Sciraen (NA)
: Let's Play a Game! Called Guess Who He/She Mains!
Ball is love. Ball is life. Who do I play?
: Fav ult to use in the game
{{champion:61}} : Always fun to attach the ball to an ally who will engage for you and knocking everyone in the air to them to make it easier for a fight to happen. {{champion:267}} : Provided it doesn't get disappeared because it intersected a pixel with a Wind Wall-esque ability, it's always fun watching everyone scatter trying to avoid it.
Saphixia (OCE)
: Who is your birthday Champion
5/31 B-Day 6/1 {{champion:90}} {{champion:61}} Kinda wish I owned Malz...
Macilento (EUW)
: Name 3 champions you enjoy the most playing, for each role
Top: {{champion:74}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:92}} Jungle: {{champion:32}} {{champion:113}} Mid: {{champion:3}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:91}} ADC: {{champion:22}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:18}} Support: {{champion:16}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:267}} I don't really play much outside of ARAM and bot matches now because I'm meh towards the game, but here are the ones I have enjoyed playing when I did play.
: Which Champions have you got pentakills with?
Pentakill list: {{champion:34}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:17}} Most of these were in ARAM, but they were still nice.
: F is for Flash
I used to be F for Flash, but I put it on D once and it's kinda been there always.
: Login Issues on NA
I've been having this problem for a while. It seemed to have gone away with the previous patch, but the most recent one brought it back full force. Every time I try to log in to do a match, I get the connection error and the client shuts down. When I reopen it and attempt to log-in again, I'm able to get in without any issues. I am on WiFi, but I've never had this issue with any other game, but have the issue when I connect on my boyfriend's computer (which is connected to our router).
darkdill (NA)
: Suggest skins that you know Riot won't make!
Bunny Boy Ezreal Even though he has plenty of skins. lol
: Who was your first main champion?
{{champion:17}} Thought it was kinda fun being a dickbutt and standing still and not being seen. Took me a couple tries to actually trust that I wouldn't be seen easily. I miss building Madred's Bloodrazor and killing everyone while being AD.
: Chromas (Recolors) would only be acceptable if they cost IP
I got this survey and am completely in favor of Chromas if they were to cost IP. It would actually encourage me to play more if I can spend IP on something other than runes and champions because the rune grind is absolutely boring and I'm not really interested in most of the champions I have yet to purchase.
: Find it funny how true supports make up a majority of the picks in nemisis draft
{{champion:267}} Someone clearly forgot to include her as she is also picked a lot. =D
: What Champs do you want to hear more about?
I honestly would love to learn more about {{champion:81}} . Maybe not directly about him, but perhaps have the story told thru his discovery, like how Aatrox was. It gave a little insight into his character, but was wholly focused on the character discovering what they could about another character. This is all assuming that Ezreal is still an avid Explorer and that him doing most of the research on Aatrox is canon. Also, slightly related, I want to know why he is suddenly embarassed about his powers and when he finally became cocky because his character in-game is far more sure of himself than how his little snippet made him out to be.
: Good Behaviour Mystery Gifts
CUPCAKES! ... Bittersweet Lulu {{champion:117}}
: Your favorite champions Q is now their auto attack.
{{champion:18}} Infinitely faster AAs {{champion:115}} Bouncing AAs of doom {{champion:26}} So. Many. Time Bombs. {{champion:36}} Becomes a ranged champion and becomes closer to the ADC he was meant to be. {{champion:9}} "You get a fear! YOU GET A FEAR! EVERYONE GETS A FEAR!" {{champion:3}} Becomes a ranged champion and actually is a bit more useful with his explosions.
darkdill (NA)
: You play better as _____ when you are angry/pissed/raging/etc.
{{champion:55}} Bad days always result in me getting her in ARAM and then I raise hell by killing everyone and being unstoppable.
majulito (NA)
: Why do supports scale with ap?
The main reason is because if they choose to do off-builds, they can perform as a different role, usually as a mage if they are building a bunch of AP. And sometimes doing that rather than a standard support build can offset a disadvantage in lane because then there are two damage dealers as opposed to just one. It's not {{champion:86}}teed to work, but if you have coordination, you could succeed with doing a full AP Soraka or Lulu. If they get popular and are getting used in places that they shouldn't be, then they will be nerfed because Riot is trying to keep champions they know can be oppressive in specific areas from doing that said job because it changes up rule of engagement and such and can make what is supposed to be a fun game not so fun. And if you aren't having fun while playing, why bother? Personally, I would love a true support that scaled with AD, just so that they then have to consider an AD supports itemization that isn't just tanky items. lol
Rothmi (NA)
: If League Champ's were College Professor's...
{{champion:13}} Defense Against the Dark Arts I mean, that's what the scroll on his back is for, right? lol
Greato (NA)
: @Riot The Magma Chamber or 1v1/2v2 game mode
I'm going to be disliked because of what I'm going to say, but because of the lack of interest in the 1v1/2v2 featured game mode that existed a while ago (Showdown), I feel they scrapped much of the intent in making such a map. I know a bunch of people that visit the forums probably played the game mode a lot during it's existence, but the small interest in the mode dropped off a bunch. Brackhar said that "[i]f the modes were left on permanently, the queue times for each would be pretty atrocious after a few more weeks." He also later brought up that there was always the case where the mode will come back in the future, but I don't think there will be any plans of keeping 1v1/2v2 or any of the other featured game modes available for a longer duration than a couple weeks at most. Long story short, enjoy the mode when/if it comes back. =] Thread I reference Brackhar from:
Konanni (NA)
: How would you react if....
