: Be Victorious - 2019 Ranked Rewards
Also I really wanted a honor ward skin
: Be Victorious - 2019 Ranked Rewards
Thanks, now i dont have to tryhard to gold :)
l MrD l (NA)
: Oh no pyke got caught ....
yall really don't know how to kill a pyke? he has like 4 hp. not riot's fault syndra didn't do any dmg
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Zeanix (OCE)
: Legendary skins should be focused on older champions, rather than new ones
KazKaz (OCE)
: The Kai'sa nerf is a joke
What's your icon?
rujitra (NA)
: So, if I don't like the team comp, I can just turn off my computer and not lose LP? Sounds like a great system.
it's called dodging dip
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: Star Guardian Little Legends are coming
Is Fuwa Poppy's familiar???
Destaice (NA)
: “This champion is too strong in pro play so now nobody gets to play it.”
Sandixcx (NA)
: Because he's a mobile ad assassin that's also a support that's doing well right now, so he's a super easy target for the boards.
If ppl actually played him, they'd realize he can't E every 2 seconds (unlike yasuo cough). It has a really long cd and you have to save it to avoid getting locked down and dying.
Accenix (NA)
: Riot Is Ruining League of Legends
: Dmg/mobility creep has become ridiculous.
can someone please tell me why everyone is bitching about pyke?? He is literally so easy to kill. Maybe it's because I play assassin mages, but I hit one ability and he's dead.
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Levıathan (EUNE)
: How Riot can make a cash grab that people can actually enjoy.
I'd KILL for a Tyler1 announcer. That would make the game a million times better for me
: Can we nerf Pyke already?
{{champion:157}} anyway................
: Just wanted to bring attention to the Twisted Treeline removal
Sad. I rarely play TT, but it was always fun and unique when I did.
: TT's Removal Will Cause The Leveling Bots To Migrate To SR
: "Community feedback really means something to us, we swear"
What really angers me about akali and jinx's skins is the particles. They look fine, but they're so huge! it's like every AA of Jinx's is her R. And with akali, there's just red sploches everywhere. Her kunai and kama are also glowing for no reason.
: > [{quoted}](name=TheJinxedFire,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=BwFBszoA,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-30T18:43:59.985+0000) > > As a 1,2 mil. mastery points diehard Jinx main Why would you 1trick any of the adcs? like half the roster are just different variants of the same champion so picking other adcs is the best solution to varying enemy comps right? Like... wouldn't you be better off as a 300k jinx AND a 300 k Sivir AND a 300k twitch? sure you can play as lucian or ezreal for that long but they have other lanes, and a wide variety of builds
People who say all adcs are the same have either never played all the adcs, or just have a mush brain that can't see anything other than the bare minimum of a champion.
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: Reimagining Pantheon, the Unbreakable Spear - Behind the Scenes
I hope he has the same voice actor, I loved his old voice a lot
CLG ear (NA)
: especially since normal KDA akali looks a lot better than prestige
I wish I felt this way {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Chiakko (NA)
: You are doing great! Here's my addiction issue: Dizzy Dino (Riot Games Player Support) Jul 18, 4:39 PM PDT Hey there Xenergy! Lunar rushing to your general direction! Dizzy Dino here from Player Support reporting in! Thanks for writing in! W0t? You're Curious to see how much you've spent on LeAgUE? No worries, I can help you out with that! <3 Total amount of money spent on League of Legends: **2815.00 USD**! Daaaang! Thank you so much for supporting us over the years. We hope you continue to enjoy playing League as much we enjoy having you as a player of our game. Feel free to reach out if you need anything else. (・ωー)~☆ Dizzy Dino Riot Games Player Support "The Moon has judged you." I also spent more since receiving this email lol
I'm too scared to ask. I'll ask when I'm an adult and done with league.
: We're all gonna die eventually anyway so might as well make stupid purchases while you can
This is morbid but cheered me up a lot
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: 100 Hp Pykes gets ignited + aery + scorch + brand dot passive.
