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Hordes66 (NA)
: > Long story short, I got auto filled to Jungle. Dodge those.
Well if I dodge every time I don't get my main role. I might get to play 3 games a day. Riot gives you an auto role every 3rd or so. And you can only dodge so many times in a day or Riot punishes you for trying to protect yourself from potential loss. Maybe Riot wants me to be like those elo boosters, have multiple accounts and play on those while the dodge timer runs down on other accounts. Idk. Riot can fix it but won't and that's depressing.
: Do nto complain anymore.
Sadly and even tho I don't agree with you. That's what I've decided to do. League is a very toxic community and Riot doesn't seem to care one bit. I mean we're in the tenth season. I've sure there are plenty of time to improve a lot of things.
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JackMcCarry (EUNE)
: > And if they troll enough and say, if a Mid main has 30% winrate in Top, and his Top gets to Bronze. Then he'll play against other Bronze players. If that's what they choose, then that's what they'll get. A Bronze game. Bronze players deserve fair matches just as any other ELO, putting diamond players into bronze matches when they are autofilled will only make them try even LESS than before because "hey, it's a bronze match and im on my off role, this match literally has no effect on my main account's role" - thus putting his team at a disadvantage. Taking from your analogy, that would be like putting a basketball player in a team of soccer players, and telling him "hey, this game doesnt matter to you, it wont effect your basketball career", yet his team mates are depending on him to try as if his career is on the line just as much as theirs. On the otherside, put that basket ball player in the same situation and tell him "this game effects you just as much as your regular basketball match" and he'll try harder because his career is on the line, he wont be as good as a pro soccer player - sure - but he would play better or at least try much harder because this game has actual meaning to him.
You still don't get it, do you? I'll give you another analogy. Let's say you're a student in high school and you're now in your 4th year. But your English and History are the only Level 4. The other subjects like Bio, Chem and Physics are on Level 2. Because you didn't pass them 2 yet. In real world you don't drop to a lower grade but let's say you do to make the analogy work better. Say if you stay at 50% in Level 2 for long, you'll drop to Level 1 of those subjects and placed in those Level 1 classes. If the player has the mentality like you said "this is my off role, this game doesn't matter to me", then these player will keep dropping lower and lower on those roles or stay at the very bottom of the possible rank if they keep it up. And that should be the way. And if riot can put an extra rule on top, that if you keep doing that your other roles also start to drop rank.
JackMcCarry (EUNE)
: Because people just trolled when playing their off role. Lets say a D2 mid main gets autofilled jungle, in this current system, he will still have to try his hardest because it will effect him all the same. In the position rank system, as soon as you're off your main role, it's "who cares? Im on my off role" and you get a guy who has nothing to lose because he doesnt care about his off role ELO. I didnt get a chance to play on that system since it didnt reach EUNE, but as soon as i saw people's reactions i thanked god i wont get to experience that, it's one of those things that sounds good in theory, but in practice, people just suck and abuse it.
Not if Riot also remove the auto fill. So instead of auto filling, if a player only wants to play Mid and there aren't enough Mid spots, they just wait longer much longer. So they don't get filled to their off role by Riot. And if they troll enough and say, if a Mid main has 30% winrate in Top, and his Top gets to Bronze. Then he'll play against other Bronze players. If that's what they choose, then that's what they'll get. A Bronze game.
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: When can "smurfs" be a thing of a past?
Yesterday, I played 10 games. Out of the 10 games, I noticed 10 smurf players. The majority of them were on enemy teams. It was very difficult to play when your bot lane and other lanes are dominated by the smurfs. Someone said smurfs aren't that common. Well, this fact proves you wrong. I clicked on each of their profiles and they have match histories like 10+ win streaks with very high KDA, low games played and high winrates. A normal genuine new league player won't have that kind of stats so early in their ranked games history. So don't tell me they're genuinely good players from the beginning. These people are smurfing for reasons that are dishonest: making new aco%%%% to sell, or whatever. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Game 1 (WIN) Enemy Mid - Plat 4, 32 games (78% winrate) Enemy ADC - Gold 1, 21 games (91% winrate) Game 2 (LOSS) Enemy ADC - Plat 1, 117 games (65% winrate) Ally ADC - Plat 4, 66 games (68% winrate) Game 3 (LOSS) None Game 4 (WIN) Enemy Top - Plat 3, 181 games (60% winrate) - maybe smurf, not sure Game 5 (LOSS) Enemy ADC - Gold 1, 45 games (64% winrate) Enemy Support - Plat 2, 83 games (65% winrate) Game 6 (LOSS) None Game 7 (WIN) None Game 8 (WIN) None Game 9 (LOSS) None Game 10 (LOSS) Enemy ADC - Silver 1, 14 games (100% winrate) Enemy Mid - Plat 4, 83 games (71% winrate) Enemy Top - Unranked, 8 games (75% winrate)
nm1010 (NA)
: This account went from silver 4 to diamond 3 in 200 games or so, is it a smurf?
rujitra (NA)
: Given that you are seriously suggesting that it's an "excuse" when the reality is that many people own only one computer in the entire house - and many households don't even own a single one at all..... that's appalling. I understand it may be hard for you to imagine people less fortunate than you. You are seriously telling me that because they can't afford a computer for each person who wants to play they shouldn't be able to play? Lastly, on every single forum I've been an administrator/moderator for in any capacity, we provided a method for them to verify the different people using the accounts in some way to avoid being punished for "smurf accounts". Legitimate people are not going to be punished for no reason at all here.
