: a Thread was made a while ago about how the W nerf is a good thing It's his main ability for being a lane harass champion , he starts with it , pokes with it , He puts 2 points in his w anyway , it's definitely a good nerf.
That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard plain and simple. One ability that isn’t even key to his primary combo that is only relevant for about 5-6 minutes of the game before he’s able to flat out all-in off of BoRK/Saber. Lucian isn’t just “oh kind of abusive in lane he only needs slight tweaking”. He has been fucking *dominating* for *ages*. He has been more than just relevant for literal months. He needs his actual kit hit, not his “in-lane harass”. 10 damage off of a 13 second cooldown ability with no reset affects his damage output so fucking pitifully it is actually meaningless. This isn’t a “good” nerf because it barely touches him at all while none of his build is affected - no runes nerfed, no items nerfed. He. Needs. To. Get. Hit. This is nothing but a slap on the wrist for an utterly overbearing champ.
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: I know Sylas isn't OP overall but what the actual fuck is that healing?
Something something Ekko syndrome something something Riot legit struggles to learn from their mistakes something something banana pudding.
impunity (EUW)
: Make Gnar Great Again
No because _fuck your frozen mallet you **whore**_. ######Just kidding come here for snuggle.
: Similar to the banrate, the playrate on champion.gg is listed as roughly half of other sites for every single character because it shows the % of players using a character in that role, not the % of games they're present.
That and it’s for the entire patch while other sites will also update either daily or within a number of games.
iDarkWind (EUW)
: You gotta be joking. If you believe that Kha'Zix is even on the top of the worst, you never faced a Karthus that powerfarms and kills you by clicking on his ultimate.
My favorite was a game where my team told me to just counterjungle the Karthus and then sat in lane while the Karthus and his team roamed into my jungle repeatedly and had so many wards in it I couldn’t clear them all before the sweeper ran out or they all just collapsed on me. Then I got bitched at for the next 10 minutes as everyone got halved by the Karthus ult and cried “lol jungle difference”. Bite my ass...
DeusVult (NA)
: Its not technically a point and click, its an auto-steroid. It simply applies its effects to his next auto, similar to Nasus Q or Darius W
Auto attacks shouldn’t be a point and click because I dunno, reasons or something.
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: I think fishbones is a repentent darkin, and jinx is still crazy tho
That's such a fucking stupid idea and I endorse it all the way.
Jo0o (NA)
: I’m aware of the risk of positive reinforcement becoming bribery, but I’m not sure how bad that really is in this context. If a toxic player consistently puts on a positive facade to maintain honor 5, isn’t that of equal value to the community as a positive player acting the same?
Well, several things. There is such a thing as "toxic positivity", which is like watching a group project fall entirely apart and instead of accepting that it should be ditched or redone, you continue to say, "Oh come now, it's not that bad. Sure we burned it to a crisp and used the ashes as coffee grinds. But if we arrange it as just so..." It starts to seem either completely delusional - like something is wrong with the person - or that they're being utterly insincere, which can create an environment that always seems two-faced. And that concept may seem foreign because we've painted such a picture of positivity in society that it must always lead to success, even though there are enough studies and actual people as proof to say that that's really not the case. You can also create an environment that unwittingly fosters toxic behaviors such as "I will do what I want", and we _do_ foster that - things like picking a 5th AD champion on your team as last pick because "that's who I want to play" instead of biting the bullet and saying, "You know what, I should help by playing something I know how to play that's AP." So many people say, "Yeah, they should totally do that because _they_ should enjoy the game! (at the expense of their four other teammates)." While it's one thing in normals to do this - people want to learn a champ, that's entirely fine - it's something else entirely to do that in a ranked game with four people who first of all you don't know and they don't know you, and second of all you're supposed to trust each other. So purposely picking something you yourself are already pretty much aware isn't a great choice isn't about to make them warm up to you and foster that team environment. Point is, when all we ever do is encourage, encourage, encourage, some of the bad behaviors are going to unwittingly go unchecked. You do need some form of discouragement _some_ where in there, especially if you want to catch everyone.
Jo0o (NA)
: Five Critical Improvements to Riot's Behavioral System (from somebody who has never been punished)
You're good hearted, I'm sure. Your ideas aren't unreasonable. Whether they go far enough or not, however, is a debate. To go off the "prison sentence for a game of League" comparison, that's the thing about punishment systems - is you're going to get feedback from those who have literally never had to deal with the system as well as those that have had to go through it, and groan and roll your eyes as you may, it's usually not just a good vs. bad issue. Also, as anybody with a freshman understanding of psychology could tell you, positive reinforcement is open to corruption as much as negative reinforcement - "bribes" come to mind. If you've ever dealt with younger kids, you'll find they'll try to exploit bribery to the fullest extent possible, and trust me when I say that many adults are no different. Not saying that it _will_ be an issue in small doses, but... be careful about the extent.
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Rock MD (NA)
: "Learn to cs and you'll climb" is a bad meme. If you want to climb learn wave manipulation.
You're also leaving out building properly, global awareness, warding properly, I dunno, probably like 7-8 different things that drastically affect the overall game.
: ASLEEP | League of Legends Cinematic
Finally. Some good fucking dramatic cinematics.
