: League can learn a good amount from smite.
Too bad the cosmetic shop is 10x worse than Riot's. If you miss anything, you are fucked. They exploit the fear of missing out to the utmost extreme. So if you do find something you actually like, it's hidden under 100s of dollars of random boxes, or a one time event. It wasn't bad in the early days. But they got exponentially worse. It's a fun game, but don't buy a damn thing. Don't even use your free gems. If you plan on sticking around, be careful. Their business model is a dangerous trap. I'm serious. Protest the hell out of them with your wallet by keeping it closed. Let them know publicly that their shit is out of hand and needs to stop. When the events weren't so terrible, I sunk $40 into a subpar skin for my favorite god along with a bunch of shit I'll never use. I haven't played it much since. It stung bad. It's being uninstalled soon. I can't support that business practice. Most of their skins are one time exclusive, and a small portion of that 90% will be put in over-saturated loot boxes. The skins you can buy directly are pitiful, and make you feel bad for even using them. A few of them are nice, but yea. It's bad. I'm slowly getting rid of my online games and pretty much just sticking with FFXIV and Warframe, and soon to be primarily Nintendo.
manutdfan (OCE)
: Why do people not surrender obvious losses?
Because they are trying to learn how to turn those situations around. Or they enjoy playing the game regardless of the situation. I would try taking the lead, but I would just get flamed about my rank, or lack there-of and raged at for the state of the game being my fault. All while they refuse to cooperate, and coordinate to make effort to use the enemys' habits and arrogance against them. They become unresponsive because "oh it's just a waste of my time" and beg on their knees for surrender, they bully other players to surrender, making the situation worse than it is already. Just so they can start a new game to RNG themselves to a win, or throw the same tantrums when things go south. They aren't satisfied unless they have an ∞/0/0 KDA. No one want to learn from losing anymore. They only feel they can learn anything if they have the biggest dick. Doesn't matter how bad things look. The enemy is not permitted to win until they have that 50g in their hands, and glass shards in their eyeballs from destroying the nexus with their bare hands.
: i got hacked
You didn't get hacked, you got pwned. No hacker is going to waste their precious time invading the server or your computer directly unless you really pissed them off, or you have a great deal of money worth targeting. You got phished, guessed, keylogged, Riot had a security breach, or the likely case someone else had a security breach and you use the same info everywhere.. https://haveibeenpwned.com/ check your shit here, if it doesn't find your shit, change your shit anyway. ALL OF YOUR SHIT. Different passwords too. Otherwise it will keep happening.
: Why is the Victory and Defeat image that pops up after a nexus blows up so blurry?
incorrect resolution. 3rd party graphic settings. bad drivers, extremely outdated hardware. general unnatural bullshit people do or not do with their computers. General neglect. Or you could be lucky and have a bug. Talk with Riot in tickets instead of complaining here. They do have a tech team specifically to fix shit.
: No the worst is when someone bans a champ and then says "Someone ban X" like??? you had a ban, use it bruh!
And you have a problem with this how? There are over 20 champions now that need banned 24/7 because of how ridiculous this game is managed..
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CLG ear (NA)
: akali is SO HOT; and The Boys is a really good show; Animu Waifu thread
Why are you people not in a cage without internet access?
Spoo (NA)
: So we have ranked TFT, when can we expect ranked ARAM
ARAM is not random when you have assholes making accounts to specifically counteract Riot's idiotic definition of "randomness" For ranked ARAM to work, all champions would need to be in the pool. Or at least owning 60-80% of them. Riot is so hellbent on preventing all champions from being in the ARAM pool. Unless they somehow can't do it becuase of "system limitations." They could create a specific mode only if you have all or almost all champions. Every other MOBA can do it just fine. Riot really don't have a good enough excuse since every MOBA copy/pastes each other 500 times a day anyway.
: I know your matchmaking is bad, but, like...
Or people that stalk your public information and troll games based on if you are in your promos or not. Partially the reason I didn't get gold in S3. Every single promo was at least 3 people compromising they game so I didn't ascend. after 10-15 times I just quit.
: can we just FOR 1 GOD DAMN TIME NOT HAVE BUgS IN THIS CLIENT PLZ? all i want is to play in peace.
For one god damn time can people talk with support and send them the required information so they know how to fix it? Finding a bug with no logs is like finding a needle without tools in a haystack the size of Jupiter. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us
: Riot fix your shitty client
They can't fix it if this is all the information your are going to give them. Crying here will not fix anything https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us
Xphineas (NA)
: 9.14, the patch to break league
What if I told you, bugs are sometimes unique to the client and their hardware and do not apply to every person. I have never seen any of these. You clearly need some tea time with Riot technicians. Bitching here will accomplish nothing. Hell, I hardly ever see any bugs at all in any game. I'm lucky if I see one bug every 3 years.
Terragaia (OCE)
: Can a permaban be revoked if your account was compromised?
