Rockman (NA)
: so close
I'm fairly certain that's the divorce hearing and the % is what each is getting.
Wolfeur (EUW)
: They also reduced the AD/AP from rune sets
While this is true - certainly - it's not really noteworthy. These are base values available to everyone and do not scale with level. They've honestly had practically no real impact on the current state of the game, which is more caused by excessive gold flow with fairly cheap itemization, leading to games scaling out of control within mere minutes. If you're wondering why Ez is so relevant, it's because Klepto enables him access to even more gold flow (and even elixirs of skill), meaning more itemization (and stronger abilities) far earlier.
: Eventually (Hopefully. Probably not.) people will learn to just stop playing finally and play other games till riot wants to get a new balance team \o/
As much as I'm for the memes and being pissy at someone... I honestly feel more like it's less of the balance team themselves and way more what the company's goals for the game is right now. I honestly don't believe that, if the balance team has been play-testing the game like they're supposed to, nobody would really be able to point this current predicament out as well balanced or fun unless they'd been clocked in the head with a brick one too many times.
: > [{quoted}](name=Toxic Control,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GEvAFerO,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-12-11T10:17:34.952+0000) > At least Lethality was nerfed by two points each. With Black Cleaver getting buffed by 6%. So that'll cancel each other out anyway. > > I legitimately feel like we're missing the point here. Lethality got Buffed not nerfed xD Shen: When you Dash (E) gain 10 Lethality and 8 Magic Penetration for 5sec, cooldown 4sec
No, I mean on PBE the lethality items in game (duskblade, yomuu's, etc.) all got two points of lethality shaved off. That effect you named hasn't been changed at all from when it was added.
: Again, this is just your own attitude. For the winning team to throw then the losing team has to capitalize on their mistakes. It's the exact same thing just looking at it from different sides of the coin. If one team gets ahead early you would EXPECT them to do better more often that doesn't mean that it's impossible for a different outcome. If a single player is popping off it's even easier to come back because all of their advantage is on one player. More often than not that player gets cocky as well and you can turn the tide quite easily by shutting them down. Fact of the matter is the hard snowball champs aren't the ones filling up the top 10 in %wins so it's entirely a perception that you have and not what the actual data shows.
Top 10 in winrate: Rammus: some of the best ganks in the game with an enormous speed boost and point-and-click taunting along with the best defensive steroid of the early game. **Wins by snowballing lanes, benefits more from ADC meta.** Morgana: was recently revamped (with her spell vamp, ha), insane amount of CC in a mass area, but requires her to be in somebody's face. **Strong already, snowballs and becomes even stronger through sheer bulk**. Miss Fortune: most viable build is literally straight armor pen and lethality. **Lethality is strongest early before the enemy team can start building armor.** Zilean: Played by barely anyone. His winrate is a reflection of the winrates of the people who main him. Irrelevant in this discussion. Leona: Diving support, literally having the sole goal of snowballing her own lane by all-inning constantly. **I don't even know how you didn't get this one.** Taric: Same thing, played less often and generally less reliable at it. Ezreal: **The premiere early game ADC that has to rely upon snowballing himself early to stomp the game in a decent amount of time. His winrate is entirely a product of the current game climate.** Teemo: Primary top-lane harasser, becomes near ungankable once past 6 and fed due to his ult and speed. **Snowballs his lead with constant pressure.** Xerath: So long-ranged it's near impossible to reach him if he's fed before getting blown up. **Snowballs.** Zyra: Similar to Zilean, played by barely anyone. Irrelevant. Once again. You are utterly and completely wrong. All the top winrates right now focus on snowballing in one way or another. You not only misunderstand the mechanics of the game right now, you misunderstand the entire champion roster. The worst part is that **you have literally argued my own point at me.** > [{quoted}](name=Gives No Lux,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GEvAFerO,comment-id=00080001000000000000,timestamp=2017-12-12T05:56:56.277+0000) > > Again, this is just your own attitude. For the winning team to throw then the losing team has to capitalize on _**their mistakes.**_ It's the exact same thing just looking at it from different sides of the coin. > > If one team gets ahead early you would EXPECT them to do better more often that doesn't mean that it's impossible for a different outcome. If a single player is popping off it's even easier to come back because all of their advantage is on one player. _**More often than not that player gets cocky as well and you can turn the tide quite easily by shutting them down.**_ #The enemy team must in all cases be the ones to make the mistakes first. You have just agreed with my point. It is up to the enemy team to first make a mistake in order for you to capitalize on it. The thing about this season is that "mistakes" are harder and harder to effectively punish since the gap in power widens very, very quickly - hence the issue with snowballing. And when you have a very wide power gap, it thus takes bigger and bigger mistakes to close it - to the point that there are very much instances where these mistakes simply don't matter. Again. You simply don't understand the game right now. You have displayed that clearly here.
