Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 25
RE: Akali’s heal I think the best solution here is to only allow her to heal when she hits an enemy champion. That way she can keep her sustain, but enemy champions have an opportunity to punish her.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 14
The new animations look really good, for the most part. I'm not so sure about Fiora's, and Veigar's seems a little out of character. Other than that, they look great.
shofaz (NA)
: Hey meddler any plans for .Even with the buffs he has been receiving they dont really fix his problems. Would you guys take a look at him after preseason? And any short term or long term plan for him?
I would love to see some improvements to his ult, it’s not very satisfying to use and can be unweildy to control.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 10
How do the popularities compare between normal blind pick and draft pick?
Meddler (NA)
: So, just to set context, I'm not sure how much we should or shouldn't be buffing Viktor at present. I also haven't played that much Viktor myself, so while I'm happy to offer some thoughts on different approaches they'll be coming more from a place of theory than experience. AA range - I suspect that would add power more to Viktor's laning phase than teamfights looking at how changes to AA ranges have affected other champs in the past. If difficulty proccing Q is the issue to solve I'd just add a tiny bit of extra range to the Q empowered attack instead (or add a bit more if it's already got some and I'm unaware). That avoids adding extra power to his CSing and base AA harass in lane if that's not desirable. Q and W haste/slow - For arguments like these I'd start with an assessment of what Viktor's strengths and weaknesses should be, then look at how the current state of those abilities does or doesn't match those targets. Without doing that too high a risk of just pushing in power without consideration of what the desired outcome beyond 'stronger' is. W damage amp - Highly skeptical of this one. Team damage amps tend to be extremely strong, particularly if they're AOE and/or immediately applied. Satisfaction for them is generally pretty low though, relative to their power. I'm not aware of player desire or kit needs that would push Viktor towards being more ally dependent, so I can see thematic argument for this approach but not much else. E delay and R speed - This is a case where I'd need to play against Viktor in his current state more to speak with any confidence. Rylai's is certainly a much more niche item on him than it used to be, so it's possible tuning for needed counterplay has changed. At the same time though Viktor's historically had some really reliable damage output, so I'd be somewhat hesitant to strip counterplay out. Again though, this is one I feel least confident about answering. R control during stasis/death - Death I don't think's the right call at all. With rare exceptions (zombie passives) once you've killed an enemy champion they're deliberately unable to actively retaliate against you and I think that's an appropriate rule. If we were making Viktor today could see some argument for having his ult vanish on death instead, probably wouldn't make that change though given it's been this way a long time. From memory functions it that way in large part because Tibbers continued to exist post Annie's death and Viktor R's prototype started with a copy of Annie R. Reactivation during stasis is an ongoing topic for us internally. Zoe was a test case for whether we should potentially be making reactivation abilities useable while stasis'd or CC'd. Debate on whether that's been a good thing that we should apply to other reactivateable abilities or something we should strip off Zoe continues though.
What about making his ultimate’s damage proc more often, but for less (same dps, but more damage ticks)
: Preseason Development Update 1
What’s the reasoning for having runes give any bonus stats at all?
: League gameplay changes over the next few months
> We want to decouple stats from your rune style choice and offer a pretty straightforward and direct choice of what stat you want for your champ. Why have any bonus stats from pre-game choices at all?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 18
On the topic of rune selection, fixing the bug where the rune panel options aren’t properly saved after restarting the client would definitely help.
Meddler (NA)
: We've actually been looking more at hitting the AD in the last couple of days. Perspective there is looking at what sort of trade off in regular damage output you should expect to make to get strength against tankier targets, with Conqeuror being too good at both things right now.
Are you looking at the uptime of Conqueror? As of now, it is easy to keep it active most of the time in lane. Other runes, such as Electrocute, have cooldowns which you can play around.
: [FREEZE] Game freezes when the cursor does not move
I am also having this issue. Some people are able to resolve it by disabling shake to locate mouse cursor, but it didn't for me.
