: Riot, we need to talk about... this.
100% this. I am in digital marketing and advertising. I know that Riot is going for the "Call them a noob to make them want to play to prove us wrong" idea but it doesn't work and it really is insulting. ANY game company can do this. Riot should be marketing their strength, they have a huge player base and the gamers that aren't playing this game definitely know about it. So market to them and the gamers and non players who have heard of the game but haven't tried it yet. Give them an incentive to play, peak their curiosity, WHY haven't they started playing yet? Don't insult them.
: Skater Girl Taliyah
Snowday taliyah could work so well too, same style and 90's neon coloring and it also ties into one of Riots biggest skin thematics. A huge snowbank would work just as well as a rail:) Plus pelting people with snowballs 24/7 would be great
: No sense i play a burst mage and u do more damage than me building tank when im build full damage glass canon.
Try focusing the squishies not the tanks. You don't burst a tank, that's the purpose of being a tank. Just tank things
: Love The Fact We Can Choose The Next Illaoi Skin, but...
I was pretty surprised they didn't have Dunkmaster Illinoise either. She's definitely due for a skin and I also remember her void skin was considered a thematic failure so I understand why they would want to ask us the second time around, however I'm surprised they chose her out of all the champs because she doesn't have the biggest fan base. I'm glad I had the chance to vote and I think this is a great idea, but at the end of the day it wont make a different to me because I won't personally be buying the skin.
: I wouldn't say jhin sucks but he's not as great for this meta for sure. I guess my champion that people say suck right now but i love to play is probably {{champion:9}} {{champion:76}} Middlesticks or Fiddle support or Fiddle Top or Nidalee top/mid/support...they've seen so much jungle play lately people just don't like seeing them anywhere else but I actually am something like 71% with Fiddle over 31 games so i'm not gonna fix what ain't broke! now nidalee, i need some work on but i've had some mean games with her going ad top.
Nidalee in general. I played a few games of her yesterday for the first time ever and got flamed so hard by my team even though I said it was my first time playing her. Still had a blast, but I wasn't the best lol
: :) I think this is a really awesome high level look at Star Guardian! Now it might not be _completely_ the case with SG, but at times we do get excited and jump at an idea without a comprehensive understanding of how it might evolve once it's in players' hands. We can't always anticipate what's going to have a lot of resonance, and part of why Riot loves feedback is so that we can have our ears open to hear it directly from fans. If League Players resoundingly say "HELL. YES. SECONDS PLEASE." We go "Awesome. Give us a hot minute and we'll cook some more of that pot pie for ya." I can think of a few champs that would be really good foils for the Star Guardians. :)
STARGUARDIAN URGOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT - he'll be on the dark side but JUST as fabulous
Rioter Comments
: The real reason veteran players are unhappy with the rune rework:
The most frustrating thing for me is that the grind for these runes could literally take MONTHS, even YEARS of a player's time if a player chooses to also buy champions with IP too. Veteran players are not only losing out on all of the IP they dumped into runes, they also don't get the time back and this is the biggest issue for me. The sheer amount of time it took to grind out the runes should be enough to be fully compensated. Riot's current stance, which I hope changes, is one that says that our time invested doesn't matter. If it didn't take so damn long to grind out IP for runes, then I would be fine with not being fully compensated because I wouldn't have HAD to invest so much of my time to begin with. But the fact is, hundreds and thousands of hours were put in to grind out 100s of runes so that we could compete and I am extremely frustrated that my time isn't being valued. I should also say that I am not a veteran player (S4 was my first season), and I only grinded out runes that would be barely passable so that I can play. The fact that I am upset by this without having fully grinded out every rune makes me feel like veteran players have even more of a right to be fully compensated, if not with direct IP refunds, then in a similar solution that the OP posted. Hoping this gets some kind of Riot response - especially since this issue is directly related to their longest, most dedicated player base
Avarist (EUW)
: Same here, at first I was optimistic and thought it had great potential, but as time goes on I am seeing more and more potentially obnoxious gimmicks that are gonna' be introduced with s8. But more than that, my issue is how drastically this is going to change the game, and so suddenly. Mechanical changes to the game should really be introduced slowly so we have time to adjust, and if something goes horribly wrong there is less issue in reverting it or reworking it into something good... This new runes system is going to be so sweeping across all lanes, all playstyles, all strategies that we use in every period of the game... This is really risky by Riot, in my opinion. I know that sounds dramatic but honestly the latest reveal of Summoner Specialist is just that, a sweeping mechanical change. And the previously highlighted keystones while less drastic are still capable of changing play patterns pretty heavily.
