: State of Gameplay: Pre-Worlds Updates and Beyond
: FACTIONS — Sign-Up Verification and Info Thread
: Thresh & Rengar’s Bot Lane Carnage
Personal favorite is {{champion:59}} {{champion:89}} . Level 2 slaughter fest
Arie (NA)
: What role do you main?
I'm a support main because there is nothing more satisfying than crushing the hopes and dreams of those who underestimate you.
: Patch 5.22 notes
Mother of God....
: Dev Blog: Building a Better Bio
So.... This is fucking awesome. The bio's and backgrounds of different Champions and factions is part of what lets me play the game for years on end.
: Champion Update: Fiora
I've always hated Fiora, but this looks like it could be interesting
: Creating 5 man ranked.
IGN: Torturi Lane: support Champ you main: Leona, Naut, Thresh Champs you could play: Janna, morg, soraka, Braum, s4 rank: S5 s5 rank: S4 timezone: East Coast why you want to play ranked: I love to compete what you expect: To win Have skype and curse voice
Viscacha (NA)
: Pool party
I'm game as well
Thiend (NA)
: This looks good, but I feel I should point out that Ziggs can't have an assist if his team has 0 kills.
Not to mention Leona's....interesting build path
: when are we supposed to get the gifts? I didn't get one and as far as I know I never was banned in any way.
article says over the next few days my friend


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