: > [{quoted}](name=Toxic Control,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=RzNGV85T,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-07T13:45:22.511+0000) > > Now we can argue that ER did the same thing and nobody was truly broken with that item - but the thing is that ER granted no bulk and restored mana on hit, meaning half of the stats and effects the item gave out were utterly wasted one these champs. > Spear throws that idea out the window. Now it's a bruiser item mitigating all of a bruiser's weaknesses immediately on buy - it may be expensive, but you cover all your early game bases with the item: health for your early bulk, AD to do damage, and your cooldowns are effectively rendered irrelevant. I largely thought the same at first, but a closer inspection proves this wrong. Old essence reaver cost 3000g New spear of shojin costs 3400g Further, old essence reaver gave 75AD. New spear gives 60AD. Finally, old ER gave 0 health New spear gives 250 health So even if we entirely ignore the mana aspect of old essence reaver: Gold cost is up 400 Ad value is down 525 Health value is up 667 Net effect: 400+525-667= 258 That's to say, if AD and Health are valued equally and mana is worth nothing, the item was nerfed by 258g. Further: Since the new item costs more, it will delay your completion of it (longer downtime before the Champions become super powered), and it will delay the completion of every other complete item in their build (if they rush it, they'll get Trinity 400g later, they'll get their defensive items 400g later, etc...). However since it's more slot efficient (250hp is worth more than 15AD, especially on these Champions) they will be stronger at full build. This is the only real argument to have against the change. Now with all of that said: essence reaver was indeed beyond busted on these guys, and spear will remain busted on them. It is a problem and needs to be addressed. However don't act like this made it worse - it is a nerf to the item so the balance team aren't complete idiots. They're moving in the right direction.
You're cutting out half of the equation, which is item slot efficiency. While ER was the quicker buy, it was never a rushed item since, again, you were committing to being squishier in order to have your burst. Spear lets you actually put stats to use. Though the higher amount of AD helped with burst, fact is the item geared you into getting blown to hell. If you wanted to steamroll, you'd have to do it quick. Now this acts as a different kind of Triforce with its effect - but one for champs with no mana gated just by their cooldowns rather than being used on already spamming champs. The problem is that you can still go out of mana with Triforce - there's no such thing as that on the champs that build Spear. In addition, the power Triforce gives is metered out between AS, AD, mana, and health - you get a little of each instead of investing into one stat. On champs like, say, Ez, the AS barely even gets used that much. Yorick has the same issue where the AS is kind of a moot point - it doesn't make the effect go faster, doesn't reduce cooldowns, it doesn't do _any_ thing besides increase attack speed on champs that really don't need a large amount of it. And these are the champs it's _best_ on? Arguably Darius has the best time with Triforce as he actually puts every single stat to use, and he's still gated by his own relative immobility and lack of ranged poke/initiation. But 60 AD? Yeah, every champ that builds that item is going to put that to a ton of use. In fact, we should just compare these two items' stats flat out: 250 health, 20% CDR, and 60 AD versus 250 health and mana, 40% AS, 25 AD, and 20% CDR. Taking into account that mana is a completely moot stat on the champs that largely build spear, we're weighing literally 60 AD versus 25 AD and 40% AS - the stats of most old AD items and the stats of Swift Zephyr. And Triforce is an item that is largely considered inefficient in its own right, but on the champs it's for, it is an absolute must buy to the point those champs and the item are balanced around each other one and the same. So a must-buy item for champions that have largely been balanced around not having that item so far now have the item they've always dreamed of that solves basically all their issues much in the same manner triforce helps out its champs - except where triforce ends up being more a jack-of-all trades item, spear only needs its three trades: CDR, health, and damage, and when you only need to plug numbers into half the stats, you have a lot more stats to throw around. This item has no loose ends, no wasted stats, and that's where the issue comes in: its effect is phenomenal for being so slot/stat efficient for the champs it's made for.
: I don't hate the idea, but I'll admit that it doesn't feel great to play against. It kind of turns any fighter that buys it into old poppy/olaf, where the proper counterplay is to just run like all hell until the effect is gone. At the same time, I do feel it's filling an interesting niche for those champions that can use it well. I think, opposite to you, I actually wish that they put less AD and more health on it; I think the combination of Awakened Dragon and that much AD just grants them *so much burst* in one item. I haven't played very many games against it, but that was my experience last night.
If you want my honest opinion, I wouldn't want it to have any AD period - it should be an item similar to {{item:2065}}. A cheap item that isn't bought for its stats but for its effect. But whereas 40 AP is chump change, 40 AD is something actually decent - but if the item is "meant for bruisers", I think it'd be absolutely fair to drop its AD to 0 and let it be their potential bulk item instead, offering a good amount of health. This item should be geared for mid to late game for it to be balanced, since being able to viably rush it early means that you're putting unmatched dueling might into laning phase/skirmishing phase. You can legitimately steamroll a lead just with the item's effect since the only way to deal with it is either to run (really not an option against a lot of these champs as they have absurd mobility) or to stunlock and kill them, and the only way to get _that_ much CC is to have multiple people there, and that's not often an option that early.
