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: The way mmr and league works you're supposed to be losing about half your games anyway so one loss isn't going to fuck up anyone's mmr you're going to play people who are better then you everyonce in a while anyway instead of crying that it's unfair which I've already proved that it's not learn from the experience and get better there's a saying that you learn less in victory then in defeat take it as an opportunity to learn instead of being acting like an entitled 4 year old.
It is unfair to play against people who are multiple divisions ahead of you > take it as an opportunity to learn instead of being acting like an entitled 4 year old. I didnt realize people who want to play against people the same skill level as them are entitled children.
: Let's break down cheating and unfair by definition and then I'll explain to you how it's not unfair or cheating. Now cheating by definition is "acting dishonestly or injusticely to gain an unfair advantage" seeing as smurfing is not against tos nor is the smurf in question using a third party program such as scripts therefore the person in question isn't cheating, but is it unfair? The definition of unfair in this context is simply "not obeying or following the rules of a game or sport" however there is another definition that may be applied which states unfair as "not acting in accordance with equality" we already discussed how smurfing isn't against any rules so it's not unfair by the first definition now let's tackle the second definition. Regardless of how good someone is you are put on an equal playing field you are given all the same tools and opportunities, same runes, same champions , same number of minions same number of towers same neutral objectives same items really same everything. By that sense he isn't doing anything that isn't in accordance with equality the only difference is how effectively he is able to use these tools and take advantage of his opportunities, with this I am stating that anyone can be as good or possibly even better then the smurf in question if they put in the time to practice and research and learn the game. By definition smurfing is not cheating nor is it unfair. Here are some example of what is cheating or unfair. 1. Scripting 2. Steam sniping. 3. Boosting. the only thing it's unfair against is millennials delusion of entitlement. No-one owes you anything, riot doesn't owe you anything, and the world doesn't owe you anything
Yes, because my silver ass is going to be able to outplay a diamond who has much better game knowledge than me. Intentionally playing against people who are not as good at the game as you just to fuck over their game and their MMR is unfair. If you can't see that, please stop playing or learn some common sense.
Moody P (NA)
: IMO the only thing Yorick needs is better hitboxes
A helpful tip for his ghouls: If attempting to AA them, Hit a and left click them. This makes it so you AA the closest thing to your cursor rather than having to make sure you have the dexterity to be able to click exactly on all of them
Galiö (NA)
: Well urgot needed to be nerfed. Gutted though? Nah. He was slightly nerfed twice and then had a huge gutting patch. The W nerfs were gigantic, and felt out of nowhere since he wasnt touched for those 7 months of dominanace while as everything else was. As for Akali, I didn't find her hard to play against (prob as a vlad and galio player) so unfortunate for her.
Thats what I was saying, I apologize that I didn't make it clear enough.
: Gameplay/Client Feedback Megathread: One +, One -
**The good** As far as damage is concerned, i can tell Riot has been working hard to cut it down in respects to the players wishes. While I can still be oneshotted a lot of the time as a squisher champion, I dont feel as if it's the game's fault anymore, and rather a fault of my own that I need to work on. Please, don't take this as sarcasm because I'm completely serious about this. **The bad** I dislike Riot's stance on how to nerf champions who are doing extremely well. I'll use Akali and my main (Urgot) as examples. I think it's unfair to the mains of those champions to make them virtually unplayable while Riot decides what to do with them. I know it's how it needs to be sometimes, but why just wait until there's outcry and destroy a champion for two or three patches rather than take the time to nerf them slowly before everyone starts losing their minds about them?
Galiö (NA)
: Cause neither of them where the undisputed God of competitive play for 7 months.
