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: Guess, since you wrote a post complaining about this heartbreaking problem, you did not do what they insisted. Why can't you just get over it? Why does it even matter to you what an idiot on the internet says? O.o Ps.: This is already punished very hard by Rito. So i do not see any reason for your complaining.
> So my question how often does it happen to you? and how much does it make you wish a tribunal was still around to review individual cases? did you read the whole post? the question at the end was the discussion front, not complaining, i'm interested how often it happens
Alzon (NA)
: Submit a ticket and get him banned :)
did that was wondering how often it happens, this was the first time it happened when i did well and he even had the nerve to repeat in post game after we won. Just wondering how prevalent it is in the community
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: I've been playing one PBE and I actually love Frostblade the way it is now I hate how it's focused on her butt. You know, I'm a girl irl so the whole "give her her butt back" makes me a little upset, and I bet a majority do not even play her the way they're making it out to be.
Well she still has the butt (it's there in game and might be even bigger to be honest), its the fur that is uncalled for. I agree I love the skin how it looks right now, If and only if it were a new skin I could pay more money for. Because I would have the choice to buy this Snow Day Irelia. However what I don't have a choice in is if they change the concept of frostblade irelia from a scifi cold-wetsuit, into something with huge fur accents, which was not set in the precedent. Again I totally agree with you its a baller skin. just not the baller skin I paid for 2-4 years ago. I like how battlecast Illaoi was developed and hopefully it was fun for the rioters to work with the community (at least some of it). So maybe they should use what they learned from that, We were heavily talking about frostblade on reddit, yea the skin was probably close to done, when the irelia teaser was posted, but some things are better to work with the community on especially for things people hold in high regard. and the "frostbutt" meme is almost as ingrained as "Better Nerf Irelia". One last note: I really hope hiding the butt more wasn't a conscious decision. While yea sexualization is a hot topic in video games, maybe even controversial, however there so many more risque skins and characters out there. Hell they gave Kai'sa and the new MF skin a huge slot for cleavege. Why? idk because why not. personally I think that its uncalled for in their case of full body suits. but frostblade irelia has only ever just worn a tight fitting wetsuit, that covered all her cleavege by the way. yea it showed a butt in something similar to leggings, but I'd say the skin isnt anywhere near the sexualization of many others
: Frostblade Irelia feels like Dragonslayer Pantheon all over again
Yea very disappointed since some rioters were saying they wanted to make the "frostbutt" lovers happy. Sadly, I was left with all disappointment. I saw Aviator first and was like "omg frostblade is gonna be so good" then I looked at it, obviously my eyes went to the butt first, slightly disappointed but not upset yet I started to look around the rest of the skin, full disappointment has never struck me so hard. Then i looked in game and saw how big the fur was, midly infuriated at that point. In game is fine if they get rid of all the gucci and prada. Splash art? I feel bad for the suckers who drew that garbage. but the controversy is deserved in my opinion. Now if the same people worked on aviator splash, then they got one thing right. but otherwise I FeelsBadMan
: Chicago Connection Clinic Megathread [Closed]
Location: Newark Delaware ISP: Access Media III old ping: 72 new ping: 86 I have submitted the logs which appears to go through the windstream network and my connection is still being routed to seattle then to chicago.

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