: [CLIENT] Screen Freeze After Mac updated to Sierra 10.12.4
I am having the same issue. Support told me to disable hot corners and shake mouse pointer to locate. Although it hasn't fixed the problem for me, it might help some of you. Also, the game works fine in windowed or borderless mode.
: Collection Page Tiles Missing
I can confirm that I am also experiencing this bug on a fresh install.
Reav3 (NA)
: I would be very surprised if we got through 2017 without a Evelynn VGU. She is actually sitting at #2 on the most requested for a VGU list.
I would love to see this list.
: Become a League client update alpha tester
Okay, so it sounds like Riot needs more testers. But I’ve been signed up since day one and I’m still pending. I’m not trying to throw myself a pity party or anything, but why does Riot need more volunteers if there are already volunteers waiting to test?
Meddler (NA)
: We wanted to preserve the way different colored healthbars help distinguish different types of champion at a glance (yellow = me, green = ally, red = enemy).
Aren’t those the colorblind settings? Green = me, Blue = ally, Red = enemy
: Hi all! Just wanted to stop by to drop a note to let everyone know that more alpha invites are going out today and over the next couple days. GLHF!
Meddler (NA)
: Still evaluating. Initial feedback was extremely power focused, which was very understandable given how weak she was. That's delayed our ability to see how the mechanics changes (giving her the Grounded effect, decoupling E CD from poison state etc) affect her playstyle and game health. Regarding the survey that's something we run for every new champion and champion update after they get released, plus we'll occasionally gather sentiment on the rest of the champion roster as well.
Personally, I don’t like her new W. The grounded effect is cool, but the cast pattern is seriously a pain. I would much rather have the old W cast with the new effects.
Jaghatai (NA)
: Illaoi is just plain ol' too weak outside of a nest of tentacles. I was playing her a lot until the messed up 3's match-making put me against a plat player who exposed every single one of her weaknesses. I've not been able to play her since. She went from "wow this is pretty fun" to "this is pretty pointless" No matter what I do, if my opponent does X & Y I will lose the lane and any advantage I can bring. She also can't wander at all. Even in a small map like Twisted Treeline - if I wander away from my nest, I have no power and not enough natural tank to survive not having that power. Her ult tends to be buggy sometimes giving the right number of tentacles, but often not. And you squish so fast, it doesn't matter. The only time Illaoi can get ahead and stay ahead is if the opponent has no idea how to play against her.
Illaoi is supposed to be bad outside of her tentacles. Outside, she might be the worst bruiser in the game. But when she uses her tentacles, she can destroy her enemies.
: There's "window of power" and then there's "too situational to use."
Meddler (NA)
: We'll be removing the Q healing change in the next PBE build. We're experimenting with different changes to Illaoi, aimed both at buffing her and at smoothing out just how varied her effectiveness can be depending on the circumstances. A CD on the Q heal was an exploration into more consistent performance that's got both some promise and some problems.
> smoothing out just how varied her effectiveness can be depending on the circumstance This seems counterintuitive to the balance philosophies that Riot has been using lately, like having windows of power or focusing on champion’s strengths.
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Zyra Direction
I’m not a huge fan of the Q, it just feels like a generic AoE damage, nothing unique.
: The problem with Yi is that the only way to deal with him is to get one person on your team with hard CC to consistently lock him down. If that person isn't babysitting your team, you are hella screwed. I'm not even going to bring up how ridiculous it is to face someone actually good with Yi. Cowsep is awesome, but the thought of him having a smurf account gives me nightmares. However, on the flipside, if Master Yi is against a team of just CC bots, he's going to be completely useless. He needs a rework because he's textbook feast or famine and counterpick to counterplay.
What about pressuring him during his weak early game?
: why is lux so hard to win against?
People don’t know how to play against that type of champion. If she hits you with a combo, you need to go in instead of backing off (usually). After she hits you with her spells, she can’t really do anything until her cooldowns come back up.
: "It's fine for Yi to have over 3k HP and 3v1 your team because your team has to waste every single cooldown of him to stop him!"