I think that the important thing to remember here is that the goal here is to (possibly) sacrifice some short term balancing health for the game in order to implement a new rune system that will have much more impact, and be more healthy, in the long term.
: US President Donald J. Trump announces his new Executive Order.
: Ur-got caught? <_< i regret nothing.
you mean.... UR Gert Kert I regret nothing more.
Doozku (NA)
: Suggestion for Improving Clarity on Kayn's meter from a PBE player.
I can see how that would be frustrating and as someone who can't wait for Kayn to come out I would 100% like to see this happen
: >This ability: Reveals, draws in, slows, and grounds all nearby enemies in the area. Stop with Grounded shit. I wouldn't have a problem if it didn't stop Flash, but it does. Right now, this is an Orianna ult on steroids, without the counterplay of the ball that you can't even preemptively Flash without being on the outer edge already which is basically out of a teamfight's range as is. Legit, pick anyone with good AoE like Lux, Brand, or Ziggs for Mages, or even picks like Darius and Jinx would absolutely decimate teamfights with a Diana just Flash E R'ing the enemy team.
I like the concept of switching her E and her R – it’s a change I’ve been hoping for a while. However, I agree that this ability is over tuned the way you’ve presented it and it doesn’t have any counter play. To add some complexity and counter play to her abilities I think her ult should _**only effect enemy players that are marked by her Q**_. Without this, it would be too easy to dive in and ult while you zhonyas and then have your team follow up, so there should be some kind of requirement before Diana can do that. These changes adds a layer of depth and purpose to her reason for diving - She is a diver and a fighter not a diver/engager. I feel like her strategy should be to dive in after she hits priority carries with her 2 Qs and then pull in effected targets with her Ult. Her E can be used to stick to targets and her W will let her live long enough for her team to follow up. This gives Diana's kit clear strengths and weaknesses, while also reinforcing her diving/fighting game play. It rewards players that correctly execute her kit and have the right team comp (engagers that enable her dive, and follow up damage after Diana dives in) It also rewarding enemy players that avoid her q damage, get out of her ult range, or can burst her down if she attempts to dive before her team can follow up. I love this discussion, Diana was one of the first champions I picked up so I'm hoping Riot's eventual rework fixes some of her issues!
: {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
the ONLY reason i eat my broccoli is because I saw faker do it.
: Redemption + Locket still too strong. No one cares.
seems like you have strong knowledge of a champ and itemization and figured out how to use those strengths to your advantage
: Is Galio the only melee champ who has 0 synergy with AA?
{{champion:131}} Here passive gives an AoE buff to her AA, but other than that it's all abilities, and her passive AA buff doesn't even help with PvP it's just to help her waveclear in the very early levels of the game before she can insti-clear with Q
Dankstin (NA)
: *my old, not smile. Misheard lyrics much.
: who said he can't top after the rework? in fact, he could be better than he is now. {{champion:111}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:48}} supports and top just fine, backed-up with data from http://na.op.gg/champion/statistics
Taking Aatrox and making him a primary support and secondary top laner would be like taking any of your examples and making them a primary mid laner and secondary top or support It doesn't work for the people who play him. It looks like you play a lot of Skarner, what if Riot decided to rework him (again) and turn him into a squishy mid lane mage?
: If you could stop one champion from being created, who would it be?
: A Battlemaster would differ from your usual Healing and Peel support in that he lacks raw UTILITY but offers specific in COMBAT bonuses that allows him to dictate the flow of battle, providing specific bonuses to his allies in form of buffs that help them do their job. They'd lack healing like Soraka, pure peel like Janna, heavy CC like Alistar and Nautilus but offer more OFFENSIVE buffs. They'd be able to accent their allies strengths by allowing them to succeed in combat rather than offering simple things like peel and co. Susceptible to being picked off one by one or having assassins just dive their carries but deadly in an all out WAR (5v5)
I definitely agree with your idea of battlemaster in that they should bring combat bonuses to the table and that the utility they provide should be offensive. I personally think of movement speed when moving toward enemies, and I think that there are a lot of interesting ways that lifesteal could work in this scenario, given that Aatrox's 2 core thematic/stats are diving and lifesteal: 1. A percentage of your lifesteal instead heals your closest ally (or target ally - like the ADC) 2. If you are above X% health, all lifesteal converts to your closest ally (or target ally - like the ADC) 3. Lifesteal increases based on the number of allied champions within x radius from you 4. Lifesteal increases based on the number of enemy champions near you Maybe this isn't for Aatrox, but I think an offensive healer would be great. Someone that isn't the Soraka of healing or the Brand of offensive damage - but someone who can bring both in a niche way.
