: My best guess is that because with enough soldiers out Azir could Q to your ward and kill it with all his soldiers before it turned invisible. It's what I do when I play Azir.
The point is that they should have made it that no matter how many soliders hit, it only counts as one hit on the ward. Utility.
Rioter Comments
: that's the log I copy and pasted from when I was banned bud. Not sure what other ones there are.
I would strongly advise contraction Riot Support and trying to get some more insight into your ban. I HAVE seen logs posted with [all] chat notation and time; however I can't remember f they were screenshots or not, and when Rioters smite posters with their logs, those have [all] chat as well. It's likely that only when support gives you logs are they in that format, but nonetheless you should find out more about what went wrong anyway.
: Will newer champions ever get bots?
Dude, imagine a boy trying to competently play Azir lol.
: Perma banned Justified ?
Uhhh...I have seen logs before...that is not what they look like. Logs do have all chat in them, marked with [all]. How did you know yourself all of which were all chat? Where is Tamtram when you need him....
Weizi (NA)
: From your experience what order of the rank is from least to most toxic?
: how can i get perma'd for this it makes no sense
I can help you figure out why you were permabanned for that...if you would post your logs. There is nothing anyone can do to help you if we don't know exactly what you did.
Inkosi (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tract,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=AB31b1wg,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-08-17T20:15:45.913+0000) > > First off, it's not going to happen for any reason. Second, this has far less merit than other appeals I have seen people post, and even those were shot down. I have seen people having made a new account after the ban, and after a year of pristine behavior, ask if their old account could have another shot because they reformed. People who confronted that their behavior was awful and actually made effort to reform, and actually DID manage it. They were turned down. Now you are saying that it was "unfair" without even giving us any logs of how bad you really were, without any proof of reform, and expect that you are going to be different from them? He did give logs
He gave ONE log, of dubious completeness.
Damn the community called you out for your bullshit so fast....
Hooooolllyyyyyy crap, you went through FIVE ACCOUNTS and after being permabanned THAT MANY TIMES you still don't realize that you are behaving wrong? If you are the incapable of reforming and displaying people behavior, there is no place for you in League. There is so much irony in you complaining about someone not learning from their mistakes. Maybe if they are struggling go help them? Roam? Don't be a toxic dick? A micro fraction of the playerbase is punished, a fraction of THAT is oermabanned. The fact it happened to you FIVE TIMES means you are a serious outlier. And PS: keeping your shit up will get you banned in DoTA too. And Valve does it 100% automated, so you have an even higher chance of eating a ban.
: Permanent Ban appeal
First off, it's not going to happen for any reason. Second, this has far less merit than other appeals I have seen people post, and even those were shot down. I have seen people having made a new account after the ban, and after a year of pristine behavior, ask if their old account could have another shot because they reformed. People who confronted that their behavior was awful and actually made effort to reform, and actually DID manage it. They were turned down. Now you are saying that it was "unfair" without even giving us any logs of how bad you really were, without any proof of reform, and expect that you are going to be different from them?
Yenn (NA)
: Why has Gragas's Body Slam hit box not been fixed yet?
Because he's that fat. The shockwave generatedfrom the massive force of his bodies inertia knocks you up.
zaqat (EUNE)
: I checked a troller's profile
Well, he doesn't play Vayne, so he doesn't *quite* meet the requirements for the "toxic mains club".
Baka Red (EUNE)
: Would you be kind and show us one of those twenty cases for future reference? Thank you. I haven't seen that kind of claim and I tend to read these boards a lot. Instead, I have seen this: [Tantram](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/4ZhxeyVg-where-can-i-make-two-players-banned?comment=00020000000200000001)
While I *could* dig through all of them, I don't think I need to; and this is why. On the Riot support website, updated *very* recently (late July, much more recent than that Tamtram post): >"WILL MY ACCOUNT GET PUNISHED FOR BEING REPORTED WHEN I DID NOTHING WRONG? This is unlikely, as reports are only one piece of the puzzle. While they are important to bringing games to our attention the system still gauges the behavior in game before punishments are issued. *Also, players who consistently make false reports against others diminishes the value of that player's report and renders them meaningless."* Your move.
: Your first part, with the report weight. That doesn't exist anymore. Automated system flags every game someone reports. Doesn't matter if someone gives 99 bad reports, if on the 100th it is a legit report, it still gets used.
I can find like 20 times where a Rioter referenced that it DOES exist within the past month.
