: Can we start making league more casual again?
before mf's rework i hoped they would rework her into a pure mage. my dreams were crushed when they removed AP MF from the game instead.
: We nerfed assassins for 1shotting people with no counterplay
you answered your own complaint in your title. "with no counterplay" how to counter {{champion:31}} in 1 easy step: walk away from {{champion:31}} and because someone's going to respond "how do you walk away when you're knocked up" here's a bonus tip how to counter {{champion:31}}'s knockup in 1 easy step: walk away from the circular indicator when {{champion:31}} activates his knockup.
: How I react to people who said they got banned for curseing
Oh yeah well i hope you have a nice **fucking** day you **god damn**... person. _~~Shit~~_.
Wind234 (NA)
: Would Riot ever kill off a Champion?
i mean if the lore were to advance in time any significant amount either kayn or rhaast would probably die, {{champion:75}} and {{champion:58}} might finally have their fight to the death, and {{champion:202}} would definitely murder a champion or 4.
Jockaz (NA)
: Will we ever see volibear in patch notes?
i imagine he's waiting on the rework list lower-down, with the likes of {{champion:56}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:20}} and any other champions so ancient that i forgot to even list them
Aucc (NA)
: Reading the patch notes, ANDDDDDDDDDDDD..........!
: If League Champs had Pokemon Skins
or, or, hear me out here just make a pokemon moba where each pokemon is their own character. (kayn already introduced the evolution mechanic into league anyways)
: How do you get your team to listen to pings and work together?
i'd say the key when using pings is to use them rarely and never ping twice in a row if someone's spamming out 4 pings every few seconds on-cooldown it turns into white noise **very** quickly. conversely if there has only been a couple of missing pings 20 minutes into the game and i hear a ping, i'm way more likely to pay attention to it
adjoth (NA)
: I just reallzed somthing
i still want a slightly xcom-like turn-based strategy fantasy game set in the league of legends universe but 99% of that is just me missing shining force.
: Kayn buffs on the PBE
i was thinking maybe increase the dash range on Q for shadow assassin but yea w/e
Horidas (NA)
: Still waiting for the next piece of void lore.
i've always been hoping for a void-themed map/game mode where there are no lanes and the whole map is terrifying jungle and the monsters roam around and hunt you instead of sitting around in camps
Beas7ie (NA)
: Just go ahead and refund him. He's pretty much permabanned anyways.
ah yes, refund a champion that will be in the game until the end of time because of an extremely short-lived trend that will be gone in a week. great advice.
: When someone says your main isn't viable
i hear you, i mained {{champion:6}} mid in season 3. every game was a 1v9
: How do you get an S+?
by out-farming your vayne and maybe having higher kill participation. also how was that damage dealt graph?
Natake (NA)
: Tell me a dumb idea that you know will never get into League.
: People who don't take clarity are selfish individuals
mana is almost meaningless. there are maybe 2 champions who will **_E V E R_** run out of mana after they've completed their first item. why dont you just take clarity yourself or, better yet, build a single mana item so you can have a second summoner spell?
: Shaco mains, what is Shaco's identity as a champion for you?
i don't even own shaco so my 2 cents converted down are worth about a paperclip and a piece of lint, but i would say it's mostly about the ult and tricking people into thinking the fakeo is the real shaco
: I choose sup so yall wont have to sup..
just pick a mage support and go full AP, it doesn't matter how bad your ADC is if they're free farming all game and the enemy team's bot lane is a combined 0/18
MysterQ (NA)
: Xayah and Rakan Kayne and Rhaast waiting waiting waiting 2 players, 1 champion incoming. Riot is preparing us.
SnowFall (NA)
: Kayn/Rhaast is a true example of two champions in one. Kindred is just a lamb.
after all the time and effort spent trying to make the dual-champion thing work, then they go "screw it" and just release 2 champs at once... and then the NEXT champion is a great dual champion
: Mobility creep
we need more {{champion:78}}-like champions. the ability to punish mobility with good prediction and timing is something i would certainly welcome more of.
: Illaoi needs a new skin
because she failed as a new champion and fell out of popularity very quickly
: If ADC's and squishy supports would learn to build a single armor item they would both survive the burst from lethality. They both have {{item:3047}} . ADC's have {{item:3026}} and squishy supports have many different items that provide armor to chose from {{item:3060}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3109}} {{item:3050}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3512}}
yeah but {{item:3047}} doesn't give crit so i'd better build a second {{item:3031}} instead :^)
Talvaren (NA)
wasn't {{champion:201}} freljordian?