: It's late, so take this with a grain of salt.
Thematically you're ideas could be a great fit for a support role, but i would worry that these changes would alienate Aatrox's small but loyal player base. Taking someone's favorite top lane fighter/diver/drain tank and saying "sorry, we're making him a support now" wouldn't sit well with them. Or anyone for that matter. All I'm saying is that thematic execution of a champion is just one piece of the puzzle. With that said though, a Battlemaster support sounds awesome, it just might not be Aatrox.
Jon1174 (NA)
: I Think Mark Twain Sums Up Why People Get In Trouble And Blame The Guy The Were Arguing With
My grandpa used to always say "never argue with an idiot, they will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience"
Pale Pirate (EUNE)
: Riot, removing normal drafts would be as bad as electing Trump.
Dêcoy (EUNE)
: Retiring Normal Drafts - I beg you Riot, answer in this thread.
This is the only game mode I play. I dont want it to go. Blind picks are the worst: it forces bad matchups, creates toxic play, and ruins games. I play a variety of champions, I enjoy the pick/ban phase and use it as a way to find a champion I like to play while at the same time catering to my team's picks as well as the picks of the opposing team. You CANT DO THAT with blind picks. You have no idea what you're picking into, and half the players on your own team are arguing about what to pick. Riot, honestly, with the huge backlash your received when you removed soloQ, why would you start the new year and new season by removing yet another loved game play???? If you are going to insist on removing Normal Draft, Riot, AT LEAST set it so that players get a 1st and 2nd position choice. At least then there wont be as many issues within a team, and we can focus all of our hate on the immobile Xerath that blind picked into zed and didn't bring exhaust or even heal
abdul569 (EUW)
: A guide to picking your champion when facing Lux
: @KateyKhaos - Blade Queen Lissandra's Recall
What bother me is that you dont use Program Lissandra
Dehitay (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=TiiGz,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NTM3dizb,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2016-10-31T20:05:03.976+0000) > > Highlighting a hero&#x27;s core strengths and weaknesses is the best way to buff/nerf heroes. > > I think that this is a really great nerf idea for him. The reason Jayce is back in the meta is because the mana restrictions to his early game were removed and he no longer has to rush tear and can go right for damage. Riot buffed Jayce&#x27;s core strength which is his ability to poke > > But. Now that he is back in the meta, Riot should look to nerf his core weakness - which is getting past his poke and into melee range. Riot should consider rewarding players that get are able to do this and removing his resistances, or at least lowering them would be a great start. Wait, what? When was his mana management made less intensive? I have noticed that people aren't building tear anymore and I always thought that was weird. But I never figured out how or when it happened. What patch made him less mana dependent?
: The idea that females need to be 'massive' or 'bulky' to be strong...
I completely agree, and you are making solid points for sure. There are a lot of strong female characters in this game, and they have a variety of strengths. I love Illaoi's design and I think she got a lot of positive receptions. In her case, not only was she strong, but she's tanky as well. I agree that not all female characters need to be big and bulky to be strong, but I do think that characters (not just female) need to be big and bulky to be tanky. It's a design thing, characters need to look like what they are. That's why I think Illaoi was tastefully designed - they didn't just slap on a bunch of armor to make her look like a tank. She's a tank right down to her core, from her lore and her personality down to her appearance and role in Runeterra. She is just one hero though, I think that there are a bunch of female characters that are strong in different ways without having to be bulky, you name a bunch already. I love Shyvanna, Lissandra, and Ashe in particular - all are super strong and dominant in their own way without being a hulking giant
: If Nidalee and Elise got their melee bonus resists removed, Jayce doesn't need them either
Highlighting a hero's core strengths and weaknesses is the best way to buff/nerf heroes. I think that this is a really great nerf idea for him. The reason Jayce is back in the meta is because the mana restrictions to his early game were removed and he no longer has to rush tear and can go right for damage. Riot buffed Jayce's core strength which is his ability to poke But. Now that he is back in the meta, Riot should look to nerf his core weakness - which is getting past his poke and into melee range. Riot should consider rewarding players that get are able to do this and removing his resistances, or at least lowering them would be a great start.
: [Opinion] Ability tooltips should show TOTAL damage (1 number) rather than a math equation.
There are huge benefits for simplified versions and the non simplified version. I can't see a reason why they cant do both and offer an in-game option to toggle it.
: is there a champ you hate dying to?
