: Once they figure out all the Coding for Doom Bots it should be back
so probably in the same patch as that replay system?
Droogzy (NA)
: "More people are playing ranked than before"
we still have blind pick!...for now...oh god I shouldn't have even mentioned it.
Nilok (NA)
: Breaking News: Zed Pick/Ban Rate has reached 92.58% in Plat+
Do not stop until we hit 100%, bois. Eventually even Riot has to take notice and actually do something.
DJ Sona (EUW)
: "... we've made the decision to not bring back solo queue"
I've made the decision to not buy more RP, I'm sure they will understand.
: 50 Gold for Nexus? Seriously? Why?
TFW you only need 50g to full build and the game always ends when you last hit nexus for it. Rito, fix your game.
DrDiaga (NA)
: How many years does it take to get a tutorial?
new player experience? Fuck em -Rito, probably
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: Stealing mid or toplane's farm. depending on what lane you are playing GP in..
Stealing? Last time I checked the Code, all the farm belonged to Bankplank, other lanes merely borrow from you.
: I wonder what pantheon would bake..
"What is this, a cupcake for ants?" -Pantheon, probably
: If I see one more ship im gonna drown this kitty.
: Let’s talk Smurfs, Snow, and Bans in Ask Riot
"we can't make a winter rift because we are lazy and don't want to work" meanwhile, custom winter skins made by players have already existed for quite a while.....guess I better go buy more RP so rito can afford to do their job!
: one question... why does lux have a sword?
because everyone should have a sword.
: Your favorite champ opens a store
{{champion:83}} Does it matter? No one remembers where it is....
: When I KS every kill in lane as Bard because my meeps are too stronk.
: When the Support Keeps Taking Kills
this happened in my last support veigar game...came out of lane 4/0/1..enemy team surrender'd shortly after that. Was against ashe and as soon as i hit 6 I just 100-0'd her in a stun. Didn't seem fair but evil never is.
: Hecarim says no touchy of his party members
maybe it's just the haterade i drank or the stick i shoved into my colon, but I hate every single one of those images....
: I'm pretty sure I saw laughing fish post this a few months ago. And i mean this exact same gif with the exact same tagline.
Well, when they turned the boards into Reddit-lite, you get all the reposted shitposts that come with it!
ZeeWolfZ (NA)
: Brand is Jungle now. Malz is Jungle now. Welcome to Season 6.
: My god Yi and Jax players are going into withdraw.
: Daily Reminder to look at patch notes
we could make these posts every day and it would make no difference. people don't read patch notes in any online game, ever. day 1 will always be "wtf why is champion different" "how does brand passive work" "rod of ages is crap now?"
: > [{quoted}](name=Elphege,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9mQ9VL2E,comment-id=00230000,timestamp=2016-05-03T00:20:24.411+0000) > > :O > > And people say Riot never listens to the community's suggestions. The Sightstone upgrades were a long-time community suggestion. I'm surprised people don't realize that one of the key highlights of the preseason was something that was suggested repeatedly on this forum.
suggested repeatedly, finally added, so crappy no one builds them. ayyy good design engage!
: PSA to everyone from a support main.
especially later in the game where somehow it ends up being me the poor support living on my welfare checks vs the fed as shit spilt pushing top laner while the rest of team afk's in mid or loses 4v4 at baron. weelawd
: Dear UndyneUndying...
haha, lesbians.
: How about a D4 MADE of Lego...or would that be too evil?
: How it feels to play vs zed in Urf
replace the knives with playing cards and you are vs TF
Bârd (NA)
: Why doesn't AP Lee Sin do damage?
9kPluzZ (NA)
: When you forget what yorick does, but you vs him in lane
{{champion:83}} "You will remember Yorick Mori."
: Here is the only stat we know is true 100% of 4 man parties are matched with solo parties.
upvote this about 9 million times so rito fucking gets why this queue is total garbage
Saphixia (OCE)
: All i see is a group picture of {{champion:245}} {{champion:236}} and {{champion:43}}
not sure if racist, but probably racist
yingwhy (NA)
: Scientific Fact: Flaming at your JG makes them want to gank more
flaming makes me hungry...for taxes...IF OYU KNOW WAH IMMA SAYIN
Salron (NA)
: "Yep. Enemies will see your buff respawns no matter what. Prepare for invades accordingly"
Did they seriously say prepare for invades? That's absurd. how do you prepare for lee sin or shaco or one of the dozen other invading a-hole type junglers to come stick it in deep then break it off? Last time I checked Doran's Lube wasn't on the store.
