: Mastery Selection and Editting in Champ Select
Same thing happens to me. I also found that trying to edit masteries during champ select was very slow and seemed affect the background music.
: did this work for you?
It did work for me. Seems to get past the black screen to the loading screen.
: [CRASH]- Black Screen after champion select in all game modes (MAC)-Patch 6.2/Sona-Bug related
Hey! Good catch with connecting the issue to the Sona bug, I remember trying to watch a friends game who had a Sona in it just before this started happening. The spacebar+enter+delete method seems to be a good temporary work around.
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: im 10.9.5, maybe we are supposed to update os?
I was browsing through the message boards and found a temporary fix. If you get the black screen, mash spacebar+enter+delete and your game should load. Try it out on a custom game versus bots first. Not ideal, but it works. Sadly I don't think I'll risk playing ranked until they have a real fix
1006 (NA)
: exactly same thing here
I assume you are Mac user as well? I'm on OS X Yosemite Version 10.10.5
: Error Message Upon Login to Client on Mac on Patch 6.2
I have had this message also come up as well. Sadly, whatever the problem with the client is, I can't play any games on league. As soon as I leave champ select, I get a black screen that I'm unable to get out of. I usually have to restart my computer. I tried restarting, repairing, and reinstalling the client to no avail.

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