: You've never been trolled by a Tahm on your team have you? That's what he's complaining about. A Tahm on your team gets tilted or wants to troll? He can swallow you constantly taking you away from fights you want to fight and you never get to do a thing.... or he can constantly swallow you and drop you in the middle of a bad fight while he runs away and leaves you to die. Look up videos of this, its incredibly toxic.
You may be right, but as his comment was vague, you cannot know for sure that's what he means. Also, I have never. Not even in OFA or URF matches. But, even if I had been, I wouldn't call for him to be disabled. I've been trolled by an Anivia in URF who started wall and wouldn't let me move. Don't think she should be disabled either. Trolls will always find a way to troll. I've been trolled in Bot matches even. One time I called jungle before anyone else called anything, wanting to try out Eve, and someone else went Shyvana jungle and power farmed both sides. I didn't get a leash either, and they shit talked me the entire match, flashed to smite steal buffs, spam pinged my dead body (I had barely any camps to farm and was levels behind even the bots, plus I have no idea how to play Eve), walked away when I came in for ganks (resulting in my death), etc. That was far worse than what I've seen from so called "troll" champs, and that's just one example.
: Are you on the new client? If yes, this isn't a new thing. It's been an issue for months.
I've heard of getting a black screen, but not about it literally forcing a dodge as the timer counts down to the load in after everyone has picked. I am using the new client, though.
: I think the next ARUF should disable some champions.. *cough*{{champion:223}}
Why, because he sucks compared to most other champions in URF? (https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/54979p/arurf_win_rate_statistics/)
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: Everyone with their username relating to their main, come here.
Used to be Tahm Kench Top, but I wanted something slightly less obvious to get the snarky comments about it to stop. They weren't that bothersome, but I liked having matching accounts (also have Bot River King) too, so it was a combo of those two factors.
Bellows (NA)
: Skarner also needs a revert. Another champ left in the dust by Riot. {{champion:72}}
He's been over 50% winrate for many patches now and is currently 12th out of 51 junglers in winrate. I'd consider that successful. He's good in the right team comps without ever feeling unfair. I'm not the biggest fan of the spire gimmick, but that's whatever. As long as he's not too strong, which he hasn't been since they hot-fixed him post rework (if memory serves), it doesn't bother me enough to call for a revert or another rework.
: ***
I think Riot wanted to make it less a panic button when you're about to die from burst and more of a shield for poke. The decay time made the shield more effective and probably also lacked the clarity Riot strives for with everything. They probably just prefer it to be a flat shield with the only variable being when he activates it, as that decides how big it'll be.
Profirix (NA)
: My only complaint about Tahm is he has no lane presence as a support. You can occasionally Q, which used to be good before Warlords Bloodlust was reworked so that the ADC can just heal up off of minions. Hes not tanky enough to sit in their faces for 3 autos or 2 autos and a q and he brings no meaningful cc. You can't play him aggressive bottom lane because he will lose out on every trade. He desperately needs something to bring him back up to par as a support. The damage nerfs to his passive really hurt his ability to meaningfully apply damage, which would be fine if his utility wasn't on such a long cooldown. Everyone seems to forget that he can only lock down ONE target or save ONE ally within the span of a brawl. Maybe TWICE per teamfight. That is ALL that he does. His devour gates him too much. Its got a 12 second cooldown and the majority of his kit revolves around him eating an enemy, eating an ally, or pulling off some tricks by spitting a minion at the enemy. I just wish there was some way to make him a more meaningful threat. His early game is usually ok, but I've noticed that he falls off pretty damn hard mid to late game.
Everyone also seems to forget that he is hard countered by CC. If your team is CC heavy, he can't shield, meaning eating an ally or enemy is often a death sentence between that and the self slow. That's why I think his early game is weak: until he gets some items and levels, he can't stand up to much punishment. But you're right about him having no lane presence. Most dodge the Q, and unless you get 1 auto and follow it up with flash+Q+AA, you're rarely gonna get 3 stacks on anyone Bot, at least not without getting kited and chunked.
Hige (NA)
: well that's what you get when you break the game the way he did back then ._. oh boy those tongue lashes that did 1/3 of your hp and were undodgeable and slowed you for like 80%...
Looking at his patch history, his Q damage has only ever gone up since release (80-280 up from 80-220 on release). The only nerfs to his Q were to the width and range of the skill shot; that being said, it was never "undodgeable" prior to those nerfs. Plus, his slow at max rank, which I don't see having changed anywhere in his patch history, is 70% (starts at 30%). In short, the hate for him, like the hate for most (ex. Poppy, whose winrate doesn't at all justify the recent circle jerk), is due in large part to hyperbole.