: I guess RIOT allows anything to be reportable
If you want to be salty and spiteful, go ahread and report everyone. Just remember that over time your report will no longer mean anything, and you may face a ban for abusing the system. Calling someone a noob or nerd once is fine, especially if you are joking, just don't push it. I have a feeling that you indeed went a *little* overboard with your noob/nerd calling. Normal if once or moderation(won't get you banned): *just survives 2v1 gank by barely escaping through a sick outplay juke on LB*: "later nerds" Not normal(the kind of thing that can very quickly get you punished): "F**king nerd loser, so trash get a life nerd". Normal noob calling: *just loses clown fiesta level 1 invade where every single player dies except for their vayne, the sole remaining player out of 10, who SOMEHOW secured a god damn penakill at level 1*: "Damn we're all a bunch of noobs lol" Punishment worthy reaction to that same scenario: "You all are total f**king noobs wow how did that happen you guys are so trash now vayne is going to eat us for breakfast, garbage noobs go uninstall bronzie filth". You can use noob and nerd without being banned as long as you do so in heavy moderation, and usually jokingly. The word will not get you banned just from saying it jokingly once. It's how you use it and how often. Also, would you mind posting logs so we can see for ourselves?
: I Really Need Some General Advice For Laning Against Malzahar (Becoming Frustrated With Him)
First off, I haven't played in like 2 weeks because vacation; and second, when I play mid lane, I play pretty much just Azir. However, the way he deals with Malz isn't THAT different in theory. Early on, you NEED to pressure him, if he fights back, that means he's not farming, poke him to pop the shield, and then try not to let him get it back up by harass whenever he tries to cs. The key is your range. I bully him early on, and because Azir scales just as well, once he gets some strong stuffs, if I position right, by the time he even gets in range I will have chunked him down to half hp or so. You just need to abuse him hard early. Later on, if he's got flash, your range won't save you. Also, I like to take barrier against him. Cleanse is good vs his URL, but helps nothing if he tries to fight you before then, and even once he does get ult, it helps you survive its duration so you can fight back after. If you make his life he'll early, you can stay ahead of him in items. Malz without items is not at all scary. Also, at least with Azir, my soldiers butcher his voidlings. When he is trying to get in range of me while I kite back, my soldiers often kill the voidlings practically as collateral, because they chase me too. As Lux, you have AoE that can pop them before they can lay eggs(??) and multiply! BV can be very useful to build, but is often not particularly optimal. Your best course of action is to beat him up early, and fight him cleverly. If he has flash watch out. Don't let him get us passive up if you can help it, keep poking him to keep it down. Take barrier(personal preference vs Malz), heal is solid too, cleanse is fine but only if they have enough other cc to make it worthwhile. Try to pop the voidlings if possible, they do a lot of his damage. Since he has no mobility, if your jungler ganks, you can either kill or get flash pretty easily. Malz is just rly annoying lol.
: Sadly, not on Boards; I can't share any chat logs here since it's not a private setting. That's why I encourage sticking to that ticket with Behavior. A one on one conversation in private is the best thing Support can offer you for this, and likely they'll oblige sharing any logs you request to show where you may have slipped up in chat. That said, like I mentioned before in these scenarios I don't see you using hate speech. But there were still lengthy cases of negativity in chat despite that.
For the record, I am pretty sure Tamtram posts logs occasionally, if requested or necessary. Idk if there is a policy or anything tho lol.
JhinSpatula (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tract,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=3sWB5tMa,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2017-08-03T13:58:01.304+0000) > "Your points are spot on too. The best way to avoid that one final repeat offense is to realize that players who are doing poorly aren't trolling." > Well, most people DO get tilted because of actual trolls who run it down mid/coming to every lane and int while buying normal items so they don't get detected by the "system". For example, my elo is a huge clown fiesta and about 40% of rankeds I lose are due to these reasons. People just can't accept the fact that there are trolls and riot won't do anything about that because toxicity is a bigger offense than ruining the game for 9 players lul. I just realized we are all helpless before it's too late.
