2Behold (NA)
: Wasn't the shooting through an ally to buff them while damaging an enemy also something they toyed with for jihn or kindred or something?
Original Karma actually had something like this on live. Her Q use to be a cone skill shot that damaged enemies and (when empowered) heal allies
Kadexe (NA)
: Would Stormrazor make more sense as an AP item?
Because {{item:3100}} already exists
: Someone explain how Nexus Blitz is fun
Because we enjoy games that dont last past 20 mins but have a late game by 15 with no meta to tell people where to go and what to play. It's perfectly fine for you to not enjoy it. But you also have to ask yourself if you really want those quest rewards. If the answer is "yes" then you just got to grit your teeth and push through. Otherwise go enjoy the modes you do like. Remeber, there are 2 currencies being rewarded. The nexus missions only give nexus coins. The Winter mission will give a bonus if you nexus coin for doing the nexus mission but you can ignore that and get the snowdown coin playing the regular game modes.
Terozu (NA)
: What exact time did the ranked season end?
https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/end-season-rewards-2018 It has a timer on it
: kill explosions?
ARURF? There are certain summoner icons that apply explosions on kills if you have it equiped during an URF game
: ARURF not counting for certain mission progress
I was just about to complain about the same bug. I have that one and one from yesterday that says "Be on the team to take out the first town on summuners rift" That one doesn't counter on ARURF either.
: Do you know why Godzilla is an impossibility?
A more appropriate game to make the analogy against might have been Hero's of the Storm. And generally speaking you aren't wrong. In that game there is a lot more maps with different objectives that demand different strategies. It makes hero pool more balance and the ability to make "niche" hero's more viable. There are more enviroments and where one character might accel on one map, they might also be terrible on another. The flip side however is that it makes the game less competative. Since there are many maps with different strategies, and more importantly, you can't choose which map you play on, it becomes really hard to learn how to play and what strategies are optimal. It also means Riot would have to do balancing on all the maps and the items for those maps and the players would also have to keep those in mind... But if the players could choose which map to play on, they will overwhelmingly choose Summoner's Rift. They have before. **TL;DR More maps = more casual**
s0ciety (NA)
: 14 day suspension for NOTHING?
It's rather impressive how after 4 perma-bans (going on a 5th) you still don't understand what you're doing wrong. Insulting you're teammates and demanding reports, that shit is not ok. The entire beginning of the match was just you spilling vile out of your mouth. It's more appropriate to say you said 40 bad things and 1 nice thing.
: The thing about malz though was, if you didnt get qss, then the 4 other champs could disrupt him. He's great 1v1 but his ult has so many counterplays outside a fucking item.
Oh it wasn't a question of counter play. He has plenty as pointed out. I think it was more intended to change the player's decision making away from "do I have my ult?" when deciding to fight another champion.
: Malzahar's new ultimate
The pool is 100% of the damage from his ult. But if even they suffer the full duration of the supression, it isn't that much damage. The point was to move his damage away from his ult one shotting people anyways and shift it into his other abilities.
: I cant get chests after reaching S rank
You can only get one chest from a champion per season
Vekkna (NA)
: That's Riot's explanation, but it makes no sense. They're leaving Gunblade for Akali and Jax, so Akali can't be the problem. {{champion:8}} Ok, so I'm really failing to see how this is much or any different than {{champion:2}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:75}} who still have kit-based healing, hard diving potential, and in Olaf's case a cc immunity and longer range. All while having access to items that allow them to heal in bursts from abilities and/or sustained healing from AAs. It's illogical to say that Vlad is a special problem, because he's not. {{champion:13}} is a problem with WoTA but {{champion:96}} with Gunblade isn't? The entire point of this thread is that Riot's explanation is 100% contradicted by AD champs who are allowed to have absurd healing from items on top of absurd heaing in their kits. Moreover, AD healing champs are allowed to stay broken as fuck for months on end with only love taps here and there (Mundo, Xin, Warwick, Trundle), and hybrid healing abusers are getting no change at all (Akali, Jax being broken as fuck). But yeah, we better delete WoTA because it's so problematic.
The difference is that Spellvamp requires you to use abilities to benefit. That means champions who are resourceless can spam skills away and heal a bunch while champions with mana are punished if they try that. Lifesteal on the other hand punishes no one for its use. (Also I don't know why Ryze was listed as a WotA abuser cause I'm pretty sure he never was)
: Can you really get banned for going the wrong lane?
A thing you should note is that when first entering the lobby, there's a moment were everyone's chat aren't synced up. So it's very possible for it to appear on your chat, you calling mid first but for others it gets delivered after they said something and it shows up second
Malfini (NA)
: Why were the Dodge Seals removed?
Damn that must've been one old spotlight. Dodge (and dodge seals) were removed as a stat ages ago. The current form of dodge is more of a buff like shields or cc immunity.
