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: Can not see friends list or recent play list
Same issue here. Right when I was trying to play with a friend this happens T.T Riot please fix asap
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: Dude it's quite a selective progress you have to have a clean record and need to play with a lot of people (a lot of the things they test are social based such as chat, summoner profile searching etc.) So if you recently afked a bunch or got reported then you prob won't get it. They want people who try to uphold the summoners code and can reliably and calmly give good feed back such that they can make changes for the better. (and let's face it no one's gonna want you if you're a toxic and angry person). GL trying to get the alpha access bro.
I'm not a toxic league player, but I do have times where I have to go afk so probably thats why
FenixYb (NA)
: pbe
feelsbadman, been playing this game since idk when lol but never got into pbe haha
: Dark Star Thresh News
I don't know man. I'm in the same boat with you: bought it when it came out and now can't play it. feelsbadman
: {{champion:157}} What {{champion:23}} Is {{champion:266}} This {{champion:36}} Mana {{champion:58}} You {{champion:107}} Speak {{champion:102}} Of {{champion:86}} ?
: Suicide in League of Legends, Let's Talk !
I think Gromp threatened him? xD
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TiXz (NA)
: My ping noise?
No. I have speakers.
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: Play the champions YOU like!
I agree with you! Even though lee sin got his e reduces attack speed I think? But I still love him,
Xyloh (NA)
: New preseason team looking for Jungle/Mid. Silver+ 18+
If need a sub mid add me er something
Rhyto (NA)
: I wish I could do that too....XD also I wish we can get a refresh of our refunds per season?
I love that.... So we can be able to test some champions or skins that we like and don't like Rhyto
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: PSA: The meaning of "Counterplay"
League Of Skills LOS! See what I did there.... hehe..... :(
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
So how do I know what I've done in the past?{{summoner:4}} {{summoner:4}}
: same situation right now. playing as morg just sitting waiting for it to connect. probably WONT be a loss prevented.. sad.
Dang. That sucks Good Luck on Recconecting im still on standby.
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: Can't log in?
Report Riot please.{{summoner:11}} {{summoner:11}} {{summoner:11}} {{summoner:11}}
: DK Gnar??
Wow I have never thought of that but that's a good idea!
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: Can't log in?
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: my conclusion after watching "a new dawn" cinematic
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: The Doom Bots of Doom have come
I beat all the levels and level 5 was hard i'm not gonna lie it was really hard then after 6 games if level 5 I beat it i'm happy. :D


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