: Clash Beta launches in North America
League of Legends: the newest way to tear friendships apart since Mario Kart.
: Getting Blue essence takes waaay too long
I dunno, I'm sitting on 47k extra blue essence.
: I think his point is that you can't issue a move command by clicking on his corpse
Ohhhhhhhh I misunderstood. My bad.
good in (NA)
: Cannot click on a dead Kog'maw
It's not a bug, he just becomes untargetable on death.
Hibeki (NA)
: Bad play without reflection is exactly the same as intentionally feeding.
There's a big difference between making bad decisions and purposefully trying to throw the game. They very well may think the advice you're giving is bad advice, or they simply have you muted (unless, of course, they clearly respond to you). Sometimes people tend to fall into a mindset of "the only way out is through", meaning that they don't know of or can't think of any other way out of their situation besides continuing to do the same thing over and over until the game state changes, which could include repeatedly returning to lane when the enemy laner is 4 levels and 50 cs ahead, and can engage and kill/dive them at any moment with very little risk of failure. While this mindset definitely has flaws, one can imagine how someone can reach this point if they've been tilted after going 0/4 in the first 8 minutes of the game. I'm not defending poor play in any way, just merely trying to shed light on their perspective of the situation. Edit: I follow your logic, but the context of the situations varies greatly.
iiSey (NA)
: I love how Rakan and Xayah skins always look great
That's... kinda the whole point. Unless the joke just went way over my head.
Rioter Comments
: Perma-Banned For Not Being Toxic??
You appear to have just gotten off of a 14 day ban (like seriously, 3 games after it ended). A 14 day ban is essentially saying "you screw up one more time, and you're out of here". You screwed up one more time, so you're out of here.
: I do not deserve to get this ban. Was just stating facts...
Kei143 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Best Slovene NA ,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=67rPI36f,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-02-27T12:31:07.648+0000) > > Game 1 > Best Slovene NA : nasus u suck skarness dick a lot i see > Best Slovene NA : u gay or smthgng > Best Slovene NA : nasus sucking dickk not winning u games tho > Best Slovene NA : to fuk ur mother . > So before u read the chat logs i want u to know that when i called people gay i meant it in a good way bcs gay means happy yea you think anyone would buy that?
: The secret damage, Give AP crit.
Can anyone make sense of this?
: I have an idea to all the players who lost their season rewards
I disagree on this. Mostly because you could very easily say that although I didn't finish Gold or higher in Season 5, I did finish Gold or higher in Seasons 6 and 7, so I should have a claim to the Victorious Sivir skin. Similar idea, different subject.
: [GAMEPLAY] Akali counters Lee's ult???
This is a similar interaction to stopping crowd control with Tristana's Rocket Jump. Akali's Shroud's blink occurs after a short cast time, so if Akali is displaced during her cast time, her blink will not be cancelled, but any displacements already in effect will be cancelled.
Píllow (NA)
: Bard's W feels unsatisfying and underwhelming.
His Q, E, and R are all incredibly valuable abilities when in the right hands. Unfortunately his W wasn't given much of his power budget, as I think it's a nifty idea for an ability. Personally I think a decent buff would be to increase the base healing (not the scaling) by 1% for every 2% missing health.
: is warwick getting a nerf soon?
Idk, banning him is a pretty effective nerf if you think he's too overbearing.
: Malzahar ult
Malz's ult is a suppression. You cannot cast summoner spells during a suppression. Warwick's ult is also a suppression.
Kei143 (NA)
: I feel guilty when we had an awesome fun game and I want to honor everyone, but can only honor 1 person.
Bultz (NA)
: Can we just take a moment to appreciate Riot
Ok, so what do you plan to do about it?
: Another "it can happen to you" Thread
It's not "it can happen to you". It's "I brought this upon myself." The rules are very clear that being a toxic jerk will get you penalized. It doesn't matter the context, whether in chat or in game. How you act is entirely your fault and yours alone. Saying "it can happen to you" implies that you have no control over your own fate, when in fact, it was your decision that brought you here.
: Champions with odd skill max order? Like Tryn not maxing ult
On {{champion:131}} jungle I like putting two points in W by level 4, then maxing Q. It helps give a little extra shielding and damage to help you remain healthy during your clear, even though Q is your main damage tool.
