draecina (NA)
: Client Patching Issues
I just kept retrying! Ran as admin, logged in and now i can play. I tried this before and same loop came out, i just kept pressing restart while reading comments and now im in. You guys should try that too, hopefully it works :) Edit : wow nevermind, I was clicking AR URF and restart popped up again -_-....sorry for the false alarm guys
: Looks like they fixed it. Mine is patching now. Only problem: My connection is shit so its gonna take forever. Feelsbad
at least yours is patching...mine is still doing the same loop, :(
Pengo77 (NA)
: Didn't help me ://
I ran as admin, doing that i was able to finally loggin and i thought it would work, as soon as i logged in, same error message...


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