: > [{quoted}](name=TotalJerk,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=u8wxcyaj,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-05-20T06:32:03.031+0000) > > Because there are two ADCs in every game; one for each team. If I'm understanding the stats correctly, but the combined pick rate of every champion in the role should add up to 200%. 100% is huge you know
I'm explaining to you how pick rates can add up to be at or above 100%.
: Except Diana isn't an Assassin; she's an AP Bruiser. .-. AP Bruiser itemization just sucks.
I mean... Reddit was blowing up the other day when Riot proposed some changes to push her more torwards the bruiser role because they were like "What's wrong with champions being able to instantly oneshot from 1000 units away over a wall just macro better 4Head"
: {{item:3123}} is a terrible purchase into vladamir unless you have huge range to proc it with. It's 800 gold for a long sword and a half. That 450 gold would be better spent on {{item:1028}} +{{item:2003}} or {{item:1033}} presuming you have enough health to back it up. And {{item:3211}} really should give more MR. The health regen passive is whack and not worth the price. At 350g even just 15 MR would make it a decent inbetween the base {{item:1028}} {{item:1033}} and its upgrades.
Actually that item disproportionately favors champions with high base HP regen when played into champions that have spaced out poke patterns in lane. The passive absolutely fucking busted in certain matchups while being borderline worthless in others. The most blatant example of when the item is strong is the Darius vs Akali matchup. Early on a tank like Sion only gets 75% of the effect from the passive that Darius gets. And the passive is just innately going to do less against a champion like Sylas than it would against someone like Akali or Teemo. Health regen items just require you to have super high base regen already and be playing into a champion that is forced to space their attacks out enough that you can keep it up for a while.
Zardo (NA)
: Hashinshin calls AP assassins mages as well and uses them as justification that mages are broken. I got banned from his channel for asking him how katarina and leblanc were mages.
LeBlanc and Kat are kinda weird, though. LeBlanc is a mage/assassin hybrid that leans more on the assassin side. Katarina is less about picking off isolated targets in the early/mid game, and more about cleaning up teamfights in the late game akin to Master Yi or something. Better champions to mention in a discussion about AP assassins would've been Fizz, Diana, Kassadin, or Nidalee.
: In Korea it's even worse both champions got 50% pick rate which is 100% pick rate , idk how exactly it works here but Not gonna deny that those stats are huge but There are less than 20 Marksmen in the game what about Junglers? there are more than 30+ and like 10 champions played there that aren't originally junglers like Karthus Here we have {{champion:64}} , with 30% pick rate By having to compare his pick rate to the number of junglers , his stats are much higher than Ezreal or Kai'sa Since the number of junglers is more than double of the numbers of Marksmen as for other adc's , I believe , most of marksmen got decent pick rate Only 5 of them got lower than 5% pick rate ( not counting {{champion:119}} because he always had low pick rate with high winrate because only his one tricks play him ) {{champion:81}} Fits the meta so much , being good in early , safe , and scales too good ( unlike the old days where he used to fall ) {{champion:145}} Why pick {{champion:18}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:96}} when you can just pick {{champion:145}} ? This champion is just too good , the only way to actually make other ad carries playable is by gutting this champion She is just too good for a champion. as for {{champion:67}} idk , She is broken overall and toxic whenever she is a strong pick {{champion:222}} is overall an over buffed champion They gave her 3 or 4 straight compensation buffs for the ad items nerfs , then they buffed the ad items again Which explains her stats
> [{quoted}](name=Kitsune Kawaii,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=u8wxcyaj,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-20T00:47:27.449+0000) > > both champions got 50% pick rate > which is 100% pick rate , idk how exactly it works here but Because there are two ADCs in every game; one for each team. If I'm understanding the stats correctly, but the combined pick rate of every champion in the role should add up to 200%.
: > [{quoted}](name=Furious Delisha,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=u8wxcyaj,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-20T00:42:19.818+0000) > > What is your point and what is your solution? > > It is not outlined in your post. His point is something MUST be done about Ezreal and Kai'sa ( not sure about the other two ) And the solution nerfing them to make other ad carries playable
Not just Ezreal and Kai'Sa. Jinx is a problem in SoloQ, too. Vayne I'm not entirely sure about. She did just get a nerf and Rageblade got gutted, so I'm not entirely sure if its a case of her still being OP or people not getting over the fact that you don't have to ban her anymore.
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: Uh, lets be perfectly honest, if Yuumi could be untargetable to turrets, she could practically breed a comp that lives and breathes towerdive.
Not really. They aren't that strong and her abilities aren't that strong, they are hard to hit, and her Q in particular doesn't really do much when it does hit during an all-in.
