: Don't go too hard on Leona please. At least wait until you see what Aftershock nerfs do then decide if she needs nerfs herself
I agree. Leona and Taric may only seen strong because of the active/passive armor they gain that puts them at an advantage since we don't have armor runes anymore rather than the Aftershock rune.
Saphirex (EUW)
: Bard feels akward with the current items. Redemption and Knights Vow doesn't give him the tank stats, and Ardent censer doesn't work on him. I think Bard need to receive a better item or more buffs to his HP.
I think Bard can output a lot of damage and provide unique escapes for his team. Bard is definitely on the unique side of "supports" but with the right build and play-style Bard can have high impact.
: Hows {{champion:420}} ? She doesn't seem to have an obvious choice when it comes to runes. On the other hand she didn't have any mandatory keystone in the past as well.
I think Illaoi is seemingly weak because of her avoidable damage source. She does have her strengths though, specifically the ranged chunking skill, Test of Spirit.
: Why isnt Volibear looked into, he is way worse then Riven and Camille and still riot is ignoring him
I think there isn't enough data on Volibear to determine whether or not he is actually strong so he isn't in the radar.
Dessem (EUW)
: Back in season 4, Viktor was well-known for his waveclear. These days, Viktor's Mana costs don't allow him to sustain that, and his Gold requirements for Hextech force him to stay longer in lane to get that laser upgrade. He also struggles because there are other champions (Taliyah, Orianna, Ziggs) who also perform lategame waveclear duties, but also have superior waveclear early and can easily push Viktor in for seemingly less Mana costs than the machine herald himself. He's struggled before runes, he struggles with runes. How do you guys feel about his performance, and what do you feel is his defining strength at this time?
I personally haven't seen the new Viktor yet with the new runes. But I've seen successful Viktor players before the changes to the runes. I think his strengths lie in zoning in team fights with Gravity Field, safe late game wave clear, and ability to burst enemies in an instant.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 17
Hi good morning, I think Jhin buffs will be appreciated by many players. Specifically, buffs to his utility will make him a more valuable pick. For example, shorter CD on Deadly Flourish or an increased range on it. Captive Audience could also have a slightly smaller cool down. Damage buffs to compensate for the new runes can be applied by reducing the reload time on Whisper. In what way will you think of amplifying Jhin?

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