: they should really shift some power around in his kit make his support a little more fair and buff his top lane make tahm juggernaut again
I just don't want him thrown in that pile of champions that are kept down on purpose until their inevitable rework, but I fear he's already in it. The 6.13 changes were nice because they seemed to finally be making an effort to balance him out in new and unique ways... and then he was forgotten about again.
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: Upvote if you don't care about longer queue times
Don't care about queue times. That being said, I play top or support, making getting my role simple. On my Top River King account, I queue up as top/mid, which gets me top 90% of the time and auto-filled to support the other 10%. On my Bot River King account, I queue as support/top, getting support 100% of the time. Auto-fill being permanently enabled seems to have actually upped how often I get top. Before I'd get mid randomly, about as often as I get auto-filled to support now. Now, though, I get mid maybe 1% of the time. Guess I'm just lucky like that.
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ph1234k (NA)
: Not for fear, for the fact that not enough players in those regions play Normal Draft. Most players in most regions play blind pick in norms (I will never know why), and in many regions this means that the number of ND players results in large queue times in both Norm and Ranked. Now I do not think removing Draft from any region was a good fix as I honestly would never play league if there wasn't a normal version of the ranked play available however the intent was to create a better ranked experience and again the fact remains that they explicitly stated that they will not do this for all regions.
They've spoken at length about how they want to improve blind pick, and get more people to play flex, to reach the "ideal" scenario they mentioned in their very first statement, which is getting rid of normal draft altogether. Are they doing it right this instant? No. Is it something they'd like to do in the future, if they can? Yes.
ph1234k (NA)
: Why does your edit not correct your statement? They never said that they will remove it from all regions. They have said explicitly that they will not remove Normal Draft from NA, EUW and BR.
"In an ideal world, we’d like to retire normal draft in all regions." Their (ideal) end goal is to remove it from all regions. It's why they talk so much about making blind and flex more desirable.
x Kuro x (NA)
: They already turned off normal draft in some regions... allegedly for fear that player numbers were not high enough to support both normal draft and flex.
And said they intend to do it in all regions at some point in the future. They just first need to improve blind pick from the cesspool of toxicity that it is. This is straight from Riot's own mouths. EDIT: "Normal Draft will be retired at the start of preseason for all regions except North America, Europe West, and Brazil. Our goal is to offer the fewest number of queues that give unique experiences (so we can keep queues healthy) while keeping disruption low, and in all regions except NA/EUW/BR, normal draft had very low participation. In an ideal world, we’d like to retire normal draft in all regions." EDIT 2: "We completely understand that some of you prefer Normal Draft. We also completely understand that some of you still miss old Teambuilder and would go back to it if you could. What we're trying to do is make Flex Ranked attractive enough to some players who preferred Normal Draft, while also improving Normal Blind so that those of you really don't want to venture into Flex can have a good experience there." http://www.surrenderat20.net/2016/11/red-post-collection-2016-ranked-season.html
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: bro you dont even want to know what im going thru right now, i cant even enjoy 1 simple match. life is fuckin hard right now, lets stay strong for our futures sake...not being able to enjoy my free time is just 1 little thing. nothing compared to the things im going through.
If you're being sincere, I hope things improve for you.
Emojay (NA)
: Have you ever heard of ILLOAI? Ever heard of one for all? Ever heard of forgetting to ban a certain champion when playing alkali one for all? Ever heard of FED TENTACLE WOMAN? Also, any game with garen in it.
Garen? The only time I can imagine him being tilting is in URF. I've rolled him twice in ARURF and am a combined 38/6/14. No stopping the beyblade. Someone tried to trade me Tahm Kench for Garen the second time around and I noped them fast as I could, and not just because TK is the literal worst in URF. I said it was thoughtful of them, but you don't give up Garen in URF, not when he was your first main and still your second most played champ since you started playing the game.
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: {{champion:33}} :he dives in your tower if he happens to start chasing you with powerball {{champion:105}} :doesnt use any of its abilities unless allied bots are nearby {{champion:41}} : ....... {{champion:75}} : 20 mins in...3 stacks
GP knows when and where to ult, at least.
: Ryze. Ever since his rework he can't tell that he can't kill a 20/0 player under enemy tower.
Exactly. I'll be recalling under my turret with no mana and half HP and he'll tower dive me, maybe getting one auto on me, take a turret shot or two, walk away with a sliver of HP, and then get easily finished off by me. You can shepherd all of the bots away from lane to kill them when they become too scared to fight you anymore, but Ryze borderline intentionally feeds players, doing all the work for you.
: Orianna bot just randomly ults for no reason in lane. I'd pick her
I've found she's either on point with her ult... or she ults air with you nowhere nearby. There's no inbetween. So she's kinda like me whenever I play Orianna.