{{champion:35}} Just hate the way he snowballs with the early cheese and if that's successful he's a complete pain. You can't see him coming, you cant pin him down, and good Shaco players are next to unstoppable. Plus, his "counter" is warding, which basically means he has no counter in low elos
: I have discovered the ultimate secret to not tilting.
I stopped forum lurking to create a new tab, get this going on youtube, and continue my reading here
: > [{quoted}](name=NiamhNyx,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=dTmhgimq,comment-id=0000000000010001,timestamp=2016-10-26T09:45:26.335+0000) > > Dont even try, ive fought many times with people on the boards about this. They don&#x27;t listen and always think people lower than diamond know nothing. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-YwjORDnEQ8k/UzIXGAuX_CI/AAAAAAAAwO4/T67U9LuSzp0/s1600/arguing-with-idiots-is-like-playing-chess-with-a-pigeon.jpg
"Don't argue with an idiot, they'll bring you down to their level and beat you with experience"
: Whenever the enemy Assassin complains about not being able to kill me
Morde would never eat Flan... too soft and fluffy
: Anivia's passthrough damage will break the shield/channel. Proc again for stun. Or just like... Wall. Sol starts break the shield/channel. Ori Q breaks the shield/channel, ult to followup, or just W for slow. A number of others can easily break the shield/channel, but others are more vulnerable (which is okay). The channel is easy to break, so that's what needs to be focused on with EoN. If you see it happening, you just need to hit with anything else to stop it. If they run at you before channeling, your disengage will still go through and they won't get their shield. The channel time is the best balance lever on the item, and where I expect to see changes if it actually is problematic.
I agree that a number of these champions can break the shield, BUT BUT BUT, there is another issue... The shield can be cast every 30 seconds(?) which means EVERY 30 seconds the assassin will be able to force mages to cast 2 spells just to avoid being engaged on. This extra spell casting creates huge mana problems and spell conservation issues. PLUS, this escalates the issue by forcing mages to build Morellos to compensate for their spell spamming.... Building Morellos to solve the mana issues means mages will have to delay their much needed Zhonyas and Armor It's a catch 22 - no matter which way you build you're at at disadvantage - Both Morellos and Zhonya's are needed in order to survive against the oppressiveness of assassins
: You could say that Fiora's passive is...
Yup, your name checks out.
Meddler (NA)
: 6.23 or 6.24 might be the patch for you then. We've got some exploration into Shyvana changes underway. Bit early to talk details, looks initially promising though, with a focus on dragon form primarily (at least so far).
What are your thoughts on how these changes will effect her viability in the top lane as well as the jungle?
: @Riot Blood Lord Vlad skin got worse after rework.
Just by taking a quick look at the before and after , I can see why you bought the skin for the animation. It looks awesome.
Rebonack (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=TiiGz,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lBfe7QrR,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2016-10-05T15:50:46.010+0000) > > I really like the idea of Kog destroying resistances and think this could give him a really unique niche as well. ADC&#x27;s are traditionally the carries of their team based on their damage output, but allowing kogmaw to shred resistances so that his teammates can dish out more damage would make him a Utility Carry which I think is a really cool idea. Exactly. It would give Kog two team types he would fit really well into. 1) Teams with high utility and low damage (protect the Kog). Kog's damage augmenting abilities would allow such a team to be much more of a threat than they would be normally. 2) Teams with high burst damage and lower sustained damage. Kog would be able to soften up hard targets so his team's Mages and Assassins can remove them decisively. And that isn't considering how it could be handy in generalist teams as well. As an added perk, shredding resist fits well with Kog's acid theme.
Ya and he is still a carry and would need to be protected for the massive utility he provides, I like it a lot. Also, giving him an ability that gives him X% armor/MR shred for every minion he kills would also preserve his hyper carry status. X would have to be a pretty small number. You could also go further with this and tie inthe part of his lore where he eats stuff. Get rid of one of his spells (probably e) and replace it with this: (E) Kog'maw lashes out his tongue and consumes an enemy minion below 50% health. For every minion consumed Kog'maw gains X armor/MR shred on his basic attacks. This attack deals X amount of damage to champions and slows them 20/28/36/44/52% --The tongue lash would give kog'maw a way to scale from a range, it is also a skill shot and still retains it's slow for peel -- the cooldown should probably be pretty high in order to prevent over scaling through consuming minions I don't know Rebonack, I think we're on to something here!