That's part of what I was saying, but I don't think i quite elaborated on trolls correctly. Part of that problem is realizing that you cannot restrain yourself from going off on the troll, which gives them what they wanted all along; instaid of muting them if necessary and reporting them after the game. You just fall into their trap by flaming them. In season 5, I got placed into Bronze V and climbed to gold with pretty much just Azir; I had to swim through a sea of trolls. I know from experience, just like everyone else, that almost nothing is as rage inducing than watching someone that you have no control over trolling your game. Honestly the only thing that you can do is remind yourself that it's not worth it to rage at them, it's just giving them what they want, don't give them the satisfaction of making you tilt off the planet. Sometimes just straight up ignoring the troll actually gets them to stop. Also, much what many perceive as a troll, and truly 100% believe to be a troll, is just some guy doing really bad, or making dumb choices, but you can't see it at the time. While obviously far from foolproof, if you just ignore trolls, they sometimes just get bored and just play normally once they can't get a reaction out of you. Trolls suck, but just remind yourself that it's not worth stopping down to their level. Report after the game, and hope they get what they deserved.
JhinSpatula (EUNE)
: How to not get permabanned
The biggest problem that the ex-14 day suspension players who post on these boards face is that they often don't see that their actions were inappropriate. They think they were unjustly banned, continue the same behavior, and get nailed with a permaban. You are clearly the kind that doesn't get the same attention because you DO see the error in your ways. Huge props to you for not only realizing, confronting, and overcoming your toxicity, but having the courage to post about it. Your points are spot on too. The best way to avoid that one final repeat offense is to realize that players who are doing poorly aren't trolling. That you yourself are not Faker, and are not without responsibility. One good step people can take is INSTANT mute. It doesn't matter if you may want to talk to them later, if you have faced the fact that you are prone to spiraling arguments out of control, it's not worth the communication. The second you feel that they may be tilting you, MUTE. It is not worth the risk of letting yourself slip into old and bad habits. Also, somthing I have said a billion times and nobody who complains about their bans EVER GODDAMN LISTENS TO: if know that you talk too much, and it often leads to toxicity and flaming, unbound your god damn chat key. You can't flame someone if you can't chat at all. You can then put chat on some super far away and useless key, or even put a modifier like "shift+____" on the chat key. Mindset is important, and implicit within it is self restraint. Players who can't come to realize that what they do is wrong will just eat ban after ban until they finally run out of chances.
: I am very upset in my favourite bot games!
I honestly don't know how the hell to respond to this......or what on Earth I just read with my eyes......yea.....someone else help this poor man get his bots back......and his ghost KFC or whateverthefuck.....
Brendore (NA)
: Permabanned i guess?
What I believe this is, is that a little prick decided to troll you and did the emote message thing that makes it look like the message is official. You are 99% fine, if you can log in, you are not banned. Permabans don't have a delay. Did you actually try logging out and then in again? Or are you just looking at the screen still. If you can of out and back in, then you are NOT banned. Otherwise, maybe.
: I literally just got a key for keeping it sportsmanlike also lol
Wait, so is it a ban for behavior? You should probably just have said so if that's the situation. If Is somthing like a chargeback or them defensively locking the account because they suspect it may have been hacked, support can help you. Either way, your best way to send a ticket and support will tell you.
: Trying to figure out why I am "Permanently Banned"
Did you get an email? Generally Riot sends emails regarding their specific circumstances to those who receive a permaban. If not, the best course of action is to send a support ticket.
Raistlin (EUNE)
: Automatic Report System can be tricked, wrongfull bans issued
I'm amazed all you got was a chat restriction for: threatening AFK; refusing to participate as a teammate; litteraly telling the other team what yours is doing, which negates any sort of bait, gank, roatation, objective sneaking, etc; and probably were a lot less "nice" than you say.
: Go kill yourselves.
Not sure why people are down voting you into the ground, you seem pretty distressed by this. If someone is threatening you are telling you to kill yourself, mute them IMMEDIATELY. Report them after the game, it is a serious offense. Do not respond to them, just instantly mute.
: Patch 7.15 notes
Nasus sees the giant minion wave, and nasus knows what to do. Nasus realizes that he won't be able to collect sl of their essence through mortal means. Nasus presses R and starts whack-a-mole-ing his way to stack heaven.
: Please Dont Over buff Kayn , the ult buff on shadow assassin is more than enough
Dude, I'm just over here like OH CRAP PEOPLE MIGHT START PLAYING MY ORECIOUS AZIR AGAIN >_<. He does not need this stuff, this buff was good, don't buff him more. Kayn too, does not need so much buf%%%e. For a champ with two forms, that much versatility would be oppressive if both sides are extremely powerful and he can chose without any way to begin itemizing in anticipation.
: Why am I Suspended?
