: Akali was 100% p/b in NA playoffs
Sylas too, and its similar in other regions, these more recent overloaded champs just have way too much in their kits I don't know where the hell the concept of power budget was when they built sylas kit, oh hes melee but has literally everything he needs and can steal ults on top of it. Recent riot champs are flashy disgusting overloaded bs.
Loliver (NA)
: I feel like people who say "GGWP" when they win are just complimenting themselves
s9 has made me dislike the term because matchmaking (as well as the snowbally changes to the game) seem to make a lot more "stomp" games, and when the kill score is 7-30 and my team only got 1 tower while the enemy demolished everything and took all neutrals it kind of feels shitty to hear, I appreciate that people are trying to be good sports I'm less upset with them than I am with whoever at riot to shape games toward 25 minute games that are generally decided at around 15 min by which lanes hard lost/gave up. Also whoever came up with the "positional matchmaking" travesty of an idea sucks as well, I think that is part of the reason MMR across all ranks is quite unbalanced and strange this season.
SmartGreat (EUNE)
: I lost my promo because of your bugged client.... AGAIN
Its ok, the new client lets then advertize the paid content more. thats why they replaced the old client, which during s6 s7 had been fixed enough times that bugs were relatively rare for me at least. (whereas on the new client they are plentiful)
: qiyana is like mega stupid ass design champ with one interesting aspect
Stratixx (NA)
: Tahm Kench support winrate
What happened to kench is a lot like what happened to galio, repeatedly gutted b/c of pro play :( feelsbadman. But at least kench can still do some things top.
Kai Guy (NA)
: Want to break Raka Riot?
So a 5 man {{item:3222}} for free? LMFAO yeah that'd put her on par with some of these busted season 9 champs.
: What's the tradeoff for Qiyana's low ultimate cooldown on such a high utility spell?
: Qiyana insta-gibbed me twice @ lv3 within a minute, I love this damage creep meta so much man
Liquid Dominate said it well about quiyana. "Just another busted season 9 champion." and IMO {{champion:555}} and {{champion:517}} also fall into this category, as well as yuumi to some extent. Resetting executes that ignore shields, new mechanic of stealing ults on top of an already overloaded kit, New mechanics in Quiyana ult (interactions with terrain) as well as an overloaded kit, yuumi being untargetable for 90% of the match. Riots recently champion releases have been absolutely disgusting.
: Riot's constant negative changes to ranked and matchmaking are why people are smurfing more. They are a symptom, not the problem. Smurfs have been around even when the game was in a good state. Riot's mismanagement is what you should be complaining about.
Pretty much this, after the positional matchmaking fiasco MMR even in High Elo is messed up, so high elo games can have players from masters all the way down to D4, and guess what happens if you get a couple bad d4's on your team? You usually lose. Basically players in higher elos are making more smurf accounts because even high Elo games are a coinflip this season.
: They know about it, they have been directly asked on twitter whether we will be able to turn off that cancer and answered no. I guess they're afraid it would lower the cost.
Oh, fantastic. Theyre visually turning league into a pay2win mobile game. Absolute cancer.
Pyrosan (NA)
: He's literally one of the best top laners right now if not the best lol
This LOL one of the champs that needs buffs the least.
Sageace (NA)
: For fuctual sakes, get these eternals off my screen during the GAME
Wow. this sounds like some cancer. Upvoted for visibility, that is just awful rito.
: I like how on even farm an items an ADC can 1v1 Rengar.
If a vayne or quinn kill a rengar ulting onto them they have to either be WAY ahead of that rengar (quite possible if they snowball lane and rengar didnt snowball with how trash current jg is), or massively outplay rengar w/ their defensive tool (easier for vayne b/c of the bs invis on her ulti)
: Is Jungle really so bad?
Jg is more dependent than ever on laners not hard losing, if your team gets behind as jungler and the enemy jungler knows what theyre doing you now lose every skuttlecrab/drag/rift and can get invaded for free. Basically Jg xp and camp respawns have been nerfed so heavily that theres very little to fall back to if you get behind as a jungler, and because laners now scale so much harder b/c of the nerfed jg xp if you have 2 (god forbid all 3) lanes hard lose you are most likely just going to get dicked by those enemy laners.
: WHat was i supposed to do in this game?
Same thing i was supposed to do this last game with a 0-20 swain yuumi botlane, lose. https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/3121647452/2036275581414080?tab=overview
: Junglers, you should probably learn your Champion's Jungle Routes
I do the same route on every jungler, because red side>>>>>>>>> Blue side. Redbuff start >>Krugs>> Raptors>> look for midlane gank>>>> skuttlecrab That level 3 off 3 camps is far too valuable, plus it gets my krugs and raptors respawning sooner which is super high value.
Hordes66 (NA)
: 5/20 games go to Remake
I blame this Dogshit client that has been super tempermental for many who use it.