{{champion:81}} Well, coming home to a bunch of random items that were found by him would be a little weird, but learning the history behind them would be pretty cool. I'd also make sure he returns them if he happens to steal them from someone. lol
: Champion Spotlight: Gnar, the Missing Link
Before throwing a house... party
gen2z24 (NA)
: Help with Veigar
My personal build when it comes to Veigar is {{item:3020}} , {{item:3040}} or {{item:3174}} , {{item:3089}} , {{item:3157}} , {{item:3128}} or {{item:3135}} , and {{item:3116}} or {{item:3152}} Only reason I grab WotA is the small chance that I have my ult up at low health and can melt the face of the enemy carry or assassin, because you can gain a bunch of health back that way. lol That being said, Veigar relies on being able to farm with his Q to bolster his AP early. With the number of assassins that are played mid, that's generally an issue once they hit either 2, 3, or 6, because they usually have a gap closer of some sort. Put a point in E at 2 so this way you can at least attempt to escape if you get dived on, provided you position it so that they get stunned. W is useful for wave-clearing when you have AP, but early on, it costs too much mana and does very little. If you are ahead by level 4, I'd say drop a point in it then, but if not, place the point in E to up the stun duration. R combined with Deathfire Grasp's active should destroy anyone who builds AP against you, and if not, following up with a max rank Q should help. Veigar will lose lane in general because he relies on single target farming, but if you are able to keep your Q's AP buff equal to your minion count, you should end the match with a lot of extra AP over the enemy and hopefully are able to turn the match around because of it. Focus on staying alive rather than diving for a kill. If the enemy recalls, focus on farming the lane before recalling yourself so that you can get those few bonus AP points. Building an early Tear or Chalice will generally help with mana issues thanks to Veigar's passive Mana Font. Grab Rabadon's ASAP just so that you have the bonus 30% AP build on top of your 1-6 bonus AP from your Q's last hitting (you gain 1-5 AP if you get a kill, plus 1 AP if you last hit with Q for the kill). Only grab Void Staff if it is very clear that they are building MR; sometimes Veigar is underestimated and people don't build MR because of not understanding his ult, which can only work in your favor because you can grab Deathfire Grasp for an additional 10% CDR as well as 50 AP. If you already have DFG and they suddenly start building MR, then just grab a Void Staff over Rylai's or WotA so you can keep your damage output up.
: Satisfy your sweet tooth with Sugar Rush!
S-U-G-A-R, jump into your racing car, SUGAR RUSH, SUGAR RUSH!
: If your Summoner Name also happened to be a Champion, what would they be?
Defence21 Passive: Defensive Reactions Each time Defence21 is attacked by an Enemy Champion, he gains Armor or Magic Resist depending on if the attack dealt was Physical Damage or Magical Damage, respectively. The amount gained is equal to 8% of the damage dealt. The effect stacks with all incoming attacks, but the effect will wear off after 2/2.5/3/4 seconds of not being dealt damage and go on cooldown for 20/18/16/12 seconds. Times are static and not effected by Cooldown Reduction. Q: Throat Jab Cooldown: 11 // Mana Cost: 18/21/24/27/30 Defence21 readies his next auto-attack within 5 seconds to jab at his target, dealing 60/100/140/180/220(+35/40/45/50/55% Bonus MR) physical damage and silencing them for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds. W: Dig In Cooldown: 17/15/13/11/9 // Mana Cost: 50/60/70/80/90 Defence21 digs his heels into the ground for the next 3 seconds and expands his mystic shield to 300/375/450/525/600 to reflect the next 1/1/2/2/3 incoming missiles. The missiles travel back to the owner at the same speed they left and deal 50/65/80/95/110% of their damage. Any deaths resulting from this ability count for Defence21. This ability is cancelled upon reactivating the ability again or upon movement. Note: Missiles that require activation, like Gragas' Q and Lux's E, will activate 1 second after they return to the champion. E: Leaping Shield Bash Cooldown: 20/18/16/14/12 // Mana Cost: 40/47/54/61/68 Defence21 leaps at his target and slamming his shield into their face, dealing 50/85/120/155/190(+30/40/50/60/70% Bonus Armor) physical damage, slowing them by 15/17.5/20/22.5/25% and reducing their damage output by 10(+0.4% Bonus Health)% for 3 seconds. R: Under Pressure Cooldown: 130/105/80 // Mana Cost: 110 Defence21 becomes overloaded by his shield's magical energies for 10 seconds, increasing his Attack Damage by 20/30/40% of his Armor and Magic Resist, and causing his Leaping Shield Bash to hit all nearby enemies and stun the target for 1.5 seconds. This feels really overpowered... but honestly I was bored. And I'm not really the king of balancing stuff.