Yes mute him the SECOND that you see that he is toxic. Then report him after game. You are only responsible for what YOU say. It is your fault for responding with your own toxicity. Also, please post your logs if you want any sort of constructive feedback. Your word alone means very little unfortunately.
dreadage (OCE)
: Why is "Unskilled Player" not a reportable option?
It was a joke option in the first place, for any pricks to take their anger out on someone who they thought played badly. It bred toxicity and poor performance is NOT a report worthy offense.
: Troll supp
Option 4: none of the above! Support is very versatile, and not even close to everyone playing it tries to mimic the high elo players or pros. There are tons of viable supports. And, Riot has said officially that playing off meta is NOT banable. I don't think the problem here is your "troll" supports.....
: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en write a ticket to the support
He said he forgot his username and pass and can't login....
: Stop saying "ggez"
I don't think anyone has ever actually been punished for saying it, but that doesn't make anyone who does any less of a total douchebag.
: Are you certain you have never received a ~~precious~~ (too amusing a typo to just correct) previous punishment, and that this is your ENTIRE chat log? Being permanently banned immediately for just one game is exceptionally uncommon save in instances of the absolute worst behavior.
Precioussss where is my precioussss WHERE IS MY RING! BAGINSSSS!
: Flaws's Ban appeal was toxic really sorry please uban D: - Perm on First offence no warning
I have to say, while you shouldn't have said what you did, that is NOWERE near enough for a permaban. It doesn't even flow together and there feels like there is SO MUCH missing. Not being honest with us won't get you anywhere. edit: Tantram to the rescue, didn't notice.
: all it's said is that ive been perma banned and doesnt say why. then it starts saying to check my email but theres nothing in my email
Make a support ticket and ask them what your problem was. If it was toxicity, you will be given your logs. If it was something else, I am sure support will be more than happy to work whatever the problem was out with you, if it was an error at least.
: 1) Lps are worthless, only mmr counts. 2) Would you agree to not win LP if you face an AFK ? Since you have little chances to lose, you dont deserve them right. 3) What about people who afk once the game is clearly lost ? Their teammates had already no chances to win, why would they be spared by LPs loss ? And why would their opponents not earn any LPs ? 4) when the game is lost, people will try to make one ally to tilt so he afk so they do not lose Lps.
To be fair, once the gamer reaches that stage, anyone who would be inclined to do that would already be tilted just from having that mindset.
Rioter Comments
: Every ADC's Ultimate in a nutshell
Well, he's not quite an adc, but he's a marksman...and I'm on my phone so can't link the champ pick. *insert Azir head here* Screw all your dives, and get scooped into my tower, screw off.
: SKT T1 2016 skins now available
If they win the next worlds, skip legendary and just give them ultimate skins X_X
: How to make your jungler gank with 5 easy words
Or that will be selffuffiling as the jungled gets fed up and intentionally tanks only the other lanes. Or just quits. I have some better 5-word strats. -Can you please gank me? -Opponent is pushing to tower. -Opponent no summs easy gank. And many, many more!
: Does Riot ever give LOSS PREVENTED?
You can get a loss prevention.....but never EVER EEEEVVEERRRR from that. If you couldn't carry them( it that it's easy), you didn't win, and you didn't earn the win. That's just how t works. You could have helped your team get on their feet, been supportive, there are many ways to win with less mechanically experienced teammates. You will never get a loss prevention for anything excluding the server shooting itself in the foot and face. When it is 100% Riots fault. Not even from you getting DC'd, which is partially your fault. Only if it is unequivocally RIOTS. This is 100% NOT that. You lost fair and square.
