: When will riot realize that having short games IS NOT FUN
It's not stomp or get stomped. Comebacks are extremely possible. If you get stomped it's because you were up against an entirely superior team.
: For the love of god can we REMOVE THE AMBIENT NOISE FROM LOBBY?
Janitsu (EUNE)
: You already have a plethora of ways to prevent anyone using the lantern. You can stand on it or put a ward on it. Thresh's power lies in his kit overall with his lantern being the least harmful. I'd tune the power he has in terms of damage and CC.
I haven't seen standing on it be effective in either my games or pro play, the same with the ward strategy.
: He has a 47-48% win rate, the e nerf was enough.
You didn't read my post.
Glîtchy (NA)
: His current state is plenty healthy for gameplay
You didn't read my post.
Rioter Comments
: How do you push the advantage if you dont win the fight
Last I checked, respawn timers are shorter than the cooldowns.
: Easy problem isn't the right word, but they certainly aren't difficult or mechanically intensive. The problem lies in them having easy to access moments of power and being very difficult to punish. Malz is weak if he has no passive or R, and Janna is weak without W passive or R, yet they still have some ways of telling you to fuck off.
That's not my argument. Their complexity is pretty incomparable to Volibear's
: By the time there is another team fight they will be off cd anyways
Sounds like that's the fault of your team not pressing the advantage.
: there is CD, **and there is opportunity**, those things rarly align that well....
: It's really not that hard to see how dealing 500-800 damage per attack twice per second without the ability to miss (at least if you're not blinded) is much much stronger than doing 500-800 damage with 2 or 3 abilities that can be dodged and have 3, 4 or even 5 second cooldowns. Then there's the fact that there's so many great AD builds that have multiple magic resist items in them. If you want to build armor on APC outside of zhonya's the power tradeoff is much much more steep, especially when it's a struggle to even break 500 AP these days.
Show the builds, show the characters, show the ranges, show the utility. Show the evidence to make your argument. Don't through out random numbers. Put things in the context of this massive and complex game.
: ... What? Twitch jungle is played specifically so he can farm up and melt the enemy team.
I hear yah. It feels like you lose out on Rengar's edge-case ganking strength. I also imagine when Twitch goes into the jungle he types: /all No Bully
Yenn (NA)
: The enemy team is two tanks, one bruiser, ADC, and Soraka. How am I supposed to function as APC?
Velthios (NA)
: Champions like Udyr and Volibear really need help
Malz and Janna are not easy like Udyr Voli (and I wouldn't say Udyr is easy)
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Twitch is a ranged aoe rengar.
Twitch can't hide away in the jungle and farm up. Pretty sure Twitch needs more items than Rengar did when he was really busted. Twitch's steal is way worse than Rengar's, making it way harder to pick a specific target.
MagÊ (EUW)
: syndra pressed R on your adc {{item:3109}} {{item:3193}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3107}} welp, try an other time LUL
Are you new to the game? Those items have longer cooldowns than Syndra's ult.
MagÊ (EUW)
: holy shit, is this real or people do not know the stoneplate+locket combo? > [{quoted}](name=Grimspeake,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=l0X7eTiQ,comment-id=000900000001,timestamp=2017-08-17T15:06:04.229+0000) > > And adc is bursted before redemption hits the ground no he's fcking not with a 1k hp shield and knight's vow and other shield from the entire team
Those items have a longer cooldown than Syndra ult.
tieger05 (OCE)
: Can we stop denying AP is weak?
Show the math. Prove it beyond a doubt.
: Mages should never be out bursted by an ADC, which sadly happens. If we're not going to buff AP items, then we should reduce the AD on AD items by about 40%.
: That's not how it works in League. "Raw strength" is not a valuable measurement, because games are always won against other players. If the opponent got weaker, then you got stronger. Only relative strength matters.
No, raw strength is a valuable measurement. 90% of champions have a strong niche that no other champ does. The meta is determined by a few players saying their personal preference and having some random math to vaguely justify it without looking at the entire picture of League.
: Wasn't Tristana considred trash tier like a week ago?
Pro players remembered that she is still godlike.
: So I looked at the game. You did not, in fact, rush a Banshee's Veil. You got it after Luden's and a Lost Chapter. None of Syndra's kills on you happened after 18 minutes, by then it was all Elise or Poppy. Also, it's funny you say non-burst champions are unviable when DPS-heavy champions with moderate frontloaded burst are the strongest midlaners at the moment. This includes Cassiopeia, Orianna, Syndra, Taliyah, Corki, Lucian, etc. It's actually champions like Annie, Lux, Veigar or your average assassin (ya know, traditional burst mids with long CDs) that are hardest to pull off effectively. I think the problem is you have no clue how to lane and cs and so you got wrecked by a Silver 1 Syndra and now you're frustrated because you blame the game instead of yourself. (whoops put 8 instead of 18, corrected that if anyone looks back and thinks it looks off)
Thanks for tracking down the truth. More people need to provide evidence of their claims though, at the very least they would prove themselves wrong and learn a lot.