…But Yi has a weak early game. If you failed to pressure him early, don’t go and whine about how he’s OP late. (This is not a comment on Tank Yi, I haven’t actually seen a tank Yi, I’m just being general)
: Preemptive concerns regarding the Soraka changes
I just want that sweet spot back on the Q. Super satisfying to hit it.
: The answer here is simple: Play her in a solo lane. Think about it. In a solo lane she never has to put a point in her W, since the healing is now part of her Q. And if she never grants alignment to an ally, she gets both HP and mana sustain for harassing with Q. Q now does damage and slows in a fairly large area, making it easy to bully melee champs. While I agree it's sad that the League's premier healing champion is better off not actually healing anyone in some cases with that W nerf, at least Soraka will have a place in a solo lane instead of disappearing into the fog of supports that aren't Thresh and Leona. Honestly, I thought the "heal by sacrificing %HP" mechanic was uninspired in the first place. Maybe they'll actually get rid of it and give her a light rework if things don't work out.
M4nhunt66 (EUNE)
: "Shen's two levels under Sion and still crushes the fight, thanks to some really nice outplays"
: I feel bad for RiotRepertoir
Balance team thinks it through, carefully selects the best option. The 80% who wanted something else threaten to leave for DotA.
: Holy shit, ANOTHER ryze rework? For fucks sake... that will make 4 so far.
Ryze will only be balanced if they *gut* him. He would have to completely lose his identity, and people would complain about it.
Lazeres (NA)
: NO shes does not TARIC DOES.
This makes no sense. One champ needing a rework more does not mean that another champ doesn’t need one- just less urgently.
Rioter Comments
: Cassio has enough potential for a new skin
The problem is she kinda needs a gameplay update, badly. Imagine if they made a new skin, then they had to redo all the FX and some animations a few patches later.
: Looks fantastic, The one problem I foresee is making it look significantly different from Marauder, which would be difficult.
: How I picture Eve's VU
Riot will likely completely change Eve’s appearance when she does finally get an update because she doesn’t have a clear identity right now.
: The Moment You Realize Illaoi Will Exist Next URF
TheSlogs (NA)
: List of all champions I have jungled
One of my friends can jungle as any champ. Like literally AD Janna jungle one time.
: Draven's thing is "Well I farmed my passive, got a double kill in lane, now I'm the SCARIEST THING EVER TO EXIST". Draven's niche honestly besides the axe juggling is the fact that he is THE snowball marksman, gets a snowball rolling harder and faster than any other.
Draven and Kog are both lategame hypercarries also. This is a fast meta, of course they won’t be as strong as in a slower meta.
Rebonack (NA)
: The goal with the Marksmen pass was to give each their own unique role
KodMaw is a lategame hypercarry. This is a fast meta. It happens.
: Does Yasuo's Windwall mechanic block too many things?
I think some things should pass through (Nami wave) and some thing should stop and drop to the ground (Heimer grenade).
: I like to think his copter is powered by him peddling super fast.
: When you are fed on ARAM
> Kill me… > I dare you.
: I swear, I'm honestly starting to think junglers get more shit than the support
Let the junglers do their thing, people. Not only do they need to deal with *all three* lanes, they *also* have to deal with the enemy junglers, *and* all of that while still farming the camps to keep up. Seriously laners. Chill.
: I swear, I'm honestly starting to think junglers get more shit than the support
: Something I Just Noticed About Varus
That would cause some next level tilt
Elastoid (NA)
: Counterplay is not a substitute for balance.
Counter play needs to exist but will Illaoi the counterplea 'gap' is just too big.
: Whenever someone on the boards disagrees with the mainstream view
: Okay, the AP item nerfs hit her hard. But how about they buff literally anything else, instead?
: Apparently buff her spears according to Riot.
They don’t do much damage base and the AP item nerfs hit her hard.
: The Current State of Nidalee
There was a time recently when Nidalee was atrociously overpowered, but that time is no more. I’ve been playing her lately and she does need some buffs. Can the traps at least have the big vision radius on cast back?
: If you think THAT is annoying to see you haven't seen a teamfight with 2 illalois.
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