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: Just a friendly reminder to the balance team
and thus top lane which used to be where i played my main is now a no man's land filled with ranged top laners or broken ass champions like Garen which have become unbeatable. Welp, guess i won't play my main anymore. thanks Riot.
: [Discussion]: Possible Ivern Changes
i will admit that Ivern currently does not fit the meta and that he does need some changes however i don't think these changes will please the few players that still play him like me for example. as surprising as this may sound. Ivern is the only jungler i can play. i seem to struggle a lot with anyone else. Ivern has always been about being the most supportive jungler and for him to stay that way, he needs to have somewhat a bit of control over battles and losing the control (the biggest problem in those changes IMO) will just make it annoying cuz she's most likely going to attack the enemy. I really hope Riot takes a second look at this rework since a bad move could mean the literal death of Ivern.
: Permabanned for a while now, update
That might the first post i've ever seen that isn't throwing shit at Riot. Lol
: Celeste is FREE!
What's with the random picture of a girl tho? No need to put that there. Also the game is good. Story is good but hardcore platformers aren't my thing which is why i don't give it more than a 6/10
: > [{quoted}](name=Lapis,realm=OCE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=W51MLTG7,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-02T05:34:27.344+0000) > > Because toxicity is the reason new people won't play their game. Our community has a REALLY bad rep for being the most toxic there is, and they're trying to clean it up You can mute chat
> [{quoted}](name=WarnercBbT,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=W51MLTG7,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-09-02T05:41:25.083+0000) > > You can mute chat Yes you can but the icons to mute people are so small that i doubt new players will even realize you can actually mute people in-game
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: Riot, just make a new Collection tab for Eternals. The new champions tab looks terrible
Again, another complain about something pointless. Just use the god damn research bar if instead or click and hold on the scroll bar to go faster. Jesus christ, it's not like it's the end of the world and it doesn't affect gameplay in anyway.
: Once again, Riot doesn't "get" it...
Jesus... You're really reaching the bottom of the barrel with that complain mate. I sometimes feel like some people are being paid to complain about random shit. Please, stop complaining because something Riot does is not perfect for you specifically because it never will be. Honestly, nit pickers like you are extremely frustrating.
: Why is Riot being so lazy nowadays?
Well we did have TFT not too long ago so i guess that's a new game mode that will soon take over twisted treeline and be reminded that those events take a while to prepare. Riot has to find new exciting concepts for game modes and somehow make it all work and balanced. They also have to think about new skins and make them and then we get to frequency. To be honest, i feel like it's a good idea that we get these events so rarely because it makes them feel more special. Although TFT was technically not an event, it still is a new game mode that will be permanent. Finally, i also think that Riot has a lot to work on before throwing another event. I swear in my last 10 games, someone has eventually disconnected and ruined some people's games and there are still countless amount of bugs they need to fix so just be patient.
: Patch 9.16b Yo Riot let me help you out
Kinda sad tho that the whole balancing team is now behind tft rather than summoner's rift... League of legend is gonna die in not too long for sure if it keeps going like this...
: Riot can kick rocks
To be fair, telling someone to just "stop dying" isn't constructive behavior and for people who are learning, it is annoying to be told to "stop dying". I don't really excuse their behaviors if they respond with lots of toxic comments/insults but do realize that it is annoying as bad games happen to everyone.
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: URF Champion Tier List
Poppy tier 1.5?? I'm no expert on urf but you can literally stun people to wall indefinitly by spamming E. She is one of the strongest champions on urf

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