: I mean its bot for a reason
Did I not say that all bots can be taken advantage of easily? I'm just saying some are clearly a step above the rest in the stupidity category. Ryze Bot, for instance, seriously needs removed until they fix him. He's that braindead. At least other bots know how to use their ults, like Karthus Bot knowing when you're low enough to kill with his ult no matter if he has vision of you or not.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Tahm Kench Top,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rhNH0kWb,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-09-03T16:14:48.778+0000) >... Unless your team has easy engage and lockdown... If only we had a process whereby you could see what champions the opposing team was selecting and then chose your champions accordingly.. OH and it would be neat if they added a feature where you could disallow or... what's another word for that... hmm.. "ban" certain champions from being played in that particular game. Oh well... maybe one day.
> [{quoted}](name=Scary Door,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rhNH0kWb,comment-id=0016,timestamp=2016-09-04T11:49:37.868+0000) > > If only we had a process whereby you could see what champions the opposing team was selecting and then chose your champions accordingly.. OH and it would be neat if they added a feature where you could disallow or... what's another word for that... hmm.. "ban" certain champions from being played in that particular game. > > Oh well... maybe one day. Usually, unless I'm the one picking someone like Leona, I'm lucky if my team even picks CC into Kog'Maw. You'd be surprised how dense and/or cocky people can be in champ select. There's no better example than how things are every time I play Hexakill. Enemy team is all CC and range, meanwhile we're melee and relatively CC-less. The end result? The combination of CC and damage makes it so we don't even escape CC until we die. And this is with me constantly reminding people that we need range and/or CC.
  Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Tahm Kench Top,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=ljv4Wrii,comment-id=0113,timestamp=2016-08-18T03:05:37.829+0000) > > The only way I could participate is if I were to post under my old account, since my name gives it away. I'll still post the only champions I cannot stand facing (or in one champion's case, also playing _with_) as my main. > > {{champion:27}}{{champion:17}}{{champion:48}}{{champion:67}}{{champion:157}}{{champion:83}} > > Can you guess the champion I don't want to see on either team, resulting in me banning them any time I have a ban? singed?
Nope. Think champions who either go big or single-handedly cost their team the game. No real inbetween.
RoodToob (NA)
: It did, Runic Bulwark was the original upgrade of {{item:3105}}. It looked like this http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/c/cd/Runic_Bulwark_item.png/revision/latest?cb=20130710101716 {{item:3105}} also built from this if you remember http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/4/43/Emblem_of_Valor_item.png/revision/latest?cb=20130319090321 God i feel like I've played this game a while
Yeah, it definitely wasn't that. I would remember that icon if it was. I started playing in late 2014 on my first account, EkkoFroffles.
Veraska (NA)
: post 10 champs you hate, and see if people can guess your main!
The only way I could participate is if I were to post under my old account, since my name gives it away. I'll still post the only champions I cannot stand facing (or in one champion's case, also playing _with_) as my main. {{champion:27}}{{champion:17}}{{champion:48}}{{champion:67}}{{champion:157}}{{champion:83}} Can you guess the champion I don't want to see on either team, resulting in me banning them any time I have a ban?
: When you look back at your first game with your main
My first ever main, and second most played champion overall, provides the most cringey first normal match: {{champion:86}}: {{summoner:11}}/Revive; {{item:2003}}{{item:1054}}{{item:1054}}{{item:1054}}{{item:3009}}{{item:3105}}. 0/16/0. Loss. My current OTP, and most played champion overall, is far more reasonable, considering I had a decent grasp of the game by the time he was released. I also was at the point where I would research builds and the like so I wouldn't be building him completely wrong. {{champion:223}}: {{summoner:4}}{{summoner:3}}; {{item:3097}}{{item:2045}}{{item:3117}}{{item:3143}}{{item:3067}}. 2/3/14. Win. Perfectly reasonable. Would probably go for {{item:3009}} now, and might've gone with a different first defensive item, given the enemy team (Corki, Lulu, Tahm Kench, Ezreal, Xin Zhao), but there's nothing so bad I'm ashamed of myself in hindsight. P.S. Did {{item:3105}} use to build into something else, besides {{item:3060}} and {{item:3190}}? I built it **a ton** on Garen back in the day is why I ask.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: {{champion:134}} http://i.imgur.com/86Fax37.gif?noredirect
: Why did you main your champ?
{{champion:223}} : Simple to play, stupidly tanky, and can save allies (from enemies + their own stupidity) and duel about anyone in the game, He's sorta like Garen, my first main, only with added utility. I also enjoy making enemies rage in all chat about how "OP" he is, and I love everything about him (kit, VO, look, character, lore, etc.). Just all around my favorite champion.
: Are there any requirements bc I'm mastery 7 250k on TK
Just that you're a Tahm Kench main.
: Can I join said TK club
I can't invite. Tahm Kek is the name of the one who started and runs the club.