Rebonack (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=007 James Bard,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lBfe7QrR,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-10-05T10:26:14.184+0000) > > Kog&#x27;Maw was originally designed as a tank-busting hybrid who was supposed to build kind of like Jax. I miss Old Kog&#x27;maw greatly (52% total armor pen after using Q was hilarious, as was the old &quot;Build Madred&#x27;s and full tank and still outduel everyone&quot;) > > Then Riot release Vayne and slowly but steadily pushed Kog&#x27;maw out of his original niche and towards another generic marksman who doesn&#x27;t bring anything but the damages to the table. This right here is Kog's biggest problem. He has always had three competing identities in his kit. Artillery platform, long range machine gun, and tank-buster. Riot has been releasing new champions who specialize in one of those three aspects, do it better than Kog, and have a bunch of other perks besides. Kog arguably has too many competing identities in his Kit. Riot tried to pick one out and focus on it, but they chose poorly. Or at least the post remake follow-through was bad. Kog could probably use a full VGU. All the fiddling has really fractured his kit. Riot needs to pick ONE aspect and focus EVERYTHING on that. Given how many poke ADCs and long range ADCs we have, I would say the best route would be resist-shredding tank-buster. Vayne is the selfish tank-buster. Zeroing Kog in on destroying enemy resistance (and thus augmenting his team's damage) as his main thing would give him a unique niche to fill.
I really like the idea of Kog destroying resistances and think this could give him a really unique niche as well. ADC's are traditionally the carries of their team based on their damage output, but allowing kogmaw to shred resistances so that his teammates can dish out more damage would make him a Utility Carry which I think is a really cool idea.
: Champs Seen at Words: A List
Solid first week - already over 30% of the champions have been picked and this is still the knockout stages. Thanks for keeping track of all this - hopefully it will quiet some of the people complaining about the pick diversity.
Frosiph (NA)
: After roughly 7 months of tough work, I finally finished an app for us to easily compare our stats
This looks awesome, looking forward to the iOS version, make sure you post here again when it's ready to go. Appreciate all the effort, great idea
Skeeziks (NA)
: Yeah. Daisy.
are you guys brothers or something o.O Skekses and Skeeziks, sounds like a solid duo.
Goldglim (EUW)
: Nice idea, but I am afraid it might not be identifiable as a pool noodle. The size that we play on would make it hard to read. Unless we scale it up, but then its just a big cylinder shape...
I'm all in with this pool party Illinois, The pool noodles have to happen though, they would be pretty recognizable if you ask me. Riot could also just group a bunch of pool noodles together, or do some kind of pool float idea too.
: HateDaddys pro as heck guide to being really hard to kill.
: Theyre bruisers
They aren't bruisers. Rek'sai is a knock up bot and needs to build tanky so that she can survive for multiple knock ups and added disruption. Gragas is inititiation and peel. He needs to build tanky so that he can live through the initiation and team fight and then be alive to peel/disengage if things go poorly. Bruisers build damage - outside of Rek'sai occasionally building hydra, which also gives tanky stats, neither of them build damage nor are they picked for their damage dealing abilities
Ripo28 (NA)
: A skin concept For Kled. PIRATE KLED
Turn him into a large parrot, obviously. Now you have reverse pirate kled
Meep Man (NA)
: I wouldn't consider either Rek'sai or Gragas as a normal brand of Tank
They are though, Gragas Rek'sai both build pure tank except for a first item hydra for early ganks on Rek'sai. Tanks are front line, CC heavy champs and that's exactly what both Gragas and Rek'sai do. The only reason these two are so OP right now is because the Meta has gone back to standard lanes, and with the importance of first tower blood it is important to have junglers who can pressure lanes early. Gragas has his flash body slam combo, with follow up slows while Rek'Sai can gank at unusual angles with his borrow ability also flash/knock up.
: I have come to the conclusion that too high of a majority of the people who play ranked games at bronze-silver and I am sure, even sometimes gold elo do not actually differentiate between Ranked and Unranked games. In other words, they play ranked games with little to no care or effort, when they should leave that mindset in aarams or even unranked ques. There needs to be a better system of punishment for players who are intentionally and obviously (consistently) not putting forth effort in ranked games. I am talking about players who not only feed, but also players who have obviously given up well before a game would end. Do not neglect lower elos, because I can tell you from personal experience that the lower the elo the worse this problem is - which makes climbing a living nightmare {{champion:56}} Why should players who are trying their damndest in any elo be penalized for players who type in chat "gg" at 10 minutes after giving away 4 kills? I don't understand why I need to lose lp because of these people. Ty
This^^^^ The OG couldn't have hit this more on the head. Too many casual players are playing ranked games thinking that ranked will give them the best "competitive" experience. NORMALS AND RANKED ARE BOTH COMPETITIVE. The distinction is that Ranked is for competing with the goal of climbing. Normals are for competing for the fun of it.
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