: Rule Clarification for the Punishment System in League of Legends.
> [{quoted}](name=Better Jungler,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=9EVf5ytF,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-10-16T20:12:42.463+0000) > > How reports work: > > * Reports do not stack up. If you get one report, its the same thing as getting 9 reports in one game. > > ***_ How Wrong you are. You are leading people towards the wrong direction with this statement. First of all, how do you know this? You give no reason or proof and stated none in your post as well. Speaking to a rito staff and taking their word on it? That's not actually hard evidence. I know for a fact that reports DO stack. A player is more likely to get banned if 2 people report that player for the same category. The system does not run your chat if only 1 person reports u. It runs your chat log if 2 or more players report you. I know this from my own experience. I get reported by 2 duos and i get a warning, later i got chat restricted. This has happened to me plenty of times so I am pretty familiar with how it works. Whenever I'm the single reporter of a person for being toxic I never get the notification that they were warned/punished. Same for when it is the other way around. Me and another player have actually tested this out in a game. We both use obvious toxic dialogue, then reported each other at the end of the game and we did NOT get a warning or restriction punish. Ive constantly experienced these situations where I know your statement is false. And I want to let others know as well.
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: Plat5 Supp LFG
> [{quoted}](name=Periscope,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=R2cInbg9,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-09-22T15:13:31.695+0000) > > Hey, P5 support looking for a team. I'm mainly interested in having fun and getting team rewards. I main Nami, but can also play Soraka, Leona, Braum, Nautilus, Taric, Lulu. > > Add me in game. Omgeee! I m also pV, and main those same champs.
: Im a darius main but im platinum 1 {{champion:122}}
> [{quoted}](name=Tychusfindlay919,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=wbis24vG,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-09-22T15:45:46.053+0000) > > Im a darius main but im platinum 1 {{champion:122}} Add for norms!
: imma Grill ♡ Support Main Plat V LF Top laner
: I am a supp main too. Can I have your hubby? hehe xd
> [{quoted}](name=SKT T1 Koon Ran,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=wbis24vG,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-09-22T15:34:32.305+0000) > > I am a supp main too. Can I have your hubby? hehe xd Omgeeeeee nooooo lol hes mines lolol jk maybe we can share mua haha
: imma Grill ♡ Support Main Plat V LF Top laner
Ye gut guud. Boosted plat fives these days. :D
: imma Grill ♡ Support Main Plat V LF Top laner
Losing spree in rank atm.. hoping that can be changed=! -__-
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: Abandoned Gaming Disaster Bound is looking for a support to round out the team
Ign: autistic support Rank: P5 Top 4 champs for that role: nami, leona, karma, lulu, nautilus Strengths: peel, trust in adc & team, ward hoarder, loyal, lots of time to play/practice usually Weaknesses: sometimes too passive in lane, needs to be told this, the occasional noob mistakes/fails Availability: after 2pm-11pm Est Prior Ranked experience(if any): never realky tried to climb from silver placements til this season what are your goals for the team: git gud, make friends n have fun all the while Thoughts on criticism: greatly taken and seeked out, easily accepted, i know im an autistic support, & willing to change name to "evolved autistic support" once i git gud; sometimes i need that blunt direct criticism to help me really see Why I should choose you: I'm actually really interested in this! Im very loyal to my team, and would love to be given a chance at this! Might make fails sometimes.. but i'd do my best to always improve if given a chance!
Azzmo (NA)
: [ CHAMPION CONCEPT ] Willow, The Forest's Keeper
: [Concept Champion] Mocha, The Barista
LOL this is so funny! I read the whole lore and it's quite creative how you've taken the time to create her profile. Fun to read!! but prob 0.01% chance of her becoming a real champion LOL. The taunts and verbal qs are hilarious too. Omgee thanks for the read. Much bravo for the author. I'd love to see more people like you creating more posts like this. =D {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: am I boosted?
: i wouldn't say boosted but playing supports like {{champion:40}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:37}} don't take nearly as much skill as it does for a lot of other champions. by the way, the guy who called you boosted was obviously just salty. don't worry about those kinds of people though
Ye.. he was just salty lol.
