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: Why are people talking about this?
let me correct this. Why are YOU people talking about this?
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: Would anyone be kind enough to teach me how to play?
Welcome to League of Legends. Before we can help you learn to play, we're going to have to figure out how much you know. Tell us a little about yourself, what champions you like to play, and how a few of your last games went. =)
: BE shop
I'm a support main, and I'm supposed to buy what?
: There is no such thing as a "farm" support. If you take any minions you don't have to you risk a fairly high chance of suddenly being in a 4v5 game after a salty carry goes AFK or decides to troll/feed because you took "their" farm after the item completes. Then you will be actively punished for killing minions that you need to for your team or lose vision for selling your support item.
Taric and Zyra are just a couple good examples of champions that transition into other roles. Zyra's plants will kill minions whether you ask them or not. Taric should farm minions to build up his defense - he actively snowballs based on his gold, and can become unstoppable if sufficiently funded. During the laning phase, there's very little excuse for farming CS. A Taric who is collecting 1.25 minions per minute from the passive of his support item will have about 10-15 CS as his item finishes at ten minutes, about when the lane ends. Assuming the lane ends quickly and there are 40 minutes of play time (A long game in the modern sense), a Taric who is doing a good job of split pushing, defending and killing minions could easily collect 100 CS by the end of the game. 85 CS in 30 minutes is above the cap, so he will trigger the passive and receive half gold. A Zyra who is catching multiple waves, holding pushed lanes and otherwise enforcing battles could get as much as 150 CS. They will almost certainly break their cap and receive diminished gold. This means that these champions will miss out on the power spikes they could otherwise claim by doing their jobs. These gold-dependent support champions are less likely to have an early failure point, thanks to free gold and power that keeps them from being completely starved out. This update is probably a Good Thing for Taric. He had a nasty tendency to be a stunbot in the current meta, due to being gold-starved by players with opinions like yours. There are other champs that require a certain amount of starting stats to be decent, such as Karma. These players are much less likely to have Cold Starts and suffer in the midgame, even if they lose their lane. But serious farmers will have problems right away.
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Ventira (NA)
: Honestly, I've found myself getting my first item much faster as support now. To the point I damn near have it before I even have sightstone.
The trouble is what happens next. You need that first item because the gold generation items are essentially only gold. Spellthief doesn't deal extra damage and relic shield doesn't share heals. Once your item maxes out, you have no more income. And you will still be penalized for farming. It's Enforced Poverty.
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: I think that riot is onto something with these items. While ADCs are complaining about getting bursted 100-0 after getting hit by a single skillshot, what they really meant was they wanted a bruiser or assassin to come into their lane and do it instead. Only this time without the skillshots. Honestly if botlane stays like this I'm just going to have to quit adc, I've played adc for like 6 seasons and stuck through season 7 but this is just ridiculous.
I think that even after my Support item is upgraded, I still can't farm. No gold for me. Ever. Enforced poverty is a garbage mechanic. I can't even play a transition champ. Gold dependent supports are toast. Taric will never be viable again.
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: What if Omnistone allowed you to pick and choose six minor runes from ANY tree, instead of keystone + 3 from your primary and 2 from your secondary- At the expense of not actually having a keystone. Do you guys remember back when masteries were a thing, how there were specialized pages that didn't go all the way down to the end of any particular tree, they just picked and chose from all 3 of them? I think it would fit the inspiration tree very well and add a lot of strategic depth to the rune system which, right now, is actually pretty stagnant. And if that was too weak, they could buff it to allow you to grab runes from the same row in any tree as well- So you could take all four "Hunter" runes, for instance. I personally think that would be a bit OP but then again, for not having a keystone at all, it might work out ok. Just my two cents. As many people have pointed out, Omnistone in its current state is utterly useless. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Riot: Glacial is toxic to play against.
Say it with me. It's no fun playing vs. perma stun.
: Why would you nerf the orb?!
Do you just want us to play less TFT? Because that's basically what you are saying. Play less TFT. It's a bad message.
koshkyra (NA)
: Riot is sacrificing the identity of the support role to make it more “fun” and appealing.
