TripTV (NA)
: your just garbage. play the bots you will have more fun
actually u know what. play blind pick. any champ any lane. do that. play every role play every champ until you get good or learn all the abilities before coming into norms and ranked.
Tillz96 (NA)
: New players getting harassed constantly
your just garbage. play the bots you will have more fun
TripTV (NA)
: Opening Red Envelope Deletes Items
logged in one day and had the two lost items recovered
: Constructive criticism: does it work for you?
Supports are the worst for this. They are usually feeders or leeches. there's almost never a midground where they prioritize actually supporting the adc. Adc are the second worse for not playing their roles. alot of them think this is their private farming simulator and not a 5v5 pvp match.
Muzen (NA)
: did you notice the one that says ez lost his lane but got carried...
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. the braid dead ones are always meme spouting %%%%%%s.
ElOre25 (NA)
: Match Making
i wish we could vote kick people off the team and have them replaced with a bot.
: Why URF sucks now rant :^)
ya the cannon is sweet i can either feed my ass off wit it. or sit inside it so my team cant use it.
Yenn (NA)
: Consistently having double digit deaths in 20-30 minute losses really needs to be punished
riot match making don't give a shit about personal skill its only wins and lose.
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