: you live up to your name it appears
Any time I don't play Tahm Kench top (I queue as top/support), people all give me mock rage in response, asking for me to be reported for not going top, for instance. It gets kinda old. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: OP, I filed a Pbe bug report on the issue for you and cited your name and I linked this thread to it. Hopefully with your very clear repro info they will be able to solve this rather quickly. I hope you don't mind.^^ -LostFr0st
Thanks! I posted it on Reddit and tweeted at the creator of TK just to cover all my bases. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Tried it again, and Q+W on a cannon minion when it is really low will also trigger the bug, but it has to be very low. But this bug doesn't happen to jungle monsters, just minions.
This pretty much just confirms my theory that it's dying inside you, most likely due to the mechanics of the QW combo not working properly and, as a result, either minion aggro or Tahm's own damage (Q and/or W) being applied to the minion when it shouldn't be untargetable and invulnerable in his belly.
: Tahm Kench W Bug
Wait, I'm almost entirely certain I know what the culprit is now. If you pay close attention to the last example, the caster minion's attack continues traveling to the minion even as it's inside Tahm's belly. The minion must not be getting made untargetable quickly enough for it to become invulnerable to minion aggro before it dies when it's low enough to die to it prior to the devour. So it dies to the minion aggro while inside Tahm's belly, thus leaving him with nothing to spit out.
: Yea, i know how the Q+W combo works. used to play a bunch of tahm. But the W damage isnt supposed to be applied until either max range or on collision. So the timing for it to be the W damage would be off. I just saw a constant and a possible reason so i figured i'd mention
No worries. After discussing it with the members of the Tahm Kench club I'm a part of, that does seem to be the constant: the minions being super low prior to the devour.
Deaeras (NA)
: This happens even without the Q, I play Tahm a bit and it happens all the time to me.
Have you noticed if the minions are especially low like in these 3 examples? I think Technolians might be on the right track, since that is the only constant I can see. It looks like, for some reason, the Devour might be working on minions the same way it works on enemy champions, dealing damage to them prior to spitting them out, meaning those low HP minions die before they can be spit.
: Looked like the minions died from the Q damage when you ate them.
That's not how his Q+W combo works. The Q damage isn't even supposed to apply if you combo it with a W to devour minions from afar. It's just meant to be a ranged version of using W by itself on a minion. Though that could possibly be the source of the bug, since they buffed the damage on Q with the changes in patch 6.13, and since the minions do seem to be especially low each time it occurs.
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: Rumble top: hate darius/garen (lack counterplay for melee apart from "leave lane) Naut jungle: hate graves/yi (self explanatory) Velkoz mid: hate lulu/annie (lulu counters my ult, annie is annie) Varus adc: hate kalista/blitz (both annoying af) Tahm kench support: hate sona/lux (One doesn't need to aim, the other has broken hit boxes)
As Tahm Kench support, I'm more bothered by Zyra, particularly if she's comboed with Ashe. Ashe's volley takes up the entire lane, practically, and Zyra's plants are all over the damned place since her changes, meaning you're going to be taking damage from her whether you like it or not just being in the same lane. At least Riot nerfed her a little following those changes, so Zyra isn't as oppressive in matchups like that anymore.
: Champion mains, who do you hate laning vs the most?
As Tahm, I hate, hate, hate the following: {{champion:27}} : I don't get to play League of Legends for all of laning phase. Can't really leave my turret, since his proxy farming and my lack of wave clear has minions at my turret the entire time. If I try to fight him, I can't kill him by myself, and sometimes not even with help, because Singed is possibly the best champion for wasting the time of your enemies and probably getting a kill or two out of it as well. {{champion:48}} : He presses R and I become as easy to kill as a level 1 Sona. {{champion:157}} : He dodges all my abilities, wave clears, and pokes me simultaneously. Plus, his wind wall can stop both of the methods I fall back on for farming in tough matchups, Qing minions and spitting them. {{champion:17}} : Attack speed Teemo, to be exact. {{item:3085}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3022}} Something along those lines. One blind and I can barely retaliate until it's worn off and he's autoed me countless times. If I leave lane to try and help elsewhere, he pushes so fast that I'll be losing turrets faster than I know it. And if he gets ahead, those shrooms and his ability to kite with W and Frozen Mallet make even sending multiple people at him a risky proposition. There are other champions I struggle against, but those are the ones I just kinda expect to lose lane against and know I'll have to find other ways to beat them, aside from straight up beating them in lane. All the others I still expect to win lane against, thanks to my wealth of experience on Tahm, so long as I don't play too poorly. I'm also not mentioning some picks I've seen only encountered once or twice, such as Rengar top with exhaust/ignite, or Taliyah top.
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: Can we please do something about the bot problem?
Seriously, why is this being downvoted? I'm asking for Riot to better enforce their own rules...
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