. don't have health bars. having commands be shown all over your match. having no indicator on execution champions. league of legends crashing if you get a friend request while in game. a lot of painful bugs, but none are paid for, they just hope you forget about them.
first time I ever got a bug. And it fucked me over.
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Altèr (NA)
: Or maybe a Xayah/Rakan heartseeker duo and maybe a different skin line called the heartbreaker skin for Ahri?
I'd think that be cool seeing how I own both and I love their skins.
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: The best way? A double ace ( meaning both the opposing team and my team was all in long death timers) and we just sit back and enjoyed the winions pushing against the opposing teams nexus. It was cool
ya that is the best way to win
: I think you should add a cooldown on her passive. Imo, that is too much sustain. She seems like a really fun mage, and reminds of leblanc!
ya thanks this was well a first draft of a warping mage soo. ya thanks for reminding me of that
: ***
forgot to say all together oops
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Stacona (NA)
: Its the > Quote "Blockquote" The symbol is " or " > " at the very beginning of the line
: so the damage would stack indefinitely (um should i ask who she would counter). any ways i like the idea behind her its sounds like she would be a pain if she was jungling and she activated her ult right before she ganked. so I can see her late game doing some real damage.
and one last thing how did you make that box around the info
Stacona (NA)
: The darkness effect is ALL units, allies and enemies, it allows for a 3 seconds delay before the global fear duration to run away--- its a very supportive ultimate rather than having good synergy for Vivion, the basic kit all works together, the most fun mechanic to me is the Dark Orb and if you get good at how the skill shot works you can bounce the orb back and forth between your opponent and yourself indefinitely [I guess has a slight resemblance to draven's axes, but this mechanic requires a lot more skill and timing to aim the shots since the orb has to be released at the right moment]
so the damage would stack indefinitely (um should i ask who she would counter). any ways i like the idea behind her its sounds like she would be a pain if she was jungling and she activated her ult right before she ganked. so I can see her late game doing some real damage.
Stacona (NA)
: Vivion, the Last Shadow
man that ult would suck for the other team if there was also a {{champion:56}}
: this is why Cho'gath is so op
if i did my math wrong which i'am know to do please let me know
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: So is it confirmed that baron is from the void?
well baron is the same being as{{champion:421}} so ya i think he is from the void
: Next Arcade skin recipient speculation thread
so did people forget that riven as a arcade skin
: {{champion:30}} How about the undeath?
um ya i'm not becoming a undead minion but that is a good idea i could add........
: I would run if i were you. You still need to learn about punctuation and grammar.
i might not have the best grammar, but at least I don't pick on people sooooooooooooooooooo ya have a great day mate
: Your Most Hated Champion?
okay im just going to say the devil{{champion:17}}
: I think his kit is incredibly fun and versatile.
ya i love hiding in plain sight and one shotting the adc
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: Thresh, Veigar, Kindred, Nasus, Bard, Kalista (her e) and i think that is it.
really her e that can stack cool
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: Also the badly needs to be a Midna skin from Twilight Princess (wolf could be Link's alternate wolf form). there is already a mask too! although there may be copyright issues.... siiigh
there are custom skins you can get too only problem is that only you can see it unless some else so happens to have it too
Sinlaire (NA)
: guess they shouldnt have, looked down on him.
FoxPlays (NA)
: I don't have much experience with AP Shaco, mostly because I play AD Shaco in normals, so I have yet to find the right way to 100-0 when I go AP.
well if you make a few prebuilds and test them you would be amazed on what you can do and this work on every champ
: How many pentakills do you see? I see maybe one every 50-100 games, and that's a generous guess.
: What do you think {{champion:45}} would say?
FoxPlays (NA)
: To bad Shaco Pentas are a rare thing QoQ Only penta I have gotten on him would be in Aram.
if you go ap its really not that hard because he can one shot anyone sooooo lets ban him in rank
Borbland (EUW)
: {{champion:16}} : "I will not save you. Nor you. Or you. Oooooor you. And you.
: So, with a member of Riot actually commenting on LF, is LF being a celeb on this message board now...of-"fish"-ical? I shall now go to the Dark Corner of Shame™ for that pun. I do apologize.
47talon (NA)
: New Game Mode Idea
100% life steal on Olaf and 2.50 attack speed he would be op
NichtHurz (EUW)
: Well, just one thing about Veigar. If you know how to manage your auto attacks and Q's you can farm very reliably, even under the turret. When I'm playing Veigar and don't get countered into oblivion, I'll have at least 120 bonus ap after 20 minutes. Later in the game when I have 40% CDR and can onehit melee minions farming is just a joke to do^^ Nobody will be able to steal your cs if you just onehit anything.^^
if you play right even early you can one shot any minion hell i could almost one shot dragon and early baron
: > [{quoted}](name=UrZedM8,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=N2EK5A3q,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2015-10-22T14:36:25.222+0000) > > Veigar is way too safe of a champ stopped right there, this is why we cant have nice things, veigar is FAR from safe. you bank on him having 2 big beefy team mates in front of him, in **ANY** 1v1 setting, he loses if he doesn't win from R + Q alone. which cant be done until 35+minutes. and even after 35+minutes, a counterbuild negates that, and you still kill him regardless of farm. you do not need to build 100% full damage to kill a veigar, hell, you can build full tank and still kill him, you can still destroy him with 1 damage item and the rest tank build.
not true i can kill any mage, adc, tank, fighter and hell even {{champion:3}} can't do anything to my ult, and i can get unlimited ap and when i get all three of my moves im unstoppable
: galio and veigar maybe? galio has to go towards the enemy and is ult is hard to land without flash and veigar has a 2.5 second stun and can delete people with 1 button
that is why final boss veigar is a good skin for him he deletes champs from the game
: I get told i'm going to be reported for just picking shaco lol
when you are a ap shaco you always get reported which i think people should just sit down and think why im ap
: I usually "Curse" on myself ex.{{champion:99}} stupid f##kin laser.
i hate {{champion:99}} for two reasons the first everyone can play her better then me and the second...... her dam care free voice jusr gets on my nerve for some reason and im not a mean person
: flash into a riven ult
don't you love it when the enemy some how knows where your going to be or when you miss time your flash
: When someone tries to report you for trolling..
they always do that when im shaco because i never help well wtf. im not going to dive in and die for you, but i will if i can get a free kill
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