The trouble is, bringing variety to support is easier said than done. If we look at one of the most mechanically interesting supports, Bard, his "heal spots" are essentially underused/unused. He is stripped down to a damager with mobility and a stasis.
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TheGrot (NA)
: Earth Tile Seems Useless?
It is carried over. At least, bug free, it carries over. I checked.
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: all i am seeing is endless QQ and misunderstanding. its as simple as i stated, everything has a counter. I have had a game where my comp changed 7 times and placed 2nd from dead last. learn the specs...
It's not as simple as "you stated". You can't see the bigger picture. Let me paint it for you. Ocean's basically forced into **one of two pigeonholes**: Mage or Warden. That's because** two of Ocean's units are Mages, and two are Wardens.** ----- The one-star Mage is a caster "tank" that relies on draining HP at melee range to be effective. If he doesn't get both sides of this exchange, constantly, then he won't be effective. If he gets physical jammed, he won't be able to cast and he dies. If he gets magic jammed, he won't be able to cast and he dies. If there's a Soraka anywhere in the tri-state area, _he won't be able to cast and he dies._ If he gets crit to death, killed by blademaster spam, stun locked, frozen, stands on an Inferno patch, gets nibbled by Kindred, or the enemy has built a Trap Claw, Morellonomicon, or Red Buff, he won't be able to heal from casting and he dies. And to add to his woes, because he's running HP steal, he has to outlevel his opponent. If he faces a higher star level unit, he dies. If he faces an equal-star level unit of a higher rank, he _usually_ dies. In other words, Vladimir is a weak-as-hell unit that gets outclassed by virtually every other Rank 1 healbot, and is really only useful for laughing at noobs and saying "But you didn't stop the Vladimir!" ------ Both of the Wardens are high HP frontliners who soak up damage. One deploys a shield and one sends out short-duration CC. Neither do a very good job of covering for the fragile caster "tank" that prefers to stand at melee range himself. You can build Warden, but if you do, there's no reason to buy Vladimir. He doesn't get the bonus and won't be protected by all the tough guys - he'll go around them and die. And if you buy seriously into Warden, then you get Ocean2 anyway, without needing to buy the other units. ----- Lastly there's Syndra. Syndra is a pretty good AOE splash mage. She gets better later, when her spheres often hit multiple targets. She's outclassed by Neeko, though. She doesn't synergize well with her teammates - Thresh will usually end up lanterning the frontline, and Nautilus is very unlikely to protect her from an Assassin. All too often she squeaks too close to the front and goes 'splat'. In fact, the shield tank Thresh is outclassed by Ivern, who has stronger long range shields, and the stun wall Nautilus is outclassed by Maokai who is manaless and can't be magic-jammed, and benefits from fighting ability-heavy teams. Which by the way, is Ocean's Achilles Heel. The raw stats on all the Ocean units are tragic. Block their skills and they are done. Soraka alone beats Ocean. Nami's great - but anyone playing Mystic to deal with magic damage is going to want a Nami card. Or just anyone who wants to stuff a Rank 5 on their line. In situations when Ocean is the arena element, you can run Ocean Qiyana. This gives you a pretty good assassin who skills slightly more often. But she doesn't work with the tanks and she won't protect Syndra or, should you reach her, Nami. And to make matters worse, both you and your enemy get a space with an immediate mana boost. In a situation where you are constantly generating mana slightly faster than your opponent, being able to start the match with a skill is a significant leg up for the enemy. If the Ocean tile is ANYWHERE but middle of line 2-3, center of the board, your opponent will benefit more than you do. If it's on the frontline, your tanks will waste it as theirs make use of it. If it's at the back, you risk assassins and have to walk into range anyway. So, essentially, everything Ocean can do, Wood/Druid can do better. Earlier. Ironically the best way to play Ocean is to NOT play Ocean, to run the fewest possible Ocean units while getting the mana bonus you want. You're best off stuffing an Ocean Lux on your backline and completely avoiding Ocean, if you want the Mana Boost.