: "Hey can we trade roles? I don't want to support"
no see you don't understand, i know support is the least popular role and the fact that i got autofilled into it automatically tells me that nobody else on this team wants to play it, but **_I_** am the **_main character of League of Legends_** so i deserve to get my role, which happens to be mid. but i'll take top too :^)
: The reaction to Cho'Gath, and why I think it's unfair.
everything that's strong is overpowered and needs to be fixed, unless it's something that i already use
: 1200% AD ratio
or you don't stand in a very predictable AOE DOT skillshot like an idiot
: Better to open chests in waves. The first chest is always designed to be a champ, then a skin. I think it bugs out to have reset periods where it for some reason decides you need a champ at the start of your "new" cycle.
i guess that would make sense, given i have a ton of chests and open one whenever i get a key, which is usually like once every other patch
what i want to know is how my last 5 chests all gave me champion shards
: Hidden OP
: Illaoi skins/ cromas
: Rerolled Dunkmaster Darius, Challenger Ahri, and BloodMoon Yasuo into a skin perm
rerolling good skins doesn't get you better skins.. you should have rerolled crappy recolors
Xonra (NA)
: What's the second least popular role?
i would guess either jungle or adc, although jungle is very popular until {{champion:141}} hype dies down. as a jg main i can confirm that i was getting jungle in almost every game until {{champion:141}} released
: I like how the reason they updated the client was the store
how is it worse? i haven't once had the new client completely deny me access to the store, which happened more often than it didn't in the old client.
: Listen up kiddos here's how to get an S on all mid lane AP champs
if you can manage to muster the effort to move your mouse all the way over to {{champion:74}} during champion select and lock in, it could be an effective addition to this strategy
meowwow7 (NA)
: for mid game but late game {{item:1409}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3193}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3364}}
the {{item:3748}} is very important.
Revali (NA)
: Testing out taric jungle seems actually stable.
{{item:1401}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3748}}
: Change Co-op vs AI to AI VS AI
i mean... it's bots. A it doesn't matter B why do you need teammates and C why not just play a custom with 9 bots
: (Suggestion)
but riot can generate infinite RP for free.. they don't need anybody to donate RP. all this would do is allow people to delete their RP the alternative option would be allowing people to give their leftover RP to their friends, but that would reduce RP sales so it won't happen
: Can we have another AP item that gives armor?
i agree, especially because zhonyas is bought almost exclusively for the active, and would still be bought against full AP teams. an actual AP/armor item could be good for build diversity and give an actual choice to make against AD. also off-topic: DOWN WITH {{item:3165}}
: Yall forgot to change this riot. Just a heads up
also need to change it so you can gain chests from champions you don't own. an S is an S, whether you're mastery 7, bought the champ literally right before the game, or have been playing them in their free week. i mean heck, you can spam a ton of games on a champ all free week and not be able to get chests but if you buy a champ you've never played before you can get a chest on your first game with them.
Arcyyy (NA)
: What if for Nunu's eventual rework, Riot split him and Willump into 2 champions?
Terozu (NA)
: But unless he chooses Darkin mode he dies to a stiff breeze ({{champion:40}} ). And if he chooses Darkin his damage is shit. tbh he might be the weakest new champ release in a while.
shhh new champions are aaaalways OP. no testing needs to be done, no time needs to be taken, just slap an OP sticker on the new champion the day they get revealed, then confirm your verdict as soon as you lose your first game against them :^)
: Make New "Pool Party" skins!!
{{champion:420}} pool. noodle. tentacles.
GinkoG (NA)
: Everyone excited for the new champion and updated Urgot...
pool party {{champion:420}} when? I WANT POOL NOODLE TENTACLES
: Evelynn
> [{quoted}](name=Unreformed Shaco,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rFEeE4Op,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-07-10T22:14:05.441+0000) > > Shaco gets all early game damage gutted. > Rengar gets entire kit gutted because of their ability to gank from stealth. > > But here we have Eve, who has permanent stealth and cannot be warded against, is allowed to keep her full damage with less than 1 sec cd skills. are you trying to imply that eve is the less gutted party here? i'd rather play against an eve than a shaco or a rengar any day of the week, and if i were forced to play either eve, who i've actually played quite a bit and have learned, or shaco, who i've played twice in my life, i'd definitely pick shaco.
Slaak (NA)
: New skin Idea?
it would fit {{champion:119}} better tbh
: Why do junglers feel entitled to a leash?
if you can't spend a little time helping your jungler BEFORE minions are in lane and you don't even have anything else you could be doing except standing in lane waiting for minions then why should they spend the time to gank your lane when they could be in their jungle catching up on the farm they lost by having to clear without a leash?
: Finally purchased Illaoi today after 60 bot games!
first ranked game: enemy team bans illaoi :^) gl
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