: > [{quoted}](name=TotalJerk,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=bce6OJaH,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-16T15:37:34.866+0000) > > So wait; Akali could true stealth against turrets at launch, but Yuumi can't avoid shots with W? > Giving her the ability to be untargetable to turrets wouldn't have even made her diving that oppressive. She still has to have an ally with her that will be drawing aggro themselves. Meanwhile Akali had the ability to completely disregard the turret on demand by just pressing a button. Why does this different champion who is also an entirely different kind of champion not have this interaction that was already decided to be removed?
Because the fact that they are different kinds of champions exacerbates my point. Yuumi can do significantly less by being able to ignore turrets than Akali can. That kind of strength is a significantly weaker buff for her than it is for Akali. Yuumi's abilities are incredibly telegraphed, weak, and full of counterplay. If you ever get hit by them, you not only deserve it, you also barely even suffer that much.
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Jamaree (NA)
: This community: I hate that Riot purposely makes champions broken just to sell, greedy company. Also this community: WOW, I can’t believe that Riot made this champion so weak at release, why would anyone want her? Stupid company.
I give Riot plenty of slack when a champion is pretty overpowered or underpowered on launch. When I have a problem is when a champion is so absurdly on one end of the power spectrum that the champion shouldn't have even hit the PBE in that state, let alone live servers. I'm honestly mad because it was obvious how bad her numbers are. The only reason any of the playerbase was caught by surprise is that most players don't look up numbers on the wiki.
Sir Gusi (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=TotalJerk,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=i881IKVL,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-15T15:45:39.602+0000) > > * {{item:3134}}: Bonus damage on your next spell after killing anything. Creates an interesting window of power to help you win trades if you play around it > * {{item:3802}}: 20% max mana restored on level up. creates spikes in sustain to play around near level thresholds. When your mana is high you're encouraged to burn spells right before you level up. It also grants less power if you're being overly safe and not burning enough mana to be below 80% > * {{item:3010}}: Great against aggressive enemies, not so great against passive enemies. The more the enemy is fighting you, the more you can fight them or push the wave without being drained of your mana > * {{item:3144}}: An active slow. Not much needs to be said. There are very few active components. > * {{item:3751}}: Helps you passively push the wave to conserve your mana and cooldowns, but you have to position further up to get the most of it > * {{item:3057}}: Empowered autos after every spell rewards weaving spells in between autos > * {{item:3145}}: Empowered autos every 40 seconds. #WindowsofPower > * {{item:2053}}: Movement Speed around turrets, makes your champion significantly more mobile around them > * {{item:3052}} and {{item:3191}}: gains stats for CSing, starts out weak and scales up to be stronger > * {{item:3077}}: AoE waveclear attached to your autos and a Psuedo reset > * {{item:3136}}: Reward's extended fights over shorter ones > > > > Meanwhile almost every single component for support items can be summed up with two words: "some stats". They don't do anything interesting and don't really change how your character plays in any significant regard. Nope sup is the most fun role trust me I'm a jungle main I love sup you can cockblock everything these items are really awesome {{item:3109}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3222}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3050}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3174}} {{item:3800}} {{item:3056}} {{item:3905}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3001}} now there is a lot of items you would think is not for supporting but that shows you, you don't know what you are taking about
Literally none of those items are components. I said support components are boring. Completed items are a different thing. Also; who the fuck buys Abyssal Mask on supports?
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Akrid415 (NA)
: Will there ever be a meta
Well bot lane is literally where 40% of of the players in a game live, so assuming each roles has equal influence, it will keep being the most important lane because it SHOULD be the most important lane.
Omarowh (EUW)
: Create a rune that makes manaless champions build mana items
Riot specifically gives puts mana on some items because they don't want Manaless champions buying them. A prime example of this is when {{item:2065}} was being abused by Vlad and the responded by sucking some stats out of it and putting mana regen on it.
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Kazamuru (NA)
: 1. I mean, most of the runes are incredibly "lobsided". For instance, Klepto is just bonkers on {{champion:81}}, and why can't super tanks like {{champion:36}} and {{champion:86}} use Aftershock. Why is Predator so good on MS junglers like {{champion:120}} {{champion:20}} and {{champion:72}}? So the runes are not meant to be equally playable across different champions. I think the nerf is really healthy and actually puts it into a very healthy zone where it is distinctly usable by certain champions and provides meaningful choices for others.
Klepto is problematic for the same reason, and Predator isn't very popular because most champions don't really need what it provides.
