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: Bamboozled again
Zed looks like he's flaunting it with a golden Dab xD
: Favorite Champion Quote
{{champion:27}} Would you like some cheese with that whine?
: Give me your best pick up line
Do you have a band-aid? I scraped my knee falling for you....
GigglesO (NA)
: Just finished all of the star Guardian missions....
I havent played it yet, what are the different missions beyond the "win a game of either type"?
: How have Immortals clinched? Doesn't C9 have 110 points with IMT only having a max of 90 if they get 2nd?
I honestly dont know why IMT is going, but i do know that the teams going to worlds are TSM, IMT, and C9. All C9 have to do is win either a single game or a single best of 5 to go to worlds. I think the only way that they wont go is if C9 gets knocked out in the first game without winning a single game(so an 0/3) and CLG wins all of their games and the finals.
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Broporo (NA)
: I'm so glad you're enjoying the new event and missions! ^_^ Down to the nitty gritty!! 1) The Victor's Emblem is a special token that you will use to craft into the winning sides victory icon. Once the event ends, you will then be able to craft that token into the icon. 2 A) You **DO** need to have the skin for the borders to work, since they are solely meant for those skins. Without Dawnbringer Riven, you will not see the border even if you have the icon. B) You not **NOT** need to buy the skin right now to activate the border. If you have the border icon now, you can wait until a week after the event and buy the skin and still have the border show up!
Thx Bro(*snicker*)! One more question that i hadnt thought of earlier If you get the Emote/Icon package, will the emote be available at all after the event?
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: A game mode where you had a traditional banning phase then one at a time chose champions for the enemy team to play regardless if they owned them. After the pick phase you could trade with teammates. Usually you saw a lot of supports in it and non-meta champs people thought were bad and then realized they were still strong champions.. My groups strategy was to give the enemy team all ADCs with no AP ratios then build pure tank and {{item:3075}} and we won every time. Edit: We made sure they didn't have {{champion:67}} or {{champion:29}} because even though they fit our no AP ratios (Ik twitch does but the damage is still physical) they could shred tanks anyway.
hahahaha i thought i was the only one who thought of that lol I look back on those games and laugh at my Urgot Quadrakill because they just killed themselves xD
: 3 months ago was this comment. Dang, you must have been digging through thousands of posts until you hit this one.
yeah, i made a comment when it was new and i was curious to see how many upvotes it got lol I saw that comment and had to add my two cents.
Porocles (NA)
: Are you receiving some error when accessing the support site? There's a lot of steps to go over, so it may be better to reach out to us individually through a [support ticket]( You can also grab our [hextech repair tool]( in the meantime to attach some logs. We'll reply back asap!
Thanks, it eventually loaded the comment after a few page loads and I got it to work but I had another problem I need help with. I had to stop the download halfway after an error and it wouldn't load after several tries. Eventually I just deleted all league data and started again but now I'm running into a PvP.patcher Kernel error. I've googled it but I haven't found any actual help on the issue beyond re-downloading(again) and hope that this fixes it. Is there any little "Rito Spaghetti code manipulation" things I can try(I.e. file movement/replacement) Thanks again for your help and for helping keep the game running!!!!
Porocles (NA)
: It sounds like you might be having a connection problem that can't reach the patching servers or download assets like news. Try out the steps of the [connection issues]( guide to fix this up. Even though your internet might be decent, you can still have issues reaching specific servers. I hope that helps!
The words didn't post, could you re-post it for me please? Thank you!
: I wouldn't say that, it's clear that Kled and some other yordles are somewhat aged. But because Poppy's been around before Demacia (and Demacia is on it's 3rd king) and she's still young, I'd reckon the average lifespan of a yordle is about 600-700
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: I am without age. I have always been, and always will be.
kinkan (NA)
: UPVOTE for a clown skin
{{champion:35}} : Do i even exist bro?
: My reaction when I realized Laughing Fish's younger than me
SHOUTS OUT TO ALL OF THOSE... ya know... 16 year old noobs like me... i got so hyped then it just died lol Minecraft 14 years old = seasoned veteran League of Legends 14 years old- OMG NOOB Y U FEEDING DA ENEMY, DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW TO BASIC ATTACK????
: yes you can play ranked 3v3 just at a certain time
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Aeszarck (NA)
: Hey MiniWhiteRabbit! I know this isn't related to the topic of the podcast, but do you know if Meanwhile in Top Lane is coming back? I really like the weekly post and I just want to know if I should continue hoping for it every Friday or not.
i believe, much like any hopes of urgot being played in worlds, it is dead
: first comment
: /ALL Chat | Pixel Piltover
Anyone else notice that in that last piece of art Jinx has on Caits hat?
morris1 (EUNE)
: Is {{champion:122}} starting to develop Teal disease like Fizz?
: Lee Sin. Ranged Melee Tanky DPS Assassin Mage Tank Support and Jungler all wrapped up in one defective man.
Eggbread (NA)
: Honestly, nothing too much changes. Baron steals are less prevalent and safer play is a little bigger. Immobile champions can no longer go over walls, making Bard really good for teams with Juggs. Basically, Bard gets picked more and the game is a little slower overall.
{{champion:432}} : Somebody say no more baron steals? hahaha id never do that :))))
: "Okay guys, now that Victorious Maokai's been announced, we need a catchy name for the past season"
Hopetryc (EUNE)
: Is even someone from riot in this comment section ? Cause i want to talk to someone from riot ,
They have no need to comment. Your perma-banned, end of story. Accounts only get unbanned due to a mix-up at Riot HQ in which they were mistakenly banned in the first place. if its banned due to your fault(which unless an alien typed the flame and hate then its you) then it is gone forever. My tip is to not be as toxic and wish trash on everyone who tells you these facts :)
Hopetryc (EUNE)
: I was toxic in that game? , i was telling him not to flame , and i muted them as well , seriously ??? Damn this community , Respect to you guys i hope you all are better , i hope you get picked every game with players like that ,
: How do you get an S on support?
If you want to get an S+ every game there is one sure fire way to do this Become Hokage
: ivern
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
NO WAY AR URF IS COMING BACK!!!! *next september*
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
: Favorite Off Meta Picks
Jungle {{champion:4}} Build him for AD attack speed and max his E first and its so fun
: Which champion would make the best presidential candidate and what would their platform be?
Zanzaj (NA)
: Help with Java homework! Intro stuff
Rip, no idea i saw java and thought it was coffee
: We /reply to your /ALL Chat comments
: Ohhhh okay, makes sense. Same logic applies to why your moms icon is a sea of white liquid
-_- Really bro, it was a joke not cool
Aeszarck (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=AetherealAnomaly,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=HdkoIHoy,comment-id=000900000001,timestamp=2016-09-29T20:53:41.131+0000) > > whatd he say? "Free Riot Blitzcrank, PAX Sivir, Arcade Hecarim, Full Metal Rammus, Arclight Varus skin codes at this google site!"
hehe i hate it when people do that, good for you all for leading the downvote charge
R2D20 (NA)
: downvote to oblivion
: thoughts on Rumble x Tristana
: Hush. The only acceptable Sonahri ship is SONAHRIKAISER!
Sylvalum (NA)
: Who is Ivern's voice actor?
: What's the inspiration for his goofiness? When I think of a tree-man protecting the squirrels, I would think of something slow and deliberate (think Treebeard the Ent), serious, calm, and not like he jumped out of Lulu's imagination XD (super excited to try him, though, don't get me wrong)
Harambe is the inspiration for all things good in this world
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