: Thunder/Lightning Goddess Kalista
: Zed Concept Skins??
I would want one where he would be dressed up as Shen as an impostor >:3
Sun Disc (NA)
: I love the idea where you are the shadow and the shadow is zed.
Dude a shadow Zed skin would be SICK!
Torix (NA)
: Upset with Samsung White Thresh Skin :C
It's early in the pbe stage, they can always make changes if enough people notice a problem. This post is directed to people who do want a change and like supporting Riot at the same time =] Also: Blood Moon Thresh is the shiiiiiiiiiet!~
: Six champions that haven't gotten skins since 2011!
I would exclude Sion and Kassadin due to the fact they've had reworks done. Judging from your list ALL of these champions are in line for a VU/rework in the future. You wouldn't want more 8bit skins on their underdeveloped rigs would you? Give em time, they always come through.{{champion:18}}
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Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
I'm actually curious to see what my chat logs look like. Send em my way Lyte!
: Lag and frame skips after 4.19
I'm usually sitting at 40 but now I'm getting spikes up to 120 and 300 consistently as of today. What's going on???
: So what do you guys wanna do with Taric?
Lose the extreme emphasis on gems. I'd like to see a noble paladin whose personality stems from a thirst for justice. The masculinity aspect and protect the weak theme go straight to Braum. We don't need a hero, we need an epic champion. {{champion:44}}
: Why would they bring back only Championship Thresh and not Championship Riven?
Oooh limited. Big whoop man other skins have been brought out of that stage. What's the point of releasing 2 championship skins, then only release 1 back on for sale. Doesn't make much sense...here's hoping rito!
: Agreed. He also needs a visual update (those pizza feet!).
Yi's pizza feet didn't get much of an improvement either...more like replaced em with Uggz lol
Destínum (EUW)
: When are the updated Shurima bios coming out?
I miss good ol' nasus' voice...btw who the heck was handling their scripting for the video. It honestly felt like William Shatner wrote the entire thing with pauses-I now go to take a poop-My pants feel a great weight below-Little does Duck know......THE FALL OF SHURIMA'S DEUCE!
Catbat (NA)
: Why can't we search yorlde or noxus or shurima in champion select?
Dude if you can make a tagging system for Steam, ~120 champs IS NOTHING! GO RITO!
: Champion ship thresh
I've posted on Twitter, Facebook, and here that Riot shouldn't be excluding one championship skins versus the other. I understand that they're moving away from labeling anything as limited anymore so why is this an exception all of a sudden? Like everyone else is saying, what's the point of releasing 2 championship skins and only bringing one back. I feel a TON of people, even those who don't main riven, would love to have the chance to buy a classic yet awesome skin. Riot hear us out, this is pretty ridiculous.
: Update to Summoner’s Rift headed to PBE


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