: Riot Ranked in Bronze is idiotically toxic. What do you do with someone who intentionally feeds all
Tbh, I'd rather lose a game than have someone be really toxic towards me. And if you honestly can't get out of Bronze, *maybe you're the problem*.
: Got permabanned for what exactly?
>B r e e d i n g: i never troll >B r e e d i n g: stop >B r e e d i n g: u forgot the brand jg >B r e e d i n g: im not a troll >B r e e d i n g: stop >B r e e d i n g: says the guy who calls me an inbred before game starts >B r e e d i n g: lmao >B r e e d i n g: stop being negative and u wont get trolls >B r e e d i n g: bud >B r e e d i n g: u deserve every bit of this *beings to troll*
: Aurelion Sol skin?
I would say Year of the Dragon for the Lunar Revel skins, but I'm afraid that's not until 2024...
Lildiva (NA)
: Why can't I gift my friend a skin when I have more than enough rp?
Sometimes your RP amount doesn't update properly if you have just recently purchased something. You may not actually have the required RP, despite the number saying you do. It just hasn't subtracted a recent purchase yet.
: The Core Problem with League
There are a few things I disagree with here (like saying Lucian has the mobility of an assassin), but I'm not gonna bother going through all of them. So I'm just going to give my two cents and say that I don't think the "stats" you've assigned to how it feels like Riot has given tanks and marksmen isn't entirely correct. Obviously, it's a ton more complex that putting a number to a stat, but I feel like the main problem is how impactful items and levels are. For tanks, if your tank goes 0/2 in lane and the enemy's tank goes 2/0, there's going to be a disproportionately huge disparity between their relative power levels. Your tank will die in like 4 auto attacks and 2 spells, while the enemy tank will be essentially unkillable. For ADCs, let's say the same scores happen. Due to how marksmen work with auto attacks, whichever ADC wins early on will continue to dominate the lane, and can pretty much never be fought again by the losing ADC. Their auto attacks will simply do more damage, and unless you're playing against Kalista, you can't dodge autos. So unless the other members of the team go to help the bot lane, the winning bot lane will continue to win with pretty much no worry of failing, other than through a gross misplay. tl;dr - early kills give too much of an advantage, and items are too strong overall. For the most part, this only really applies to tanks and marksmen, as they're focused around out-statting their opponents, rather than outplaying.
: Forget balance, you haven't even fixed the secondary rune tree swapping the wrong rune out yet
... what? This is such a minor bug when there's so much more going on.
: I think I'm done with this game. {Read this, seriously}
Riot has given you all the tools you need to succeed. It's up to you to not abuse them or they will be taken away. In some cases, a chat restriction, in this case, a ban. They're not going to baby you. They're treating you as an adult, and giving you free reign to choose your own fate. If you're a member of the 0.00something percent that can't control themselves and are banned, then maybe you're not the type of person who should be playing this game after all. League can be tilting, frustrating, upsetting, and many other things. There will always be people who handle stress better or poorer than others. If you choose to face frustration and anger by taking it out on your fellow players, then you probably need to find a new game. It's not Riot's responsibility to give you limits to what you can or can't do. If you know you have a propensity to flame others, then never open that chat bar. Simple as that. Riot grants YOU individual freedom over your fate, and only YOU can screw it up and get banned. It is no one else's fault nor responsibility but your own. Sure, we've all flamed someone else, or gotten upset when something didn't work out. But the vast, overwhelming majority of players go unbanned for their entire League careers. You say that you wish a player would be able to decide whether they want to communicate with another player or not. By muting the other player, then simply not pressing the enter button, you completely shut off all communication. You'd think I wouldn't have to explain this, but it seems some people here are aware that YOU are the only real cause of your own punishment in League. Blaming the chat bar only enables you to use it as a scapegoat, while denying actual responsibility.
Rioter Comments
: and when your champion is a lanebully that falls off like a cliff, this suddenly sounds like the most terrible idea in the world which is why toplane meta sucks right now
You can always... not play that champion? Or if you do play that champion, communicate with your own jungler to countergank.
: So fucking tired of hearing "ks" every 3.5 seconds
: Fuck junglers being able to gank top after a near full clear with more than half hp
You have several options: 1) Ward 2) Don't be in a gankable position around 4 minutes 3) Take a chill pill
: Lunar Guardian Warwicks W is Not Good
His W never leads all the way to the enemy, it's just supposed to give you a good idea where they are.