Zone0ut (NA)
: > Unless you are stunlocked for a literal 6 seconds, you will spike your power immensely with this item. You'll spike after you find 3400 gold to build it. That's an expensive rush. It gives mediocre health with no resistances, so users can be bursted down if they don't build any bulk first. They can be CCd or kited, and the value of the active is ruined if they're not constantly auto-attacking in those first 6 seconds. They also need their ult to get any value at all, which gives them windows of vulnerability. Let's see how it settles.
You have the wrong idea of how early bulk works. Health is the stronger early stat as all resistances are based off of your health. Building health automatically helps both sides of your resistances due to armor and magic resist reducing damage based off of how much health you have. Rushing armor or MR first only helps if you can back it up with health or if the enemy team literally only fronts one type of damage. Health is also better to build earlier rather than later as later means that the enemy could be housing % max health damage - things like BotRK and Bloodrazor. While the item won't mean as much if you're behind, it means more than ER did, and that item could still make people into a nightmare. It's the fact that an item already being **abused** by a class it wasn't really geared toward is now repackaged to be targeted _solely_ at them that turns this into an issue. If the item wasn't even stat-ed to be good on them to begin with, have fun facing it now that it's properly stat-ed for those champs.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Ryzê,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=m4aZeIAz,comment-id=000000000000000000010000,timestamp=2019-02-06T07:21:13.597+0000) > > I feel like people just don't play the same game. %shred sucks against anything basically under 100 armor. So at worst, it reduced 15 armor. And Nasus getting stacked barely means anything now. There are several more reliable melee champions that do more damage and have better capacity to survive than Nasus does
I mean, I'm not disagreeing with you, but there is a difference between "OMG this is so OP" and "This gives me cancer playing against it." Nasus is in the latter and always is. He's not fun to play against plain and simple. The fact he's been given more power on top of his already "ugh" inducing single-target power just exacerbates the problem more.
Elohaven (NA)
: ADC Players: *Breathe* Boards:
: > [{quoted}](name=Yaboi Xen,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=LoEJ9X05,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-12-26T02:25:23.668+0000) > > It's not about nerfing a favorite champion. I fucking love playing Akali. It doesn't mean she doesn't need the most massive nerf possible / a revert. No no no. That's the part everyone forgets about Morello's balancing. These days if Riot wants to nerf something (Barring low ELO pubstomps ala Yorick), they do it with a scalpel and try not to fuck with it TOO much. Morello was not a kind nor gentle god. If your champ was going to be nerfed, that bitch was gonna be a troll pick for the next two years. I'd assume/hope Morello doesn't have the nerf sledgehammer anymore but back in the day, he was more than willing to crush anything that had even a 51% winrate.
> [{quoted}](name=CaptainMårvelous,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=LoEJ9X05,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2018-12-26T02:58:39.000+0000) >These days if Riot wants to nerf something, they do it with a scalpel attached to a 10 meter pole from another room while watching _Golden Girls_ and try not to fuck with it hardly at all, unless your champ isn't popular enough in which case that mother fucker is getting stomped back into oblivion where he belongs. I fixed your statement.
: early season 5 wasn't bad at all , it was mid season 5 that things started taking bad turns. as if they lost a key team member keeping everything in order. or a mew manger was put in.. or idk... SOMETHING must have happened.. i just don't know what..
Mid season 5 was absolutely perfect. You kidding? Once Cinderhulk was balanced out it was one of the best things to happen to this game. Tanks could actually, you know - DO shit instead of being nothing but a bullet sponge. The point that things went south was when Gangplank was reworked, which was okay for a bit until people figured out just how broken he was - then Fiora got reworked and all sense of logic was thrown into a dumpster.
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: You can remain civilized and call someone out on their bullshit when they say it. That's very different from calling me a homophobe, or I'm up my own ass, or I'm dense, or most recently a hypocritical bigot. I'd hate to point out the irony there. Sure, declare yourself the winner if an internet argument is really that important to you lol. I've got better things to do than argue with someone about a fictional character's sexuality being wrong.
That's quite a quick turn around from "you know you lost the argument" to "sure, you win lol I have better things to do". Not to mention you were the one that adopted an outright hostile tone far sooner. So... I mean, not to sound like a broken record, but once again, you just continue to dig a deeper hole.
GreenLore (EUW)
: Neeko is an Oovi-kat,she is a vastaya(as she is listed as one on her champion page),which means that her species is partially human as well. And given what we've seen so far it looks like she can only temporarily take on the appearance of others and that she has a set baseform. Just because there are small parallels between the asari and the ovi-kat doesn't mean that they are one and the same.
Well, no, there are actually _significant_ parallels between them as Asari are also sex-based life-forms and are just as able to have sex, as well as give birth. The difference being that the physical act of sex doesn't bring about a baby - however, we also don't know if Neeko works that way, either. We don't get that kind of information on the Oovi-kat. So she could very well reproduce by joining her essence with another's (ignoring how teen-fictiony that sounds). The point is, though, that Asari are just as much biological as humans in their universe despite differences, and the Oovi-kat have a same vast threshold of differences between themselves and humans but with bases being the same. This isn't to say that she couldn't _have_ a preference on the physical level - but someone messing with people's spirits doesn't make sense to have a preference of soul based upon sex. The two aren't linked even within the confines of League's universe - this contradicts directly with Karma's soul, which has went between various different sexes and identities. This creates a _vast_ field of discrepancies no matter how you try to approach the matter.
