: You misspelled Syndra in the title. Awesome skin, +1
GG (I... have made a mistake! Ty for pointing it out, I didn't even notice 3 hours later lol..)
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: 100% agree, little branches sticking off her. almost like a maokai texture in places.
Thanks for the replies! Hoping to do another iteration soon and I'll definitely note these (1000% agree with the particles)
: I'm really digging the warmer shades on her; it's better distinguishes her from Program, and provides her with a much more unique color palette! <3
Ahh, thank you for the input! Color variation was definitely tricky to nail for this, I liked all three! But definitely agree with distinguishing from her other skins
Neamean (NA)
: Found this Amazing Concept of Elderwood Camille
Thanks for the posts and comments, everyone! :-) Like I said in my Soulweaver Taliyah post, any comments/feedback are greatly appreciated.
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