Whether he was the toplane god of competitive play or not, I dont think any champion deserves to be dumpstered for multiple patches. Akali doesnt deserve it, Urgot doesnt deserve it. I hated akali and permabanned her when I played mid, but it's not fair to the mains of the champion to make them nigh unplayable. Urgot has been my main since his rework, has my highest mastery points, was the first champion I was ever able to click with, and is the most fun champion for me to play in the game. I know there are many other like this with both Urgot, and Akali, and they both did deserve nerfs, but It's completely unfair to the mains of those champions to remove them from the game while they work on fixing them.
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: [0.4] Boards Enhancement Kit - May 7
im robochicken7 and here is my robochicken, please make this monstosity my avatar
Galiö (NA)
: For Urgot, it's only a bit. The survivability and utility loss is huge and hed end up just dying. Being 1/3rd as tanky as he was last patch AND you wanna go runes that dont help him survive is just asking to feed. And also, again, Urgot was picked as a ranged tank with an execute he wasnt picked for damage.
I'm saying if Urgot wasnt nerfed, this would have beena great rune for him. His options before were limited and none felt right on him (Aftershock for engagers, comet for poke lanes, pta for squishier, US as a good all arounder when you have good team comms), but Conqueror would have been perfect for him if he didnt need to substute every damage stat for tankiness right now. And actually, urgot was picked as a ranged bruiser with an execute. Big difference between tanks and bruisers.
: The obscenely heavy influnence esports has on balance needs to stop.
Galiö (NA)
: Instantly, and by that you mean after a Few seconds. Also he would be very squishy, and he would have less utility. Only thing he would get is a tiny bit more damage, which isnt what Urgot is picked for.
His w activates it in about 3 seconds, which still gives him time to get a few more hits off from his w, an auto, and other abilities, providing him more damage and some decent sustain. The amount of damage you get from a fully stacked conqueror isnt just a tiny bit.
: I would say Heimerdinger is easier to play and harder to master than swain. However, Heimerdinger is better mid than he is top, and swain is better top than he is mid. Another set of key differences is your difference in playstyle. If you prefer playing a tankier sustain based champion, Swain is definitely the champ to go with, but if you want to play something that can do a lot of damage but takes a bit more time to master, heimer is your choice. And if you ever want to practice them with no judgement from someone, you can add me :)
As for someone with the most pressure in both lanes, I'd say swain. Heimer is good top lane, dont get me wrong, but he definitely underperforms compared to his mid
: Can't decide which champion!
I would say Heimerdinger is easier to play and harder to master than swain. However, Heimerdinger is better mid than he is top, and swain is better top than he is mid. Another set of key differences is your difference in playstyle. If you prefer playing a tankier sustain based champion, Swain is definitely the champ to go with, but if you want to play something that can do a lot of damage but takes a bit more time to master, heimer is your choice. And if you ever want to practice them with no judgement from someone, you can add me :)
Galiö (NA)
: He will be even more garbage that way wtf
Actually, his W can activate it almost instantly, which would be an insane rune on him.
: Great job on the Urgot nerfs, Riot
Hi, local urgot one trick, and member of the r/urgotmains discord. Everyone who has mained urgot has known this was coming since he started being played in pros. Even though there were no buffs to him minus some QoL changes to his ult, no one considered him a strong pick until his time in pros. I agree he needed a nerf, but they had NO right to gut him the way they did, just the same as they have no right to gut any champion because they are too strong, like akali and irelia. It really fucking sucks that they make champions unplayable while they try to figure out how to balance them rather than slowly nerf them to a good spot, and it really pisses me off that I cant play the one champ who kept me playing the game. I've mained him since rework and he was my first true main, and people said i was troll pickiung him up until he was played in pros.
: "if they just revert his (sion) passive w buff he'd be a way more balanced champion" - scarra
Urgot's nerf was warranted, but they had no right to gut him as hard as they did, so lets all be real about that. I agree with the sion issue wholeheartedly, and if they just revert the buff hed be perfectly fine
: A postmortem on Gameplay+
Thats sad. I had two posts up on there about urgot, but its a fair point that it isnt serving its purpose
Kalikain (NA)
: Broken one tricks
Urgot needed nerfed. He DIDN'T need to be gutted. Akali needed nerfed. She did NOT need to be gutted.