: It's how civilized discussions work, unfortunately. I don't really want to subject myself to an argument with you if you won't give me or my positions even a modicum of respect.
> So to defend your pretentious bullshit... you say that it's backed up by religion? AKA the biggest bullshit there is, outside of perhaps the flat earth society? ? > What a load of pretentious bullshit. I'd say I'm surprised by just how much of a hypocritical bigot you are, but... I mean honestly, I'm more just surprised it took so long for you to out yourself. Realize that you are required to follow the definition of a "civilized discussion" yourself first before expecting it of others. So again - you've lost. Just now you look like a hypocrite doing so.
: If you have to result to personal insults, I'm sorry but you've lost the argument lol
Unfortunately that's not how arguments work. If you have nothing to come back with besides that, then you've lost the argument. Lol.
Vartius (EUNE)
: ***
Tell that to women in the military. Long hair produces a lot of sweat off the brow, and the heat would be dissipated to the rest of your body to try and even it out, producing sweat elsewhere as well. Also, who the hell do you think gets the under-boob stains, mate?
Cetri (NA)
: Honey, don't try to explain the difference between sex and gender to a trans person. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about. Despite being born with a dick, I'm a girl. What I'm saying is that if you were to look at my soul - the raw essence of who I am - you would see that. Gender, contrary to your claims, is not dependent on the body. It's a state of being, for lack of a better term. Don't split hairs over the asexual thing - I chose the word simply because you used it to describe something with no concept of male or female, which describes the asari to a T.
Honey, I work as an EMT and am going through school to be a paramedic right now - trust me, I also know what I'm talking about, probably to a far greater degree than you do unless by some surprise you were a doctor. Though if you were, this conversation would probably be you telling me I'm oversimplifying. What I'm saying is that you have three levels - physical, mental, and then spiritual. Subtract one if you're an atheist. But by many people's standards, here's how it goes: Spiritual is your base core - it is outside the body. It dictates your natural disposition and your inclinations as a person - I.E., are you rebellious? Orderly? Calm? Detached? Do you gravitate to other souls or away naturally? Are you an open or closed person? If we were to give it a term in biology, it would be your nature, but would be detached from the body - essentially, were you an amoeba with the same level of consciousness as you have now, it would be how you acted or behaved. **As a base, the soul is removed from the body entirely**. Mentality thereby is basically considered the melding of the body and soul. It's where your consciousness is housed and keeps you anchored to this reality - it's what makes you abide by the rules of the realm and biology. So while the soul is the base, the mind branches off of that directly and puts you down more specific paths that connect you - these pathways are built based upon the surrounding world and environment and lead to, finally, your connection to your corporeal form. So your "raw essence" is who you are as an actual person - I don't need to hear who you like to fuck or what dangly bits you prefer, all I need is a character summation of you. Are you nice? Assertive? Understanding? Empathetic? Do you naturally tend to rub with people the wrong way? You at your _core_ means without your outer pieces. Gender, again, is tied to boy or girl - you're misinterpreting that I meant that as a physical, but if I were pertaining it to the physical, I'd have said male or female. I did originally use "transsexual" in this case on accident when I meant transgender, which sorry for that - I did mean transgender. But these are still based upon physical ideals. What's masculine? Feminine? Do I feel more like a "boy" or "girl"? Both? Sometimes one sometimes the other? Gender identity is still strictly based upon social concepts of which typings match which sex - in fact, the LGBTQ movement explicitly states this fact in its gender spectrum and in the countless definitions within that, so you legitimately _can not_ tell me I'm wrong on that or the entire movement is wrong. So that's the long-winded version - soul isn't dictated by the body while the body is dictated by the soul is basically the "TL;DR" version. And before you try to get into "but that's not how it works in League's universe" - it is. Read Karma's bio and you would see that assertion. Now as for the asexual thing - once again, wrong. Asexual literally means they don't have sex. They don't reproduce sexually at all. They do not combine gametes to create offspring. That is the **precise _scientific_** definition of the word. Asari require a partner in order to reproduce and in turn combine gametes to create offspring. The word you're actually looking for is a "mono-sex", meaning they only have one single sex, which is the reason male and female have practically no meaning to them - because why would you specify if you can literally only have the one? They're all just Asari.
: So to defend your pretentious bullshit... you say that it's backed up by religion? AKA the biggest bullshit there is, outside of perhaps the flat earth society? How the heck am I acting like a homophobe? You're the one who has a problem with her being gay. According to you, a character's not allowed to be gay unless it's their defining trait, or fits PERFECTLY into their entire lore. I could go on all day about how Fiora or (insert champ you think is ace) doesn't represent me as an asexual, because it doesn't fit their personality completely. The thing is, any kind of person, regardless of personality and background, can be gay. A tough-looking man living in the middle east could be gay, just as a flamboyant, effeminate man could be straight (cough cough Ezreal). Neeko being homosexual isn't something that needed to be "executed well" it's just simply a part of her character worth noting, and moving on. Some people will like that, including me by the way, and some people won't, that's the nature of creating a more "rare" type of character.