: You can't ping ults. And different kinds of wards last for different lengths of time.
I think with the latest patch you can ping ults now. But yeah, ward timings is something you can't do.
Xilixer (NA)
: it still annoys me summoner spells are gated by levels
I can understand why smite is, as jungling is generally a little more complex than simply laning, but the rest of them I don't really get it.
: Not timings.
I'm assuming you're talking about timings on ults or summs? If you ping it as soon as you freely can after its used, your teammates will have a vague idea of when it'll be back up.
: How do I Ask for Ganks? (The Polite Way)
I usually either target ping the enemy laner, defense ping my tower (ONCE), or ping for assistance. Everything you need to say can be communicated through pings.
SuperHornio (EUNE)
: Hating on laptop players riot i see
I have a middle to low-end non-gaming laptop ($400), and I can play League at 60 fps on max settings...
: Yep, definitely Dark Star. Where was this found on the PBE, and who found it?
https://i.imgur.com/QzRfqVc.png It's in the store
: Model of a new J4 skin found on PBE
[Yep, it's Dark Star Jarvan](https://i.imgur.com/QzRfqVc.png)
: Model of a new J4 skin found on PBE
Dark Star? I was thinking Super Galaxy or Worldbreaker.
: Tryed Everying Pls Help...
This post looks like it would better be suited for [Help & Support.](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/f/osqw6G4M)
: Is this toxic behavior "stop joining my games your body is composed of water am composed of fire"LO
> Do you guys even understand the level of sarcasm and undirection I was using towards these people? No, I really don't. Can anyone make sense of this?
Mazota (EUW)
: Feeding Yasuo player in my game that WANTED us to lose the game
I dunno, he *only* went 6/12/6, meaning that while yes, that is a bad score, he at least contributed to the team's efforts. Heck, he did more damage than you did. His build is also fairly normal.
: EXCEPT...who is to say what is and what isn't "trash talking"? Remember...."It's only locker room talk".
When you're bragging about or threatening to directly harm or violate someone, you've probably gone too far. If you poke fun at someone for something silly that happened in game, that's perfectly acceptable.
: I hope Nashors tooth is buffed to 20% ap on hit in patch 8.4...
I personally think that Nashor's role is to provide a secondary (decent) source of damage for mages, aside from spells. I think a good change would be to eliminate the base damage (15) altogether, and convert it solely to scaling damage, maybe around 25%. This way, it's slightly less effective on cheesy AS builds (like {{item:1419}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3006}} ), but full mages will see their auto attacks packing a slightly larger punch.
: Name 3 champions that you think should get a buff/rework
{{champion:20}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:24}} Nunu - his kit is just no fun to play as. Fiddlesticks - his point-and-click CC on 2 different abilities is really terrible to play against. Jax - as the "Grandmaster at Arms", it really doesn't feel like he has much skill with a weapon, just that he can swing it really fast.
: People who say we need a tank...............
T e a m s d o n ' t n e e d a t a n k t o w i n
: Zed ult is point and click with the only counter play being dont go near him and if you do get a hold of him he can swap to 2 different shadows if there already down or just shadow away. Voli form of counter play is dont get in melee auto attack range through kitting and cc which is a hell of alot easier.
The thing about Voli and his version of oppression is that there is no counterplay when he's strong. When Voli is strong, he can get up to you really easily, stick on you, and kill you before you kill him. Made easier with {{item:3800}}. Yes, Zed's ult is point and click, but his main damaging abilities you can dodge if you're fast enough. That's counterplay.
: Lackluster summoner spell options for support
You can take {{summoner:11}} and {{item:2403}} so you can safely grab {{item:3302}} and not worry about missing a siege creep...
: @Riot help volibear
> Yes i get it hes oppressive when hes strong theres no denying that, but you know who else is oppressive when their strong? EVERYONE ELSE The thing about other champions being oppressive when they're strong is that there's (usually) counterplay involved in their kits. If Zed is currently oppressive, you can at least dodge his abilities, and still have a decent chance to win. With Volibear, there's nothing to dodge, and if you're capable of escaping him, then he's not being oppressive.
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