: Kayle's Rework : Armor design -.-' ...
Or, alternatively, assume Riot's goal wasn't to sexualize Kayle (which it wasn't), think about this. She is still heavily armoured on her shoulders, legs, and wears her helmet most of the time. The only placethat isnt is her torso, although it is still somewhat armored. Now, think of what perspective you will see her from in game. You wont see her up front, you'll see her from the top down. You'll barely even see the parts that arent armored, and thats intentional. Why put in the extra work, time, and money to create models for things that are barely going to be seen in game.
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: As a Kobold, it worries me that my people are always racially profiled as being raiders and bandits. We have wonderful people and culture, too. ...... The backstory is good though. That being said, more development on how his gears and techs actually work as well as more development on his motivation and state of mind (such as why is he going on an adventure) would be nice, too.
> [{quoted}](name=SEKAI,realm=OCE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=9NyIew4K,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-02-13T22:44:48.306+0000) > > As a Kobold, it worries me that my people are always racially profiled as being raiders and bandits. > > We have wonderful people and culture, too. > > ...... > > The backstory is good though. That being said, more development on how his gears and techs actually work as well as more development on his motivation and state of mind (such as why is he going on an adventure) would be nice, too. A lot of that stuff will be addressed as we play. We're starting tonight, and I like to make my character's backstories fit the world they're in, so I just develop a backstory that can be the backbone to every campaign he's in
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: Rerolling skin shards
Well, You will only get skins for champions you own through rerolls, so thats probably why. The number of skins you have on those champions doesnt go into count, however, s youre probably just unlucky in that regard.
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: Whats the deal with Prestige skins?
I'll be honest, I'm fine with the prestige skins coming from events. I dont mind a 15 dollar purchase and a grind to get my skins. However, the prestige tokens are NOT the right way to go with prestige skins. I dont want to pay 100 dollars to get a shitty blood moon Aatrox chroma, but i wouldnt mind spending money for the Lunar Revel pass and grinding out league until i get the shitty Firecracker Vayne chroma. At the very LEAST, make prestige tokens available to buy with pass tokens.
: Thanks for comment instead of just down voting and leaving... Starting over is what reset should be about, that recent reset wasn't really a reset people just stayed the same rank... Im sure theres plenty of gold players who can beat plat players... And if a plat player is really a plat player then they will rise up again and still be a plat player right??? Thats the idea of a new season.... It isn't a new season when everything is still the same... If anything its just more of a mess now then it was before the reset, at least in my opinion.... Im not that good and i've won a few 4v5s it does happen sometimes.. Long ago the game tried to make experience gain easier when someone was afk... There are also bounties now so if someone is really skilled then they can still win... If someone goes afk in the middle of a game such as in 15 minutes in you still have to play a 4v5.... The option of remake isn't available... Yeah I think rank should be a type of bracket system, thats a good way to put it.. In a way lp can be used to help equalize solo matches... To expand on the idea even further.... If one guy has lp of 5000 perhaps his team's total lp is only at 10,000.. So perhaps that guy with 5000lp could be matched with 2 people around 2500 lp and a combating team total around 10,000LP. Might also speed up search times.. If a noob or troll who always goes afk perhaps his/her internet /computer sucks. That noob can get matched up with a comparable person with a similar lp.... Perhaps there will be matches where a total teams lp is only 300 vs another team around 300lp... Although i think rank solo q should try to focus more on individuals and not so much on total team composition lp because someone who doesn't play all day might beat someone who does play all day... Perhaps that might be the only time to maybe give some bonus LP (like a mild 5-10points only) when someone with example 300LP wins a lane and the game against a dude with 5000LP. Although typically a dude who plays all day long every day with lets say 5000LP should typically be matched with someone who plays that same lane with a similar lp... It would be a system that would work much better because right now there isn't any logic at all regarding the reward and punishment of LP points.. There isn't any consistency and that lack of consistency results in color labels meaning little to nothing. LP isn't blue essence. .................................................................... Again:::: The broken system Right now example: an adc bottom lets say ashe gets 5 kills 2 deaths and wins a game that ashe might get 11 lp thats distributed randomly to areas like top lane even if ashe never even went to the top lane..... A different ashe gets the same score 5 kills 2 deaths and wins a game that ashe might get 20LP... Perhaps the ashes even played against the same guy who fed... That rank rating isn't fair.. If lP was fair the chance of those two ashes vsing eachother should be a higher percentage because LP needs to be stabilized normally instead of on a random bias.
