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: Hottest Champion? (female or male)
{{champion:201}} so bae {{champion:420}} Kinda hot. For a guy.
: Here's a post where you can ask questions about the stuff I've worked on, and I'll try to answer.
I just wanted to say thank you, @RiotRepertoir for doing this and I apologize for the majority of the community being complete and utter twats. You're great, and thanks.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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Vitate1 (NA)
: Teemo Mushroom Bug
Yup, this is definitely a thing, and I've noticed the rubble being the problem also. RIOT PLS. Teemo{{champion:17}} is already in an annoying spot.
Quacker2 (NA)
: Who is your absolute worst match up?
I main Supp also, and mine is {{champion:37}}. I just always seem to go against the sonas that rush Lich, and it's like. What do I do when she can take my adc down to half health by herself with 1 ability and 1 passive AA. Ugh. Plus, sustain, speed, and dat ult.
: I'm going to ask a potentially controversial question
I'm Bronze, so I would actually like to know this too. I only ADC with Lucian or Sivir, but. I WANNA KNOW.
: Give annie's passive the TF gold card treatment where she cant hold it forever
Oh my god, a passive reset after so long. This is it. This is how to balance {{champion:1}} Annie, Riot. DO EET.
: I've got an idea for a Champion...
*cough* {{champion:126}} *cough*{{champion:76}}
Meep Man (NA)
: Wolf and Lamb Teaser (What To Gather)
Wouldn't it be cool if you played as both champions, switching back and forth until you get to a point where they fuse to make the "pale man with dark hair".
Platvek (EUW)
: They Are Coming - New Champion Teaser
I just cried a little. This is fantastic.
: How to teach someone how to play LoL
So. I just started playing a few months ago and my ex taught me in a pretty annoyingly simple, but decent way. 1: He needs to pick and possibly buy a champion to "main". If it's Twitch, awesome, but if he's switching around a lot, each champ feels like you're playing a different game. It gets confusing. 2: Make him play a custom doing NOTHING but last hitting using AAs AND skills. And make sure he understands how vital it is to get items early. 3: Set a preset build that is pretty general so he can know what to buy and what order. Those are what helped me begin getting kills.
: Why is their not a single champion I like?
Yeah, so. It took me a while to find out what I liked. I thought it was burst mages. But you have to play a couple different games with each champ and see what their "niche" is. Like.... {{champion:76}} Peel in human form, Assassinate in cougar form. {{champion:143}} Combo based in bursting. E,W,E,R. Zoning with plants. {{champion:236}} Skill, AA, Skill, AA, Skill AA for full passive effect. It takes a while, but that's how you see what play-style you enjoy.
Ghostnot (NA)
: Star Guardian Tham Kench
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: Why is thresh's kit so overloaded compared to other supports?
One Support to rule them all. {{item:1056}} {{champion:412}}
: Probably intended.
well, that's silly. he has a hard enough time keeping up with his terrible range. I just wanna be able to pick up a kill after I'm dead. :/
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: Please Please Please Please
FINALLY SOMEONE SAYS IT. We can be proper burst mages if our entire team is AP. Haha.
Cameran (NA)
: Zyra's problem isn't her damage...
I agree that damage wise, Zyra{{champion:143}} is excellent. Very bursty, then vulnerable, exactly what a mage should be. I think the extra movement speed is a fantastic idea to make her relevant again. She definitely needs a little sumptin sumptin.
: Giving a poro a poro snack in ARAM should be rewarded
Aww, wouldn't that be so cute if when they were fed, they charged at the enemy team and blew up. PUFF! Like an adorable version of {{champion:57}}'s seedlings. :)))))))
: The Truth Behind Tahm Kench
This is sweet. Please, Riot, let this be a thing.
: I think you have your W and E mixed up.
: Fiddlesticks Players
I prefer {{champion:9}} Support. Here's why. His Q is an excellent disengage when the enemy supp/adc/jung rushes your adc. His W gives you great sustain so you can stay beside your adc. Maxing it first will also keep you alive verses most, if not all, support 1v1s. E is perfect poke, and a silence for those terrible Blitz or Leona Combos. Go full AP and ult from a bush as soon as you get it. It rarely goes badly. Do it.
: ...Gnar just got Gentleman skin...wat.
: So Ekko is getting a new skin
...Gnar just got Gentleman skin...wat.
Fowus (NA)
: Three of your favorite champions now live with you
{{champion:76}} Nid, stop scratching the back of the couch! {{champion:143}} Well. The plants do make it much more homey. {{champion:115}} Shit.
: I'm getting downvoted for asking a question?
> [{quoted}](name=MasterCorgi,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jRIy6Rnc,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-07-19T17:14:05.175+0000) > > I'm getting downvoted for asking a question? Welcome to the League community. I've almost completely stopped using the boards for that exact reason. P.S., I upvoted you back to 1.
LLColeJ (NA)
: First Champion?
First was {{champion:7}} LeBlanc. Neva lookin' back.
: to all you aspiring support players
The world needs more of you in it.
: > [{quoted}](name=TripNichols,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4Jxfg5pE,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-07-12T23:33:28.752+0000) > > I saw a post a while back, asking for something like "True Snares". > > Basically, it would be a passive that makes her Slows and Snares impossible to slow or get out of, cancelling out Tenacity, Cleanse{{summoner:1}}, etc. I think it would be useful without actually making her too op. > > As well as help the Tank Meta situation we have going on right now. No. Fucking no.
Yeah, God forbid we have a champ that can actually slow down tanks. you right. you right.
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: Zyra's Passive
I saw a post a while back, asking for something like "True Snares". Basically, it would be a passive that makes her Slows and Snares impossible to slow or get out of, cancelling out Tenacity, Cleanse{{summoner:1}}, etc. I think it would be useful without actually making her too op. As well as help the Tank Meta situation we have going on right now.
: Mana regen boots
: Cute title btw. Phreak would be proud. literally just posted this have a look:
Oh my god, that's amazing. Yes, please. Excellent thinking.
: morg passive is really good do. and you heal a lot from w in minions
But around level 6, with two points in my W, I'm having to get 12 minions in the range at one time to heal the same amount(10% of damage done) as getting four in range(Which is pretty common, getting 4-6) with her Spell Vamp. By then, AD's already almost have {{item:3072}}Bloodthirster. and are OVERHEALING...
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: Can someone explain this?
I smell trolls/smurfs. We're not going to talk about Garen's and Brand's build? lol
: You had that guy too? Did he play swiftness hurricane jinx?
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Chroyo (NA)
: Is three the new balance of league?
{{champion:134}} has three dark orbs floating around her
: Champion Reveal: Tahm Kench, the River King
: Okay so I just want to post an idea on how to deal with AFK/Leavers
This would be amazing, if it could be a thing. Probably not ever in life, but. Yeah.
: Future of champion mastery
Riot stated when they first released Champion Mastery that level 5 was only the beginning. :)
: temporary caitlyn ban
Maokai was banned for decades.
Bluichu (NA)
: Lulu support tips?
Be as annoying at possible. Haha. High mana regen, and poke and slow any chance you get. It flusters the opposing champ.
: zyyra
Oh, I see. No, it needs to be a plant. the seed has no physical hitbox unless stepped on or evolved.
: zyyra
: Warwick should run on all 4's when his e procs
I agree. I've thought this before, but I don't use him much.
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