: if other champions can stack it fast that is fine. it means that rune is probably the default rune unless you need to be tanky and take aftershock instead. its ok for a certain rune to be good on a champion. the problem lies when the rune is so good at that even on champions that can't stack it fast/wouldn't think it'd be good on them are forced to take it because it's just that strong. why is it strong? Because of the healing. Why does kindred take it? Because she can stack it fast (good) but also because during her ult, she can just Q auto and heal 100-300 hp instantly from conq alone due to conq healing the full amount, no reduced healing. this is ok late game. damage is so high it's whatever. However, early-mid game, the healing is too much. they would make the healing scale with level. The true damage is actually not as big as it seems, as no one really builds tank, and even if they do, the 10% won't do that much to a full tank sej for example. The raw AD is what makes certain champions bursty. But champions that can abuse that to it's fullest like Rek'sai got nerfed quite hard and is balanced around conq now.
Garen doesn't take it at all because he can't stack it for shit. He'd love what Conqueror provides if it weren't for how it actually works. The problem is that the rune has to be balanced around the champions that exploit its mechanics the hardest to the detriment of the champions that want its strengths but can't utilize it nearly as efficiently because of said mechanics. The rune was intended to be for champions that are compatible for it in terms of class, not mechanics.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: I don't have any idea why I main Lulu Am i a Rioter? :o Sos
Imagine a Sona main balancing your champion. That's what Soraka's changes always feel like.
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: **UPDATE: ** Disregard the original message below. Because we take photosensitive epilepsy issues extremely seriously, Trials finisher animations have been disabled. When we bring finishers back, we’ll make sure players have the option to turn them off themselves. Turning off finishers does mean that we'll have to adjust rewards for players participating in the Trials event. We're figuring out those details now and will post an update once we have one. We’re also going to investigate more deeply in the meantime to determine what problems (if any) finishers have. _____________________________________________________________ Hey folks! First, let me apologize for these effects causing issues, and for not having a toggle for them in this event. The tl;dr is: the way we are rewarding and utilizing the finishers is new for Summoner's Rift/ARAM, and as such, we didn't have the time or bandwidth to have engineers rework this so that a toggle could ship with the finishers. We chatted about it at-length and ultimately decided we would rather ship them with no toggle than not ship them because we couldn't do a toggle, but we knew there would be some level of frustration and risk with that. So again, my apologies for making League less enjoyable for you in the meantime. When and if we release them again for ARAM/SR, we should have had the time by then to build a toggle for the content type so anyone that doesn't want them on can disable them.
At this point I feel like your game/client should just have an "photosensitive mode" the same way there's a colorblind mode.
: riot making the fancy new content trigger epilepsy again? did not learn from the last incident with odyssey, smh
Also the first version of the Dark Star Kha'zix/Ori login was triggering seizures, too. This is probably like the fourth or fifth time, LOL.
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Kazekiba (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=TotalJerk,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=faWGxbyP,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-05-10T03:59:32.718+0000) > > I dunno, being a borderline un-fucking-catchable splitpusher is pretty frustrating to me. A lower cooldown on his escape seems like it would only make him better at PvEing his way to victory. Congratulations! Thats exactly the point of Tryndamere!!!
If that actually was what Riot intended for Tryndamere, I don't think interacting with the enemy team as little as possible ought to be a healthy design for a champion.
Kazekiba (NA)
: It's the opposite direction. They're buffing his E because its the most meaningful increase in effectiveness for Trynd that isn't ridiculously frustrating (like say, buffing his R in literally any way.) HOWEVER past experience shows that when you reduce his E cooldown even slightly, his AP build becomes obnoxious due to {{item:3115}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3102}} or whatever and he can't be chased. Literally what happened last time they made changes to Tryn and they had to revert it.
> [{quoted}](name=Kazekiba,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=faWGxbyP,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-05-09T14:44:17.415+0000) > > its the most meaningful increase in effectiveness for Trynd that isn't ridiculously frustrating I dunno, being a borderline un-fucking-catchable splitpusher is pretty frustrating to me. A lower cooldown on his escape seems like it would only make him better at PvEing his way to victory.
: This is why one more reason to love Taric. He can use guardian, aftershock, kleptomancy, glacial augmant, and press the attack well and also make use of others like predator, grasp of the undying, and summon aery.
Yeah and Riot seems to really fucking hate it when a champion has too much flexibility. They want everyone to play a champion the same way, it seems. Whenever a champion gets OP at one thing, they always hit the alternatives with the logic that having other playstyles to fall back on when that style isn't ideal makes them too safe.
Cdore (NA)
: I'm just tired of having to fight the rune more than the champion. It seems today, matchups are more about what rune is taken rather than what champ you take. Conq bruiser is a different ballgame compared to say a PTA or Lethal Tempo bruiser. The least threatening bruiser would be someone who takes comet or something not synergizing. It's annoying.
I was thinking the same kinda thing when Lethality items were running rampant. You don't really fight AD Assassins anymore, you fight Duskblade/Ghostblade/Edge of Night. Champions have rapidly just become a vehicle for their item and runes.