I've replied in other comments that I agree doing MAC based isn't the best idea. All I want is everyone to have a single main account and play at their respective elos. There's no good reason for a diamond player to be playing in Gold or a Gold player to be playing in Master. Only good reasons for 1 person to make a new account is, if the old account is inaccessible or it got hacked, whatever is preventing the main user to login and play there. Then this is a perfectly good reason to just have another account.
: Smurfs are only ever apparent when they get a large lead. You should just play safe when you're pitted against one. They don't have some ability to take reduced dmg against towers, enter the game with extra stats, or anything like that. A Diamond 0/0/0 Lucian will not survive a Silver 4/0/0 Fizz, because leads are king in this game NOT skills.
No. You can tell if someone's a smurf or not in the beginning of the game before any deaths or kills. You just look up their accounts and their games history will show a pattern.
Zardo (NA)
: Never. Riot has said that having alternate accounts is acceptable, so banning them now would be extremely unethical. Let's say someone has 4 accounts. At the beginning of the season they were all gold elo. However, the player improves on their main account and ranks up to diamond 4 over the course of the season. The player is now in possession of 3 smurfs- should the player have those accounts banned? While I understand losing to a smurf is frustrating, there are very few ways to ban people who smurf to stomp lower ranked players that doesn't ban people who just have alternate accounts(the latter which has been completely acceptable) If the issue is smurfs being toxic and leaving a game, we can make players link their accounts to a single phone number and have a shared punishment system. Most people won't get burner phones just to be toxic/leave games on smurfs. If the issue is stomping low elo, then riot needs to revamp the placement system(which they probably should anyways).
But the question is WHY DO YOU NEED MULTIPLE accounts in one game? Just why? There are no good reasons to have more than one account.
: They could easily just do like DOTA2 and require a mobile number for ranked, and ban people making multiple accounts, who are trying to circumvent needing a real number. Riot would rather subsidize boosting so they will never do anything in regards to this problem. They are truly just a cash grab company and the reason they are so popular is because sadly being a scammer is promoted in the current age of our world.
Sadly you're very right. I also know that fact. I was just hoping maybe, just maybe, Riot still has employees who actually care about a positive gaming experience for its users. But yea, money outweighs integrity for some people.
klin537 (NA)
: if anything smurfing will just get worse as players get better and better but get more and more bored of fair games. The other thing is that, if you ever made a smurf account, you would know that the fun only lasts like 10 games. Your mmr would be so inflated after going 30/0 against noobs that you would likely never get matched with players that low again. My friend's smurf account has 15 min long matchmaking as it looks for other smurfs. A true toxic smurf would intentionally lose in order to tank his mmr and relive the smurfing, but I'm not sure if that's what your dealing with considering that this is usually something you see in low elo, not plat. If you're getting diamond players in plat games, it's not because they're smurfing. It's because they had a (likely unintentional) loss streak and it tanked their mmr. Or its because you had a win streak and your mmr is higher than it should be. I try to treat smurves as a learning experience. If you only play against people your elo then you will get real good at beating players of that elo, but you'll have no idea how to deal with players who are better. I don't know if you are all that interested in climbing, but if you are, then these "smurfs" are going to be the norm once you get to higher elo and you should welcome any practice you can get against them.
No, I'm not talking about having higher ranked players in my games. I'm talking about Silver 4 players with 50 games played, and going 22/3 as Kat, and making crazy players all over the map in a Plat elo game. Now don't tell me that's a genuine Silver player having a good game. That's an obvious smurf leveling another account.
rujitra (NA)
: >Can't riot limit of link each account to a single MAC so that way, one account equals one computer? They *can*, I suppose. But what about families that have one computer and multiple people who wish to play League? Fuck them, right? The bottom line is that in a free to play game, there will never be a method to ensure "one person, one account" beyond using some form of "national ID number" such as the US Social Security Number. In some countries, such as Korea, this is legal - for a private company to use the national ID number for this purpose. In the US, for security reasons and because the SSN is government run, private companies are only allowed to utilize it in very limited (financial transaction) circumstances when it is absolutely necessary to prevent fraud.