You might want to make use of https://haveibeenpwned.com/
rujitra (NA)
: Yes, it is. If a user does not take recommended and built in steps to secure their data, that's their fault when it gets hacked.
"getting hacked" doesn't mean what you think it means. There is a large difference between storing information and hacking. Hacking would be they broke into you computer, or worse, the server, and specifically targeted your information. Breaking firewalls and manipulating code structures. Hacking take a lot of skill and effort to pull off. Unless your account can be sold for thousands of dollars, ain't no one going to make that effort. using phishing tactics is far easier, and produces vastly better results. You got baited, you got pwnt, they phished your out hook, line and sinker. haveibeenpwned.com
: Is this a joke thread? You also spent some money buying the account too I'd imagine. Or is Twisted Treeline with only Ghost Heal the best way to level up an account to 30? You have an inhuman stamina to be playing 20+ games, 20+ minutes each game PER DAY for multiple days in a row leveling up that account. I mean.... please don't insult our intelligence. And people say botted accounts don't get banned lol.
20 20 minute games is only 10 hours. Not that hard to pull off.
Moody P (NA)
: Buff tank items
sure, only if you nerf their damage by at least 60%
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Better yet, remove TFT
: We need to deal with AFKers
We do, it's called "Leaver Buster". It's just so damn common. Report and shut up. Move on.
G0DeX13 (NA)
: Perma Ban for RGB fuzion ?
{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Why do most of the guys that complain about this have the same broken English? And this is across all games, not just League. Certain regions are notorious for cheating, connect to regions no where near their own. You learn a lot of this from playing Korean-style grinder RPGs, I have 8 some odd years of experience. Sorry bro, but you just need to change your habits. An RGB program is highly unlikely to trigger even the most aggressive anti-cheats lol. Unless the anti-cheat hooks into your kernel, you didn't get banned for using motherboard software lmfao. Anti-cheats only care about what interacted with the client, and will often run a check of your running applications for known software. some popular programs are very easy to detect and most anti cheats will hunt them down specifically. Anti cheats are like virus scanners lmfao, they look for for shitty behavior.
: Permanently banned for Third Party Programs I don't have.
I think it's important to indicate which programs you have running in the background so the community can get an idea on what potential programs are triggering the system. Because, it's pretty hard to ban people by mistake. The client noticed it was being molested and triggered the alarms. It's actually pretty hard to accidentally trigger the system if you are a normal player. Especially since Riot logs every program that interacts with the client, how it interacted, and what that program tried to do. Pretty much every single overlay can potentially trigger the system. Riot does recognize some of them such as Shadowplay or Discord. They will admit if a ban is a mistake. This has happened a few times, especially when their system was new and unrefined. Now they have a really good idea about most of the safe programs, and cheater programs. And scripts are stupidly easy to track, even simple scripts. Hell, it's even possible to get banned by infectious malware if it attempts to infect the client. Riot tracks what you are doing from the second you start the launcher. I used to have the manufacturer programs for my keyboard running because I use it for convenience in my MMORPGs, and I use my mouse program to change it's colors and DPI settings. The same programs have ability to run scripts and macros. I have not once wrote any scripts or macros to be used in League. And haven't been banned. You obviously attempted to do something sketchy.
Thuban (NA)
: It clearly states she throws "all" of her spheres. I don't see the confusion here. And I fail every level of English. and ingame it says, "the 3 spheres orbiting her, in addition to up to 4 previously created" I fail every level of reading comprehension, and I understand this just fine. I find it extremely profound that you see a problem here. The hardcore mafs have always been 3rd party. It is a lot easier to put it on the Wiki than the client. Like, ridiculously easier. It's also much easier to read on the Wiki
Irelia is explained as well. https://imgur.com/iCeW77b
: It'd be fucking nice for sure. So many champions have things that aren't explained in the limited descriptions of the ability videos in the client. It's honestly mind boggling. For example for Syndra's ultimate, the way it is presented in the client makes it seem like only the three spheres around her are thrown, when in reality it's any created spheres as well. Nor, IIRC, does it explain what Irelia's marks do (refund cooldown if Q is used on marked target) Honestly it just needs a big update overall. Some of the descriptions are flat out wrong. Especially the ones that list ultimates as doing "massive damage". I think it would be very beneficial to update the videos and descriptions with more in depth info like scalings, damage type, damage per each level, etc.
It clearly states she throws "all" of her spheres. I don't see the confusion here. And I fail every level of English. and ingame it says, "the 3 spheres orbiting her, in addition to up to 4 previously created" I fail every level of reading comprehension, and I understand this just fine. I find it extremely profound that you see a problem here. The hardcore mafs have always been 3rd party. It is a lot easier to put it on the Wiki than the client. Like, ridiculously easier. It's also much easier to read on the Wiki
: Why do we have to go to League of Legends Wiki to read champion abilities?