: So with Rylies at 20% slow and blue buff no long gives 15% AP,... can we buff back the ap items?
Well mages tend to have utility built into their spells so it kinda makes sense they wouldn't get as much raw damage.
: > [{quoted}](name=Tobias Brackner,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NKhAOTeZ,comment-id=000900010000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-08-14T23:19:48.358+0000) > > It's called burden of proof, homie. If you want people to believe what you are saying then you need to present evidence to back up your claim. > > Otherwise I could just say there is a teapot orbiting the sun and you'd be the one who has to get out the periscope. I am not your homie & stop trying to talk smart. You are either too lazy or dont care because you have to be right which are not. Far from it I say.. Now stop replying. I am done with you now.
Here, homie, in case you wanna stop being a baby. This is something that has allowed the human race to make great advances in understanding and communication: https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Burden_of_proof I hope it helps you greatly in understanding League of Legends!
: > [{quoted}](name=Tobias Brackner,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NKhAOTeZ,comment-id=0009000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-08-13T19:45:32.801+0000) > > Links to the video where they demonstrate that it has gotten worse? You're a adult. Search for it yourself.
It's called burden of proof, homie. If you want people to believe what you are saying then you need to present evidence to back up your claim. Otherwise I could just say there is a teapot orbiting the sun and you'd be the one who has to get out the periscope.
: there shouldn't BE a late game class it should be on a champ-by-champ basis
...you know that it is on a champ-by-champ basis for Marksmen too, right?
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Can riot stop being so insistent on adcs being the only late game class?
: Yeah, getting free stuff is awesome and I am grateful. But I'd prefer it if we did not have to chose free stuff or have a different icon, it would be nice if we could have both. Obviously it's not a big deal, just something for Rito to think about for the future.
Personally I like that tiny level of engagement. The quest themselves are already "do stuff you do anyway in the game" so having the icon is a cool level of activity.
: > [{quoted}](name=Tobias Brackner,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NKhAOTeZ,comment-id=00090001000000000000,timestamp=2017-08-09T21:47:52.216+0000) > > Do you have evidence that their hitboxes have gotten worse? Uhh.... just look at all the videos people upload in youtube over patch by patch.
Links to the video where they demonstrate that it has gotten worse?
: ADC Morde is enough popular in high elo that LOLalyctic created a part for it
Seeing this fills me with great joy. Thank you for sharing. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
: Has anyone one ever seen Cassiopia late game carry like a Yas/Vayne/Draven/Kog'mow?
Yes. For random reasons people don't seem to protect her like they would a Koggles but yeah she hyper carries.
: For me it's just that you lose the ability to express yourself. That's what the icons are for in the first place. Like the op said, the vs event wasn't bad because you expressed you yourself by letting others know what choice you made. It's not a big deal, just a little boring when my entire friends list is the same arcade icon.
You are getting free stuff. If you prefer expression over free swag then express yourself. If your friends all having the same icon bugs you then tell them to change it.
: No I'm just saying that minions block is infinitely more problematic on Sion than say, Fizz or Kassadin
So you are saying that he should mostly avoid fighting in minions?
: > [{quoted}](name=Tobias Brackner,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NKhAOTeZ,comment-id=000900010000,timestamp=2017-08-06T06:51:23.736+0000) > > It's not unfair. Minions block movement. Understand that and everything works out. Uh.. it is unfair. The hitbox of them has gotten worst patch by patch. I am lucky enough I main 3 champs that are ranged but I feel really bad for melee champs.
Do you have evidence that their hitboxes have gotten worse?
: Yeah, so you're telling me to choose not to fight near/in cluster of minions essentially missing opportunities or outright free kills which I've setuped perfectly? Am I putting words into your mouth or what are you suggesting exactly - settle for something already and don't try to run from losing an argue maybe? :D I've picked it probably on the 1st lvl, and I spin in through the minion wave to bait/catch Riven - did you even watch the clip? I'm not your homie. :) --- And you seem to miss what this thread is all about: **it is about the way worse situation of minion blocking/pathfinding near it, which was changed by Riot, cause they tried out some stuff then gave up leaving it way broken than it originally was. ** Don't you want it fixed? Stop derailing the thread with irrelevant stuff.
>missing opportunities or outright free kills which I've setuped perfectly? Obviously they aren't that good or perfect since you aren't factoring in minion block. >I spin in through the minion wave to bait/catch Riven Uh, homie...you could have just walked up to her at that range. It's not the fault of minion block that you used a move improperly. I'm not missing what the thread is about. I'm saying that this thread is whining about something that isn't a problem.
: It is the definition of not fair. Ranged champs hardly ever worry about minion block while melee deal with it much more often. Some don't have to deal with it at all.
So? Are you trying to address the problem of ranged toplaners having an advantage against melee toplaners?