: I don't know who to play, can you recommend me some champions
{{champion:4}} scales pretty well, reliable CC and waveclear plus his ult is great for helping snowball your laners/jungler by watching the minimap and joining fights.
Barkley (NA)
: I love this post and if I could make 400 smurfs to upvote it into the heavens, I would. THIS IS THE PROBLEM WITH PYKE. RIGHT HERE. Not his numbers, not his gold or the passive gold bs, not his ult mechanic, nothing of the sort -- those are all fine. Its the fact that we put **STEALTH** **DASH** **HOOK** All on the same goddamn champion! Riot loves to throw around their new favorite hot-button phrase "Power Budget" Tell me please, what about this is conducive to the concept of a "Power budget?"
Sylas is similarly overloaded (he's a little better since they changed the shield to magic damage only), Aoe waveclear from Q and passive, free dash & shield, Knockup/gapclose (conditional, like amumus) and a missing HP heal, But wait theres more he can steal any ult on the enemy team. LOL power budget my left nut.
Zullar (NA)
: Why AP Ezreal Getting Nerfed?
Because ezreal with {{item:3042}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3285}} hits way too damn hard
: > [{quoted}](name=Tr4shB4NSYST3M,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=FmQwJXQs,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-09T01:59:22.069+0000) > > I heard about this mode from a friend who got me into league, 10 of the same champ on aram sounds insane amazing and fun. Hell yeah It was fun I remember doing 10 teemos, 10 lux, 10 ezreal. Now that was crazy
My god i cant even imagine the amount of mushrooms in the teemo one LOL
: Bring back One For All Mirror Mode
I heard about this mode from a friend who got me into league, 10 of the same champ on aram sounds insane amazing and fun.
: This guy won 39 games in a row and he's still stuck in silver... How?
: This guy won 39 games in a row and he's still stuck in silver... How?
Hahahahaha wow. That shows how bad the MMR system is right there, straight wins and the "tier average" for his games is still silver 4, who does this guy have to suck to get his MMR to go up to gold and higher?
: ͔
League of "consistent gameplay" lol
: > [{quoted}](name=Tr4shB4NSYST3M,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=eavVQN6V,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-08-04T21:38:18.138+0000) > > Pyke is cancer everywhere. Champion was a mistake. Honestly, most of the recent champions feel mistakey. Like they decide on a gimmick and refuse to change on it, Zoe? Let's give her RNG summoner spells and a easy to hit stun that deals true damage! Pyke? Let's make an assassin support that shares gold and can execute targets easily with a reset! Sylus? Let's make a champion who can steal ults and then not balance him correctly so he's either pathetic or obnoxious! I just wish Riot would take a breather and stop pushing out cool ideas for the sake of having cool ideas.
Before sylas, there would be joking talk of a champ who could steal ults but we always laughed it off knowing that would be way too much power for a realistically balanced champion kit, the utility of being able to access 5 different ultimates (often the highest power budget ability in a kit) is a lot of power, and then of course sylas base kit has a free dash, shield, heal, waveclear from 2 sources and a gapclose. Youre right sylas was also a mistake as was Zoe W (otherwise i can live w/ zoe E/Q and massive poke/1 shot potential) Edit- At least yuumi and Quiyana are relatively balanced, Quiyana has a lot of stuff but once you know what she does its reasonable to play against her, and yuumi may be annoying with her untargetability but thats arguably balanced around the easy doublekill if you kill who shes attached to.
: well if for some reason a crit jungle item makes kindred and graves become too strong they could always get nerfed. and since they are played in other roles that means nerfing them wouldn't be that big of a deal right?
Another part of it is that Jungle items are usually super gold efficient, and the risk is that it is so gold efficient whether it gives AS/crit or AD/crit that Crit adcs might start taking smite and hitting crit %'s sooner than they should because the jungle item is cheaper than their traditional buys. Its just unneccesary and could potentially cause far more issues than its worth.
: can we get a crit chance jungle item?
No because {{champion:203}} and{{champion:104}} do not need to dominate the jungle again
: Yasuo has the highest CS per minutes out of all the champions in league no matter what elo
Both have Easy manaless waveclear, both tend to splitpush later game which nets way more CS than if you group, as skirmishers both yas and trynd, as well as champs like jax and fiora will tend to have higher CS scores because they are more geared toward 1v1 and will trend toward split push playstyles.
: Pyke In ARAM Is Annoying Beyond Belief
Pyke is cancer everywhere. Champion was a mistake.
: He was played in the LEC earlier today. Went 0/4/0 and did 1.8k damage, haha. https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/ESPORTSTMNT04/990652?gameHash=d43ed104878c3f4a&tab=stats
: If bugs are holding warwick back in competitive play, why not pick him then yell at the ref every time he bugs out? Riot will have no choice but to ban the champ from being picked anymore in competitive and fix his issues.
: Has pyke the most overloaded kit in history of league?
Εlin (EUW)
: Who is the weakest supp champ right now?