Eedat (NA)
: As annoying as Leona hitting like a Mack truck is.....
Eh, just wait. More enchanter nerfs on the PBE, so pretty soon it's going to get far more overbearing.
: Well, if you're steamrolling then you should be climbing rank until you face opponents that are experienced enough to give you a challenge. It's your attitude that determines if a game is unwinnable after the first few minutes, not the actual game mechanics.
After 4 years on this game and trying to relax in Plat with the nightmarish hellhole that is Diamond 5, I can safely say that you are actually 100% wrong. There is a point where the game ceases to be in a team's hands and it comes down to the play of the team that is winning. The "game of throws", as it's known, literally translates to the winning team throwing their own lead. At a certain point, this is of the **_winning team's_** own volition, not through the merit of the team that is behind. And in the current game climate, this is most certainly an idea that comes into play constantly - once ahead, a team snowballs far more often than not, and with the current way that gold flow works and itemization is, what appears to be a relatively small lead is actually entire leagues of difference in power. While you can lie and delude yourself all you want, but I can assure you you haven't a clue what you're talking about yet. And I'm sure Riot will be more than happy to demonstrate in due time if they continue down this path.
Gaberino (NA)
: "Literally - and I do mean literally - no other champion in the game gets bonus cooldown reduction on a hard crowd control ability for hitting an enemy with it." Thresh?
Well I'll be damned. I forgot about that. Fuck him too on that, then. His buggy ass hook can go straight to hell.
: Simple solution: stop making mistakes and snowball yourself instead.
The issue isn't even just that an enemy can snowball the game out of control. Me snowballing the game out of control through virtually no real effort in a matter of a couple minutes out of a potential 20 is not challenging at all, and after the first couple times of doing it the relative lack of effort required to get a team rolling is so token it's not even rewarding. Being able to tell how a game will go after the first few minutes kind of ruins the competitive aspect when you have essentially dwarfed the competition. It's utterly droll to have to close out a game when you can already tell you've won it, and it's even more of a pisser with it being the other way around where you're waiting for the game to end when you can tell you've lost it. Literally neither aspect is fun is what makes it such an issue.
: She's overpowered, period.
She's obnoxious and that's it. You of all people ought to know the difference.
: What dumb things did you do/say when you started League?
Used to not buy pots. Then went through a phase where I wasn't buying boots. Finally hit the phase where I believed in my teammates and it's all gone downhill from there.
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A Truman Show gif? People nowadays actually know that movie?
: Yeah, I had to do this today too and it was suuuper slow. I'll check around and see if we've got any plans to streamline the process.
That would be wonderful. Because by the time I had actually finished forging them all I had found a total of 5 games.
: Fair enough. One would get the key fragment because they are worth more and chest are abundant and easy to get. If you don't capitalize on those chests, that's your choice which is fine.
Sorry I don't feel like getting that 120 OE from the potential legendary skin you get from the chest lined with emotes, wards, and icons worth even less. Maybe if chests were worth more than me being bored playing another champ than the ones I prefer to play I'd give it more of a thought.
