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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 14
Kled's had a gamebreaking bug where his bonus HP stat is always 0. Is this intended? It's been in the game a while and breaks his synergy with items like locket that would be great on him.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 12
Any plans for Kled? He has a bug where % hp values don't scale since he technically can't gain hp in mini kled. Feels back because he would synergize really well with locket and obviously Titanic and he's in an alright spot right now.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 11
I really enjoy the route you guys are going in regards to true damage on IE, but as a bruiser player, we itemize alot of health, even more so than tanks, and I feel that % hp true damage is a bit to relevant in the game right now. And I feel that the intention was to combat tanks, where it's a fair mechanic, but it ends up really hurting the Garens, Kleds, or any bruiser who builds alot of HP and little stats like Titanic, Sterraks. Any thoughts on this, it's extremely frusterating going against someone with % hp true damage as these champs due to lack of counterplay because they double dip since we also have only base resists.
: Voted #1 Worst Company
Open a ticket. That's a ban for account security. If you are the original owner and can confirm it they will unban you.
: I'm aware of the perception. What do you think are the things in the game that are resulting in this?
Trist has way to much self peel and you can't lock her down. R + Flash + W. Combine this with a Lulu or a Janna and how well people can kite at high elo, even making someone like cait almost impossible to dive. Then add on how every single meta midlaner has damage + utility which provides the already busted ADC + support backline even more peels. Nerf the slow on cait E, even if she gets compensation, it's just to crippling and she's basically in every game high elo. Change Tristana's R. Don't give adc's an invuln into a root (Xayah). These 3 champions make the game way to frustrating to the point that it's not fun playing in diamond + elo as a melee. Another option would be to nerf the movespeed from zeal items by 50 % or something like that while in combat for 1.5 seconds. This would still give them the ability to run, but getting kited while they auto you due to the orbwalking at high elo is really anti fun. And Lulu and Janna just add to the frusterations of the above 3 adc's. All of those, and vayne, but she's not a problem she just counters my champ archetype, make this game unfun unless you play a ranged champion or a backline diver. At least against Ezreal, Corki, Lucian, Draven etc, I feel like I have a chance and it's fair if I land a slow or a cc on them. I really don't think it's their damage, even if you were to buff those adc's damages to remove their safety, it would be good as the problem 3 are all hyper carries who have way to much impact early and mid. Also, make freezing more rewarding. Nerf the exp gain range so that you can't hide so far that you can't be hit and not fall to far behind. This will make champions like Renekton or other lane bullies be viable, as buffing their power makes them to frustrating, but if they can zone off of experience and gain a lead that way they should be rewarded. And should make it so if you are skilled at a lane bully you can win against a hyper carry, without the hyper carry feeling like shit and getting solo killed and it becoming frustrating. They would have counterplay at the cost of experience, which would let the lane bully get a midgame spike allowing them a good chance to close the game out before the Vayne, Kaisa, Twitch, Trist can get online. Same with toplane. Midlane this would be a buff to assasins which would again give them a chance to close it out. The above change would also stop stonewall lanes from being prevalent, at least in top. Champions who's only goal is to make you afk due to linear, non punishable kits shouldn't be allowed to do that even against a good player. By this I mean Zilean and Morgana mid. Maokai and Gangplank top. And as someone who doesn't play much botlane, the only troublesome comps are trist/cait with a lulu + janna. All of the above have two main outcomes, go even, or get ahead. Unless they are REALLY bad. And all of them scale to be super useful mid and late.
: Where is your proof that the game is dying? Riot hasn't publicized any statistics about their playerbase since 2014.,%2Fm%2F0dlkwn1,%2Fm%2F0h3pv2z,%2Fm%2F021dvx,%2Fm%2F0128442n (Copy paste the link, for some reason it removes the search trends, or just put in league of legends, dota2, csgo, and wow) We can see it peaked in 2014 and has been going down since, heavily dropping in the last year or two. Which would explain why they havn't published since 2014
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 7
Hey Meddler, I'm really concerned about Mundo Jg still being viable. He got hit pretty hard by the cinder nerf, and his clear is very fast but balanced by getting very low. With the talk about regen this concerns me. Also can lee top get any love?

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