You dont seem to understand their point. Having matches with a completely mixed rank pool of players who may have been Diamond 1 playing with people who are iron 4 would be a shitty idea.
: You have a mute button, people have to get banned, because you are too lazy to push the button. I would argue who is really an ass here.
if you get angry to the point of harrasment or flaming, you probably shouldnt play league.
: GAME MODE concept: Friendly Fire on.
I would love it, if it werent for one caveat. People would play the mode just to kill their teammates and make them lose
: If you have all champions you get 1 reroll, If you have all champions and urf pass you get 2 rerolls correct? What would ever stop someone with an urfpass from rolling twice to give their team a chance for better champions every single game?
I dont own all the champions and ive had times where I get two rerolls, so i dont know what youre talking about.
: URF seems so rigged like aram
I've gotten mordekaiser so many times in urf its not funny, so i feel it.
: Why do people get banned?
If you get that angry at people over a video game to the point you need to be abusive towards them, maybe you shouldnt be playing that game. just saying.
: ARURF Club IS Pay to win. URF is dead
In the description of the golden spatula club, it says that the max rerolls you can do in a lobby is two. All that means is a person playing urf with the club is guaranteed to have one reroll per game, whith the maximum still at two. You can still get two rerolls without paying for the pass, and calling it pay to win because of that is dumb.
: Riot, I don't like where you're going with all these passes and exclusive skins.
All I'm saying is, Id rather grind out 100 hours into league with a $10 pass rather than have to spend $100 for a prestige skin
: Who?
Ao Shin was the original concept for Aurelion Sol.
: How when adcs go back to near full r%%%%% tier dmg?
ADC's havent existed outside of pro play since the crit changes. 1/20 games have an ADC that means something to the game, and theyre usually the ones that dont do crit damage.
: Yeah, the end of a somewhat enjoyable league. Back to rightclickers killing everyone on the map. Looking forward to the conq removal so i can finally quit this shit game. Like seriously, mages broken as fuck, tanks broken as fuck, supports which include tanks too broken as fuck and adcs back to (nearly) where we started. Game could have been SOOOO good if riot just nerfed supports, mages. Would reduce the powercreep by a lot and make the game way more enjoyable but alas the cries of low elo ad carries fuel r%%%%%o games.
brother, you cant talk shit about mages on the boards or else youll get a witch hunt after you.
: I guarantee you the game would be SO SO SO MUCH better if we focused around high elo soloQ gameplay instead of this stupid mesh between answering low elo cries and make pro play "viewer friendly". That's exactly why this game is so fuckin shit.
If Riot only cares and balances the game for the top 11.34% of players that are plat+ and balances the game exclusively around that, the game would turn to shit for the other 88.66%. Doing that is a shitty business model and unfair to the people who arent in the damn near top 10% of players.
Karfuss (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=robochicken7,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yzdjh2AY,comment-id=00130000,timestamp=2019-01-29T01:34:59.857+0000) > > Nope. Dark star and star guardian are confirmed not in the same universe Dark Star already occupies the "eldritch universe horror" space. Having an anti-Star Guardian skin theme would equate to the same thing, same universe or not. It's a niche already occupied.