Serevas (NA)
: Well your name is PiksieDust, I'm assuming it was a complete guess. As to the boosted comment, no, not really, you did nothing that hasn't been available for quite some time. Even before dynamic queue came out there was still duo queue available. As to the comment of getting carried by the ADC, maybe I don't know the answer to that, but there's not really anything wrong with it if that's the case. From time to time everyone gets carried through games. You might lane against against people dramatically beyond your skill level and get crushed, only to have your team win the game for you, it happens. You also may crush your lane and carry your team, it's not very common for every person on your team to do well, typically at least one person gets carried by their team in each game. Edit: Boosting refers to the act of paying for a much higher skilled person to bring your account up to an elo that you don't belong in. For example Person A pays person B to play on their account and rank them up to platinum instead of being in bronze.
Ty! That is the true/real definition of boosted.
: OK as a support, you are used to playing with that ADC and that ADC is in turn used to playing with you. You synergize well together so you do well. If I had to guess I would say your ADC friend most likely would have the same issue in allot of cases. One of the easiest ways to lose bot lane is for you and your adc to not be on the same page... I have seen lots of Ezerals jump into combat and die because, A: the support didn't back them up, or B: the Ezreal was stupid and the support was in no position to back him up. Boosted is honestly more of an opinion than a fact in most cases. If you play with the same people often, you will work well with them and win more games. Some call that boosted, but it is really just teamwork. However playing with the same people doesn't teach you flexibility. You need to learn how to go with the flow of your adc for the most part. Unless your ADC is stupid, then just play it safe and protect your lane and help the Jungler when he ganks. He most likely called you a girl because your name is PicksieDust, and that kind of does have a girly flair to it. Not many guys would choose that for a user name. All in all you are not boosted, just inexperienced.
Thank u. this helps a lot
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: Tahm Kench cannot W Tristana
Yup. . . maybe we can make a ticket or something.. get this to ritos attention.. idk. just hopefully they notice and fix it soon enough. . .
: Girl Gamer LF Diamond Coach Bot Lane Expert
thanks for the feed back guys! I'll add the relevant ones and we'll work something out :D
Radabon (NA)
: (Gold II) ADC looking for a support to dynamic queue with.
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: > [{quoted}](name=PiksieDust,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=5GvHZ3bo,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2016-07-05T03:46:32.115+0000) > > Ez to get S's as supp if ur doing it right. I get S prob 75%+ of the games i win as support. My problem is I'm either A. Playing Leona and I either go in and Die or my team is godlike and follows up immedietly. Either way we get kills most of the time. I'm completely fine with suiciding to get the team ahead. Other problem is B. If I play a mage support I try to make a fancy play and fail really bad. I've gotten the most S's with leona, but i'm still learning so I only get them about 25% of the time.
True, leona's an all in champ, its hard for her to escape once shes in deep. The trick is to build her rlly tankaaayy so u can take in all the dmg while ur team follows up (hopefully) & u dont die. I believe ur on ur way to becoming a great leona tho gL! When playing mage supports if u wanna get the S, ill advise 1) pick a support with rlly good peel - raka sona lulu janna nami thresh alistar. Trick is to alwayz have wards up before fighting in lane. And always know when to go in and not to. After lane phase always be near where all the action and team fight is. That way u can focus on helping initiate && keeping ur team and urself alive. Its always good to stay alive so u can help ur team = #S!!!
: Sometimes I want to step back from it all
: What role am I?
"Yet no matter how good I do, I'm still reliant on my team." This should be the last clue that makes it obvious. . .
: Not support because I have a hard as fuck time getting an S on that and its my main role. Probably Jungle since objective help.
Ez to get S's as supp if ur doing it right. I get S prob 75%+ of the games i win as support.
: What role am I?
: Notice Me Senpai!!! Why I"m sad, as a suppport
Yea... we are like a motherly role that no one notices or appreciates. In fact i declare there should be a Support's Day ! or something. :D
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: Plat ADC Looking For Support with Skype.
Wasteful (NA)
: LF a support main in silver / gold to mentor
Im a full support main thru and thru. And would benefit greatly from your teaching! Ive added you. Please help. I have skype. Silver 1 atm
: > [{quoted}](name=PiksieDust,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=uOx74UrL,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-06-30T15:35:57.666+0000) > > Similar situation happened to me about a month ago. I was tahm and i couldnt eat my own Adc. There's definitely a Bug with tahm's W spell. > I would first make sure u are in range of the enmy to W them. I tried to W my adc at the base after i told him to stay still and it didnt work. So i know there's a bug here... RITO help I was 100% in range both times. Give me some upvotes so this gets noticed please.