So you want to try and reason the soul as... being... scientific... what? You realize the concept of a **fucking soul** is by its _base_ tied to religion, right? Like, that's where its root is - spiritual roots. To religion. Its original conception. The soul isn't a science and isn't even tangible within the realm - it's quite potentially an utter work of fiction. But the thing is that humans have a pretty good understanding of the concept of "soul" as it's passed through the entirety of our history, so pretty consistently it's separated from the body. In fact, in _League's universe_ the soul is separate from the body - you know how we know? #Karma. Karma houses an enlightened soul reincarnated countless times. It's unique in that it maintains its memories across all lives, overwhelming the new vessel with its memories. So would you say that Karma's soul would be a female now? Is it? Because her previous life was a male. So you want to argue that the soul changes sex? Then wouldn't Neeko be able to smell out the stench of a male soul on Karma? Or would she not be able to tell? **So using the transitive property, any other soul reincarnated wouldn't smell like any particular sex now would it? Or can Neeko magically cut out the past lives marked out on their souls?** You're so up your own ass that you don't even understand the argument, and that's just what I expected - the argument is that Neeko should have a sexuality based upon an attraction to the soul, I.E. **Neeko would be a fuckin' pan- or omnisexual**. She wouldn't be limited to male or female, boy or girl - she'd be able to see past that because **her lore explicitly says she interacts on a different level to normal people.** I even stated clearly at the goddamn end: > But if you took a character design like them - an actual sapient creature with a sex drive dictated by the flesh - and made a character that was gay, there’d be considerably less questioning. Sure, you’d probably still get people who would call it pandering - but those of us who don’t care much about sexuality wouldn’t even bat an eye. > > But Neeko isn’t that - she is a being that intermingles with the soul. The fact Riot chose to ignore that and make her more basic than that feels like a blatant betrayal to what she could have - and should have - been. **Literally any base life-form can be gay or lesbian. That is utterly fine. I wouldn't give a shit.** It is **this** character that is **specified to communicate and see on a different plane of existence** that should not have been **gay _or_ straight**. She should be **_neither_**. She shouldn't even be on the spectrum - she should be outside that spectrum **because the idea proposed was that she is beyond basic organisms.** But this is the reply I expected to a concept of an _actually_ rare character type - you see two possibilities where I can see endless ones. And if you had taken more than .01 seconds to read the entire article, you would have _realized_ that, but you fuckin' couldn't because you are so unimaginably _dense._
Cetri (NA)
: And you're conflating gender and sex. Neeko seems able to tell girls' souls from the lads, especially evident if you read into one of her interactions with Taliyah like some (including myself) have. The champ's gender would be evident on their soul regardless of their sex. Neeko doesn't seem to be asexual in any sense of the term (unlike your favored example the asari) so I'm not sure why you bring that up.
No I'm not - ironically, you're the one conflating the two. Gender is the identity, as in boy, girl, trangender - whatever you feel like you are. Sex has no bearing on that and is biologically tied to your genitalia - in fact in the medical field, if you were to give the opposite sex simply because you "felt" that way, various medical possibilities and issues could be overlooked, some things being potentially deadly. For example, women actually can present with a heart attack without any symptoms besides a shortness of breath - for men, this is _very_ uncommon. Drug dosages and otherwise can also be affected by your hormones, so if you hadn't received hormone therapy yet for a sex change, you may react very poorly to certain drugs that would otherwise be fine for others of the same sex at that point. Those two are very distinct, though I never mentioned sex at all within the entirety of this post. Unless you meant to say "sexuality", the third part of this equation? Because sexuality would who - or what - you're attracted to versus what you feel like, and that's the entire argument here - Neeko's race melds with the soul and interacts and communicates in that sense, meaning they relate on an entirely different plane of existence. This idea is in _direct_ contradiction to how she's portrayed - Neeko being able to grab onto the souls of others would mean she sees everyone outside the material body, so she would be attracted **to the soul** instead of **what genitalia they have dangling** if we were staying true to the original concept for Neeko's species. A prime example would be Karma: a woman now. But she's a reincarnation - she has but one soul, but of so many reincarnations that it's a near endless list. So would Neeko see her as a female then just because her soul inhabits a female body now? **That would make absolutely no sense whatsoever considering the previous incarnation was a male.** That soul inhabited _multiple_ sexes, and as Karma is noted as what is basically an enlightened soul that can remember its past selves, you can guarantee that many souls in this universe were likewise reincarnated but without recollection of the past self - these souls don't change sex, they don't change gender, because those things are decided _by the body_. You're also completely confused as to what asexual means - it means not sexual, at all. They don't have sex. They're not sexualized in the slightest. Asari are pan- or omnisexual - they're attracted to everything because it's based upon mentality versus body - **that is how their species works.** Taliyah is not even a valid argument because she is written around what Neeko is now, which the argument isn't about what Neeko _is_ - the argument is what Neeko _**should have been**_, and she **_should have been_** omnisexual based upon her partner's soul. Now by lore, this doesn't mean she wouldn't still be attracted to Nidalee - but it wouldn't be because Nidalee has "da hot lady bod", it'd be because Nidalee's soul resonates with hers. **That** should have been the focus.
: Makes a lot of sense to me. Her Sho'ma nonsense is the most interesting part of her and that is where the focus should be. I'm even fine with her first impressions of females Sho'ma being better than males by default but I see no reason to sexualize it the way they did.
