: Azir Gameplay Update: Goals and Directions
*sigh* To be honest with you all, I am extremely unsure of what I'd want. Shuriman Shuffle is so good not for the offensive prowess it offers, but the defensive effectiveness it offers. "Oh, is that a Zac trying to gank you with his kit that makes him basically unavoidable if you can't dodge the initial bit? Just e>q out of the way and you beat his attempt." People are definitely too concerned with thematics. I'm sorry, who were the two, no, _three_ greatest rulers of the world? *cough* Alexander the Great *cough* Genghis Khan *cough* Julius Caesar *cough cough*... A ruler =/= someone who just sits in the back. Some rulers lived on the battlefield and led charges. Sure, Azir may have not ever been on the front lines, but why would he when: 1) he wasn't ascended until he was resurrected and 2) you have a Renekton to do that? To reiterate, I really do not know which direction would be better. I feel to lose the shuriman shuffle would be to lose Azir himself. _Just another backline mage to use_ at that point... But then I also acknowledge that the original intention of him was just that. So really, it comes down to what the team wants to do this time around. You (as in Riot) made Ekko into an AP assassin only (which I was okay with); will you do the same and force the envisioned gameplay of Azir to be what you originally wanted, or will you this time around, let the majority of azir mains have their shufflin'? Honestly, after the Ekko changes, I can give faith that you'll eventually do the thing that seems correct, Wav3Break. I'll just be here to wait {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Psykoh (NA)
: Its called the shuriman shuffle you pleb
Shuriman shuffle can be broadly used to describe the E>Q combo. The ult on top of that can be more clearly described as an insec. Chill out, lol
Kormobran (EUW)
: If they go go for option 2, they could rework his E to be something like: All solidiers move to target ally champion, shielding it for x damage. It would give another solidier repositioning tool, a defensive tool and utility.
As I read that, Rakan soldiers came to mind, lol
: I have two opinions. They conflict with each other. > Most likely means we remove his ability to drift or dash to his soldiers PLEASE DO NOT. The Shurima Shuffle is half the fun of playing Azir. If you reduce his range, but give him a more meaningful shield (currently he gets it when he is unable to get into the back line or an occasional extremely aggressive skirmish) he'll be able to survive more from a shorter range. > Is the direction that restricts Azir to be even more of a back-liner But this sounds more like the Azir we play now. Also would not introduce some weird new counterplay mechanic If his dash is removed his ult will be purely defensive, and you'd need to make it more like the ult shown in Origins:Azir to maintain his CC on it. If his ult was more like Orianna's, and he could CC from the backline rather than needing to use 3 spells just to get in range, then his teamfighting would be incredible. Here is his old ult https://imgur.com/gallery/IjLEZ/img I don't know whether I like Azir's mobility or range better, but Wav3Break, the one thing I ask of you: Make sure Azir outranges Caitlyn
Then you're opting for direction 2 with that request.
JakeDuck (NA)
: How do you guys feel about how he currently moves/positions his soldiers? When his Q is used, it sort of converges them all into one area. While this is good for a bit of extra damage, it gives his soldiers a bit smaller area of influence. Here's my idea: What if instead of soldiers moving in a line toward the cursor, they instead moved in a line that was parallel to Azir's path to the cursor? So instead of this: http://imgur.com/P97LU27 We get something like this: http://imgur.com/WOGyR0h Basically, it would allow players to create mini "formations" of soldiers. It would let Azir make clustered groups of soldiers for higher damage output in a small area, or spread them over a broader area to control more of the map. I feel like Azir should play like he's commanding an army, and choose the way they form and move. This sort of change may help that theme.
To be honest, the current Q is fine with me. The whole point of grabbing multiple soldiers at a given time is to add the extra damage onto a specific area of enemies. The in-game coding required for that new Q you suggest would only serve to increase his skill floor. It seems cool, but I personally don't think Azir should be the first to introduce micro units management. (Yorick would be a better option there)
Reshcuf (NA)
: I don't think so. If some low elo player proposes an idea and it is a good one then it wouldn't matter what their elo is, it matters if the idea is good. Although higher elo players maybe better at the game doesn't mean you should not listen to low elo players. A challenger player could propose some bs and then people might think it is good just becuase his elo.
Besides, you still have people with hundreds of thousands of mastery points on a certain champion, like in this case Azir, who knows the champ like the back of their hand moreso than a challenger player picking him up for the first time. Especially in the case of Azir, who has a high skill floor and nearly infinite skill ceiling, a player who's played Azir for countless games would know what they're talking about.
: Lunar Revel Crafting
"Gemstones are so ridiculous to get, wtf" >Way to get gemstones (albeit gambling) >people complain You people should see a _real_ gambling game. Any game with a gacha suffices that, lul. And what's more, it fits 100000% with the fact it's a eastern culture themed event. Come on people.
: Patch 6.24 notes
>Azir buff >Ryali's nerf was apparently outweighing it, so they buff Azir again Papa bless, Riot. Papa bless {{summoner:3}}
: another triforce tank bruiser, no creativity at all much like taliyah and ekko, complete waste of potential
How were Taliyah and Ekko a waste of potential? You can go multiple builds on Ekko at ease, and he's just fine the way he is now. Taliyah is at a person's skill discretion. You can either do nothing with her, or do anything you want. But are you going to tell me that all of these are wrong? Cause if so, continue to tell a level 7 of both that he's wrong {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: Wait, scissor *kick* or *scissoring*??? ;)
*hears the thousands of keyboards clicking away at the newfound fanfiction* I'm out of energy already {{summoner:3}}
: Is ranked down for everyone or just me?
It's saying the same for me as well, I think it's just an issue overall.
: Victorious mao, Ivern, Jungle Plants, No zyra nerfs What are you trying to imply riot?
No zyra nerfs, {{item:3105}} getting nerfed. Hmm.....

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