> [{quoted}](name=theArtifacts,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=uOx74UrL,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-06-30T21:01:08.980+0000) > > I was 100% in range both times. Give me some upvotes so this gets noticed please. Upvoted. But its gonna b hard 4 u to catch it on vid. Only happens like 1/20 games ishhh i would say. Which is still a lot considering how many ppl play lol.
: [Gameplay] Tahm Cant Eat Enemy
Similar situation happened to me about a month ago. I was tahm and i couldnt eat my own Adc. There's definitely a Bug with tahm's W spell. I would first make sure u are in range of the enmy to W them. I tried to W my adc at the base after i told him to stay still and it didnt work. So i know there's a bug here... RITO help
ripchief (NA)
: need someone who's not a boosted animal i'm silver 1
It seems every booster drops them boosted animals at around the Gold V area... They are everywhere here.
: We need buffs to Cloud Drake.
20 mins into game, No one still has taken the cloud drake.... poor drake.
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: ADC advice please
Trading advice in early lane: 1) Yes, make sure you've farmed most of the wave before trading. Minions hurt! 2) Make sure you are not 1 or 2 levels BELOW the enemy adc or supp. Example: As if they get to lv 2 before you they WILL have the advantage. obviously. On the other hand, if you get to lv 2 first, know that YOU will out trade them 3) notice the enemy bot lane's comp.. so your play style can adapt to it. example, if it's an aggro lane like {{champion:222}} {{champion:89}} Make sure your always in position to dodge leo e's and not get stunned. Play passive in comps like these. don't die and just farm. Until an opportunity time comes, ie gank, they try to stupidly dive, they are split apart or alone and can be picked etc Adc is not my best role.. but as a supp main I DO see that 90% of my adcs always get out traded when they try to initiate a fight/ trade. If the supp is not in the midst of harassing and poking, most of the time they wouldn't be expecting it and they might not be able to follow up quick enough. IMO The only time an adc can/should initiate a fight/trade is when they are FED or it's into a 1v1 with the other adc and they know they can out play. I recommend to always wait for the support to initiate first-- unless you are already out trading their adc with your harrass and the enemy supp is not doing anything about it LOL :D Ofc you should harass now again from a safe distance while farming, not just with spells, but with aa... But if Enemy support approaches you even just a little, expect that they are going to poke u! and 1) move back to avoid the harass, or 2) trade with them if you know their adc is not going to follow up 3) Never just stand there and keep farming and take the free harass! You can't always expect your support to help trade with you in lane. tho a good support constantly helps with trades and sustain. But you should also have the ability and reason to hold off on your own in lane as well. This comes from practice and mechanics. So don't go in head first into a trade/fight if supp isn't with you. Wait for the suppp to initiate OR your jg to gank and FOLLOW UP. if you let them push enough, a smart jg will notice and come early. Use the enemy's aggression and hunger to your advantage, ie. they might even tower dive if you play passive near tower. So if you're farming, and your support is not harrassing or poking to zone them-- What is the supp doing?? Most of the time a supp will be looking for the right opportunities to go in and poke/harass and initiate. Trust your and communicate with them. Ask them to help poke/initiate when they can/etc if theyre not already doing. Bot lane is a lot about trust.. being the only f*** duo'd lane where you have to 99% deal with a teammate side by side- throughout the entire game, you need trust, even if it's ONLY a LEETLE bit. Minutes into a game you will see how your 'partner' is playing, try to adapt to it. BC If you 2 are not synchronizing, one of you needs to adapt to the other's play style. That's the only way to win lane. If you guys are playing 2 totally diff ways it will be a lossed lane and potentially even game. There is little or NO trust between you and your supp at the beginning of the game but it will have to be built and developed as the game goes on. ie can I trust this guyy to keep tri and river warded? Can I trust this raka to heal me when needed? Can I trust braum to use his shield if jinx/cait ults? Can this nami even land her bubble?
Woook3r (NA)
: a ranged stun that comes up every 7 seconds. An ultimate that makes your adc invulnerable. Eating your adc. Black shielding your adc. Zhonyas for your adc. Janna shields for your adc. Janna ults for your adc. Lulu Ult for your adc. Shall I go on?
Welp, I'm not gonna start an arguement about which supp is the best for engage and diseng. Bc no supp is really better than the other. it's really HOW theyre played and up to the player... unless u wanna 1v1 meh in an epic support battle we can decide lol
: Is Zyra balanced?