Even that's kind of not a good device - she shouldn't be repulsed or attracted based on body. A far more interesting approach would have been along these lines: Approaching Garen, the spirit would burn brightly. It would be fierce, mighty, with a just warmth - but an uncomfortably hot one, almost as if it burned too brightly. Basically, the spirit of a zealot - someone so fueled by their religion and their code of justice that they may even commit atrocities if it came to it. Gnar would come off as energetic, flickering constantly - burning quickly, as if new, constantly moving to inquire to its surroundings. It turns easily when interacted with as if ready to be melded. Essentially a baby spirit - one innocent to the world and ready to change and mold based upon its body's experiences. Nidalee would have a similarly strong fire, but one much less fierce than Garen's would be - to Neeko, it'd be familiar and welcoming, and at first the soul may seem dim or withdrawn, after time it would brighten to Neeko. A strong warrior, but one not so overly righteous as Garen's - Nidalee is hesitant to accept new people, but opens up to Neeko after a while. And the soul is familiar to Neeko as it reminds her of her own people. But let's bring in LeBlanc. LeBlanc's soul appears welcoming at first, almost inviting. It flickers and changes hue, shape, constantly changing, intriguing to Neeko. It draws her in - but as she draws closer, it ignites and burns her. A woman of a million faces, each one a lie, that shows its true nature only when your guard's been dropped - deception, betrayal. There are so many potentially interesting interactions that could have sprouted from this approach, so many great things that... no. They ditched it for her being just a lesbian because, I mean, why explore the infinite possibilities? It's certainly not ironic at all that Riot would not explore the infinitesimal possibilities a **curious** soul-mingler could bring to the table. By the way, if any of this was unclear, let me know. I know I can be a bit jumbled with my thought process.
: What a load of pretentious bullshit.
Except that multiple eastern religions - which focus heavily on the soul and reincarnation - all support this. You’re so closed minded that... I mean, you’re quite literally acting like a homophobe right now. You won’t accept an alternative. I’ve explained the standpoint ad nauseum and given examples of why this was poorly executed. If you can’t even justify why it’s not poorly executed yet will sit there and be hostiley ignorant, then I can’t help you.
: Her voicelines clearly show that she doesn't like the male "sho'ma" or like them in general. I'd say that's a good a reason as any to be gay.
You’re confusing the concept of body with soul, as was Riot - again, you have to actually read the post instead of responding in .2 seconds. As I explained, sexuality is a result of the body/biology - the soul is meant to be outside of that. Again, approach it like this - were you not human but a creature that was asexual but still sentient, would you be gay? Would you be straight? You wouldn’t have a concept of either, but would still have a concept of self, consciousness, soul.
: I think being open about her sexuality is perfectly fitting with her character.
Being open is fine - being open isn’t the issue. Read again: as a species that mingles with others on a higher plane than the usual sapient creatures, she should have been attracted to practically any sapient creature based upon their soul instead of their body.
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Noraver (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Moody P,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=L4e2mKjV,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-11-20T17:21:20.488+0000) > > btw NONE OF THE OTHER PET SUMMONER CHAMPIONS WORK LIKE THIS. Not Malzahar, not Zyra, not Annie. Just Yorick. Actually, they do. Plant attacks will aggro the turret onto Zyra, and Tibbers hitting the enemy will aggro the turret onto Annie. Haven't played Malz in a year but I'm pretty sure he also gets aggro.
They don't draw minion aggro, and I think the implication is that minion aggro will be drawn quickly as opposed to after Yorick "engages" the enemy (IE, he actually goes to melee attack them). I will say definitively that the Maiden and Ghouls drew turret aggro onto Yorick regardless beforehand, but would sometimes bug out assumedly if Yorick entered the turret's range between maiden damage ticks, giving him an extra moment or two free of turret shots. Otherwise, functioned the same.
: > [{quoted}](name=Pandemic Punch,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=E54EQQcl,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-11-20T13:54:22.963+0000) > > One word. Politics. Riot wants to show how progressive and diverse they are. The Left will gobble it up, the Right will outrage over being force fed political agendas but will keep playing and buying RP anyway. The Centrists will be divided on the issue but not care enough to outrage over it because this trend will eventually die. I love when being gay is part of a political agenda and it can't be because maybe I want a character I can relate to on that level. It's nice when games make characters that are gay because that either normalizes being gay, which feels good for me because hello, a lot of us got bullied for it, we like feeling normal or they show the character going through the same struggles we did, but then ending up as a hero. Why is this part of a political agenda? Riot isn't running for president. I just want characters I can relate to lol. Less than like 3% of the popular is gay, and less than 3% of champions in league are gay, why is this an issue? This trend won't eventually die. Did the trend of adding black people to movies because everyone was racist af die? No eventually it just became normal. I hope you realize people used argument like yours against normalizing black people living with white people. If you think there's something wrong with that, then I don't even want you to respond to this. You scare me if that's your thought process. So multiple words. Not one. Not politics. Maybe sometimes it's politics, but not here. By the way riot wasn't trying to make a big thing out of Neeko or Fiora being gay, hell who even knew fiora was gay till now. The community, like you, made it a big thing. Literally all riot said was yep Neeko identifies as a lesbian and put voice lines that could easily be brushed off as a friend thing into the game. It's not even in here lore. It's literally only in voice lines in the game. Same thing for fiora.