Because their client is poorly designed, and too cheap to get any intelligent use out of it.
: With so many emotes in the game, to have a larger emote wheel would be nice
They should have never been added to begin with, and need removed. Nothing but tools for trolls.
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: Que delay is not a solution, it is a problem
No, the amount of people that somehow enjoy this garbage is a problem. I had some faith in this playerbase, but after this game mode... I have zero faith. This game mode should have never happened. It's just Tencent and Riot getting into the mobile game market without being on a pocket PC. This is a sick, and probably a predatory game mode. These types of games should be banned. along with the loot boxes. You obviously fail to understand how a server works. It does not have unlimited power. Tencent is not going to foot the bill for a server cluster powerful enough to accommodate the saturation of ignorant sheep playing TFT You know, I used to think Hi-Rez was the worst publisher, but Riot has reached the level of EA, and will soon surpass the level %%%%%%ry EA has.
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: League of Legends: Dark Star Karma Support Gameplay
Rioter Comments
: Here are Morde's updated skins
How did a god such as yourself fail to indicate which skin was which? I don't believe in you anymore.
: PSA for those unaware of the rare weather situation today
That is because Tornado Alley has moved east. Don't you love evolution? Progress? nothing is a permanent cycle.
: No incentive to return from an accidental AFK
This leaver buster system will never be fair to victims of unforeseen, unfortunate events. You need to just deal with it. It's a broad system meant to target habitual offenders, collateral damage is unavoidable. There is not any other way to do it. The system is stupidly forgiving as it is. Getting tagged by it every once in a while will not harm you. I have a large problem with completely forgetting that I start games because the loading screen is too boring. So believe me, I have a lot of experience with the system.
Kei143 (NA)
: Btw, buy yourself a backup power pack (surge protector) to prevent stuff like this from happening.
A surge protector is basically a circuit breaker on a stick. It will not keep whatever that is plugged in powered. A surge protector is not an uninterruptible power supply. And those are not easy for everyone to just simply buy. Reliable UPS models are very expensive. You are looking at hundreds of dollars for a UPS that will keep your computer rig and network powered in the event your power grid fails. UPS models vary by wattage, and depending on your rig setup, you may need quite a bit of headroom for wattage. You will need to run power draw tests on your entire network and your computer rig to figure out how much you need to pay for a UPS. By the way, learn what you are talking about. Also, if your internet fails or ISP runs unannounced maintenance, there is no backup for that.
: **UPDATE: ** Disregard the original message below. Because we take photosensitive epilepsy issues extremely seriously, Trials finisher animations have been disabled. When we bring finishers back, we’ll make sure players have the option to turn them off themselves. Turning off finishers does mean that we'll have to adjust rewards for players participating in the Trials event. We're figuring out those details now and will post an update once we have one. We’re also going to investigate more deeply in the meantime to determine what problems (if any) finishers have. _____________________________________________________________ Hey folks! First, let me apologize for these effects causing issues, and for not having a toggle for them in this event. The tl;dr is: the way we are rewarding and utilizing the finishers is new for Summoner's Rift/ARAM, and as such, we didn't have the time or bandwidth to have engineers rework this so that a toggle could ship with the finishers. We chatted about it at-length and ultimately decided we would rather ship them with no toggle than not ship them because we couldn't do a toggle, but we knew there would be some level of frustration and risk with that. So again, my apologies for making League less enjoyable for you in the meantime. When and if we release them again for ARAM/SR, we should have had the time by then to build a toggle for the content type so anyone that doesn't want them on can disable them.
As big as your profiteering scumbag company is, you claim didn't have the the time or the bandwidth? I highly doubt that. Just admit you forgot about epileptics and move on.
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: FIX the client pls!
Client works just fine for me. You might want to turn your attention to your own computer. Computers are a fun world where you can have the same exact parts, and one will have issues, the other will not. You can have a working build, change one hardware part, and all hell breaks loose. Stop blaming the freaking client, start blaming both your rig and it's interaction with the client. There are two sides to the coin. Contact Riot in a support ticket. Work with Riot to get it fixed. They have a dedicated technical support team that will be happy to work with you one on one. They can't fix a damn thing if they can't find where the problem is because no one is talking with them about it and bitching on the forums instead. Only you can provide the technical information of the problem you are having. If you do not provide that information, it will never be fixed.
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: My account was hacked and I was Banned
You weren't hacked little one, you were pwned. Get it right. Practice safer account habits. Figure out why you got pwned, and take action to prevent it from happening again. Account theft 9/10 your fault. Riot's security is pretty top notch. It will take some serious skill, and time getting in far enough to steal just one account. if at all possible. Which isn't worth the effort. Large difference between "hacked" and "sniffed" or "stolen" https://haveibeenpwned.com/
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: i wish we got actual cat level skins instead of champions wearing cat pajamas
Then go play Miqo'te in FFXIV. It will solve all your furry problems
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