After all the guttings I'd say {{champion:3}} {{champion:223}}, especially against stuff like {{champion:99}} {{champion:350}} . Honorable mentions are {{champion:40}} and {{champion:117}} but thats mainly because they don't fit into this early aggression meta (since they want time to scale and get {{item:3504}} )
: Core issues within the current game that need to be addressed.
The red side JG giving to much compared to blue side is 1000% correct. As a jg main too many games i find myself nearly ignoring my blue side Jungle and instead just clearing krugs and raptors off spawn because its much better xp, and even with de-prioritizing half my farm I can generally stay even or ahead. Basically If im against an enemy jungler who doesn't know that krugs/raptors give way more exp than the blue side camps, I'm almost guaranteed to get a lead in the jungle, Yes as a jungler game knowledge of certain things like this should give you some advantage but right now a full red side clear is out of line how much more beneficial it is than a full blue side clear.
Rioter Comments
: Jax needs a slight compensation buff after 9.12 corrupting pot nerfs
Jax is fine, he should be punishable in lane phase/early and he is, but he still spikes massively with {{item:3078}} completion and keeps scaling til level 18 and max build. Weak early, reasonably strong spike midgame with triforce, and Very strong late @ 3+ items. And I'm saying this as a jax player (in the jungle), Jax is close enough to balanced how he is now. Your asking him to be more like vlad who is much harder to punish early because of his sustain, is decently strong midgame when he hits max cdr w/ component items (and runes), and is an insane aoe teamfight destroyer lategame. And vlad is absolute cancer because of this.
: twisted fate
TF is all about snowballing your lanes, you do not play TF for your own lane (ap or ad) you play him for his ult and being able to join your team easily with Gold card stun to turn fights. And once you have {{item:3078}} or {{item:3100}} you will shred down towers after you win a fight.
: You guys ever have that one champion that you're really good with
{{champion:31}} I actually have a 71% winrate on him jg this season because as long as my lanes don't completely shit the bed (and then enemy lanes invading my jg w/ the enemy jg) I end up getting pretty tanky while building AP, and am able to be a big frontline for my team and usually win. Its pretty easy to hit the Q in the chaos of teamfights/skirmishes, the silence is very clutch, E is strong against tankier targets plus R is clutch for finishing kills or securing Drag/herald/baron. But My God he's so slow, I much much much much prefer playing {{champion:24}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:141}}
: Yeah I mean Riot is so good at fixing bugs that have been for like 3 weeks right?
I mean it is understandable, they're just 5 guys running the company out of their garage right?
Akrid415 (NA)
: Anyone else hate winning streaks / promos?
Yeah, I always get nervous after I've been able to win 3+ in a row especially if i made it to promos because it always seems like when you winstreak to promos you get matched with absolute albatrosses as teammates.
Rioter Comments
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Pantheon rework looks really good.
It looks quite nice, reminds me a lot of the WW rework though hopefully it wont have the same abundance of bugs.
: Why are Diamonds in every single one of my normal matches?
Norms Matchmaking has been doing this cancerous BS for years :(.
: as a teemo player i will never associate with vlad players, they disgust me.
Thank. At least if you properly all in a teemers he can die, vlad just sustains through everything and is never in 100-0 range b/c his healing from Q is ridiculous
As a jungler who also plays top sometimes I understand this completely, early lane priority in top as well as getting level 2 first if possible is very impactful, if my toplaner is in a matchup that can swing either way and Im on red side (I always start red buff into full clear redside for lvl 3 off 3 camps) I will solo red to start. Thing is jungle has been nerfed so many times that Mostly I'd rather let my solo laner have priority to start off the lane phase rather than a little extra hp starting my 1st clear. Just watch for an invade with me til 120-125
: They don't respond to attackers. Heimer's turrets focus marked targets, and Heimer marks enemies with attacks and abilities.
Yes, this is good, same reason zyra plants don't hit you unless she hit you with an AA or ability or you hit her. What you are trying to propose would make heimer MORE braindead and non-interactive for the enemy.
Kai Guy (NA)
: This is why I tell people Duoing off Tiers not MMR is a bad thing. Irelia and Zyra are a duo. Both have prior seasons so a soft reset is a thing. Irelia is gold for the last 3 years. Zyra is Low Silver. Your going to be fine, you look like your maintaining plenty of impact. If you flop the promo don't tilt and just take advantage of your free win. At worst its like 1-2 Extra days of grinding if your consistently keeping 60% WR and have higher MMR then title.
Εlin (EUW)
: Have you ever been afk in-game because of real life emergency?
Power outages, My ISP being absolute garbage at times, and a couple family issues.
Crett (NA)
: why is full crit less popular on Yi?
Crit is great against squishier teams, but if a team has tanks/bruisers crit is far less effective. I play a lot of yi And I like going {{item:1400}} {{item:3111}} into {{item:3087}} {{item:3031}} and {{item:3508}}, the damage in teamfights is insane. But against tankier enemies its a lot tougher to make work.
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