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Hardstück (EUNE)
: You just have to buy executioners/morelos if you don't like healing XD!
Why am I buying such an item to deal with champions that were historically designed and balanced around little to no healing?
: Is that overpowered or it is just vladimir who has somehow avoided nerfs for the past years?
That's Vlad's thing though. As annoying as it can be in the worst cases, it's what he's supposed to do, and it's what he's designed and balanced around. A Riven doing it on the other hand? Get that shit out of my games, please!
: every champion with conq and DD needs to deal damage in order to heal, just kite these scrublords in teamfights and then see them die and if you're trying to 1 vs 1/1 vs 2 him then it's only on you sweetheart
Hardstück (EUNE)
: With exception that vladimir is broken and for example aatrox (conqueror,death dance user) isn't broken. Same for irelia,kled and other conqueror and death dance users :)
If they aren't broken and those items are core on them I wouldn't be surprised if they're just innately bad and being propped up by the rune/item combo. Regardless, my point is that it's frustrating that everyone is doing Vlad's shtick of having their health bar constantly jumping up and down by drastic amounts during fights.
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: no, it does not. You guys need to stop blaming conqueror for trying to 1 vs 1 bruisers as an adc
Can I blame Conqueror for bruisers going from 100 > 9 > 40 > 4 > 63 in a teamfight?
: Doesn't new Aatrox's reworked ultimate basically turn him into exactly what he used to be?
Elaborate on what the fuck you're talking about, please. You can't just make vague statements and let others formulate an actual point for you.
: Morgana is/was balanced in both roles.
Have you even laned against a decent Morgana mid with Glacial Augment?
: Because she's almost always played as support.
And support Morgana is balanced. Morgana mid is what is too strong. Nerfing support Morgana is just not statistically justifiable.
: They nerfed the cooldown. That's how you nerf black shield. If these nerfs don't work well enough the next step is nerfing the duration. The strength of the shield is irrelevant. It's pretty weak as far as shield's go and only blocks one type of damage. She's also not very strong mid. I'll use 9.8 stats because 9.9 doesn't have enough game played yet to be accurate. She's 6th in overall win rate and 24th in pick rate. Mid Morgana is a rare pick that is fairly strong. If she's overpowered mid then Zilean is also overpowered because he has a similar pick rate and high win rate. Yet I don't see Zilean nerfs. These nerfs are happening because Morgana's ban rate won't budge. They're trying to bring it down. Not enjoying playing against a champion doesn't make it unbalanced. She should probably be nerfed until she goes down to around a 30% ban rate. The next step is to make her shield duration 3 seconds. Every other aspect of her kit is fairly subpar for a mid lane. Trash W. Decent Q. Garbage ultimate. Amazing E.
> [{quoted}](name=Morgana Deus,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9BTcYOYs,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-03T01:08:54.377+0000) > >The strength of the shield is irrelevant. Then why even touch it at all? Support morgana needs that shit against mage supports. Fucking with it because mid morgana is obnoxious for totally unrelated reasons is unfair to support Morgana.
: Her damage is low for a damage dealer lol. I think the problem with a lot of people in this game is that they have no idea how to build. If you first back merc treads Morgana has lost all of her kill pressure in lane. She mathematically cannot kill you without her having a massive lead or you misplaying a ton. I just don't get it. I really don't. Is the game this hard for people?
You know my winrate stat was plat+, right. Even in Diamond+ her winrate is significantly higher. Are you suggesting that high elo players have no idea how to build. Hell if the only standout thing is dealing with her CC, support Morg would likely be just as good as morg mid. You don't even pick morg mid for "kill pressure". That is not remotely the fucking point of the champion. You pick her to shove hard and minimize interaction until the lategame. You don't pick her to get kill pressure, but to deny for the person you're laning against towards you and anyone lane they might want to roam to. Also, since she easily takes priority she's better for scuttle fights.
: Cry more nerf addict. Morgana is a damage dealer, not an enchanter. Learn to live with her that way. She has a ton of counters. Learn to play them.
Nerf addict? Is that really what you're taking away from this? My point is not whether or not she should be nerf, but that this is a BAD nerf.
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BayoNX19 (NA)
: Why is an adc allowed to build an item with +65 armor and still delete everyone?
Because it is incredibly difficult for Ezreal to maximize his damage, He's useless against tanks, and he has the worst waveclear of any ADC in the game.
Endorcer (EUW)
: The only issue i have with abyssal mask is the ridiculously high combine cost, which makes it a very crappy second or first item not sure how to fix that without straight up buffing the item, maybe make it use 2 null magic mantles instead of 1 negatron cloak
The combine cost is so high because of how broken Catalyst is in tank vs tank matchups.
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