: Azir Gameplay Update: Goals and Directions
If you remove his drift, you will litteraly irreparably shatter the hearts of every Azir main in League. Option one looks like it has some promise. Option 2 is just so bad don't even waste your time considering it. He is supposed to be a general, commanding a army. The range is important, the mobility is fine, what you CAN hit is the burst. For example, removing the damage from his Q and redistributing the power elsewere(shorter q cool down? w buff?) will reduce his burst drastically but keep his core gameplay intact. Stick with option 1 as your template if you must rework perfection itself. I approve of the idea of having his solider range scale up to 100%. A small ~15% range reduction is acceptable, it will just require better positioning. Option 1 seems to at least try to keep him as intact as possible. Please just throw option 2 right out the window. Don't even bother trying it. The problem with 1 though is that HE SHOULD STAY BACKLINE. HE IS A GENERAL. HE IS A COMMANDER. Just not as far backline as he is now. I just noticed that comment you made and almost poked that option 1 would be aiming for such a horrific idea. What should NOT be changed is: -His scaling -his AoE damage(what general fights one man with their entire army?) -his soldier-basic attack mechanic -his E should never be changed in drift functionality concept. it is perfection itself. -his skill potential, keep in a tactician. -DO NOT REWORK HIM IN A WAY WHICH DUMBS HIM DOWN. That is NOT how to make a champion generally accessible while keeping them appealing to their long time mains. What CAN be MODIFIED/removed without severely damaging his identity: -His passive, it is a great ability and thematic, but if something g has to be changed, it's one of the less essential aspects. -His W free attack speed -His Q damage -His E shield(only if the power gets moved, not just removed). Treat Azir like a baby. Do not rework him in a way which will make the people who love him for being so fun and rewarding to learn despair. Part of his appeal is that he has such a high skill ceiling that it's worth playing only him. Don't dumb him down just so anyone can pick him up, but in the process remove the skill potential. Sometimes it's not bad for a game for there to be characters that not everyone can play(there are a handful in League itself anyway).Don't take his shuffle off his E, that would be a absolutely abysmal choice. Treat. Him. Like. You're. Own. Child. This was written out of reflex gut revulsion at the idea of some of what is proposed. Ok probably make a actually detailed rant that's less passion and more actual analasys...but for now, there's not enough detail for anything other than making Azir mains wonder if it's even worth playing him anymore. Why bother continuing to master a champion that will likely become completely different in a few months. With a lower skillcap and the removal of what makes him fun, why bother playing him when it's going to be worthless in a not so far off future. I think, I hope, that I can speak for all Azir mains in saying that this entire approach makes me mildly nauseous. Don't make all the love that we put into him for nothing. If you can't do it right, don't touch him. P.S: Don't let him become Ryze, were you rework him.....and again....and again.... P.P.S: Sorry about typos, wrote it on my phone :P SHURIMA
Rioter Comments
: Coming This Preseason: Runes Reforged
This looks promising, but I feel that it takes a TON of the intricacy, customization, and potential of the current system. While it CAN be cookie cutter, you CAN still do different stuff. I figured out an Azir page that gives me the same AP as a normal AP page, same scaling HP, and 15% extra attack speed, at the cost of TWO magic resist. Things that work together with the current system are just missing, there are not enough keystones, and far too few runes too customize with. Unless there are a boatload of runes you didn't include here, there is just nowhere near enough customization for it to not become out optimal choice for each champ, and for some, these options are literal irrelevant to their play style. What you SHOULD do, is keep masteries and have new runes impact the effects of different mastery paths. Thats what I actually thought this was at first, when I saw how one of them would augment bounty hunter, then I realized masteries would be gone. There is potential in this system, but not nearly enough customization is available yet. Hopefully, thats because you arnt done with it yet ^_^ {{champion:268}}
: What is your main champs day job?
President of the United Sands of Shurima {{champion:268}}
Vęrtęx (NA)
: Any DPS mage has a way of kiting. I'm suggesting it to help with kiting and overall would think it would feel amazing to play with. He has no cc in his qwe except for the q slow which is not noticeable. Rylais is no longer a core item and so he's left with little cc to protect himself yet some people want to take away mobility from him.
Still going with the commander theme, he requires excellent tactical positioning to win a battle, with the hnequielt awesome shuffle as a battle charge or retreat. And you can still build Rylais. Also, I don't think they should touch him til the new runes at the very least, they could help him specifically, and other champs against him, they shouldn't mess with him til we see how that goes. Got example, Berzerk is practically designed for him.
Vęrtęx (NA)
: The Azir Fantasy Reworked
As an Azir main, I don't like it. His fantasy is a general/commander, controlling his army in a war, or smaller skirmishes, while vulnerable to a focused attack unless his few backup plans are available. I agree that he should keep his absolutes and especially the shurima shuffle, but I don't know if a dodge style fits his fantasy.
: start perma banning low skill players
I legitimately cannot tell if this is actually a bad satire? Are you truly suggesting that Riot bans every single new player because they can't match experienced players yet? How DARE they play the most played game in the world, how DARE they just start now and not be particularly skilled yet.
DarkLooN (NA)
: Charge back the money. Worked for me when i got unfairly banned. If i deserved it sure. but I didnt, so i wasnt about to let them keep my money
You charged back every single transaction? You have some balls that's for sure, just pray you don't get hit by a lawsuit lol.
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