: Late light is suppose to scale, it requires early commitment and doesnt start off well. healing can be countered by poison and early game predator. Ocean is amazing with sum at all levels. cloud is also good with Jax. im not gonna sit here an counter everything you posted. my point is simple... everything has a form and function and everything has a counter. thats why they made the unit synergies more flexible. they want you to be able to transition on the fly. some synergies dominate early game and still can be countered by others.
Ocean is NOT amazing with sum at all levels. It's garbage. I've run Ocean every single time it's been drawn on the board, every time I have zero competition for my units, and every time I wash out 4th or 5th. I don't even have to lose to the light player when I play Ocean. Some guy running Electric Zoo or late Wood Druid can beat me. Having 2 Wardens applies a wonderful, tiny bonus to the 2 Wardens that the enemy promptly either goes around or slaughters. I can Sidespec into Mystic and then Nami will do some work, but eventually I'll get shut down by the player who is running Morellonomicon or Red Buff and some kind of skill jamming - stun, glacial, Soraka, whatever. It doesn't matter whether I sidespec into Mage or Warden. It just doesn't work.
Tolinar (NA)
: My opinions on TFT Set 2.
Let me back up my opinion a bit. * Light is broken Wide light is virtually unbeatable unless you significantly outdraw it. What you do is get ahold of a 3-star or good 2-star Light card, dump a good item set on it, and then just buy single-copy fodder cards of all the other Light units while rushing Levelups. It doesn't even matter which Light card you picked. Whether it's a 1 star rank 1, or a 1 star Rank 5 that dies, it applies the same bonus to all teammates. Once that bonus gets strong enough you'll survive the midgame. The 25% heal bonus and attackspeed boost raises damage and skill use, and all your units come online together. Then you just draw light cards, letting your units hit 2 stars, until you topple everyone. It shouldn't work this good. But it does, because all the Light units are essentially Hyper Carries - any one of them can be the fulcrum of the team - and they have flawless synergy. Nasus is a HP Tank. Building stall against a Nasus doesn't work. Vayne is a Tank Shredder. Building HP against a Vayne doesn't work. Jax is a Bruiser Killer. Building DPS against a Jax doesn't work. Aatrox is a Heavy Caster. Building Wide against an Aatrox doesn't work. Soraka is a Skill Jammer. Building Caster against a Soraka doesn't work. And Yorick emphasizes all the bonuses of the Light set by adding Even More Fodder to the table. You basically have to run a high-star set that includes Morellonomicon or Red Buff in several places to dent this set. And with the Light item, it's possible to Promote any unit that is otherwise useful - a Nami, a Qiyana, whatever - to Light. But the worst of it is, this set doesn't require any special skill to use effectively. As long as one unit has good items and is standing where they need to, the other units can die like dogs and power up the central characters. But the better you position your units, the further they'll all go. In other words, the Light card set is just too strong collectively. There isn't a successful approach. You can't match the healing late, because Soraka will jam your healers. It's difficult to run Stun versus a Nasus that is going to kill you for standing nearby. You can't face-time the Jax, and you can't outnumber the Aatrox, and if Yorick gets on the table then whatever you WERE trying to do, just got harder. With other sets, you have to figure out what kinds of advantages you have, and how to emphasize them. With light, you just don't need to.
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: TFT - 9.22 Set 2 PBE Change Log & Update
Here is some feedback: Inferno is garbage. Fix it. Also, a bunch of starter units are self-healers and you basically made red buff and nomicon the answer to all the early game 3-stars. It's seriously boring. You heal or you heal block. It sucks. Fix it. One more thing: Light is stupid broken. Late light is unstoppable. Fix it.
Tolinar (NA)
: I have a problem with League, and it's a problem League itself created.