: Why aren't you getting the key fragment? You're only supposed to disenchant 4. It's easier. And it's worth more anyway.
Because I get a steady flow of key fragments and the amount of chests I get due to my relatively small amount of champs I enjoy playing isn't extensive. So why would I get extra key fragments I wouldn't likely use up anyway?
Tactrix (NA)
: This is actually pretty accurate.
"Time to see what nuclear meltdown we caused today."
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: This pre-season isn't as bad when...
Fuck you guys, I was bitching about Dynamic Queue before it was cool.
: The answer is CS. it is always CS.
: im starting to think riots balance team just favors and wants ADCs to be broken.
Ez _is_ getting nerfs. To his Q. Down from 125% to 110%. While this looks kind of small on paper, 15% is actually pretty fuckin' big especially for his primary ability that he will be using about once every couple of seconds.
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Sciela (NA)
: So um... remind me how Akali is, IN ANY WAY, fair.
I don't think anyone's arguing she is actually fair. I don't think anyone's even arguing she's particularly balanced. Last time this came up the conclusion was "We know, she's getting reworked with a few other assassins, it's just taking some time to go over it."
Sumiyaki (NA)
: Theory: I'm pretty sure she's trying to be like Lux so Ezreal will fall for her instead
> [{quoted}](name=Sumiyaki,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Pu1gqmRx,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-30T01:35:22.940+0000) > > Theory: > > I'm pretty sure she's trying to be like Lux so Ezreal will fall for her instead I mean... Sparkles, amirite? {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
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MrryZ (NA)
: Sooo Dark Harvest proc is consumed if you auto a Zz'rot portal...
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........ Using this keystone, I feel like I should be more worried about this kind of situation, but with how strong the damn thing is otherwise I feel like a middle class citizen asking a bum for change for the bus.
: I don't see a whole lot of edge cases, personally. Most posts in this board with chatlogs included are, indeed, toxic behavior that deserves a step or two on the scale.
For most of those posts, these are the people first of all dumb enough to say those things, which usually means they're also the ones vocal enough to bother trying to argue it on the boards where the amount of times that has ever helped the common layman are about 1 to 100,000. The vast majority of the time if it can't be settled in a support ticket, it won't do much here on the boards. Obviously there are fringe cases, but you get the idea. We don't see a lot of the 2 week suspensions of passive aggressive or just sarcastic players. Mostly because, well, they're generally passive, so it likely doesn't dawn into their head to bother complaining about it here. And I've certainly seen some players report for some incredibly stupid things...
: A quick visual guide to the reporting system
I actually don't think the confusion has ever really been over "why was I banned", but more over what even constitutes a valid report in the first place. Some cases are obvious, others are grayer than an alcoholic's liver.
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: I can just imagine the top laner typing their response to that.
I mean, was something along the lines of: "wtf take so long to clear their jungle alredy here". To which I had to respond, "He's Udyr. And did a level 2 cheese right after his red. Like, what do you want from me?"
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: don't want to praise them because they're really good at they do. Isn't thst the definition of contradicting yourself?
You seem to have trouble reading, so I'll explain it clearer than clear: RIOT as a company has no part in how great their art team is. The people on their art team are great by their own merit. I would applaud them. Attributing any part of their ability to Riot as the company in the least bit would be too much as basically no other part of Riot matches their art team. Their art team is basically an outlier of the company and shouldn't be grouped in with them.
: So, can we all just give a massive round of applause to the art and lore team, please?
Well that's just it. Their art team is fantastic. Balance and otherwise are a load of dung. I wouldn't applaud Riot in any part of this as I would just say the people on the art team have phenomenal ability.
: Holy crap, a freaking Ontario university student may have found a way to stop cancer progression
Well that's cool. Is there any word on iRNA? There was supposed to research going into it as the "cancer killer" in that it would instruct certain proteins in the body to not form, thus making cancer cells just not grow. This seems like a good substitute, but the other idea was using a body's natural creation to stop cancer, meaning supply and demand wouldn't ever be an issue, so I'm always trying to see if there's any leeway made on that.