: You're slippery, and easily mistaken for a schemer, coward, or something downright nastier. You're not actually something sinister though - you really are just out for a good time at the end of the day. ...most of the time. I mean you do play Teemo how nice can you actually be
Just because I like playing with Satan, doesn't make me Satan. =P I feel like this is half true personally, though it's more true when I play video games because I always play sneaky characters that are mostly out to half fun and wreck stuff.
: What do your mains say about you?
{{champion:81}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:69}}
: Create Your Own Doom Bot!
{{champion:69}} Passive - No change. Q - Hurls poison in a 300 range line starting from the activation point. Width is increased to 100. The time length of the poison DoT is doubled, though the total damage is only increased by 50%. W - Throws a growing field of poison. The field starts in a rectangle that is 500 wide and 200 range and will grow to 800 wide and 400 range. The total damage dealt is increased by 25%. E - Fires fangs at target enemy. If there are nearby enemies effected by poison, Twin Fangs will bounce to that enemy. Twin Fangs consumes the entire poison DoT on all targets it bounces to, but deal the remaining damage of the poison effect immediately. R - Summons two ghost Cassiopeia that are located 825 range at 45 degree angles from the center of the cone, and rotated to face each other. Blasts all enemies in 120 degree cone in front of them. Stuns those facing her or her ghosts for 2 seconds and slowing those that are facing none of the three by 60% for 2 seconds. The damage dealt by the ghosts is only 30% of Cassiopeia's damage. Doom Cassiopeia - Venomous Abilities All abilities used by the Champion are coated in a poison that deals 70% AD or AP (whichever is greater) as magic damage over 3 seconds.
: Gnar Reveal
Gnar is adorable both in his mini form as well as his mega form. He also looks incredibly fun to play.
AD Yuumi (NA)
: Discovering the Link
Well that looked cool and exciting. =D My hope is for something AP, since I like AP champions, but I honestly don't mind what it is. Looks mobile, so maybe an Assassin; also looks bulky, so maybe a Fighter or Tank.
: Does flash belong on F or D?
D. =] I used to be an F is for Flash and D is for the extra, but I adjusted to D is for Flash (or Dash if take Ghost) and F is for the other.
: Graves could use a few changes... [ Champ Rework Concept ]
I personally like the idea of Graves being a Burst ADC rather than an AA ADC. His ult feels incredibly satisfying because landing it on the enemy ADC after shredding down their health with a mix of Q,W, and AA's. Now with this, I feel you change him into an AD Cassiopeia because you shifted all of his damage to his QWE while making the usefulness of his ult situational at best. On Cass, I forget about her ult half the time because most of her other abilities, combined with a Liandry's, will take down an enemies health more than using her ult; the only time I really use it is when I'm being dived by multiple people and I think I can get a stun or two out of it. That experience is mirrored by shifting his Smokescreen to his ult: I would use it only to hope that I can stop the enemy from pressing forward towards me and to get off some damage on them to make them back up. It'll work as a disengage, but that's about it, in my opinion. Also, if it works with brush mechanics, couldn't the enemy just see you if you happen to drop it on yourself? I would say just have it works as it currently does, but maybe in a larger area. Now, on to the rest of the build! Q's toggle I'm not personally fond of, but the increase movement speed/slow that it provides will be useful; not sure how it will compare to a dash, but if the provide enough movement speed or give it a strong slow, it could balance out. Also, the short range provided by Q toggled on sounds really weird since most of the build works around holding the enemies at max range for Graves rather than diving in close. W works pretty well with Q toggled off in mind as it helps Graves continue dealing damage at range, but the ability itself works more as a ST peels for Graves, multi-target if he uses it with Q toggled on. The E works fine as a burst ability, but it feels out of place compared to the rest of the kit simply because it's the only ability that deals raw damage; it's not a bad ability, but I would say that it'll have a relatively long CD simply because it works in two parts and can unleash a lot of damage if it hits the right person at the right moment. All in all, I feel like these changes would completely remove Graves from being capable of strong amounts of damage over a short period of time (removing the Lucian from him), but the set-up would allow him to be more like Ashe where her entire job is holding people at range while dealing large amounts of damage to the enemy. This is just my opinion on this rework, but I think Graves is okay as he is now because he isn't outshining every other ADC currently, but is fully capable of unloading a lot of damage in a short period of time if given the opportunity to do so and if he lands his abilities successfully.
: How much time have YOU spent on LoL?
Defence21, you've spent about 681 hours on League of Legends which means 28 days of your life. You are 257761th on NA servers and 1660772th in the world. I feel like this is a bit low for some reason.
: Most OP Doom Bot of Doom?
I honestly think {{champion:3}} is the worst offender, simply because they actually made him capable of dealing a ton of damage along with him being a tank. D= Stupid random taunt checks during battle. And his Resolute Smite + wind-path combo is murder once he starts using it. I also don't like Malz, Cho'Gath, Annie, Morgana, Veigar, and Ezreal. Most of the others though aren't too bad; annoying yes, but they aren't that hard to handle when you run into them, once they waste all of their abilities or you are able to out-spam them with your abilities.


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