: [Club] Band of the Red Hand is recruiting! (18+)
IGN: Tilomentry Age: 25 I started reading the Wheel of Time series (well, listening to the audio books) back in November. It's always fun starting one of these series and then recognizing names and terms being elsewhere. I'm on the last book though so no spoilers!
Jo0o (NA)
: Is this actually a thing? I haven't been playing for long but I main support and I'm virtually never more than two levels behind.
There a huge amount of experience in kills right now. With how snowbally the game is, it is very common for supports (who usually don't get kills) to fall behind at least 2-3 levels. And then there is the occasional guy who gets fed and jumps up 2-3 levels above everyone else. Which means he is 4-6 levels above the support. And god help you if that fed guy is on the enemy team because then all he has to do is sneeze in your general direction and you're dead.
: You know whats not fun?
The worst part is that this isn't even an exaggeration or hyperbole. It is very common for supports to fall that many levels behind everyone else.
Rioter Comments
: meanwhile only champ with an AOE **instant** stun that isn't an ult
: Apparently if you click the client exit button it'll load up (then you can just select "No" to exiting). This should hold you over until they fix it.
JhinRuby (NA)
: Well for starters, full ad yi has wayyyy more dmg than tank yi, but tank yi is mor reliable due to said tankiness and damage still being strong. But with a melee that acts as a dps carry, must be squishy as inherit counterplay. But because he wasn't losing enough damage while building tanky is why he's being nerfed. Yes some assassins can dish out their damage in about 1-2 seconds. However yi can do the same thing with 1 Q and Auto attack, the problem for someone like yi is he has no real escapes besides running super fast. So yi case is bit more unique than lets say fiora. Fiora imo isn't a assassin, she has good mobility (requires to land the q though) of one and can dish out very high damage. But in the nature of her kit and passive, she's better built as a fighter however the problem is that due to nature of his passive combined with low cd of q, and ult allowing 4 passive hits. She doesn't lose meaningful damage for building similar to a juggernaut. So fiora herself, is just a liability which riot already kinda, acknowlegde their mistakes with her. But i'm still trying to understand, are you complaining about melee champs who are classfied as an assassin being squishy and kinda forced to build tanky to succeed?
My argument is that, it is unreasonable for a melee carry to be squishy without some guarantee that they can deal meaningful damage before dying. Assassins are simply an example of how a champion can afford to be melee, squishy, and go full damage. They only need a second to do their damage. But some champions (like Yi) can't deal their damage fast enough before dying (and no, 1 Q and an auto is not nearly as much damage as an assassin's) Fiora was just an example of another champion who is melee and expected to be squishy with a full damage build but is more optimaly played as a bruiser. Being a melee carry doesn't mean you have to be squishy. There just has to be a way for opponents to play against such a champion.
Rioter Comments
JhinRuby (NA)
: Well master yi shouldn't be diving in head first in a team fight unless cc is already blown, but what is the point you're trying to make? Trying to excuse the reason of yi building tanky and getting nerf because it doesn't hinder his dmg output as much as it should?
His point is that there is an inherent problem with being a squishy melee. Being melee means you are greatly exposed to danger and being squishy means you will die very easily when exposed to that danger. Thus being both means when you go to fight, you either succeed or die (with exception to a few particularly frustrating champions to play against). Therefore a squishy melee must look for windows of opportunity where they can succeed when they engage. For most assassins, they only need about ~1 second to output their full burst and kill their target and so, only need a window of about ~1 second. But for other champions like {{champion:11}} {{champion:114}} who need at least 2 - 3+ seconds to melt their targets down need equally long windows of opportunity which is unreasonable. So why try to be a pseudo-assassin with very difficult conditions for success when building tanky creates easier conditions?
: Vel'Koz? seems arbitrary which champions they picked. edit: (that's because it really was)
Yeah, he kind of fits in that sect as well but Riot's words are that he doesn't really bring anything new or interesting to that line of mages. Which I can see. {{champion:99}} is long range burst combo {{champion:101}} is a seiger who pokes and wittles down the enemy {{champion:115}} is zone control {{champion:161}} is stuck somewhere between burst combo and seige poke
: Why isn't Xerath, Swain, and Karthus going to take part of the Immobile Mage Update?
Xerath has be classified as an "Artillery Mage", a type of mage who seiges from super long range (like {{champion:99}} {{champion:115}} )
: is my jhin build good?
Flat AD scales better on Jhin than any of the {{item:3086}} items do. Getting one of them is fine for their unique passives (I prefer {{item:3094}} for the range) and to flesh out some crit for your first 3 attacks but anymore than that is inefficient.