: Why I'm against female-only tournaments
Something something something I dunno something something it's hard to say something something loaded question something something something something keyboard warriors incoming something there's no winning this one.
: At this point, it's very clear that we need a 4th keystone option for every path
: Adventure Floof!
It's all cute and adorable. Until they get bigger and still think they're small.
: An....unusual,funny joke that does not include "your momma" or "your face is a"...{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: they didn't ban him for playing singed tho. they banned him for a whole other reason
"In the same vein, teammates should be willing give unconventional picks/strategies a fair shot. They could surprise your opponents more than they surprise you. We need to leave plenty of space for experimentation in League (Hi Support MF), even if it sometimes leaves us in less than perfectly comfy games." Is the literal only reason that I don't agree with that entire post. The amount of support MF's or more "acceptable" strategies in bot that have completely fallen flat on their faces despite the entire team saying "Please would you just not this game" with literally no repercussion is why I don't see how that reason's justified. It's a "where to draw the line" scenario that they don't do a good job of actually explaining where that line is drawn.
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Raoul (EUW)
: well, since you deserve better than being cheated on like this after working so hard playing this game, might i suggest you switch to a game with the superior lootbox system?
Yeah, I already did. Telling you how your logic is utterly moronic, however, costs no money, takes far less than 30 minutes out of my day compared to a normal game, and gives me some kind of sick pleasure. Is something wrong with me? Probably, but doesn't change the fact that you're not only exhibiting short-mindedness in a business sense, you're also exhibiting short-mindedness in a practical sense considering that Blue Essence and thereby champions are also now in short supply due to the essence rate drops, so have fun with earning a 6300 champion with the current essence rates. Maybe you'll finally be able to unlock one of them after the 3 years it takes for them to drop below that point.
Raoul (EUW)
: Ok, tell me why you think you deserve gifts from RIOT, I wait. And please dont say "because I play the game", thats like claiming a car dealer would own you extras because you drive a car...
Because it was a previous system that worked, brought people in to play the game, and actually worked logically to Riot's benefit as a company while also bringing them up to the general standard of the current MOBA market - lootboxes that give rewards for staying and playing loyally in a certain game over another one. HotS, Smite, and Paragon are all free and offer some kind of rewards system to acquire cosmetic or unimpactful items to the game just for funsies and they do it because: 1. It gives players an incentive to return to their game, keeping them playing and talking about the game 2. Players talking about the game basically advertises the game and keeps it going. Lootboxes literally add significant longevity to a game and its income when they're done in good balance with actual purchases. Riot had a pretty okay balance going and then decided to take the EA approach - rip out half the content and then tell the consumer that it's an "all new and innovative system" and then demand they pay more to have access to the same amount of features. That, my boy, is not. Good. Business. Or even upstanding business. It's not even smart or clever business. It's ham-headed greed.
: He didnt say riot made it drastically faster, he said it was faster. The point of his comment was to correct misinformation, not to go around bragging about how much faster they made leveling.
No, technically he's lying - or only telling a fraction of the truth, rather, but the line's pretty blurry between those two things. It's faster under stipulations, most common of which yes, are true. "Straight up faster" would mean that under all reasonable circumstances the statement is true. Playing 9+ games between win of the day bonuses actually causes it to be slower, though, which sounds like an excessive amount of games, but some people only really get a single day set aside to play League and can't play it in normal spurts. I know a couple people who basically work 6 out of 7 days for 8 or more hours (sometimes they hit a full 7 days) and basically veg out on their only day off. Those people would get shafted or see no practical change in this new system. He's not so much correcting misinformation as trying to run PR here. It's an over-simplified statement that sounds nice because it's generally true but specifically only true maybe 75% of the time. That's still a C grade and does mean passing, but pretty sure I recall my parents calling that a piss poor performance, and most decent jobs nowadays don't even like that average.