Am I the only one who finds pyke easy af to kill? his cooldowns are super high and he dies so fast mid-late game because he can't get any armor.
: Please make a LAG emote.
Hahaha that'd be fantastic
: Get ready everyone (Patch 9.15)
: Check out the Comic Contest Winners!
Nasus in the last comic got me
: How is PROJECT Pyke priced at 1820 when he reuses all of the base skin animations?
: The reason the new PROJECT splashes look so different is because the colors/contrast is WAY off
They're not gonna change shit. I loved the old splashes, dark and dismal with splashes of bright colors on the clothes and accessories. Seeing them next to the new ones makes them look so much worse.
: How has Kassadin not been considered for a PROJECT skin yet?
That's hot. He could be some Darth Vader lookin man
: project jinx is honestly very disappointing
she looks so... boring. that's not project..
: Swain's a hero
: I didn't realize that was a twitter link, and I was just really confused looking at this.
: Goodbye cancer ranged top picks
why the neeko ms nerf?
UomoAfide (EUW)
: Project: Reckoning
I was kinda hoping for SG Akali. other than that, the skins look good!
Manxxom (NA)
: Can we address the fact how awesome Project Pyke looks.
: I main mid too and I can honestly say I got my main role 90-95% of the time. (support chosen as secondary)
I found that going mid/top always gets me mid. top is popular in wood 4
usul1202 (NA)
: What's your 'it happened in a dream' skin?
I had a dream that MF got a elderwood type-ish skin but my dream skin is Taliyah getting a beautiful skin themed around a gem, like the Emerald and Amethyst skin concepts for her. Star Guardian Zoe, too.
Mc Raton (NA)
: Okay Nerf or Rework Tryndamere, it's not funny anymore.
FâgLord (EUW)
: Riot, What the f*ck
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=TisBis,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=w8YP1A5p,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-07-03T23:32:41.489+0000) > > Going off-model isn't a "style choice" Yes it is It's 8bit art, so it's completely different from the normal skin The yellow/orange eyes and headphone thingy add an pop of colour, which makes the icon look better. If the eyes were purple, it wouldn't look as good (imo) 'cause there would be too much purple and not enough of other colors to balance it out, and yellow is the opposite color of purple so it adds an interesting element The shirt is really simple too. It would look really dumb (imo) if the whole chest area was just skin color, it makes more sense to put the shirt there In the end, it's the artist's right to do whatever they want with the art piece, and obviously riot accepted those changes 'cause otherwise the icon wouldn't look like that I honestly don't understand why it's such a big deal. The icon looks fantastic, and the pops of orange are amazing Might as well start complaining about the sona icon too. Her eyes aren't purple, they are blue. Her hair isn't blue and purple, it's blue and pink, and the pink doesn't start until the end. She has stars on her ponytails, not just some yellow ribbon. Or with Riven. Her hair isn't full green. It's green and blue. And her headphone stars aren't purple, they are red Or with Qiyana. Her eyes aren't green. They are blue. But all of those color changes etc were made so that the icon looks more cohesive
Nah it looks trashy and not like Kai'sa at all
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: 1. Her hair color is COMPLETELY different tho. How would u think that this is riven? 2. probably wanted to add more different colors (looks better with orange eyes imo) 3. The icon is from a different perspective, so it's not in the wrong direction 4.She still has the ponytail in the icon, you just can't see it, and her hair has spikes like that at the back, which is why the icon has those (How would they fit the ponytail in that icon without making it crowded) 5. another style choice, the orange looks better than yellow 'cause it matches the eyes 6. Probably another style choice with the colors, because imo that looks good 7. They aren't messed up at all. She has a Turquoise streak in her hair at the top, and her side bang is blue
Going off-model isn't a "style choice"
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SatoKun (NA)
: Winter Wonderland Neeko Splashart Discrepancy
They probably gave the artist an earlier version of the skin because splash arts take a long time to create
: Deceptive pricing in the store
It probably considers the absurd price of Prestige Points
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