Anraton (EUW)
: take a look here - going to "multipliers" http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/m8EHNfVe-dev-blog-marksman-itemization and according to http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Rapid_Firecannon rfc HAS crit
I think he's referring to the on-hit damage critting
ßoy (NA)
: I don't think it ever will, When you play verse someone, they see you with the normal champion skin. But who knows.
I was thinking if someone somehow made a custom skin that made champions visible through fog of war.
: Wondering if custom skins are or aren't allowed!
They are allowed at the moment. For the most part, moding League is only bad if it gives you an unfair advantage over your opponents. Changing in game models doesn't do that. The most it can do is screw up your sense of the hit box if the model is that much different from the actual champion. But this doesn't affect other players. So until/unless someone finds a way to make custom skins give an advatage over others, its ok to use.
: How it feels to escape with the Godyr
I don't know why this image is so mesmerizing but it is.
: Tahm main can contain bias I think it could be if they do Nerf it so true damage returns health gets tuned down to 50 or 60 percent since to be fair most of the time if you poke him down slowly over time then his grey health shield so Nerfing the overall damage into grey health would be pretty huge and im not saying completely make it so true damage doesn't add grey health so his jungle role becomes unviable since if true damage ignored grey health all you would do is get red invade Tahm free kill mostly since the red true damage. But I do feel like if they feel he is to strong make true damage reduce the amount of grey health he gets from true damage would be a good nerf.
I wasn't actually looking for true damage to ignore his grey health and personally I think that's kind of a weird convoluted mechanic you suggest. I was mostly just using it to express how powerful his grey health -> sheild is. It is hands down, the strongest tanking skill in the game barring invulneribility (and maybe Alitsar's ult). And considering the amount of damage and utility he brings in the rest of his kit, he should not get so much power without having to spec into it.
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: > [{quoted}](name=CEXY,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YzoLjET8,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2016-03-02T00:00:46.439+0000) > > How did I do that? I didn't burn anything.... You didn't burn anything? Congrats you didn't make Morg use her black shield. Now Yi is just going to fuck your team.
Well _obviously_ he ment you should possess the enemy player with your mind control powers and make him waste his black sheild on someone useless, duh.
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Lexually (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=ThatCoolBacon,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=nMu3yx85,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-02-26T05:43:04.360+0000) > > {{champion:32}} Sure looks like me. Not so bald though.
> [{quoted}](name=Lexually,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=nMu3yx85,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-02-26T05:45:25.700+0000) > > Sure looks like me. Not so bald though. Who says he's bald? I bet he has a luxurious head of hair under wraps
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
HeroKG (NA)
: Ok. Do you have any suggestions for top laners? I like Darius, Lee, and Voli.
All 3 of those can go top lane (with varying results for Voli). In fact it would be better for you to run the same champs for both as it will let you get better with them faster.
: Soraka silence and Lucian ult
Lucian's ultimate isn't actually a channeled skill so it shouldn't be disrupted by anything. That said I can't remember if certain stuns can cancel it or not.
I am Water (EUNE)
: Heartseeker Volibear
I can't tell if thats lipstick on his mouth... or blood
SuicideJ (NA)
: So.. If I am good at only one lane.. And I don't get that lane.. Then what exactly do you propose I do? Teambuilder let me play what I wanted so I could get better at what I wanted to play.. Now odds are I'll end up where I am not good at playing it's my fault?
SuicideJ (NA)
: Can I Have A Choice!?
> [{quoted}](name=SuicideJ,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=0FkX9PII,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-02-12T00:38:16.950+0000) > The second position is the backup position.. > > So I pick my worst lane > > I do not want my worst lane.. > >I get my worst lane.. > > I pick random champion > >I die 30 times since I have no idea what I'm doing > > I get sad and don't want to play anymore.. I have no sympothy for you
Phil Fly (NA)
: Can Sion survives Yorick's ult?
Here's $5 on there being an HP cap of 99,999
: What happens when you teach Lissandra Martial arts
: When you first see Sweetheart Sona's splash art
It should really be heartseeker. Sona has an air of "sexy" going on for her there. **Edit:** I ment Sona should be the heartseeker and Ori should be the Sweetheart (unless Ori's splash art convinces me otherwise)
Rioter Comments
: A Look At Tahm Kench's Anatomy
What a disgusting way to travel... That seat is torn and has a spring sticking out! You'd never catch _me_ traveling in such poor conditions
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: 10/0 Placements for S6 and BRONZE FIVE
The fact that you dropped from silver into bronze speaks volumes. Your MMR has to be excedingly bad for you to drop a rank like that because normally you would just be stuck in the fifth division at 0LP. That compounded on the fact that the soft reset usually drops everyone a few pegs and it's no wonder you ended up bronze v. The good news is that going 10/0 in your placements will raise your MMR by a lot so it should be easier to climb. You might even see gains and loss of ~+25/-8 during your ranked games. If thats the case then the first few divisions will be a cake walk.
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