: What else would you call it? Rift Rift? Fighty Rift? League of Riftcraft?
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: Why is one of the missions "Lose a Pre-Made Co-Op Vs Ai" ??? That's stupid {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Vangaris (NA)
: wtf...are you kidding me? I was about to do that too but nvm. This is probably why they didn't release the mission list. Wow these people are getting dumber and dumber by the year.
You do know this is the April Fools event right?
Leo1024 (NA)
: Why Are Ryze And Brand Enemies?
Ryze was Brands master when he was still human.
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: I should start adding "Upvote for visibility" it seems.
: Kayn's Recommended shop gets stuck after Transformation (Doesn't matter which one).
I've had this problem since he was released. Have to type in control wards because it won't scroll to consumables after transforming into either darkin or shadow assassin.


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