I think you're going too serious. I'm sure there are ways, Riot definitely has much smarter people who can think of a solution for this. Also, are you aware that many online forums prohibit a single person having multiple account on the same forum? If a person is caught with logging into different accounts from the same IP, it's rarely forgiven and banned. How do you think "oh my brother has his own account" excuse going to work here? It rarely does.
: You have 2500 games just this season. You aren't being held back by alts.
Don't take it personal but you completely lack reading comprehension. If you re-read my original post, I've explained what the smurfs cause to game: which is a negative gaming experience for local elo players. I am not at all complaining about how I can't climb the rank due to the smurfs. That's not what this post is about. Also, I only have 1 account that I play in. And I am pretty sure I could have 5 accounts and spread my games count, if I did that my post would's slipped through your radar. And to be frank, if I wanted to climb to a very high elo I would've partner up with another player that I enjoy playing with and climb together. Seeing 2500+ games should tell you that I'm playing for the fun of it. I'm disappointed you couldn't see that.
: which is still pretty iffy. its impossible to tell based off a single game whether or not someone is a smurf, as well as the fact that they will have to stomp a few lower elo games to get to their proper elo. there is no malicous intent behind that unless im intentionally keeping said smurf at a low elo. then you also have to consider the fact that how would an average player know the other party has another account? or if as you said everyone has 2-3 accounts, every player on the planet would be banned. example, if i was diamond 1 NA but then i decide to create an account in EUW. and just like that my first ranked game in silver-gold, i would immediately be banned for... what exactly?
Okay, you seem pretty new to this stuff. I have over 2500 games in this season alone so I am well seasoned when figuring out if someone is a smurf or not. I'll give you one of the easiest give away to figure out someone. When the game is loading, go to and type in your name and it'll load all the information about your team and your enemy's team. On this page, you set the info type to "Soloqueue" so all the stats are based off of ranked games only. Then look at the number of games each player has played in current season (preseason for now). An example of a smurf would be, if one of the player has between 50-80 (or even under 100) games played in ranked and is a much lower rank than you, say if you're Plat 4, if he's Gold 2 or lower or around that AND has good KDA on the champ he's playing now in your game then THIS GUY IS A SMURF. No new player to League is going to be matched up against Plat players after playing about 50 ranked games. League is an easy game but to get above Gold elo, the player must have the ability to solo carry many games. And a new player to League can't learn to solo carry in just 50 games. It's just unrealistic. And to confirm, click o his name, see his past games history. An example smurf would have at least 60-70% winrate on the whole account that's only played for 50+ games. I am not saying anyone who makes a smurf account has ill intention to ruin other people's games. But I know they're doing it so they can have another account in a high elo. And while in the process of them doing that, they need to dominate and destroy many games so they can climb fast to whatever elo they desire. That process will have many local elo players having stomped games that they cannot do anything about but to ff. If I were to use that Olympic Gold medalist example again: say the athlete doesn't have ill intention going back to competing with his high schoolers but he only did it because he wants at least 5 more high school medals in his collection. In that process, many of the competitor in the high school don't stand a chance against him. This is the same thing here.
: It's never possible to completely stop smurfing. Besides, statistically speaking there aren't enough diamonds to legitimately stop you from climbing as they represent less then 3% of the LoL population . Also your Mac idea definitely wouldn't work, as Mac spoofing is in fact a thing, either with simple one button press on some spoofing programs, or iirc you can use the registry editor on Windows to change the hardware address on a network adapter windows is reporting, or do the same in network adapter properties. And even further still, that means 1 person per family is allowed to play once an account is created.
Okay. Maybe the MAC thing isn't a good idea. However, I wouldn't say it's never possible to stop smurfing. I think it's very possible to stop it. For one, if I were Riot, I'd make the punishment very severe. For example, someone is reported for having multiple accounts, we'd have some highly experienced player or staff watch the game reply and if the player's account can be linked to several other accounts and the player is an obvious smurf by the way he plays, then ban all the accounts linked. Players will not risk their main accounts if the punishment get that severe, if they're willing to risk that then I'd say that's fair game.
Ehhhh (EUW)
: Gaming cafes would be useless for people that can't afford a computer able to run LoL, since they now have nowhere to go play the game, making Riot lose money. What happens if people have family or friends that play the game on the same computer, but their own accounts? Not every family can afford multiple computers, just because they cant have more than 1 account per computer.
Okay. I agree the MAC idea isn't the best one. But Riot still should think of a way to resolve this. It's not normal for a silver 4 player to destroying plat players going 14/2 as Kat. It's too obvious that's a smurf. When I queue a ranked game, I want to be in a competitive, reasonably fair game. I'm won't complain if everyone is in the same rank genuinely and the match goes 5-30. It's just a bad game. But if the reason is one or two of them being a smurf, then it's very upsetting to be in this game.
: When people stop using smurfs.
No kidding. The sky is blue, btw.
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