: I've actually gotta jump in to correct this. We made leveling from 1-30 straight up faster. Proof is here:
Oh my god you cut down the leveling time by 20 games! That's insane! It's out of nearly 180 games and only really factors out to about an 11% decrease in the amount of games it takes, but that's still like crazy super duper good or whatever!
: ##Edit: Even if you disagree with the reasoning below, don't downvote me too much! I want more people to see our honest response to this question. This orange essence thing is a spicy one but I'll take my best shot at addressing it. The most honest answer it comes down to is that we wanna be able to spread out orange essence type loot and rewards across multiple systems without having to take an additional huge revenue hit at the same time that we're making runes free. I'll explain what I mean. Basically, when we first started giving out skins and stuff through the loot system, the only way you could get it was by 1) paying for it or 2) earning it through the mastery chests. Going into 2018 you're also gonna get skin content through things like events and honor (lets call them "orange shards" since we're really talking about anything that can be disenchanted into orange essence). We lowered the disenchant rate on shards, and we're giving out more shards. So that's what I mean by spreading it across multiple systems. I think we'll actually have to wait and see whether players feel that the additional shards from the other systems make up for the disenchant rate changes. Preseason shipped with some other upgrades to loot like bad luck protection and chances for double drops in chests, and I think we'll have to wait and see how that feels for players before we'll know. Now, there's another question implied here, which I think also bears addressing: **"Why can't Riot just give us more orange essence and more shards?"** The answer is that we make money on League through RP sales, and we want to be really responsible about how much we cut into RP sales when giving away stuff. Giving away skins and cosmetics through our in-games systems is something we have to manage really carefully—if it becomes to easy to earn orange essence and shards, RP sales would go down a lot (why pay for it when you can just get skins for free?). Even though League is free to play, we do need to make money and manage it responsibly so we can reinvest it back into the game. That's why making cosmetics too easy to get for free would be irresponsible for us, as a business. I know it's hard to get excited about an explanation like this, but I hope it makes sense! ##ONE MORE LONGISH EDIT TO CLARIFY A POINT: **I don't want to make the promise that the orange essence amounts you get will “even out” or be the same as before.** There’s way too much variance in the rates that people get OE from mastery and all the other systems for us to say that with a straight face. And the truth is the nerf to OE disenchant rates was significant. It’s more than we reigned it in to give ourselves wiggle room with these other systems. And honestly, the revenue hit from making runes free was a factor we considered as part of that. The goal is to make rewards systems that feel meaningful, rather than just constantly increasing the amount of stuff we give out every year because player expectations keep rising. It feels icky when we start talking about protecting revenue and budgets and shit, but we’re open to feedback on this stuff. I see basically no one talking about the double drops or bad luck protection that we already added to the system, so I wanna wait for a while for people to get used to the changes.
I mean... that'd be great. If Essence was actually being given out from more sources. Chests are still the only source to get orange essence, as your own site says that only champion shards and such drop from capsules from leveling up. On top of this, leveling up is a legendary chore now. Your games run for too long to justify the amount of time it takes to level up, and even then all you get are champion rewards. And then those don't disenchant into nearly so much essence even. So really, in the end, here's what you have: We get the same amount of blue essence as before, except now it acts as our IP. Basically, blue essence now has to go a far greater distance than it did before while we're maintaining a (relatively) same amount of flow of it. Meaning we're basically shafted out of half our in-game currency to begin with. Now orange essence has far less of a flow going on with the same exact accessibility - which is to say extremely limited. And... you've come to these boards. To tell us that we should be okay with these changes and how you're monitoring them. Because "money". ........................................................................................................................................................................................................... Ever considered shortening the company name to EA?
: New Rune Path: Timewarped
So are we saying Classic League cuts off at season 5, or where are we drawing this line?
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