3c1ipse (NA)
: ...wtf do those standings even mean? 65 "what"??? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
I agree. The scoring system was not transparent at all.
: Fan Pass Watch Rewards not working
Same here too! Still not working although I submitted a bug report 2 days ago. Tried on different PCs and different browsers (firefox & chrome). Watch 3 games worked well, but on the same day I finished it, Watch 4 counted only 1 game watched, but not the rest. All of that with "Rewards configured correctly" message.
: Welcome to the Mid-Season Trials
Um, Week 1 missions should count as a Bronze contribution or not? Why do I have 1/5 then if I have 4 completed? I am always very surprised by the problems with basic math in missions. Is that really so hard to code it correctly?
Vanclamator (EUNE)
: The "watch a live game or a vod from any global league" achievement
Not working for me too =( I watched 4 videos already from different leagues. And not a single reward. I tried re-login, cookies flash... no difference.
Slythion (NA)
: ...why are you restricted from making custom rune pages until level 11
Dunno, I started to play two weeks ago. I'm level 19 now. I can create exactly 2!!!! self-made runes, if I don't want to delete the presets. And I don't want to do that, because I use them for reference. So, what I don't get is WHY 7 runes make up 2 pages? That's very weird and I can't find any answers. WIll I get more possibilities as I level at any point or that's it and a new player like myself already has to pay? Also, the intro guide is still NOT HELPFULL!!! All hints are using abbreviations that I have to google all the time. There is no intro where to find which menu, how to access pings, what are the options for communication, etc. I had to literally google everything. And given that you can't rely on material from the other seasons/updates etc., that's SUPER newbie-unfriendly. If I weren't motivated to try the game by the King's Avatar novel, I'd be giving up right there.


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