You're partially correct. But you don't normalize sexuality by proclaiming it on every character or even bothering to confirm it - you normalize sexuality by saying "Who cares?" It becomes a norm when nobody really focuses on it. It's like when the kids in the Captain Underpants movie were "confirmed to be gay" - it doesn't serve the story and doesn't even matter, so, like... who gives a shit? Since people will make their own weird ass head-canon either way, it'd make more sense for Riot to just go "That's really her business, i'nt it?" and then move on.
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: The amount of games won by those that try far surpass the games of those that surrender.
Considering the amount of players in highest tier play who will chuck the game out the window at the slightest disadvantage, this statement is just completely fuckin' untrue.
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Destaice (NA)
: A summary of Blizzcon for those who missed it
[dO yOu GuYs NoT hAvE pHoNeS?](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ly10r6m_-n8)
: I want to try this shit now
It's pretty fuckin' meme-y. But my personal favorite from back in the day was full AD/crit Alistar.
: > [{quoted}](name=Toxic Control,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vgbVQWOP,comment-id=000a000100000001,timestamp=2018-11-05T22:09:09.704+0000) > > Sportsman: a person who exhibits qualities especially esteemed in those who engage in sports, as fairness, courtesy, good temper, etc. > > So what you're trying to argue against us is that we should have good temper. Which all right. > > However, on the flip side, what you completely lack is courtesy, I.E. consideration for your fellow team members and realizing that it is not just all about you but about the other teammates as well. A courtesy would be ending the game early and not dragging out a lost game that would cause every other person on the team frustration and stress. Believe it or not, fairness also falls into this as 3 (or 4 for that matter) people should not pay the price of 1 person's wants. > > So, my good sir. You know absolutely nothing about sportsmanship and are doing no less than regurgitating buzz words that you've heard over and over again without any actual understanding. You are actually the definition of hypocritical by trying to use this argument in this instance. Nice logical fallacy. You did good trying to act like courtesy = quitting a game because it makes your teammates comfortable = sportsmanship. Which is complete nonsense. Your teammates are doing you a disservice by trying to force you to quit a game. They lack courtesy. And sportsmanship. You could literally use this poor argument in every sport. Oh why should I have to finish this game when we're behind 20 points, I have a wife and kids to get back to tonight. Can't we just quit? You guys are making me play a lost game for no reason.
If 10 out of 15 people on a baseball team said "We're completely fucked this game and Johnson's out with a sprained leg leaving us without a pitcher", they'd call it. It's called a forfeit. And people do it. It doesn't happen in pro-play because **spectators** - not the players, **spectators** - keep the players there. Contractually, those players cannot leave as they're literally getting paid to be there and the spectators are the ones paying that ticket price. Casual players in league don't get paid to be here - our payment is enjoyment. If we're not having fun, we're basically not getting paid as it were. Not to mention we are not contractually obligated to never surrender - we're able to forfeit a match quite easily, in fact that's the argument. And the argument is that under clear circumstances - there is no room for debate, this is crystal clear - you are a prick if you don't surrender and hold your teammates hostage. I'm not saying "Oh I missed a cannon, let's AFK and go to the next one", I'm saying "We're 4v5 and they have all objectives to our none plus 20 kills up on us. There's no reasonable way we're winning this." You also called out a logical fallacy that wasn't a logical fallacy. You can legitimately try to deny that the logic checks out, but you will look like a complete moron the entire time. You basically continue to argue that one person completely showing a complete lack of consideration for three other people and refusing to allow them to go is defensible - you are a complete fool, and I cannot help you see reason if you outright cannot grasp such a simple concept. If you're going to put your hands on your ears and scream **"I CAN'T HEAR YOU!"** like a child, then I'll leave you to your lonely life where you never learn compromise or consideration for others. Have fun.
Herlgar (NA)
: He has infinitely scaling health, true damage that scales with his max hp and % max hp damage. Cho can deal a surprising amount of damage and does scale into late game.
As a tank, sure. Tahm also does a good amount of damage for a tank. You don't expect the tank to carry your damage, though, and his infinite scaling health is on champion kills and epic monsters after 6 stacks. You really need to put that little asterisk next to that point when you talk Cho because it's not Sion-esque - Cho can't just freely stack health on a whim from beginning to end.
: > [{quoted}](name=ninjaroxas,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vgbVQWOP,comment-id=000a0001,timestamp=2018-11-05T16:21:38.925+0000) > > I'm sure you've lost many 4v5s as well. Games im sure were clear losses that you dragged out anyways. Never surrendering doesnt make you a good sportsman at all, you are just part of the problem while acting like you have some kind of moral high ground > Also you "sign up" to play a 5v5 game, not a 4v5. You don't understand the concept of sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is not quitting the second you feel the odds are against you. Sportsmanship is showing grace in defeat and playing out a lost game even though you know your chance of coming back is very slim.
Sportsman: a person who exhibits qualities especially esteemed in those who engage in sports, as fairness, courtesy, good temper, etc. So what you're trying to argue against us is that we should have good temper. Which all right. However, on the flip side, what you completely lack is courtesy, I.E. consideration for your fellow team members and realizing that it is not just all about you but about the other teammates as well. A courtesy would be ending the game early and not dragging out a lost game that would cause every other person on the team frustration and stress. Believe it or not, fairness also falls into this as 3 (or 4 for that matter) people should not pay the price of 1 person's wants. So, my good sir. You know absolutely nothing about sportsmanship and are doing no less than regurgitating buzz words that you've heard over and over again without any actual understanding. You are actually the definition of hypocritical by trying to use this argument in this instance.
