: The indefinite banning of Tyler1
Recently people have been trolling Tyler1 just to annoy him and get him to rage and be toxic which lately he has been ignoring them. 19 bans is bad, but he genuinely enjoys the game he had 19 accounts in total and leveling them up from level 1 to rank gold-diamond, that's dedication. Also, they're evidence in his past stream videos of people **INTENTIONALLY** feeding, or trolling him just because they know who he is and what he is known for. Do you think he takes all that time to get an account to a certain elo and just be toxic? No. He takes all that time into an account because he enjoys playing LoL and wants to be in challenger (I would assume) and get that satisfaction of achieving that goal, but gets frustrated on his way there which would be the source of his toxicity; he must have self-control issues. Again, **RECENTLY** he has been lowering his toxic behavior in games to just play the game. Like I mentioned before perhaps you receive tons of reports lately for Tyler1 just because he is notoriously known for being toxic.
: You guys want to know why he got banned? He was stealing viewers from qtpie, meteos and other pro's who were complaining about him on stream, this is just showing how corrupt and hypocrite is RIOT as a company.
imaqtpie is a god upon us, he will always have the same amount of views if not more. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: he use to be USED* TO BE??? boi u dumb af??? when did he stop being toxic???
** how toxic he use to be.** Meaning how much of a toxic player he was, which he isn't as bad as he use to be now. Yes he's toxic, but at a certain degree.
: The indefinite banning of Tyler1
You guys at Riot need to know that though he was notorious for being toxic and just straight up disgraceful, recently it wasn't just him being toxic, no, it was the viewers on his stream telling the other players (through League obviously) on his team to either ban Draven or feed I would assume. And to add on, in games where he was mildly flaming others (which we all do sometimes) people would still report him because he's basically known for how toxic he use to be. Recently in his games he's not as bad as he use to be, he actually is becoming a better person. But, you know all this probably won't make a difference and it's not enough for Riot to reconsider the indefinite ban of Tyler1, but it was worth a try I guess.

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