: This change doesn't affect tanks at all, mostly ADCs, who are supposed to be vulnerable to burst.
it's a comment on the endless cycle of these things, what seems good now ends up just continuing the cycle of buff, nerf, buff, nerf, it's pretty obvious this change doesn't really affect tanks directly in the current patch.
: Sterak's Gage shield no longer stacks with Hexdrinker/Maw
yes, let's keep nerfing every counter to burst mages so that later we can nerf burst mages and then we can nerf tanks again! yay balance!
: Queue times
lately my support queue has gone up to like 2-3 mins...it feels like such a long time when you're used to nearly instant queues lol
Fritterz (NA)
: Yup, Sions ult is way too easy to dodge.
: Ekko currently at 83% ban rate.
white man just tryna keep a strong brother down
Minuano (NA)
: Game 5 of H2K vs Fnatic is proof that death timers are out of hand
death timers too long and/or towers too pathetic. rito doesn't really know what they want and can't make up their minds on how fast they want games to end
: I thought it but it didn't rhyme but then nothing rhymed so I just gave up =(
: When your main becomes flavor of the moth
serves you right for maining cancer like soraka, ayyy
: if Riot listened 100% to the player base, they would be ran into the ground. how many threads are out there that X champ needs nerfs and buffs. they would be a dog chasing their own tale. believe it or not but Riot does listen to the player base but doesn't overreact to the vocal ones.
buff and nerf kinda stuff, yeah. but stuff like morde rework? literally no one except the guy doing the rework wanted to turn him from what he always was into some kinda weird melee adc botlane thing. Since then they have made some good changes to get him back into solo lanes and more towards AP like he used to be, but really..They didn't need to change him at all if they were just going to ram crap like his rework down our throats and then backpedal on it a few months later..
: Want soloq? stop bitching start acting, this is how you get it back.
I quit ranked anyway this season. Was silver 2 at end of last season, then this season I got a bunch of brain dead monkies that played by throwing feces at their keyboards and ended up going 4/10 in placements...bronze 2. Real good system, rito. 3 seasons since I got out of bronze and now it puts me back cause every other game is full of garbage lately. So instead of playing with that level of people, I just play normals and have much more fun games matched with/against gold and low plat.
: Goth Annie Splash Art "Update"
the "updates" are pretty much all "give them stupid anime eyes" cause it's the tencent artwork.
: Champion Update: Taric, the Shield of Valoran
RIP taric doing anything but support. I get that that's what most people wanted, for some reason, but I for one am not such a big fan of gutting champions down to a single lane choice. Also, gonna have no lane presence really, dazzle is super telegraphed and obvious, ult freezes you in place for a tiny invulnerability, still melee with all the problems that has as a support. At least old Taric has burst damage going for him, now you what? auto people and hope your adc can do enough damage to ever get a kill? Wee lad, seems "fun". {{item:3073}} {{champion:44}} {{item:3073}}
: Taric's new splash?
I dunno men, he's looking a little..magey....
: {{champion:83}} sticker pls
: UPVOTE if you agree you should get "LOSS PREVENTED" if you have an AFK ruin your game.
People talking about abusing it seem to be in some kinda rito loving denial. A system like this needs to exist. It's horseshit that when some idiot d/c's or goes afk, we get stuck in a 4v5 that we can't even leave early without being treated like an afker ourselves. Have fun playing out to at least 20, oh wait, some other derp nugget thinks you can win the 4v5 cause kills are still close at 20 mins, so you play it out to 30-40 mins and get stomped in a teamfight, can't control objectives, and oh maaan lose, what a surprise. Who coulda predicted that? Yeah. It's BS. Dota2 does it better. Riot needs to steal the thing where you can leave if someone is d/c'd for 5 mins, and also low priority queue so the afking guy gets to suffer with his own kind for a while.
: Raise the true damage on Ignite.
game is literally unplayable right now because of this 410 damage ignite, rito pls
Macilento (EUW)
: Annie should THROW Tibbers
Annie should RIDE Tibbers!
: The first 3 picks are at a disadvantage, and they should get to ban.
we should just all get 1 ban, so 10 total..theres plenty of champions now and if something gets perma banned because of it...maybe theres a reason and rito should attempt to actually balance something
: Why are we censoring Karthus' face in North America?
something, something, rito chinese sellout, something tencent, something something, we china now bois, all hail the grand emperor general president minglee
: The Truth about Supports
i support because i get to have fun and spam emotes and make terrible jokes in all chat with my free time in lane instead of having to worry about actually getting cs.
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