: New death recap is worse
thats a good creepypasta
: Usernames for a Lux/Ahri main
Syvwulf (NA)
: Very new player, I really like playing Malzahar, and I would love some tips
: Status of Volibear VGU Rework?
they just finished giving him a long tail
: What are the 10 hardest skillshots to land?
: Two champions you instantly fell in love with
{{champion:62}} old splash was more badass and made me want to play him {{champion:350}} so fun and i love spamming her taunts and laugh
: Your Cerebral Cortex doesn't fully develop until you are roughly 25 years old
raise age restrictions on everything to 25 , so that the cortex may flourish.
: Who are your top 2 champs per position? Please comment
{{champion:350}} such a fun champ for me, been playing her whenever she isn't banned. i cant wait for the nerfs next patch so hopefully she wont be perma'd anymore.
: I tried to teach Vel how to use his map
{{champion:64}} and {{champion:127}} dont SEE what u mean XD
: A Champion I have new respect for after Morde's VGU?
" i like my music" was the best thing to spam with him RIP
: This makes me very uncomfortable Riot...
The teemo should have told his team what he was doing first. why? because its common sense. Everbody expects their team to play "properly" , the way the game was been played for a long ass time (support and adc in the bot lane ect, ect). When ur adc is left alone, and ur mid is sharing exp, without permission from them, u r considered to be trolling. It's common sense people. The other guy needs to be punished as well for afk and flame. The fact that this was being steamed, was the nail in the coffin.
: Proof that NB3 actually got Nubrac banned
this game goin down the shitehole
: Why is Riot moving Tahm fron Bot, where everyone loves him, to Top, where no one likes him ?
tons of people's mains have been changed drastically over the years. they wont give tahm special treatment. these complaints are getting out of hand just like the hero himself.
: LoL new champions have became unoriginal and their kits overloaded here are better unused thematics
: You thought my magic evil!
: Comprehensive Season 9 League of Legends Waifu Chart
Ashe is jrhnbr (just the right height, no bucket is required)
: Why is zed allowed to be strong/broken season after season.
: How I would Rework Teemo
this is a rework i'd be fine with. not that nonsense they had on the pbe before.
: Zyra's Midlane problem
what ever problems she has, she needs them to stay more balanced than broken.
sprayo (OCE)
Moody P (NA)
: Volibear's Future: my hopes and concerns
i like ur passion, u and I are alike in that regard. but once a vgu hits, its over. u have my sincerest condolences.
: Please make Fiddlesticks legitimately scary with his update.
"Obviously he'll still be a scarecrow after the rework" you'd be surprised
Rioter Comments
: Roast me/Give me advice
take spellthief on zyra and take electrocute. life changing stuff
: With the reveal of Yuumi, one thing comes to mind...
its a literal cat who can talk. not a hot sexy curvy human. big difference if i had to say it.
: You cant buy 6 tears out of rage anymore (this is just a runon joke i have)
: About the Teemo Re-Work
longtime teemo player and i despise the changes. they are jumbling random shit around for the sake of change. he just needed to be able to hop a short distance to shrooms for some strategic mobility or something. these changes are unnecessary and make me glad i havent really touched this season at all. once they kill off my teemo, i can say fuck u riot. fuck u for changing champions that people have learned and loved over the years. my heart goes out to anyone who has ever felt the same. i put my soul into teemo ever since i started playing 4 seasons ago. so my anger is justifiable. only riot is to blame. RIP my little buddy {{champion:17}} . Gl with your dying game.
: Proof that the game is dying as a result of bad decisions on na
they should stop deleting champions and severely changing shit constantly.
: My attempt to draw Soraka
: Which Mage/caster should i get?
well if u want to make a pizza or something while playing i sugggest {{champion:90}}
: How to fix yasuo
or hit the DELETE button on him like they did with every champion rework
: Locking out new champions or full reworks out of ranked for patch they are released.
: Ironically, Yasuos only weakness is...
: At RiotRepertoir: Thank you for actually coming to the boards to address balance for once
: Please wait for Morgana mid's pick rate to rise before nerfing her W's AP ratio.
: Dear trolling, literally inting Ashe support from my last game:
: Misaki, The Weeping Lotus(Champion Concept)
: My account was just BANNED for BOTTING?!
SirLapse (NA)
: So uh about that Teemo rework...
game is going down the toilet
: honestly, just remove the true damage from kayles level 16 and then make her early better
: When You're Up Against A Pro Sion
and then he cant do anything cuz u picked vayne
Kelg (NA)
: Mordekaiser's bug-ridden adventure (meme fan art)
: Your favorite Champion quotes
{{champion:245}} bites za dusto
: Story behind your league names?
from an old but gold meme
Rioter Comments
Zezilian (EUNE)
: Why Zed got buffed ?
because the 2 best zed players said he was really weak . their plan worked
: the conqueror changes are just stupid
disagree. now u actually have to scale and get items to beat tanks and not just stack conq up lvl 1 and auto-win. there needs to be consequences for u going on someone.. like u cant do big dmg in all matchups. just because u have a lot of points on a hero does not mean u dont have any counters.
: From one support to another; how do y'all keep your cool?
dont worry about winning that much. just be happy when u play well and move on.
: Why did they remove Olafs signature pentakill E?
they realized nobody plays olaf, and those who do never get pentakills. the 20 something other olaf players out there probably didnt even know about this detail in the first place. they should add it back tho, cuz i would be upset if i played him.
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