: So how is it going now?
I sent in a ticket about 12 hours ago, and I still haven't heard anything back.
: Did you feed pretty hard in those games?
Nope, the first game I was counterpicked, and lost pretty hard, but I still had a 75% kill participation. The second game I was carrying 7/4/2 (also they banned me for verbal, not feeding)
Mordius (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Trashy McGarbage,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=HzvVO8zo,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-01-20T05:17:05.152+0000) > > Pretty sure if it was that they wouldn't have given me a 14 day for verbal toxic tho :/ the words trash and garbage were probably flagged by their system
Maybe, but again they banned me for verbal, and included "inflammatory" chat logs
: I had a ban recently reversed by the support team. I believe in them to do the right thing. Good luck! p.s. keep us updated on what happens!
Here's to hoping :) I will make sure to keep the post updated.
Mordius (NA)
: your summoner name might have something to do with it
Pretty sure if it was that they wouldn't have given me a 14 day for verbal toxic tho :/
: Absolutely 100% submit a support ticket. If there is no other information included about your ban, there's no way this deserves a 14 ban and you should get it reversed.
I've already submitted a ticket. Waiting on Riot support.
: What the fuck? I have no idea. I hope you submitted a ticket to support. I have rarely sided with the punished player, but if this is real, you should not have been punished for that. You may be lying, misleading in some way, which is whatever... I don't know why you would do that. But yeah, this is weird.
Nah man. I put out all the info I have. This is what they just 14 day banned me for.
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: I looked at the account and it seems that the mission was completed normally, and the emote was added to your account. Just want to confirm that you're seeing these things today and able to use the emote. Everything ok now? :)
I ended up having to do the mission again to get the emote.
: Did you have a project icon equipped? It only counts towards missions if a project icon is equipped. Furthermore, the final reward is not an icon but an emote.
Yeah I had the icon equipped as you can see in the screenshot, and yeah I meant emote.
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: > [{quoted}](name=The Real Shenpai,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gIkH6IJE,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-08-25T13:30:48.326+0000) > 1. His Q is easy to interrupt, and it's him only gap closer. Other champs who have only 1 gap closer aren't able to be cc'd out of their ability ({{champion:54}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:19}} ). This is often times the difference between getting to the back line or getting stopped short by some kind of cc like flay, power fist, or bramble smash. It makes him feel kinda flimsy, and it feels _HELLA_ bad. The only thing that interrupts his dash are displacements effects. Displacement effects will interrupt all dashes that don't give CC immunity or untargetability (and the four you listed do give one of those two things). Xin, Irelia, Amumu, Alistar, and many more champions with one dash absolutely can have their dashes interrupted in the same manner as Aatrox.
True, but I feel that Aatrox's Q should function more like Warwick's Q. If timed well should be able to dodge incoming cc.
: I've been hoping to ask an Aatrox player this for the longest time. Do you feel that Rhaast is everything Riot wanted Aatrox to be? He has crazy sustain, a knock up, and great dueling potential.
I play Rhaast as well, and unfortunately yes it does feel like Rhaast is everything that Aatrox ought to have been. The only difference being Aatrox gets his sustain from his w auto and Rhaast heals off of every skill he has.
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: no the most tilting thing as a jungler is getting your lanes fed, and then those lanes dont know how to carry with the feed you given them
> [{quoted}](name=Chénny,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=g8pzjpEX,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-08-19T13:05:47.183+0000) > > no the most tilting thing as a jungler is getting your lanes fed, and then those lanes dont know how to carry with the feed you given them I did specify what makes _me_ tilt the worst
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kargish (EUW)
: It's absurd that RIot has allowed this to happen for so long. Rengar suffers while Twitch is around.
{{champion:107}} just feels bad to play right now. Been playing {{champion:19}} as some semblance of a substitute.
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: Reforming Part 1
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Can riot stop being so insistent on adcs being the only late game class?
Meteora (NA)
: 5 tips for toxic people who want to change.
As a reformed toxic player with a perma'd account under my belt, and my new account being clean I can 110% confirm what this dude is saying.
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Rainfall (EUNE)
: So.....When Are You Going To Release A New Draven Skin?
Tbh I'm so fed up with Draven that if Rito removed all 4 of his abilities his auto attacks, and his motherfucking left leg, and all I would do is clap.
: Your top 3 '' wtf why did rito make him ? '' champions ?
{{champion:23}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:119}} ^The unholy trio of douchebags in LoL^
: Pentakill Icons
: Umm... they become the cat's fur. That's why her cat looks different based on what she's wearing.
Wait so does that mean if she transformed naked she'd look like one of those hairless cats?????????
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: It's an anti-freeze mecanics designed to also help comeback and not seing someone being zone away from the farm for 20 minuts.
Didn't work very well. Freezing is still alive and well.
: hmm? is veigar a part of omega squad? I assumed they were all marksman + fizz
Yep :) he's their demolitionist according to the new skins
: Gragas Is Bullshit
Subdue (NA)
: Intentional Feeding Epidemic?
I've run into quite a few who run it down mid, but the thing is that that particular behavior is actually super easy for Riot to catch, and it will catch you a ban faster than anything. You may not have run into many simply either by luck, or because they're getting banned.
: There is no excuse for using racism in game
Got perma'd for toxic _but i have NEVER been racist_ I've since reformed, and would love an unban, but it ain't happenin'
: We need Unmask Skins/Any Skins removing the mask of some champs even if 520rp
: It isn't in a single game. I get 40-80 cs on support games meaning I need about 5 games on support get get this.
Yeah. I get that. I'm still going to get it. I just think that it's pretty unfair to JG & SUP.
: While I agree with your worry here, I also think the point is to run it on ADC.
But Artillery is Veigar's mission? {{champion:45}} {{item:3070}}
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: A tender Noxian
Noxian Babushka... I'm ok with this.
Cowseed (NA)
: Lore wise who is more powerful
Sorry {{champion:141}} I luv yah bro but {{champion:24}} in the lore is a motherfucking badass. {{champion:24}} Wins 100%
: {{champion:2}} is the manliest next to braum
Yes. He also fits the category, and he was released I believe sometime in S1 (although I'm not sure)
: Magic scyth? What Kayn has is a Darkin and throughout the game, the darkin will take over kayn and become a demon of death or kayn will take over the darkin and become a powerful assassin. Kayn is a complete bad ass. I assume in your definition of bad ass you mean someone who can 1 shot 20 minutes into the game
No, I was being intentionally obtuse. I actually really like Kayn, and I play him frequently. I just think LoL could use a few simpler champions with the TONS of flashy ones that have come out recently.
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Ralanr (NA)
: What exactly do you imagine when you think of a "hard tank"?
As a tank player {{champion:14}} comes to mind. You have to land skill shots, and cancel channels early to achieve your maximum cc potential. If you land everything on {{champion:14}} you're a nightmare, but if you whiff everything you're useless.
Arakadia (NA)
: | How Jax can be "The Master at Arms" and still keep his infamous lamp post for his VGU |
I play a good amount of Jax here and there, and this sounds fawkin awesome to me. I'd love to see Riot's take on it. Also a battle-mage-y type thing with the living flame might fit quit well seeing as Jax is often built hybrid ( {{item:3146}} + {{item:3124}} )
: How can people still not know how this works..
I know that there's normal game MMR in addition to your ranked MMR, but other than that I have no idea how normal games are matched, because they seem fucking random, and hella infuriating sometimes.
: The harder the challenger the better you will become.
I get that, but if I'm not even facing the Yasuo until he has PD + IE + BT pre 20 minutes, then I'm not learning anything except how the rift looks in black and white.
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