I believe the way they changed zyra has upped up the skill level you need to play her. zyra is balanced tho.. even though she does tons or dmg, she has 0 mobility and escapes. For champs who have ez lock downs & gap closers like rengar, kha and hec etc, it's super easy to take her out 1st. The moment shes used all her seeds and you know seeds are on Cd= dead. the moment you know she just used her snare & plants = dead. Positioning is really important for zyra and it's easy to die the second your out of pos. Ppl think shes more scary than she really is. At early game in lane she is. never trade with her, BUT Mid to late she can be taken out ez with the right timing and notice of her positioning. A lot of ppl like to flash away when she ults... but if there's only 1 plant there or none, it's really not worth the flash unless you know the enemy team is there and going to jump you. I'd say, zyra can be easily countered if you pay att to where her seeds are&the CD on her seeds (she can only carry 2 afterall, and theyre on quite high CD). The other seeds would be random and she needs to be in the area for a certain amount of time to grow them there.
: Why this game is not a very fun game. (Partly because of Dynamic Queue)
...what makes it even worse is that you're grinding LP to get an **individual **rank on a rank that is based around a team game. OP sentence. So why can't Rito understand this? Bring back soloQ, (which theyre not) or morph DQ into something more of the INbetween, why {{champion:111}} have both as a rank option?
Woook3r (NA)
: I completely disagree. Draven doesnt need help engaging. He needs help disengaging from ganks and he needs a shield for stronger trades.
> [{quoted}](name=MightySaturn,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Eh3jqT46,comment-id=0000000000010000,timestamp=2016-06-08T18:16:58.668+0000) > > I completely disagree. Draven doesnt need help engaging. He needs help disengaging from ganks and he needs a shield for stronger trades. what better engange and disengage than a stun that comes up every 5 or so Secwith cdr? AND an AOE ult stun?? Leo is definitely one of the best engage and disengage tank. Even tho she has no escapes to save herself, her stuns will def peel for the team! Her passive helps with trades already LOL
: How do you get over ranked tilt?
This is what I do and maybe it can help you as well.. just throwing it out there: 1) Turn your tiltedness to sadness. 2) Be sad (when your sad and calmed, you think more clearly. Take this time to reflect on the game. Things that YOU could have done differently to help. Maybe communicated better to team to give them directions. Maybe build differently, focused diff objectives game. What went wrong early-mid game to cause the loss? How could you have turned the tables and come back? 3) Now if your still sad or tilted a bit, go talk to one of your league friends who will listen to you rant about the game and what tilted you 4) Hope that league friend is nice and will empathize with you, maybe even share some of their tilt experiences 5) Start to realize again that there will be bad games and there will be good games. It happens to everyone. it will be okay. 6) Feel a bit better (hopefully) 7) Turn to 2-3 Normals to take off the weight 8) Find people on here or in game and play with them. Look up their stats on op gg. Know their play style and if it suits you. If it does, great. Try to play most of your rank with ppl who's play style you know & TRUST. It will help. This is coming from a psychology major, league addict, and tilt suppressor Have a nice day
NoPaxt (NA)
: I can only comment on my experience, but Draven and Leona have been quite deadly together...
> [{quoted}](name=Stark of Wrath,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Eh3jqT46,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2016-05-10T21:04:00.765+0000) > > I can only comment on my experience, but Draven and Leona have been quite deadly together... Agreed. from all my experiences as well 0.0
Woook3r (NA)
: Ezreal + soloq potatoe vs anyone. Jana or soraka + soloq potatoe vs anyone. Thresh + jinx vs not alistare or blitzcrank.
yea I like soloQ potatoes too. where do they grow?
: Lux ezreal is really fun. Combo the ults for long range finishes, and the harass is crazy
it's the power of being blond and related
Woook3r (NA)
: draven leona actually have pretty poor synergy. He goes best with janna according to statistics.
depends on the types of players. I usually play with aggressive adcs who have good mechanics (im very picky about my adcs) and an aggressive draven WILL do well with a Leona majority of the time. Although I agree janna is good paired with anything. I just believe leo and drave can secure more kills in lane for sno balls. supporting your adc in the first 10-15 min will show you how your adc plays. try to adapt and synergize with them the best you can. it can work out. Janna just synergizes with everyone with no trying.
: {{champion:29}} and {{champion:412}} {{champion:21}} and {{champion:89}} {{champion:236}} and {{champion:201}} Probs one of the best lanes
ooh yea I like braum and luc ^^ op
: Twitch and Taric for the invisible stun
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