: Nice ad hominem. My argument is that if you encourage defeatism more and more people will afk and rage quit upon the most miniscule of problems- hence: lost cs? AFK etc. You refuted neither my argument or examples. Also, there is nothing wrong with calling out something that will lead into slippery slope.
I actually did. The refutation is that, applied to literally any other situation, you would sound completely illogical and poorly thought out. You're using an "all or nothing" approach to a very easily grey area. And I refuted literally all the rest of your post really easily. It is all conjecture - opinions without any actual supporting evidence - speculation - theories as to what _could_ possibly happen in the future as opposed to an actual statement - and all-around inaccuracies. You make a series of broad, sweeping statements without any actual back-up to them and then sit back like you've said something profound when you haven't. At best you have a series of opinions - at worst, you're displaying your complete disregard for the other players in a game. If one player wants to continue a game while three others don't want to and those players are forced to stay there, that is one person getting their way and three people hung out to dry - that's flat out wrong to do and selfish. Meanwhile, you don't give a valid reason as to why you believe what you believe besides "I just think this way". People queue up to play a 5v5 game, not a 4v5 game, and they expect to play through to the end, but the end of a game can be just as well brought early by a surrender vote. If you are withholding the vote, you are withholding the end of the game that is expected to arrive. A train has a set travel time and is expected to arrive at a certain time - but not a single customer would complain if it arrived earlier than expected, and not a single customer would say "I expected the ride to be this long and I will not allow the train to arrive at its destination before that." That is psychotic. So to top this all off - you basically say using a "slippery slope" is completely okay, but then denounce an ad hominem? That is some next level hypocrisy there - not to mention you were wrong. An ad hominem in an argument would mean that my entire argument was simply directed at you as a person - I started the entire thing explaining every thing that was wrong with your statement, meaning my argument was already concluded. Honestly, what I did was just outright insult you. I could have concluded it relatively early and the point would have remained the same. Just that you're being utterly moronic while acting completely confident in your idiocy and that's just... ew.
Aeszarck (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=ez mental boom,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vgbVQWOP,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2018-11-04T22:22:15.085+0000) > > Wow, I've won a 3v5 before! Crazy! Outstanding! That was also when I was a 20/6 teemo with a 16/2 Yi > > Losing a single player drops your chances of winning from 45-55% to the single digits. There's no point in trying if you don't have multiple team members who are ridiculously far ahead. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/90vete/040_cleanse_ghost_nunu_and_135_tp_ghost_rammus_in/ This game where an Amumu, Brand, and Ekko won in Diamond V with two inters on their team has got to be the neatest thing I've seen. They weren't even that far ahead just looking at kills.
Eh, people will get the wrong idea about that game. One time a guy crashed into a lake and because he couldn't get his seat belt off in time (it was jammed from the impact), he drowned and died. He was still buckled in when they recovered the body. So by that logic all seat belts are dangerous and you should never wear them ever, right? People take freak occurrences - just complete outliers that have no reasonable expectation of happening and basically require all the stars and planets to align in order to occur - and go "SEE!? THIS IS PROOF! THIS PROVES MY POINT 100%!" It's like finding the one study that says vaccines cause autism and using it amidst the near-toppling mountains of records showing otherwise.
: Hey, **** you too. Toxic defeatism is a thing. Arguing that you could spend those precious minutes more productive- homework, chores etc. Well i got a news flash for you buddy- players are in such a state that they use their time on videogames because they dont care about homework etc. Its all about ''player culture''. By promoting ''just surrender ffs and lets go onto the next game'' you are creating a culture where a player will miss a cannon and insta afk. Its a never ending slippery slope. By your opinion the game is over when you are 7k gold behind, 2x+ turets behind. By other players thoughts, the game is over the second he is 100gold behind his lane opponent. You may call him ******, but you have no moral or ideological argument against that. The same reason you might call the player ******, is the same reason I will call you ******. You que up, you made the choice- you are not entitled to manipulate or pressure players who made the same choice as you ( to start the game ). If you promote proper gaming culture- as you call it ''toxic defeatism'', where players never surrender, there will be a lot less situations where there is a afk which prompts your argument. Main thought- slippery slope- cultivate defeatism, you will get more and more afk players. Didnt get champ? Afk. Missed cs? Afk. Fatfingered flash? Afk. Missed a ward? Afk. And you will be sitting all high on your horse thinking- i didnt have to try to win a unwinnable game, while the whole community is going to shit with the game and you will be all oblivious to it.
.................. Da fuck, did you really whip out the "slippery slope" argument? What is this, US politics? Besides the mass amount of conjecture and straight up inaccuracies piled upon mounds of speculation, I will basically give a summation of your opinion in different context. "Because you told somebody to stop being such a child when they threw a fit after somebody took their pencil, I will now tell you to stop being a child when you're crying because your parents died." Like, are you a human? Are you even sentient? Amoebas reason better than that.
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