>Dark Star already occupies the "eldritch universe horror" space. The star guardians have to fight something, and what they fight is essentially that universe's version of the void. Making them something similar to the Star Guardian PVE event design wouldnt be filling in an existing niche, it would be expanding the Star guardian universe to more than just the star guardians. I'm not saying they need to be eldritch universe horror as you put it, i wasnt thinking they would be demonous monstrosities. Just the big baddies that Star Guardians fight
Saezio (EUNE)
: Maybe dark star urgot would be better. Wouldn't start destroyer be too close to some of the battlecast chromas? Also urgot just got a HN skin
And the high noon skin was garbo lol. I made the post because it would kill the meme, not necissarily because i think urgot needs a new skin
Karfuss (EUW)
: Doesn't the Dark Star theme already fulfil this niche though?
Nope. Dark star and star guardian are confirmed not in the same universe
: I also think of Star Destroyer Urgot when i wake up this morning, lol, guess many people have same idea. By the way, is dark star skin line in the same universe with star guardian? They could be either be the nemesis or the third force of star universe.
Dark star and star guardian are two different universes. Confirmed by Odyssey Kayn's Rhaast form with a voiceline when against star guardians.
: How can people still enjoy this game?
If you let yourself get so pissed off over a video game, you probably shouldnt play in the first place so good on you for quitting.
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: It def makes him harder to play. I would have gladly given up base stats in every area just to have some greater forgiveness in the war on mana. The Q cost is up 10, which isn't completely horrible - I guess the 5-second add on the W cooldown at earlier ranks will save me mana, but not in a way I'd have preferred. I have deep misgivings about the war on mana as a general rule. Most champions that use mana are next to useless without it, and it's just fundamentally not a fun play experience to play a champion that can just do nothing but weakly flail its arms because it is so tired. It would be one thing if you could still reasonably contest, just with more limited abilities. But you can go 100 health to 0 against near-dead opponents if you run out of mana and all their cooldowns come up, and there is *no option* except to back to the platform, and walk back slowly - which can easily cost you a kill's worth of gold alone for your opponent if {{summoner:12}} isn't up. I wonder if a more nuanced approach to exhaustion/"energy" in gaming is necessary generally.
Personally for me, i dont mind the 10 mana increase on his q. I'm more concerned about the W nerf.
: > [{quoted}](name=robochicken7,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=aUdYIiTs,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-01-21T04:11:15.491+0000) > > That, and I'm just in general pissed that before he was played in pros i would get flamed for "Troll Picking" Urgot, even though since his rework i dont think hes had any buffs outside of the first month after his release and two QoL changes I took up {{champion:6}} on {{item:3078}} as my main last year long before I heard about the Koreans trying it - though who knows, they may have been doing it long before we heard - so I feel your pain. I knew I was doing the right thing generally because in an astonishing portion of my games I'd be rocking a 4/1 statline by early on or similar, so few had anything to say to about it no matter how the team was doing and the rest I could ignore. Juggernauts were really strong last season - though they struggled in the pros, and I had the same experience in my placements, which went just awfully, and mostly on {{champion:6}} - I had the blind pick *five times in a row* (that shouldn't be the way things are), and they are counterable by experienced players with great mobility/damage - so I have mixed feelings about the nerfs too, even having not experienced them yet. Like a lot of {{champion:6}} mains who discovered that best-kept secret last year, I feel that the nerfs are a fair cop. Playing against him at times instead when he is counterpicked has shown me what a busted, 1v5 statline he is if substantially overfed against a reasonably squishy enemy team. I just don't know that this is the way; I would have said to nerf his high base damage/armor instead in return for some forgiveness on mana - make him less scary, but more forgivingly playable.
What would have solved the problem easily is lowering his shield scaling early on. That was, he can still use his shield in a pinch, but if urgot w's you level 3 you're not almost guaranteed to be dead. I think a 5 second extended cooldown on w is a ridiculous way to nerf his w.
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