: your net is bad you must reload the page and there is new match history in game so you dont need that
My net is fine. The ingame history does not show everything.
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Venture (NA)
: Need 2 more!! [ARAM] Join US xD
: You are so good it doesn't even bother giving you a rating?
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: Chevrolette cow Wonder who's ringing the helm? Ben's in the meadow so round Our eyes and gils are brown Though Starbucks's mounds
That must be one great cow.
: How badly did they gut Mana Regen, you ask?
At this point I am stacking tear, morellonomicon, and full mana regen rune page to get the kick I need.
: Avast things Leagueoflegends.exe and Lolpatcher.exe are Viruses
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: How does one insta-lock in Teambuilder anyway? Doesn't the captain decide who gets to stay and who gets kicked?
Before team builder there was a normal que. Alot of instalockers and bad coordination made riot build the team builder que.
: Free RP contest! Its for my YT channel, not a "Got to this site, gimme your password".
: RANKED ARAM!!!!!! and maybe dominon
You are completely ignoring the origin and point of arams. Arams are a silly game mode where nothing matters, it can be extremely unfair at times, and everyone derps around. It is impossible to balance it to make it fair for ranked play.
: I wanna get out of Silver elo, but some things kept bothering me
1) Yea its okay to main one lane. It does not mean that you will always get it. Keep a few backup champions in your pool. 2) If you have problems playing against the champs, the its probably worth the ban. Here is a list of the highest ban ratios per champ. They have high ban ratios for a reason. Braum is no longer in a high ban priority, though he can still difficult to deal with against a siege comp. Moral of the story is always ban fizz. He is really broken right now, his skills don't interact with champions properly, and he just bullshits himself out of any trouble. http://na.op.gg/statistics/champion/ 3) You ignore them. Don't worry about things you can't control, it just affects your game play. In low silver I found it easy to win a game with two people with careful decision making, and overpowered combos. It did not matter if all other lanes lost. 4) people in diamond/challenger make up less than 4% of the entire player population, actually playing against a person of this level is relatively low. Don't worry about metal ranks, chances are it means nothing. People in high elo's make smurfs because they want to have fun with the game. Their queue times can be several hours in length. 5) I would not bother.
: is she really a reincarnation of senna
Only if Senna is a couple hundred years old, and has been around long enough for several cultures to have folklore about her would there be a possibility.
: Teambuilder: Create a team? Invite a friend! ...why?
Its because people were complaining about instalockers. Team builder is good in concept, but it still seems to be in beta, and incomplete. The bad queue times, and bad skill level matchup make it not worth it for me.
: Matchmaking Adjustment Opt out?
Whee lets just opt out of adjustment so we will be matched up with people several skill levels below so i can just face roll them. There are ways you can influence the team matchup by mixing people of different elos.
: manliest team?
Poppy and Leona are very manly.
: Which ram should I choose?
that is just the rated clock speed. In reality you can run your ram at a higher clock speed provided your cpu and motherboard can handle it.
: F.E.K. 3.0 - Preview
Here is my avatar. http://i.imgur.com/Mb4dhXG.png
: Featured game mode idea: Reverse pick
I think its a feature that you pick bad champs for the other team. You are going to get a bad hand yourself.
: Why is the client scanning upwards of 4000 files, and what is it for
You closed your patching when it was incomplete. It starts over by scanning what you have and have not gotten on the previous download.
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
I've had bad games where i got real stressed. What is the worst, most sarcastic things i have said? and have I crossed the line into toxicity?
: [POLL] Who do you side with?
I choose Purple. The pickled pudgy purple pooping pirates pose.
: so haunted maokai got shafted with this VU....
Haunted maokai is a rather updated skin already, there is no need for much changes. Its also still on the pbe. It has not even been released yet.
tiepilot (NA)
: Victorious Morgana = Abyss Board Game Character?
I'm not seeing it. Sure its a similair pose and shot, but they look nothing alike. The coloring, lighting, and art style are completely different.
Halenex (NA)
: Wow Thanks! This will help me out a lot thank you!
I would not bother with unpark cpu. Most cpu's nowadays don't park the cores. Computers that due usually due it are laptops to keep the cpu from getting too hot.
: > You could probably get better results by using riots API to get data instead of surveying people. It is impressive that 16% per challenger though. Kinda dumb question but how do you actually use the API?
> > You could probably get better results by using riots API to get data instead of surveying people. It is impressive that 16% per challenger though. > > Kinda dumb question but how do you actually use the API? https://developer.riotgames.com/docs/getting-started
: is it really 40%? (◡‿◡✿) cuz i'm seeing 23%
> is it really 40%? (◡‿◡✿) > cuz i'm seeing 23% Where are people getting these numbers? It sound like people are pulling numbers from their ass without citing any kind of sources.
: Charred Maokai VU
Did the previous forum get deleted?
: Charred Maokai VU
Yams I say. http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/jGzgqote-totemic-maokai-needs-to-remain-black?comment=0000
: Imagine that you have access to nuclear missles with build in stealth system.