: > [{quoted}](name=Tobias Brackner,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NKhAOTeZ,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2017-08-06T02:35:09.330+0000) > > I have no idea why people complain about this. It's dangerous to fight enemies in the minion wave at early levels. It's just that simple. Because it not the early game that gets them. many get killed by a another champion chasing you & end up getting stuck. it's down right unfair & annoying.
It's not unfair. Minions block movement. Understand that and everything works out.
: In the 2nd clip I am lvl 5, one level ahead of Yasuo + red buff, so it's not that early. I actually told Kha (my jungler to camp the bush with me for ~10 sec, he was near but he didn't come cause stubborn, would be a clean kill). I knew that Yasuo was going to most likely ward the bush cause there was a huge wave pushing towards my tower. I preemtively dodge his Q and was chancing for a crit or at least to get him low enough/trade efficiently (which I did). Then I back away at enough HP only for my char to choose his own direction suddenly. I tried correcting by clicking closely (I'm aware it helps) but the pathfinding was dead set upon taking me on that path. We managed to win, but the only did thing that saved Yas from being absolutely destroyed was something external and not skill expression. I hate when I lose (a fight/game) or if I have to tryhard more/be forced to play a game which would be over way sooner because of external factors and not true skill. ---- Now let's see about the 1st one: Are you telling me I should not follow a gank/do not attempt a perfectly timed gank EVER just because there is the chance of complete/major minion block + pathfinding breakdown? Please reevaluate what you're saying cause this is non-sense.
lvl 5 is early. And it is skill expression. You chose to fight in the cluster of minions so you accept the risks of that. As for the first one that just means it's a good idea to pick up Tryn's spin somewhere on the way to lvl 4. >Please reevaluate what you're saying cause this is non-sense. Homie, don't tell people to re-evaluate the words you put in their mouth. That is nonsense.
Rexxiee (NA)
: Can we do something about this toxic camp lanes meta in the jungle role
Ward. Tell your Jungler to steal their Jungler's camps.
: Minion block/pathfinding is overdue for fixing. @RIOT
I have no idea why people complain about this. It's dangerous to fight enemies in the minion wave at early levels. It's just that simple.
Ralanr (NA)
: No I read it. I don't agree with it. Even if his kit has that power early, it's mainly because of lack of item advantage.
> it's mainly because of lack of item advantage. And you got math to prove that?
Ralanr (NA)
: Yeah, but if you're delaying some early power then you're delaying your lane bully advantage.
You literally did not read my original post.
: Wards are part of the problem. They're very non-interactive, yet they provide tons of information. And often times it is information that your opponents can't outplay, because they don't know the ward is there. Yes, players can use context clues to assume areas have been warded, but the vision game and the stealth game are entwined, and Riot is implicitly asking players (junglers and anyone roaming for picks) to try to dodge something that _they can't see_ that has an unknown position. Yes, we have Sweeping Lens and Control Wards that let us counter the enemy's wards, but why do I need a specific anti-ward counter-item just to interact with the thing if I do happen to know it is there (in the case of you seeing an enemy drop a ward, once it goes invis there is no way to interact with it outside of 1 of 4 specific anti-ward counter-items. Remember how frustrating the vision game was when Vision Wards were _invisible_? Riot has steadily been moving away from that model, but they won't go far enough. 2 of the 4 types of wards are still invisible by default, and the other 2 become invisible once they're placed in brush. By making the tools that we use to get sight _invisible_, Riot is making it nearly impossible to use stealth in the true sense of the word - avoiding detection or discovery, because again, how do you dodge something you can't see? If wards gave off some kind of sign or clue that they were there, or indicated the space they occupy, the forms of vision that wards offer could afford to be move expressive and powerful and free. I often give the example of a visible indestructible ward that grants vision in an cone that slowly rotates around. This is immediately more interactive than anything Riot has made, and it offers players a chance to try to be stealthy and get by it. But such a ward can't exist at the moment, because the wards Riot has currently given us are mostly unfair for our opponents.
Wards have a lot of interaction. There are strong spots for wards, good secondaries, and even markers telling you where your opponents have warded. Good pinks/sweepers can force your opponents to put in weird wards that provide minimal information. Also I don't want wards to become too interactive in that LoL is already an extremely complicated game. Outright changing the free ward into being something more interactive could be pretty neato.
: illaoi support is garbage. sion supp is pretty good as long as you can land your skillshots tho
Nah, Illaoi support has a lot of strength.
: illaoi has no cc and with a supp build she will have no dmg and all she provides as a champion is tankiness and damage. She gets none of those as a supp against decent enemies
Nah, she has a lot of damage even on a budget. Her ult is extremely powerful. I've found her to be surprisingly effective against poke, engage, and sustain lanes due to soul grab.
Ralanr (NA)
: Cull is more to farm for late though. I can see it working, but you're losing some good early game stats.
Yeah, hence my statement about Renek's kit. He doesn't need those early stats to trashcan many champs. They need those stats to try and fight against him.
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: Why should I play assassins or burst mages when I can just play Cho'Gath?
Rioter Comments
: Anyone else think the state of vision and stealth needs another look or update?
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