Another handful of garbage games. Two easy wins and three horrific failures. The coin keeps flipping. I want to say this nice and loud so listen up. _**I HATE YOUR PLAYERS**_. The game is nice. But your players are trash. So, so, so much trash. This thread, as it is right now, is a PERFECT demonstration of it. But, you are devoted to keeping the players you have, because you can't get new ones. Maybe I'll want to play this again in a few days, or weeks or months or something. I'll probably get chat-moderated again or even temp-banned for getting angry at my team for the two losses. For the record: Game 1 had a Jungle Pyke that went 0/8 and refused to help a Cass secure a kill on the leading Renekton while she had three kills already. Game 2 fed a Jax 24 kills. Both games blamed the kill-leading support for the loss. Bite me. This isn't worth more of my time, except to complain about it. Maybe it's worth a LITTLE more of my time for complaining. I shouldn't have to play with teams THIS bad. And I shouldn't have to deal with people who blame me for the losses they cause. Why should I be the best performer on a team at 0/8? That's awful. I shouldn't be forced to play in a game, where at 0/8 I'm the best player on the team.
: "No more-so than you saying that I didn't play the best." well. maybe. but at least i am not taking everything i see and believe it,. just just like last season op gg mmr
For the record, I review three different online systems on top of the client's, to determine how I did in each game. OP.GG is most favorable. The least favorable is Mobalytics, which is convinced that I am not doing enough damage. Even Mobalytics admits that my ability to duel and lane is "mastered" ...which in my opinion is a strong indicator that I am facing under-skilled opponents. I remain convinced that I am too skilled for Bronze play level.
Tolinar (NA)
: I have a problem with League, and it's a problem League itself created.
You can save your downvotes and vitriol. It's old hat, this is why my chat window is offscreen. I'm not here to deal with you. I'm here because Matchmaking needs work.
: Well. Youre welcome to quit. Btw op gg saying you played the best dosent mean you did...
No more-so than you saying that I didn't play the best. Have you ever heard that proverb about not poking a bear? You're not being especially productive. But honestly, I would have been surprised if the first comment was anything but "Uninstall". I'm going to downvote you now.
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: Not getting VOD rewards after watching multiple games
Same problem. I skip ahead until the match starts and click away when it ends. If this is unacceptable, then your wishes are never going to be met~ {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: The new NA LOL Esports site is an atrocity...
Do I really have to watch EVERY second of a match to get credit? I can't skip forward until the match starts? I can't click away once the match ends? Be serious, now!{{sticker:sg-janna}}
But Vel'Koz TICKLES. =S
: Unpopular Opinion: It is now more enjoyable to watch league than actually play it.
I find it's enjoyable to play when I: - Decide on some crazy strategy - Disregard all guides or information already present on the internet - Disregard the whining of my team - Just go for it! - And win! Or lose. Doing this has yielded what I call my "rare gems" meta: Support Cass and Yorick are my babies.
: How do you kill the enemy nexus without winning in a big teamfight?
You push. If you have a composition which relies on winning teamfights, and you can't do that, you're in trouble. But otherwise, you motion that you are going to start baron, and when they go to defend it, you scatter and either crush their base or pick people off.
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: Let's Discuss: Pre-Season 2017 - Runes Reforged
Cass got screwed over, big time. She was hit the absolute hardest by these changes. She can't use 2 of the runes (Predator or Magical Footwear). She can't get any early Magic Pen, and unlike every other mage in the game, she can't build an early Sorcerer's Shoes. Every other mage gets more kit damage from Runes, so even if she picks damage runes, Cass's kit is even further behind. Her free movespeed is matched by Magical Footwear, and her late scaling is matched by Gathering Storm. Which, by the way, is seriously overpowered. And since her autoattack animation can't be performed while casting Q, W or E, about a third of the runes (that operate from autoattacks) are inherently useless. The most popular Korean rune on her is Phase Rush. This is the new Stormraider's. That should tell you how bad it really is. Cass's best option for runes is Phase Rush... Which by the way is trivialized by the speed boost from her Q. Basically everything Cass could do before, has become open territory thanks to Runes. Everyone deals so much more damage and is so much more maneuverable, Cass isn't even relevant, and she has nothing to support her play style in the changes. There are plenty of special interactions for certain Runes that every champion has. Not Cass. You want to know a special interaction? Cheap Shot, the free True Damage when damaging an impaired enemy, only affects one champion before an un-seeable cooldown is put on Cass. If she hits 3 people with Miasma she gets a single Cheap Shot proc on one of them at random. That's a pretty cheap shot in my opinion. I know you want some high end argument, about how there needs to be an option for Magic Pen or some such thing. But you guys have a serious blind spot here. Do something about poor Cass. She's garbage at this point.