: Warding wins game
I average 40 wards + 3 vision wards a game as support.
: Champion Difficulty
I think that champs like Rengar or Elise, a new champ would not really get. They have way to many ways to utilize their abilities. Champs like taric, ryze or annie are much simpler to learn.
: My End Of Season Survey Results!
You could probably get better results by using riots API to get data instead of surveying people. It is impressive that 16% per challenger though.
KooHooP (NA)
: gold borders?
Rewards are going to be dolled out for the next few hours they said.
: Your tastebuds are what's confused.
Lunagray (NA)
: Is it too late to get Gold now?
: You sound like a confused dessert.
Nothing confusing about it really. I will eat my desert with some vinegar too. Lovely salty vinegary vanilla ice cream.
: Soon™
Isn't that trademarked by valve?
: Trolls... Why do you do it?
Trolls do it to make people frustrated. They like to have a reaction about people complaining about them. There really is no other reason. The fact that you are posting this complaining about trolls is a win for trolls.
: **Pathing System** 1. We made some slight improvements to champion pathing, but it functions identically to live. 2. Again, same as live. **Camera** 1. There’s a sizeable difference in win rates between Blue and Red, and we’ve largely narrowed it down to the camera angle--specifically because our game camera displays more game space on the top half than it does on the bottom half. The camera angle change alleviates this slightly; though we cannot FIX this issue unless the camera were completely top-down. In addition, we pulled out the camera away from the ground plane, while decreasing the field of view simultaneously. This has the effect of showing roughly the same amount of game space, but decreases the amount of fish-eye distortion at the edges. In our game, this distortion effect causes skill shots and skill indicators to appear inaccurate. Here’s a great site that demonstrates the fish-eye effect in game cameras: http://strlen.com/gfxengine/fisheyequake/compare.html 2. Same as live 3. Same as live **Monster Interaction** 1. Leash mechanics are nearly the same as live, but some slight tweaks have been made. 2. This is a long standing issue we still need to address. 3. I just call him Smaug. **Misc** 1. Of course we have blast processing. Additionally, we have explosion factoring and flex performance. 2. For me, it's the top lane vista. Makes me want to go adventuring. 3. Rengar x Warwick 4. I think there are some eggs in the raptor pits? 5. The river is an ouroboros and I just call it Phillip.
Can you make it that if you try to target something on the other side of the wall, you will not path around to the other side? If you are able to target someone on the other side of a wall, then you will cast it. If it is JUST out of your range, then it will path to the other side. Instead of pathing around, make it so there is a margin where you will move to the edge of the wall instead of path around. I like to path vectorally. If i click in a direction I would prefer to move in a straight line to where I am clicking, as opposed to around. If I click far away, sure its ok to path. I usually use minimap for pathing, but otherwise it get bothersome.
: Life, always finds a way.
dino gnar champ confirmed.
Aeon123 (NA)
: 1. Riot Aeon 2. For the betterment of League of Legends players everywhere! 3. Elevation? Wind speed? Are we allowing the Poro to eat the melon? {{item:2052}}
Its irrelevant if the poro eats the melon because it will have the same mass, momentum and relevantly same shape for air drag.
Halenex (NA)
: I want to get better fps
The new summoners rift will be faster because it has a lot less polygons (stupid trees). If you are going to be playing on the older non-updated rift you could get a low resolution map from here http://yurixyworks.com/category/game-mods/league-of-legends/maps/summoner-rift/ For tweaking game settings, this guide is pretty handy to squeeze as much performance out. http://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/22tjck/ultimate_fps_boost_guide/
: >yours is 1.5. Won't the Quad-Core make a difference, though? Thanks for replying, btw. I have an old laptop with Duo-Core with 1.7Ghz and League runs fine on Low settings, No shadows, etc. It gets a little choppy in explosive Team Fights, though.
That is not how computing works. Its not multiplicative. More cores just means that it will speed up parallel processes. It will do absolutely nothing for something that requires one thread. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amdahl%27s_law
: ur a troll {{champion:48}}
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Zaprarth (NA)
: Server crash prevented me from being able to complete my last promo game to Gold.
Riot did set this date way in advance. Several times too. You had plenty of time to do it. The last day is probably the worst day to try to shoot for it because the servers are overburdened. There was server side lag like crazy on my end.
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: When they admit she looks like Wukong now and that the new Wukong art looks like the Jumanji boy. At least I have a skin for Wu so I never have to see that splash art. {{champion:69}} {{champion:62}}
> When they admit she looks like Wukong now and that the new Wukong art looks like the Jumanji boy. At least I have a skin for Wu so I never have to see that splash art. > > {{champion:69}} {{champion:62}} Its kind of like how sivir, and zyra's icons look like nigel thornberry. {{champion:15}} {{champion:143}} http://i.imgur.com/Uu26P.jpg
: [Crash] Bug splat on game start recorded by replay.
Also xerath ult does not seem to hit properly at certain point in game like 18:38 in the replay file.
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