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: looking to form Winter break tournament team
IGN: TopFlame RANK: G3 ROLE: Mid / Top TIME ZONE: EST AVAILABILITY: Also just finished college for the semester, very free short term
VezTa (NA)
: TEAM XR Looking for Mid and Supp
Rank: Gold 2 Champ Pool: Morgana, soraka, janna, thresh Team Experience: Yes Discord Y/N: Y Weakness: Too good at trolling Strengths: vision control and objective focus Why you want to join the team: To have fun, and enjoy league and get better at game Goals as a Player: Have fun, and climb some elo
fkh0lzy (NA)
: Looking for Gold 5+ support for serious team
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Exotíc (NA)
: Looking for a Support and ADC for our Team. Read Description for details.
Age: 20+ IGN: slowgold + IceIce Rank: Gold 3 + Silver 2 Role: Support + Marksman Champions: (Morgana, Janna, Sona, Soraka, Thresh, Blitzcrank) (Ashe, Cait, Miss Fortune, Jinx) Discord: Y + Y Team before: Y + Y How far: Let’s do this! Pineapple: Hell ya! x2
: LF Top &(Support or Jungle) for White Frost Ranked Team (Flex) Recruitment (Unranked/Bronze/Silver)
IGN: slowgold Age: 21 Rank: gold 3 Time Zone: EST Can you Play every night: Yes Smurf: multiple Role: Not jungle 2nd Role: Also, not jungle Top 5 Champs: Strengths: CS well, pushing tactics, Im chill AF Weaknesses: Struggle trusting teammates Willing to play as sub: Not preferred Voice Chat (Discord Prefer): Yes Availability: Erry day Team Goals: Win, have fun, enjoy the camaraderie Questions?: When can we play?
: Recruiting For TZ (TEAM ZER0)
ACC name: slowgold Rank: G4 Position: Support / Mid Time Zone: EST Skype name: Rory Lazenby
: EnRage eSports recruiting Bronze/Silver players (ALL POSITIONS)
IGN: grootbok Role you are applying for: top Top 5 Champs for role you are applying for: Nasus, lissandra, karthus, chogath, rumble (working on trundle) Timezone: EST Age: 20 Avalibility: 8:30 p.m. - as late into the evening/morning Strenghts: CS monster (AP top laners) Weaknesses: Being too passive at some times waiting for a late game scaling champ (working on more physical/brusier tops) What makes you tilt: teammates flaming me, having my input ignored Are you willing to change your name to team tag (e.x. EnR __) Hell yeah
: looking for members
slowgold Mid G4 Kassadin, Lissandra, Varus, Chogath, Xerath, Karthus Pros: CS Cons: sometimes very passive (but actively working on changing that play style)(comes from playing some late game scaling champs) Time Zone: EST Availability: Late evening after 8 p.m. usually through the night (some nights as early as 5 p.m.)


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