Broporo (NA)
: Man that sucks you didn't get to chat in the post game lobby to brag, but it looks like you were able to find that normal capsule in your loot and get it opened up now.
Yep, closing the client completely and re-opening it made the loot capsule open-able.
Moooose2 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tolinar,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4fI4HJBP,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-11-13T08:41:42.260+0000) > > I have a notebook. > > I have 513 documented games on Nami since the last tally, which was Oct. 17th of this year > > > EDIT: And 26 games since then, including a couple in this preseason, for a total of 539. you have a problem
> [{quoted}](name=Moooose2,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4fI4HJBP,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-11-13T09:15:49.610+0000) > > you have a problem No, you do. You caught me with my screws undone. What the hell are you complaining about? What I do with my own time is none of your business home boy. Why don't you trot your sorry opinion right back to whatever ranchero it came from, huh? Your attitude is like a seven year old laughing at a poop joke. Grow up quickly, and then suffer in despair at the hands of a life that will make you serve fries until you're no longer employable and die somewhere on a street when it gets to 28 degrees at night. Or at least leave people alone on the internet.
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Moooose2 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tolinar,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4fI4HJBP,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2017-11-13T08:26:51.971+0000) > > A lot of the data from my other seasons is long gone. Let me check my notebook... > In the 2016 season I played 131 games on Cassiopeia. > > I have 118,541 Mastery Points with her, my second highest. > Only Nami, with 127,000+, is higher. I have been playing Nami since Season 2, but when I realized Traditional Supports were essentially coinflips, my main switched to Cass. > > > The games before that point don't matter very much because that was when the kit was rather different - round miasma etc. you have a fucking notebook? xd
> [{quoted}](name=Moooose2,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4fI4HJBP,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-11-13T08:40:26.179+0000) > > you have a fucking notebook? xd I have a notebook. I have 513 documented games on Nami since the last tally, which was Oct. 17th of this year EDIT: And 26 games since then, including a couple in this preseason, for a total of 539.
: > [{quoted}](name=Tolinar,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4fI4HJBP,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-11-13T08:19:03.687+0000) > > > Click the Champions tab. > > I had a 70% winrate or so on her last season. I see it but you played a total of 34 games doing it. xD In your main post you made it seem like you played HUNDREDS of games as Cass support.
A lot of the data from my other seasons is long gone. Let me check my notebook... In the 2016 season I played 131 games on Cassiopeia. I have 118,541 Mastery Points with her, my second highest. Only Nami, with 127,000+, is higher. I have been playing Nami since Season 2, but when I realized Traditional Supports were essentially coinflips, my main switched to Cass. The games before that point don't matter very much because that was when the kit was rather different - round miasma etc.
: Had to look at your past games to try and understand this.... But after seeing your recent game history and seeing you don't play Cass support very often I would like to say Riot did not ruin YOUR champ. And as I like to play ADC I thank you for not playing support Cass very much. Click the Champions tab. I had a 70% winrate or so on her last season.
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: Fail Tank Runes
Grasp of the Undying doesn't scale well, and Overgrowth doesn't give you hardly enough even if you spend all game pushing. Hell I can TP back and forth between lanes catching minion waves, and I won't get anything worthwhile from Overgrowth. What's good is Demolish. And Second Wind. Second Wind is REALLY good early but it falls off. But early is what you want it for. There's not enough good defensive options.
> [{quoted}](name=Laughing Fish,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=NU2EQ2F9,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-11-09T04:49:28.770+0000) > >[/img] You're ******** right, I do. (I made those stars all by myself.)
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